First Video: Ratchet & Clank Movie Hits Theaters 2015

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First Video: Ratchet & Clank Movie Hits Theaters 2015

One of the biggest questions we’ve gotten in the last few years is “When are you going to make a Ratchet & Clank movie?” The truth is, we’ve wanted to do a movie for a long time! Ratchet & Clank’s action, humor and galaxy-spanning adventures have really been the basis for a fantastic game series, and we think it’d translate perfectly to the big screen.

We’ve been looking for the right partner to help us bring a Ratchet & Clank movie to life, and we’re thrilled to announce that Blockade Entertainment and Rainmaker Entertainment are currently in production on Ratchet & Clank’s first cinematic adventure. Insomniac is honored to play a hands-on role with the film’s production, screenplay, character development, and animation consulting. Furthermore, our own Ratchet & Clank writer, T.J. Fixman, who has written all of the recent Ratchet & Clank games, is writing the script for the film as well.

But don’t take my word for it — check out our teaser above.

In additional celebration of the film’s announcement and to tide you over until the premiere, we’ll be offering a sale on all Ratchet & Clank games on PSN the week of April 30 – more details to come! Speaking of more details to come, we know you’re still patiently waiting for Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault and Ratchet: Deadlocked. While we don’t have any news to share today, stay tuned!

There will be much to come on the Ratchet & Clank movie as we get farther into production and closer to its release. Thanks for all your support of the franchise over the last 10 years, without you, there wouldn’t be a movie!

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  • Desperately trying to inject this inside of my veins.


  • Why A4O design again. A Crack in Time one was so good.

  • @ 49 yes A Crack in Time is EPIC in my opinion, i want a true sequel to ACIT ASAP on the ps4 and the psvita, both versions developed by Insomniac Games. i will be getting Full Frontal Assault on the vita but im not that excited, i think i would be more excited for Ratchet and Clank Collection coming to the vita or even Quest for Booty or Tools of Destruction than Full Frontal Assault.

  • Wait… the same animation company that created ReBoot, my favorite show as a kid, is now in charge of animating a movie adaptation of one of my all-time favorite video game franchises?! This is way beyond epic! :D

  • Ratchet & Clank is perfect for a movie, I can see this being a big hit, & with some good marketing the franchise could even spark demand for a tv series, toys, ect.

  • Awesome!. I’m looking forward to this.

  • The design looks weird, thought it was the A4O, and that’s my least favorite, he looked so tired in that game, anyway I love the series so i’ll be waiting for the move, and guys please go back to Resistance and give R2 a real sequel.

  • Awesome news to know that Ratchet and Clank is getting their whole movie so now I just have to hope for a Sly Cooper one now.
    Also I would like to know if there is going to be a new game coming out this year as there has been one released over year almost?.


  • I bet this movie will come out before full frontal assault……..I think FFA should be a free game on plus for vita since we have to wait forever just to play it……they took so long I don’t even know if I’m interested anymore

  • Awesome please put hints in it for a new Future series for the PS4! It will be an easy promotion for 2015 R&C PS4!!!

  • @James Stevenson, Ratchet’s chest does not look like this in TOD, but exactly as in A4O. Qwark model is from TOD though if I remember correctly.

  • This is fantastic news!
    I’ve always found that Ratchet & Clank has reminded me of various amazing animated films, so hearing that it will finally become one is great! The Ratchet and Clank humour seems like a perfect fit for the silver screen.

    I hope it turns out really well!

  • woohooo!

    2 things:

    1) Make Captain Qwark dress up as Nurse Shannon again. That was a funny cutscene in A Crack in Time
    2) Will it be in 3D?

  • wow, so no news on the vita FFA foreal!?
    as much as I love Ratchet, I wouldn’t have bought FFA if I knew the version I wanted to play wouldn’t even have a release date 5 months later smh, even worse, it shares a full trophy list with ps3, so i can’t go and plat it, cuz it takes away from the main games fun on the vita if i completely master everything. Of course you can play for fun, but atleast half a yr waiting ruins it completely. smh

  • I’ve got to admit, I was skeptical at first, but that trailer was great! Can’t wait to see Ratchet on the big screen!

  • OMG !! can’t wait for this one,you make my day !!
    hope soon insomniac released another games of R&C :)

  • Oh. My Lord. Yes. The game series is in my top 3 of all time, and it has the potential to translate to the big screen alarmingly well. the trailer was hilarious…2015 can’t get here fast enough. Well, this week knocked 3 things off my checklist…..Jak Collection to Vita, Sly Collection to Vita, and a Rather movie. Any chance we could go 4 for 4 and get the Ratchet Collection too?

  • This teaser seems like a big homage to “Duck Amuck”. I love it! Can’t wait!

  • Hey James
    You remember a few years back, I knew this was going to happen, I was shouting from the rooftops, RnC need a movie deal… 2015 is a long way away, but I’m overjoyed that you guys get to be part of the movie magic, I have one question though, Will it take place at the beginning of ratchet and clank’s story (like it should in my opinion), or will it be a new original story, that only periodically reflects on how they came to be? Or has that direction even taken form yet?

  • I would be happier with another R&C Future game, but it will be cool to watch a movie with those guys. Also hope thats not a goodbye forever to the series.

  • The trailer is really good, it shows the comedy and fun the Ratchet series will bring to the big screen. 2015? This gives me enough time to finish the games. Now all we need is a God of War movie! Make it happen!

  • Day 1 in the theatre for me I guarantee it! Hope there is a game that comes out around the same time on PS4 or Vita.

  • I’m too excited.

  • It sounds like there will be a ratchet and clank game coming with that movie ;)

    Anyway, Im interested, it could be a very nice animation movie.

  • @64 – Other sources around the web are reporting that it will be in 3D!

    This is great news! I have to send a link to my better half – Ratchet and Clank is our favorite game series!


  • I really hope Rainmaker knocks this out of the park, I know they made ReBoot back in the day, but since then all they have pretty much done is DTV Barbie movies and Escape from Planet Earth, not to mention they keep pushing the ReBoot reboot further and further back.
    But with Insomniac and the R&C writer overseeing it Ill keep my hopes up for it.
    Also James Stevenson, by chance have you been to Rainmakers studio, and if so did you see anything for the ReBoot reboot movie’s?

  • Looks Good. Hope to see an inFAMOUS one down the road. I also fear for the Assassin’s Creed one in works too and I’m glad the Bioshock one got cancelled. The way they were putting Ken under the rug, I didn’t blame him for cancellation.

  • We talk and talk about a movie and look at that.Ha ha wow can’t believe it,well I wish Insomniac Games all the best on this movie!.I have that feeling this movie is coming out in the summer time or where it all started in the fall….We will see in two years times.

  • Now please give us an option for PS3 backwards compatibility so I can play all of my Ratchet games on my PS4. Either an Add-on or higher $$ sku – Please make it happen!

  • You guys have made me and plenty other fans pee their pants with excitement. Ratchet and Clank is a perfect series that easily lends itself to the big screen. Very glad to see all the humor and animated style translate into the trailer. I cannot wait to see the movie! Thank you guys so much.

  • Holy crap it’s a dream come true. You guys HAVE to have Dr. nefarious! He is the best villain of all time!

  • Nice !!!! But i would like to see a movie of Killzone ,Uncharted, The Last of Us, Infamous, God of War, Heavy Rain, Assasins Creed, Sly Cooper, Jack and Daxter, Bioshock and Beyond two Souls.

  • I exited for the movie and the sale!
    Time to pick up the HD collection and PSP games :D

  • aww yiss

  • It’s about damn time! I’ve been wanting an R&C movie for ages! Can’t wait, guys! Looks great! I’m also glad that you guys have the voice talent from the games as well. I’d have been bummed if they went with other actors.

  • I had a dream about Ratchet & Clank getting a movie once, now lookie here! Woohoo! Super excited.

    And don’t mind the people talking about the dubstep part, I thought it was fantastic.


  • It would be funny if they made a R + C game based on the movie and it fell into tradition of games based on movies and was super terrible.

    I love R + C and can’t wait for the Vita version of FFA and the Deadlocked freebie. I still Haven’t touched my PS3 version because I really want to experience the vita version first.

  • Needs a post-credits trophy pop-up.

    Just saying.

    INB4 someone noting the original Ratchet VA, the change to James Arnold Taylor was a dramatic improvement.

  • (((Now please give us an option for PS3 backwards compatibility so I can play all of my Ratchet games on my PS4. Either an Add-on or higher $$ sku – Please make it happen!))))

    ….Along with the impending Ratchet and Clank: the Movie Blu-Ray 3D disc of course!!!

  • This is great, just don’t let is be delayed and/or cancelled.

    Where is the God of War movie? Where is the Shadow of Colossus movie? etc.

  • Looks funny. I was never a Ratchet and Clank fan, but I kind of want to see this in theaters.

  • if anyone can make a good movie like this its you guys, break a leg.

  • I’m actually fairly excited about this, but please consider changing ratchets character model back to how it was in the first couple of games.

  • Sony Animation / Imageworks > Rainmaker. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs > Escape from Planet Earth. Oh well. That’s how it goes. When this makes two hundred million, you’ll have enough to shop around and choose the right house.

  • I’m only disappointed that it’s not coming out sooner
    Knowing that Insomniac is writing the script means only one thing

    Move over Pixar
    *squeals* I’m so excited

  • Wasn’t expecting this, but after that teaser I’m definitely looking forward to it lol.

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