The Last of Us TV Spot on The Walking Dead Season Finale

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The Last of Us TV Spot on The Walking Dead Season Finale

The Last of Us on PS3

With the June 14th release of The Last of Us rapidly approaching, we’re excited to announce that the first official television spot for the game will air on the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead this Sunday, March 31st at 9:00pm Pacific Time and Eastern Time.

We are now just three months away from the launch of The Last of Us — Naughty Dog’s newest franchise. The team is working extremely hard on putting the finishing touches on the game. It’s exciting to see all the different aspects of the game finally come together into the vision we’ve had in mind all along. Joel and Ellie’s journey is turning out to be something truly special that we can’t wait to share with our fans.

We’re eager to reveal more of Joel and Ellie’s story to you. Tune in to discover where you can find even more new The Last of Us content.

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  • finally, ads. I hope this games sells super well.

  • Totally irrelevant to The Last of Us, but anyone that into The Walking Dead because they like zombies should check out In The Flesh on BBC (might have to do some digging to find it if you’re not in the UK thanks to region-locking).

    In it, they’ve cured the zombie virus but everybody remembers what they did as a zombie, so many of them suffer from post-traumatic stress and intense guilt, and now they’re all being reassimilated into society, and a lot of people don’t want “partially dead syndrome sufferers” living amongst them.

    It’s really good, way better than The Walking Dead.

    OK, that was my pitch, carry on with The Last of Us.

  • Good call. TWD audience will be REALLY drawn to The Last Of US.

    Hopefully that is the beginning of a marketing blitz by Sony for this game something similar to what MS does for Halo, but without the dorito pope.

  • I’ll be keeping an eye on this after The Walking Dead season finale. Hope to see more ads like this for the game in the future.

  • That is awesome and incredibly smart to have a spot in the Walkind Dead Finale! Kudos :)

  • @whatisdelicious – Because a video game about a post-apocalyptic setting with zombie-like enemies that will savagely eat you alive with human enemies is completely irrelevant to a show with a post-apocalyptic setting with zombies that will savagely eat you alive alongside humans that will attack you.

    *Totally* irrelevant.

  • Awesome move! I’ll look for it! I’m dvr recording The Walking Dead, because there is NO FRIGGIN WAY I’m missing the season preimere of Game of Thrones season #3! lol

  • whaaaaaaaaaaaat thats to cool

  • I’d like to kick whoever is responsible for this. Kick them for being so darn late. This type of advertising should have taken place during the entire season.

  • I’m on total media blackout since I don’t want any more spoiling but I already pre-ordered.

    Hey, @7, Nintendo? You missed the significance of whatisdelicious’ properly placed comma. You misinterpreted. But, hey, it’s Friday so understandable. :-)

  • @7 NintendoTim: Nah, I just meant my comment, not the ad placement. This is brilliant ad placement. The Walking Dead is super popular and that audience would probably be totally into The Last of Us.

    I just really like In The Flesh so far and think it’s way, WAY better than The Walking Dead and people should check it out. However, In The Flesh is also totally irrelevant to this article.

  • Thats smart. That aside, you seem to be missing a lot of spaces in between words in this article lol


  • Can’t wait for TLOU. The sound design sounds crazy. Any chance Naughty Dog might work with sony to create a unique mode for the Playstation Pulse Elite Edition?
    (Similar to what Irrational did with Sony for BioShock: Infinite- )

  • BRILLIANT!!! You can’t go wrong with that spot guys…I’ll be looking forward to watching it. =)

  • Quite obviously a brilliant idea.

  • I love it,I’m honestly a little more excited to see the Commercial than the show :l

  • YEAH!!! I love the Walking Dead so much, which is why I’m so excited for The Last of Us because it definitely gives off similar vibes. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Already got my Post Pandemic Edition pre-ordered!!!

  • When is the demo coming for God of War Ascension buyers?

  • Can’t wait for TLOU. The sound design sounds crazy. Any chance Naughty Dog might work with sony to create a unique mode for the Playstation Pulse Elite Edition?
    (Similar to what Irrational did with Sony for BioShock: Infinite- )

  • I can’t wait to play this game. Fungus fighter, weird.

  • I’m so exited for this game to be out The Last Of Us get some woot.

  • Thanx Eric, question: will the new trailer contain some…new footage? If so, then I’ll dvr Game of Thrones for The Walking Dead! Because new footage of “The Last of Us” wins out over both of my favorite shows!

  • Cant wait for that game! Im not a multiplayer fan usually but Im curious about how this is going to be implemented.

  • F.F.U.
    No, i dont mwean what you think, it means

    I can’t wait for this, im not sure whether i should be watching all of this stuff, as far as the trailer on the TWD concerns, will it have any trailer spoilers?

  • I will cry if my game doesn’t come in the post on day one. If my local stores do a midnight sale then I will cancel my order and do the midnight sale instead. Then sit up all night and play! If I could only have one game this year, this would be the one!

  • I want this game so bad but I’m so scared you guys are gonna do the same thing with what you did with Uncharted 3(adding 50+ trophies, ridiculous amount of DLC)
    I have nothing wrong with DLC or adding trophies but I like moving on from my games after awhile. Fingers cross you wont blindside again!

  • i cant wait any longer take all my money i give the world for it Y_Y

  • I will be watching the episode anyways so this is just a bonus. This is one of the few games that I am actually waiting eagerly to play. The other games don’t have release dates. (Haha one of them also start with “The Last”) My only concern is as #27 stated is the “DLC” you choose to implement in a game. This is why there is no such thing as a day 1 purchase anymore for me.

  • Awesome!!! this game is going to be something truly special!!!

  • Still any news about the PSN digital downloadable version?

  • A really good decition… but I don’t need any ad.

    Day one buy for me anyway.

    We expect a new Naughty Dog on E3, masters!!! XD

  • Hey ND! When are you going to give details about the multiplayer?

  • It would have been better for the last of us to sponsor the walking dead it would have given the games sales a significant increase

  • Will be a digital release as well? Hope so.

  • Like as in the guy and the girl appear on the Walking Dead?

  • I’m hoping for another Live Demo of this game at Sony’s E3 conference! Also I’m so glad Sony got this spot for Walking Dead’s Season Finale, best timing ever. Getting HYPED!

  • I’ll have to catch it after, no network TV here, just internet. Relly enjoyed the demo at Pax East…I’m sure that was better than the ad :)

  • You guys read my mind. I was just thinking the other day that (and this is just my opinion) I never see a really good advertising campaign by Sony for it’s first party titles. I was hoping that there would be a really good push for The Last of Us and I was thinking that having ads run during shows like The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Revolution or even before films like the upcoming Evil Dead would be great places to get The Last of Us further out into public view.

    I can’t wait to play The Last of Us!

  • What happened to the demo on the God of War Ascension disc? huh? I am yet to see it, it was the 1st thing I wanted to try when I bought it. But all I get is the time it will before the GAME is released, which has gotten longer. First it was in May, now it’s in June.. what gives?

  • This is one game I don’t want to try a demo out. I trust Naughty Dog and will buy this game either disc or digital form. and how they put the Uncharted games together made me a bigger fan of their games now more then ever. Any more Uncharted games or mini games for us PS3 fans before the PS4 is launched.

  • EDITED>>>>>This is one game I don’t want to try a demo out. I trust Naughty Dog and how they put the Uncharted games together made me a bigger fan of their games now more then ever so I will buy this game either disc or digital form day one. Any more Uncharted games or mini games for us PS3 fans before the PS4 is launched.

  • Sony, day 1 digital with the ability to pre-order, its the only reason I have yet to purchase gow: ascension, its incredibly difficult for me to wait to play ascension as the gow series is one of my all time favorites, but I am already embracing an all digital future and will continue to do so even if that means I have to miss out on some great games. At least every ps4 game will be on the store, Im just baffled that every 1st party game isn’t pushed as hard as it can be, meaning every exclusive being a day one digital release with the ability to preorder as well as a tradition retail sku.

  • is there will have a digital version of it!? because there are ppl like me that have the bluray drive broken and the only way to play amazing games like this one is buying from the psn store !! thanks !

  • Good call. Your new marketing firm is doing better than the last one already. I’ve seen the GoW:A ads a lot. More than Gears’ and that commercial is terrible imo. So, keep it up.

    Also, you need to get out some general PS Vita ads. That show off clips of all the great games on the system, so get working on that when you do the price drop. Perhaps when SS comes out? With a red Vita bundle perhaps? With an actual design on the touch panel, that Japan got? :D Yes?

    Plox? I digress.

    Can’t wait for this game. Well, half can. I don’t like to be scared by things. D: But it’s ND and story driven. So it’ll be good. D:

  • Yes Sony is finally advertising their games several months in advance. As soon as I seen EA advertise Mass Effect 3 last year during Walking Dead I said Sony should do the same with The Last of Us. Anyway I can’t wait for this game as I am more excited for a game from my favorite Dev team than I am for the PS4. Keep up the good work Naughty Dog, cant wait to see your epic tv spot.

    Ps Next you should advertise The Last of Us in theaters with a trailer playing before Evil Dead. Evil Dead is a Sony pictures film and I know Sony does advertise games before films just like they did for PSASBR & Wreck it Ralph.

  • So anyone else think it would be cool to get some Walking Dead Multiplayer skins for the Last of US? Personally I would like to see Rick, Daryl, Merle, and the Governor.

  • could someone tell me where to find the ad on internet please? ;) send it to people who were sleeping.. just like me. thankss

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