PlayStation at Coachella

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PlayStation at Coachella


Hey PlayStation fans! Are you heading out to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this weekend or next? If so, stop by the PlayStation Society — we’ve got a fantastic lineup of games for you to check out on PS3 and PS Vita.

We will be showing the EXCLUSIVE first-hands-on look at of a couple of our great holiday titles — Puppeteer (PS3) and Tearaway (PS Vita). Also, we are featuring the entire Spring Fever lineup of awesome indie games (Guacamelee!, Dragon Fantasy Book 1, Thomas Was Alone, Zombie Tycoon 2) among a collection of other classic titles.

Since Coachella is all about the music, we will have Sound Shapes stations available for fans to create tracks and levels that can be uploaded and shared with the world in real time! If you aren’t attending, you can join by signing-in at home and following PSN ID CoachellaSoundShapes (1-4) . You can also follow @SoundShapes for info on all the latest creations .

PlayStation wants to make sure that you have the best experience possible while you’re out there. How about we add some sweet giveaways while we’re at it? There will be daily contests where we’ll be giving away PS3s, PS Vitas, games, and PS Plus and Music Unlimited trials. For those of you interested in upgrading to VIP passes, we may be able to hook you up. Excited yet? I already know a couple of people who probably can’t wait to get down there. I’m talking about our Music Unlimited Playlist and PlayStation Character Challenge winners! Congrats to Chris V. on winning our Music Unlimited Playlist Challenge by receiving the most amount of votes on his ideal Coachella playlist. We’ll be playing songs from his playlist in the tent throughout both weekends. Check out his playlist below:

  1. The XX – “Intro”
  2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Heads will Roll”
  3. Grimes – “Genesis”
  4. Janelle Monae – “Tightrope”
  5. 2 Chainz – “I’m Different”
  6. Wu-Tang Clan – “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ Ta F’ Wit”
  7. Major Lazer – “Original Don”
  8. Theophilus London – “Girls Girls $”
  9. Blur – “Song 2”
  10. Phoenix – “1901”

And congrats to Adam V. for winning the PlayStation Character Challenge with his awesome Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher submission. Both winners scored themselves two VIP passes. Can’t wait to see you guys there!

Drake and Elena Cosplay

Don’t miss out on everything PlayStation is offering at Coachella this year! If you’re looking for the right opportunity to add some PlayStation into your life, now is your chance. Remember to follow @HeyPlayStation for all the latest details; we’ll be tweeting live throughout the festival. Party on!

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  • Coachella is so underground. I can’t wait to fight the man by going to all corporate sponsored booths. I am going to be so cool getting a free Red Bull and some sweet Heiniken swag. I hope the lyrics of the hispter rock doesn’t cause any cognitive dissonance.

  • I know you probably can not hear this enough.

    Is there a particular time that the $10 credits will be going out?

    I still have not gotten mine.

    Sorry, and Thank You.

    (Please update the Killzone Liberation 5th chapter for Vita ;)

  • Spelled “Fischer” wrong.

    Unless Elena is Sam’s new daughter.

  • Time out..her name was Fisher*? Mind blown. Somebody’s gotta tell Sam

  • Sweet cosplay. Lol

  • Hey, this is out of topic but i spent 100+$ (spend 50$ promo and get 10$ back)
    well i havent gotten mine yet, can you please check

  • any word on the $10 back for every $50 promo that just ended for the Playstation Network???? People have been saying April 12th. But, it’s not showing up.

  • I still think my Drake was better. Rabble, rabble

  • Seriously. I want my money! I want to buy the Borderlands Bundle!

  • This is not funny anymore i want my free money i was promised we were told the 12th maybe if the 13th rolls around i might trade my PS3 and Vita for a crappy Xbox.

  • sup guys… someone on another post… told me they annouced via twitter that we will have the $10 credits no later than 11pm PST

  • Look at all of the puerile, inept morons in here, whining about their “free money” they still haven’t received. Number one, this blog post isn’t a very good place to be complaining about it, and more importantly, you’ll certainly be getting it in the immediate future if not today.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but was never specifically stated that it would definitely be sent today; words like “hopefully” and “should” are always added to allow them some leeway since they’re always late with this kind of stuff.

    All of you impatient, incessant moaners make me embarrassed to even support PlayStation sometimes, and that’s pretty sad, since they do a good enough job of that through their own incompetence. You’re not wrong in crying over this, but there are much better ways to do it. I’ve met children with more couth than all of you, and judging from many of your comments, most children are probably more intelligent than you, to boot. Why don’t you act like an adult and play the games you had to have bought in order to be eligible for this promotion, instead of wasting your time sobbing over the internet at a company who clearly doesn’t care?

  • Rockefellow, it’s posts like yours which make me long for a ‘like’ button here on the blog!

  • @Rockefellow you r the only moron here. they clearly specified BEFORE 12 april.

    We’ll be sending out your earned credit before April 12 via e-mail and XMB Message on your PS3! Let us know what you’ll be buying this March in the comments, and make sure to get all your purchases through April 1. Happy gaming!

  • @Rockefellow
    and btw if their was a report button on the blog i would definitly report you for being what you are.

  • still havent gotten my $10 back :( ……

  • Waaaaa! Where’s my FREE MONEY!!! Waaaaaa! I’m selling my PS3 and buying an X-Box! Waaaaaaa! Sony, Y U lie to me! Waaaaaa!!!!

  • lol @ FriedConsole. & the only comment about Coachella

  • @Bioshock-Sky

    You’d report me for what, having an opinion and clearly stating it? In that case, I’d report you for being an idiot. Maybe you should come up with a clear, logical response that backs up your opinion instead of spouting stupidity. You could try using that thing called a “spell check,” too– it might convince people to take you seriously.

  • Somebody works for Sony ^
    They promised the money today. THEY were the ones saying and getting everybody ready to get it today. It is their fault. They replayed other comments (other posts), but they didn’t care about coming here. They only needed to replay one comment to let us know. I don’t care what you do with your life and I don’t care about what you think about us. Stop “supporting” Sony if you don’t like us. Don’t try to be the nice guy. You statement wasn’t a real opinion ( you treated people as morons).

  • @11

    So, 11pm PST, that would be 1 am Central.. Meaning I won’t get the $130 they owe me until tomorrow.

    Why wait until 11pm PST? Why wait to the 12th for that matter.

    Now, I’m not being a DB like #12, but, why can’t Sony EVER be on time with anything.

    Updates.. Late
    Store Updates… Late
    Getting games before Xbox.. No
    Making good on promises.. Late

    Why can’t anything be on time.

    The Xbox update their store at 5am.. every single time.
    The PS3 updates anytime between 2pm – 3am the next day.

  • So I guess other time zone Sony could careless about. I’m sorry but I’m a paying customer and Sony should look at all time zone as equal. 11pm should be for all time zones. Now you telling me I won’t get mine till 2am Wednesday morning. That’s not how you treat your customers Sony.

    Sony need to start thinking about their other customers that are in the different time zone. 11PM should be …….

    11pm PST
    11pm CST
    11pm EST
    and so on.

    Why should we, your customers in a different time zone suffer !!! Not happy right!!!

  • @knightedrik
    $130? Wait….you spent $650 on the Playstation Store last month? Well, I’d say that if you can afford to do that, you can probably afford to wait a few hours for your $130. Why don’t you crack open one of your many bottles of Champagne or guzzle some caviar while you wait for the email confirmation? :)

  • @23

    I save up for these sales. I’m not rich or anything, just frugal. When a sale pops up, I hit it like a hammer. I don’t drink, and I find caviar disgusting.

    Maybe you should just not care about the $10 your getting back because it a pittance. Don’t come whining on the blog because your a troll, there are people here that are actually concerned about when and IF the will even receive the funds due to them. Thanks all.

    Now, I’m being as nice as I can be here.. and If you know who I am, then you would understand that remark. But trust me when I say.. This is a place for information, and your negative attitude does not belong here.

    That being said, and like I said before, if a matter of financial planning.. and if I spend 10,000 dollars at the store.. what do you care.


    Coachella will be awesome. I would love to attend, although I will not be able to. Make sure you post some good videos and such.

    Thanks again.

  • @24:

    I believe Coachella’s being live streamed April 12th(Today) – April 14th on youtube.

  • maybe sony is busy with coachella thats why its delayed lol

  • working as intented

  • @25

    Sweet, tyvm for the info.

  • Guys, when do we get our $10 or more for spending $50 or more during the month of March? I bought Resident Evil 6, TWD Season Pass, Asura’s Wrath Episode Pack Part IV and Shinedown’s Guitar Hero Track Pack which sums more than 50 bucks. I’ve read a few things about April 12th, but there’s still nothing new in my XMB. Any news??

  • @29

    Read Posts 1 – 28..

  • A. It’s been years now, that i can’t log into this blog on my ps3, i get that ‘sony family blah blah not available in your country’. last i checked, i was in America, where this happens to not be the case, i have no facts to back that up, but I’ll go out on a limb with the thought. B. Rockefellow, i did black ops clan challenges all day, wore my headset and every stuff, and still, you manage to be the biggest d-bag Ive come to learn exists today. i mean come on dude, look how you talk/type. we all know what that is, that’s that dnd feg lingo straight from your mothers basement, i bet you know everything there is to know in the world, and your morals? well they must be top of the line. you’re an idiot, not ignorant, but stupid at its most basic expression. you get hard linked to the void of your argument and you fight on… I for one hope someone drives through the wall of your mothers house and runs you over while you eat your breakfast in the afternoon… C. It’s not that serious sony, if you make a mistake and give too much, i promise you can afford it, and if you happen to not give enough, i promise the cheated party will let you know… That’ll be all.

  • @knightedrik
    I was whining? I’m a troll? Hmmm… in a post supposedly about Coachella, people are moaning that they haven’t yet got their ‘free money’ even though they were told on several occasions that they’d get it no later than the 12th, and were already up-in-arms by midday, and that’s not whining?
    As much as I enjoy some of the posts on the blog, the feedback section is frequently nothing but spoiled little entitled brats bemoaning the fact that the store update hasn’t happened at the EXACT TIME that they demand it, or that their $10 hasn’t arrived at their perceived deadline, and then come the inevitable claims of ‘I’m selling my PS3 tomorrow and buying an X-box’. Yes, sure you are. And I’M a troll?!?!
    Also, I couldn’t care less how much you spend on PSN. The reason I commented directly on your post was actually because you sounded a bit smarter than the rest of the noise here, and yet you were STILL adding to the inanity by moaning about the precious funds which you know, ultimately, you’re going to get.
    I swear, sometimes this place makes 4chan look like a veritable bastion of reason and rational discourse. :)

  • the much awaited 10 dollar per 50 is happening now. i got my share. thanks sony.

  • does any1 know why my points are not adding on to my league on blackops 2

  • @33 I havnt got it yet. maybe tomorrow?

  • Hey guys anyone know how get the 10 dollars on the vita

  • I have $20 coming back to me via the promotion and the amount of entitlement on this page is still hilariously astonishing. Get something legitimate to whine about, seriously.

  • Wish I could go, I want to play Tearaway and Puppeteer. ):

  • It was said that we should be getting our refunds on PSN by 11pm yesterday… I still haven’t recieved mine. Can you give us some word on this? I know for a fact that I spent over $50

  • @35 yeah maybe tomorrow. one thing is fo sure sony will give it . we just need patience. 8)

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