Soul Sacrifice: Demo Out Today, Saves Transfer to Full Game

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Soul Sacrifice: Demo Out Today, Saves Transfer to Full Game

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

I hope you’re ready for Soul Sacrifice — the demo will be available this afternoon on PSN!

Your first reaction to the demo might be, “Holy moly, this is a LOT of demo!” …And you’d be right! The entire first chapter of the full game is included, all of which is playable with up to three other friends via online or ad-hoc multiplayer. Inafune-san made it a special point for the demo to be quite substantial, as you can read in his comments below:

“The number one reason for the Soul Sacrifice demo to have a lot of content was to show the users the full attraction of Soul Sacrifice. We knew that cutting out a small section of the game and saying, ‘Isn’t this part fun?’ would not show the users the full potential of the game. We figured that it wouldn’t make sense if the users could not have the ‘I want to play more’ feeling.

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

“So, we decided we want to provide, ‘at the very least,’ this amount of the game for the users. That is why, if you compare it to a standard demo, this became such a substantial piece. But we are confident that this will not become something negative where the users will feel like, ‘We played enough.’ After we released the demo version in Japan we received many voices, saying ‘[I] want to play more’ and ‘I want to get more hooked on this game.’ That is why we believe making this demo with this amount of volume and detail was a success.”

Soul Sacrifice is a long adventure, with dozens of hours of gameplay. The demo is not only a great way to sample the full experience, but also to let you get a head start on that adventure before the game releases. To that end — this part is important, pay attention! — the save data will carry over to the full game! Not only that, if you do carry over demo save data to the full game, you will receive an exclusive bonus item: “Spirits’ Heart”! It summons a powerful stone golem that will fight for you!

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Trying the demo and carrying over your save data is the ONLY way to get “Spirits’ Heart,” so why not give it a shot if you’re already interested in the game?

The Soul Sacrifice demo offers a single player mode AND a multi-player mode. Multi-player can be played via both ad-hoc and online, but please be aware that multi-player and all online features for the demo will be terminated and will no longer be available on April 30th, 2013. After this date, you will still be able to play the demo offline and ad-hoc. Of course, that’s not a problem, since you’ll all be picking up the full game when it launches on April 30th, right? *wink*

Don’t forget to pre-order! Not only do you get three exclusive Magic Offerings and two exclusive costumes, but you’ll also get the Japanese voice-over audio pack for free!

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  • how long is gonna take!!!!
    im goin crazy for the demo, im checking every five minutes and rebooting the vita…and nothing there…
    hellooo SCEA staff i got 2 question
    when you gonna release the dlc of the 10 new bosses?
    when we gonna see picotto knights on the store? cause is been like a year since it was confirm to america and theres no new info about it.
    please answer this asap and thanks

  • sony, japan studios, all u lovely people who worked on the game, i want to take a moment to say… YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELVES! not gonna lie, a friend of mine let me use his vita to play the jpn demo, and I AM HOOKED. cant wait to play the english demo later, and the release of this epic masterpiece, the music and abilities u have to fight the bosses made for nice thrills, keep up the good work, ps i know, im a complete suck up lol

  • “I hope you’re ready for Soul Sacrifice — the demo will be available this afternoon on PSN!”

    THIS AFTERNOON?! Its 11:20PM in my timezone – means 11:20AM in Washington DC. So, when / what excactly of time will the demo comes up?!

  • @Zionine

    I know that there will be a digital version, I was referring to the preorder content that European vita owners get to digitally preorder right now, and we simply have to wait and see if it’s going to be offered with the digital version, meaning the bonuses could be retail exclusive in the us. I’m just tired of the inequality

  • Thanks for the info Kumi. I always look forward to your posts :)

  • @jasonlin101 – You can pre-order Soul Sacrifice (Retail Version) through EB Games in Canada. That’s where I did my online order, which does include the pre-order bonuses. I’m assuming you can also pre-order in store?

  • Wait for at least 4 more hours.

  • dood. yesssssssssss!!!!!! easily my most anticipated!!!!!!

  • That’s awesome! I already have my copy preordered, but how will trophies be affected if complete mission 1 is completed in the demo?

  • Can’t wait to download it and try it out. Been waiting for this game forever – it’s the main reason I finally decided to buy the Vita.

    Now just answer everyone’s questions about digital pre-ordering.

  • Sweet! Looking forward to this game and hopefully the demo helps my anticipation.

  • not here yet… (,_,)

  • The japanese demo was super awesome. Like ridiculously super awesome. Now I get to understand the awesome. Awesome.

  • great game i can’t wait =)

  • Demo File Size?

  • Can’t wait to download it today! Also the images are set to private, can you fix that so we can view them in full?

  • @PinaChronic : Rumored that demo size abt 1760MB.

  • @KirAMinh thanks for the response. That’s a big file load, but I’m super stoked.

  • This is going to get the award for Demo of the Year!

  • My body is ready.

  • I’m still not amused by Sony’s treatment of the Japanese audio track as some sort of throwaway ‘extra’. The Japanese audio track already existed thanks to the game originating from Japan, so there was no extra production cost involved in including it in the game.
    I hope someday all game publishers get the hint and if a game comes from Japan, just give us English speakers the option to have the game audio in English or Japanese (w/English subtitles). It’s not like we’re dealing with limited storage capacity cartridges anymore.
    I’ll try this demo, but the pre-order ‘incentive’ has me wary of supporting this product at all.

  • I am so excited for the demo now!!!!

    Making the saved data carry over is incredible!!!!

    I already preordered, and was going to wait for the retail release.
    By downloading the demo it’s essentially like getting a head start.

    Triple Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!

  • @71 agreed that there should be option to have both. I personally prefer english dubbing, but i can’t understand why they couldn’t have the original voices on the disk as well. Outside of maybe licensing costs for some games.

  • @69

    Amen to that.

    Demo of the Year Award- Soul Sacrifice!!!

  • @boxmyth i see what your point is, but most people don’t even care about the Japanese audio track. While it could be thrown on to be nice to fans, it isn’t a must for this game.


  • Anyone found the demo from search bar?

  • I’ve been waiting for awhile for this and I really fuggin want it! What time will it be out? I’m in mountain time.

  • Update PSN store *shakes fist* Update!!

  • is already available?

  • I’m assuming it comes with the update, which is always around 7 PM Eastern.

  • i can’t wait anymore ==’

  • dang i think this demo is gonna make me buy the game lol

  • hey add me if yall really up for the sacrifice need more ps vita friends

  • Add me on PSN guys, 30 hours on JP demo and looking to grind even more in this demo!!

  • not yet….c’mon!!

  • c’mon!! c’mon!! c’mon!!

  • *also, “this afternoon”, really? The PS Store never updates before 5 PM and thats on the good days. It definitely wont be until this evening

  • Demo have spanish lenguaje or not?

  • man cant wait!

  • 5 PM in what state? Here in Brazil is already 3:35 PM.

  • SO hyped!!! I was wondering if my progress from the demo would transfer once it drops :] i do wonder how my saves will copy over once i get my hard copy of the game on the 30th, ill probably have to delete the demo from my memory card once it come (only due to the minimal space i have) and that usually deletes all game data associated with it, including game saves :(

    hmmmm, just gotta wait and see.

  • And i live in Colorado and my update is usually around 3-4 pm on a good week :]

  • Now I need a bigger memory card… oh, that’s right, they are grossly overpriced, and I don’t want to spend my money on one when that money could buy me a game (or two) instead.

    Hey Kumi, have you managed to convince your bosses that other regions besides Japan (such as NA and Europe) also deserve the Soul Sacrifice Vita Bundle?

    If they ask why, just tell them “Because they do”.

    Thanks in advance, Kumi!

  • Here is 1:50AM from VietNam . And no sight of any thing called “available this afternoon” at all.
    Guys i thought we just stay away from Vita and check the PS Store 3-4hrs later .

  • Finally the Demo comes! That’s great news. Now off to stalk the PSN store.

  • This has to be the most innovative way to do a demo that I have ever seen. My copy was already pre-order awhile back, can’t wait to get home after work & play this. And people are still on the fence about buying a PS Vita LOL.

  • man i am never like this but now i cant wait to play this woot woot the race is about to start lets goooooooo

  • Any idea what time the demo will drop in North America eastern time? Add me if your east coast to sacrifice together.

  • @xFuzylilManPeach, I am also worried about that. I have a 4GB memory card and I’m not wanting to lay down about forty dollars JUST for a 8GB memory card at Wal Mart. I had to delete God of War Ghost of Sparta and some other files to make room for the Soul Sacrifice demo. I sure don’t want to delete it and lose everything once I go to pick up the software from GameStop.

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