Draw Slasher Coming to PS Vita Tuesday

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Draw Slasher Coming to PS Vita Tuesday

Hello PlayStation.Blog, I’m Artur Gosk of Mass Creation from Warsaw, Poland. This is my first time here, so ‘hello’ to everyone.

I’m here to introduce you to our first PS Vita release – Draw Slasher. On April 23rd, players can test their fingers in what we believe is the most dynamic drawing game ever made for PS Vita, for $5.99.

Draw Slasher tells a story of Hanzo, not-so-high ninja, whose family was abducted by Pirate Monkey Zombies™. The basic game mechanics are one-of-a-kind — honestly, I don’t think they could be any simpler. The player will tap to run, draw lines to slash, and pinch the screen to pull up the abilities menu. The rest is done by Hanzo. Watch the trailer at the top of this post and see for yourself.

Draw Slasher on PS VitaDraw Slasher on PS Vita

We have prepared three game modes: Story, endless Arcade and Challenges. Story is the main mode, where the player meets Hanzo and aids him in a quest to free his family. They will face various opponents, go up against tricky bosses and finally find out who sent the “rottents” to kidnap Hanzo’s family. In this mode he will learn very helpful Ninjutsu Techniques – upgradeable abilities – such as invisibility, electrocution or blowing up.

Arcade contains two endless modes: Survival, where the player will slay as many zombies as possible with just one life bar. In the second mode the player is the ‘Gatekeeper,’ and needs to prevent the Pirate Monkey Zombies from entering the village.

Challenges were prepared for players seeking a demanding experience. Perform outstanding combos, survive as long as possible, kill many zombies in a short period of time, and more. This mode will push players’ skills to their limits.

Draw Slasher on PS Vita

Draw Slasher also features hand-drawn cartoon graphics and animated cutscenes with professional voiceovers. The game contains Trophies and Leaderboards, where players can compare kill counters and Arcade results.

Draw Slasher’s origins reach 2009, when we approached drawing mechanics for the first time with Draw Slasher: Dark Ninja vs Pirate Monkey Zombies. The idea was extended and followed with Draw Slasher: The Quest in 2011. Compared to the original version, Draw Slasher on PS Vita has twice as much content. We’ve redesigned the whole game concept, created new locations, many different opponents and bosses. The scale of the changes made meant we had to rebuild the levels all over again.

We tried very hard to make the mechanics simple to understand and entertaining at the same time. We really hope you’ll enjoy this fresh approach to the slasher genre, and get some serious scores when you’re slicing up Pirate Monkey Zombies.

You can find out more about Draw Slasher at the official website: http://drawslasher.com.

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  • A very cool fruit ninja

  • @Strangeheaven – Pretty sure Artur as no control over any of that.

  • Ah, ok. Well hello Artur from Mass Creation. Welcome to the PSN. Looks like a pretty awesome addition to the Vita. Is this unique to the Vita or has Mass Creation developed this for the Android and iOS platforms as well?

    • Hello and thank you, NeoMahi :)

      We have previously developed games utilizing similar mechanics for other mobile platforms, but Draw Slasher for PSVITA is one of a kind. At the bottom of my post there are details describing what are the main differences. Believe me, there’s no much of previous version in Draw Slasher for Vita. In couple of hours you’ll have a chance to see for yourself :)

  • looks annoying. Figners get in the way too much. I the touch controls in games like uncharted were only okay half the time. Half the time it was annoying because my fingers where covering up the screen. Having an ENTIRE game like that. I think would get really annoying. Its cheap. I will probably give a try one day. I won’t write it off complelelty until I try and\or the reviews come in.

  • awsome looks fun keep thos psvita games coming

  • I’d be curious to know how this enhanced ports end up doing. I have an iphone and ipad and I’m not inclined to purchase touch only games for my Vita. I bought a Vita specifically because I want games that use physical controls as well. The problem for developers is that the Vita market is tiny compared to the ios and android markets so they have to charge significantly more. I suspect that there are very few people out there who own a Vita and don’t also own some type of pad or smartphone device capable of playing all of the freemium and 99 cent touch only games out there.

  • Looks pretty awesome and it has a great price, can’t wait to download it later.

  • Is this ACTUALLY coming to Australia? It’s now the 24th here and not even a glimpse of it.. So many games seem to be US only. Seems rather unfair..

  • I spend a fortune on games. Literally. I just don’t undertsand why they can’t release a game with the choice of touch control or button control. It is just me? Give the gamers a choice. I no of no other gamers who given the choice of playing with touch or buttons will choose touch.

  • This game is actually pretty fun! Made me want games like Cut the Rope and such on my Vita, too. Actually, they should release a trilogy on Vita :P

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