Jak and Daxter Collection Goes Portable on PS Vita This June

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Jak and Daxter Collection Goes Portable on PS Vita This June

Jak and Daxter Collection on PS Vita

In February 2012, Naughty Dog’s beloved Jak and Daxter franchise got a faithful HD remake on PS3 in the form of Jak and Daxter Collection, satiating series fans and introducing newcomers to the duo. This June, we’re expanding the collection to the portable audience. Jak and Daxter Collection (comprised of three of Jak and Daxter’s legendary adventures – Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3) is coming to PS Vita for just $29.99.

The power of PS Vita means Jak and Daxter Collection will feature authentically reproduced graphics from the original games. Longtime fans will instantly feel at home, and new players will experience the world of Jak and Daxter for the first time, along with new touch-based applications of certain mini games throughout the collection.

Jak and Daxter Collection on PS VitaJak and Daxter Collection on PS Vita

Jak and Daxter Collection on PS Vita has full Trophy support, but fear not Trophy hunters — the list isn’t shared with the PS3 version, so go for the Platinum!

We’ve been hard at work on this addition to the Jak and Daxter lineage, and we can’t wait to hear your hover board triumph stories as well as your trials and tribulations during your quests for more eco.

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  • Thank you!

  • Cross Save?

  • awesome sauce!

    I really dig the idea of bringing classics to the vita.

  • Cross Buy?

  • I think it would be fair for those of us who bought the digital version last year get a 50% discount!!

  • Wow, looks interesting. The trailer is awesome too.

  • I mean since I have it on my playstation 3 I should be able to play it through remote play! But no! remote play is a joke, so charge us $29.99 instead?.. How did you guys take advantage of the Vita features?

  • Already Plat’d on PS3, but what the heck, I can always use more tasty Platinums!

  • @57

    Remote play ??? And how would people that don’t own a PS3 do to play the game ?
    And how could you play in the transportations ? In public places…i don’t know, everywhere you can’t play to your PS3.
    I really don’t get why gamers request Remote Play, to play near a PS3, when they can simply play ON their PS3…

  • Unless they’ve fixed the texture quality in some key places, I’m not interested. Both the Sly and Jak & Daxter Collections had *awful* looking textures on the eyes of the characters, in-game signs, etc. Look at Rayman 3 HD, Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath, or even Shadow of the Colossus (which wasn’t great, but they at least redid the character model/textures for the faces!) for guidance on the low-hanging fruit that needs to be done to make these games provide value. It’s hard to make a connection with a character in the story when there’s sharp edges on everything bu the eyes are 8 HUGE pixels on a 65″ HDTV.

    The recycled audio assets didn’t help either; most of them sounded like 16khz sub-MP3 quality.

    If either of those concerns can be addressed, it’ll be a day 1 purchase for me. If the PS3 version gets patched with some of these minor upgrades, I would do backflips and pop that disc back in. Otherwise, I’ll keep playing it in the emulators.

    PS: how about HD versions of the PSP games?

  • Trophy list, or ”lists”? One plat or three?

  • Awesome! I sure hope this means there are others coming. I’d love to play Ratchet & Clank on the go.

  • R&C and Sly Collections please.

    @26: Ports are faster and cheaper to produce than new games, so it isn’t like they’re wasting a new game budget on this port. We can (and do) have both ports and new games.

  • I have to be honest as much as I love indie games, and the push to get them onto the Vita it really is pretty great, Honestly at this point ot just seems like Sony is giving up on the Vita from a first part, and larger third part support standpoint. Why give us a port or last years ps2 ports, and from the looks of it one that looks like it runs like hot garbage?

    Why not invest that money into supporting some new first party games for the vita, how about some new RPGs? some big third party games?

    Its only furthered when you watch nintendo showering the 3DS with a ton of quality firsy party support, and sony gives us year old ps2 ports with some touch gimmicks. How about a new jak for Vita? How about a new dark clouf? How about something completely new?

    I dont understand why Sony released a handheld only to let it pretty much die, there is stuff im excited for no doubt. Killzone, Tareaway, Terraria, Lone Survivor, hotline Miami, etc. I do think most people expected console level quality games with the Vita since thats what wad promised during its unveiling….I hope Sony proves us wrong soon, but I think the window to save the Vita is running out for allot of people. I love my Vita, I just want Sony to actually support it.

  • Hopefully this move prompts a trend for R&C collection,Sly Cooper collection etc.Pshychonauts would be even more awesome

  • I wonder when you guys are going to realize that most people who have Vita want JRPGs and Japanese games like Persona 4, Atelier Totori, etc. Try bringing Wild Arms, Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy collections. Try bringing Over my Dead Body 2 to the west, Sony. There is a craving for these games, you just need to tell people they exist by advertising them. JRPGs have the best legs of any genre, Sony. Don’t underestimate them.

  • Nice! I already have them on PS3 but separate trophy lists sound GREAT! Gives me an excuse to replay them again AND get me more trophies. Loving all of these HD collections, keep them coming.
    I got my PS2 when the PS3 was released, so I didn’t get to play many PS2 games.

  • I’ve already bought the collection (digital) on Ps3 so don’t see a reason to buy it all again for my Vita (which, lets be honest, the memory cards need to be cheaper to get more people buying more for them).

  • This should be a cross-buy. Buy the HD collection and get the games for both PS3 and Vita.

  • awesome news!, I would love to see other HD collections on the VITA as well.

    sony needs to support the VITA with all it’s first party content, and that could be porting all the sony-owned HD collections to the vita (God of War, Ratchet & clank, sly, etc)

  • I have it on PS3 already. I don’t know if i will get it for the Vita but only time will tell really.

  • @IzoGray
    Their 8 dollars a Piece on PSN for the PS3 versions. their 10 a piece for Vita in a single collection. If you want them separate by them on PSN. There is no reason for them to be separate on the Vita Cards.

    Trophies should be earned on both systems based on the save. None of this nonsense of having to earn the trophy twice on two separate platforms. I think we can all agree that collecting 200 items sucks enouhg.

  • This is certainly wonderful news. I’ve never played Jak and Daxter before but I did play Daxter’s standalone on the PSP and it was great. I do however, hope we can get some new Jak and Daxter games with online multiplayer. It sure would also be nice if we could get third party titles including on the PS Vita like MassEffect, DragonAge and Kingdom hearts.

  • So will there be any form of save sync function between Vita and PS3? Like Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, or MGS HD has? I already have the PS3 version, and will definitely get the Vita version as well, but save syncs with trophy unlocks (like the two games I mentioned do) would make this an even more appealing purchase for me. Also, are there any plans for more Vita HD collections from Sony? It would seem odd if this were the only one (Ratchet & Clank too please!).

  • This is great to see more games on PS Vita, I’m very pleased!!!!!!!!!

  • Are these going to be available separately? I like all 3 of them but, and this is rare for me to say, I could not finish Jak 2 on the PS3 HD collection, it was just too hard (well, ONE particular mission, I do not know if it scales back after that one). I did not want to skip ahead to 3, so I basically platted 1 and called it good.

    I could see myself doing that again but do not see much reason to bother past 1.

    Also, Jak X: Combat Racing was great. Hopefully that can be in our future.

  • Oh my gosh, I can not wait for this!

  • Why didn’t you release it along with the PS3 version? Now I can’t get the PS Vita version because I got the PS3 version the day it came out, will there be any discounts? I was going to wait until I got my PS Vita to see if there was a PS Vita port, but there wasn’t until a year later. Please, will there be discounts?

  • Cross buy is probably out of discussion for those of us who already got it for PS3, but any chance for a special discount/PS Plus discount or at the very least I hope that it will be on IGC eventually.

  • If you put the Ratchet and clank collection on vita you have my eternal loyalty.

  • YA, YA, YYYYAAAAA!!!!!!!! The only thing i need to to be announced now is cross-save compatability.
    @49 I’d love that 2. I’d probably buy it if it was well priced, like maybe $20. Hopefully a Vita port of that too.

  • Yes! Im glad I can relive this. Can’t wait to play. Thanks sony!

  • Is This Gonna Be Cross-Play too?

  • I bought the collection Form PSstore Too

  • So many crybabies on this Blog.

    If you like the fact that Sony is giving us more Vita games, then that’s great.

    If you don’t like the fact that Sony is giving us more Vita games for whatever stupid and childish reason you have, then STFU and go away.

  • @59:

    I want remote play. I have MANY, MANY games on my PS3 that I want to play when someone else wants to watch the telly.

  • Happy. Freakin. Day. Can’t wait to buy this, day 1 purchase all the way! J&D Trilogy is one of the best sets of games out there.

  • @everyone complaining:
    Stop whining, if you don’t like it or want it, don’t buy it. I for one am going to get it, and I’m super happy that this was announced! I already have the PS3 version and I’d be happy to buy it again to play portably!

  • Still waiting for a crash bandicoot HD collection

  • @89 If you’re talking about an HD one with the original PS1 games, it’s probably not gonna happen…

  • is it going to download only or would you guys make a hard copy bc i dont buy digital i like hqving hard copies of my stuff i still buy cd’s

  • I have it on ps3 but havent got past J&D 1 so getting it on vita will mos def help me finish all 3

  • I hope you guys release it on cartridge. Memory is expensive!

  • good ^^

  • What about jak x? at least release it as a PS2 classic

  • yay more games for my vita

  • Naughty Dog showing other companies how to get around the angry buyers demanding a Cross Platfom version.. Just insert a 6 month pad and people will forget. Well played ND! :P

    At least the PlayStation 4 will do away with this practice.
    According to Sony ALL owned PS4 software will be playable on the Vita FOR FREE!
    How it should be.

  • @85

    You don’t seem to understand, those of us “complaining” are not mad at more Vita games, we are made that Sony is treating the Vita like it is not worth their time to support. I personally love the indie push, and it will give me a great deal to play, the problem lies in that when Sony announced, and launched the Vita it was marketed as a handheld console, and would be getting games that reflectef that.

    However over the past year Sony.has shown that they cannot be bothered to release exclusive content from their own first party studios to make the system stand out, and begin to sell. Instead of giving us new IP from devs like Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Sucker Punch, or GG, they give us a yeat old port of a ps2 remaster collection, and a tiny offering closer to the end of the year with Killzone, and Tare away. We want games, but we want quality first party offerings from Sony, dont even bother thinking about third party support until Sony decides to care, but with the PS4 coming I think the Vitas days are numbered.

  • This is great news for those of us who have never played the original 3 on the PS2 (i.e. me)… and I know there are more people out there like me who want to experience Jak & Daxter for the first time.

    As for the atrocious frame rates in the trailer… I wouldn’t worry about it due to how many times I’ve seen trailers with bad gameplay footage only to get the game in my hands and have the real thing perform perfectly. For example, it was not that long ago when we saw a trailer for one of the launch Vita games called Unit 13 which showed gameplay that looked as if it was running at maybe 5 fps or slower. But after watching various videos on youtube before my purchase and then playing the game in my own hands, it turned out that the actual gameplay was not even close to what was shown in the trailers.

    So I’m pretty sure we have nothing to worry about in terms of quality/smooth gameplay. Or lets consider that if the MGS collection on the Vita can run at a nice and steady/smooth frame rate, so too can the J&D collection for the Vita.

  • sounds good

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