Guacamelee! Body Slams PS3, PS Vita April 9th

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Guacamelee! Body Slams PS3, PS Vita April 9th

We’re excited to finally announce our launch date and pricing details for Guacamelee! The game will be released on April 9th in the Americas, and will support Cross-Buy for $14.99. This means you buy the game once and get both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. And that’s not all… there’s also a Platinum Trophy!

With GDC being this week, and the IGF award nomination for “Excellence in Visual Art,” we also thought it would be cool to share some early concept art and video footage of the game, so that you can see for yourself how much things have changed. As you can see, Guacamelee! has really come a long way visually since its inception.

We began working on Guacamelee! in February of 2011. For the first two months, the game existed solely as a PowerPoint presentation and some concept art. Here’s the very first screenshot mock-up of the game from that presentation:

Guacamelee! for PS3 and PS Vita

We brought these materials and another game idea with us to GDC to gauge publisher interest in the two titles. Guacamelee! was clearly the more popular of the two ideas, and after returning from GDC we spent some time making a prototype to test out how the combat would work, and also took some time to make a “Target Gameplay” video in Flash:

This video was shown to publishers at E3 in 2011, and was also used as part of the materials that helped us get the Canada Media Fund award and actually have the funding necessary to make the game. You can see that most of the initial ideas for the game’s design have made it all the way through to the final product, with one notable exception being the “World of Nightmares”.

Since then, we’ve worked hard on pushing the game much further visually (going through about four style revisions), which can clearly be seen by comparing to our latest trailer, which you can see at the top of this post!

If you’re going to be at GDC, make sure to stop by the IGF Pavilion and say “Hi” to two of our amazing artists; our Art Director Steph, and animator, Augusto. Without them, Guacamelee! would not look as great as it does!

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  • Awwww yiss.

  • I’ll be picking this up.. even though I’m not a fan of the Mexican vibe.. only brings memories of Mucha Lucha or Nacho Libre.

    Cross-buy for 15$? Hm.. using the cash I’ll get from the March deal. :D (although, now that I think of it.. I probably won’t be playing this much on the ps3.. hope it’s 10$ or less for vita only).

  • Guacameeeeeeeeeeeeleeeeeeeee! I can’t wait to piledrive stuff.

  • Gives me the OUTLAND vibe. Totally getting this on my Vita then, looks fun.

  • Just my day that much more awesome thanks Drinkbox.

  • Yes, yes, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Ive been waiting for this game forever….The gaming Gods have truly blessed me. The animation, the humor, the combat looks so kick a$$. My Vita will Run Hot, (Ratchet & Clank) quote…….thanks guys/gals

  • Shades of Chili-con-Carnage

  • Hi Graham, look forward to it. Will there be a demo?

  • First off, I just want to thank you guys. This game looks fantastic! Next I would like to ask if this game will feature cross-saves?

    • The game will most certainly have cross-save. Bruise skeletons on the bus ride, bruise’em up when you get home.

  • this gives me the SideWay New York Vibe…. a game that i highly Enjoy. il look into this one aswell.

  • Im assuming this is PSN only?? Def gonna pick it up either way, though I would prefer a physical copy. Look fantastic and cannot wait to get this on my VIta :D


    thank you so much for a release date!

    I’ve been soo eagerly anticipating guacamelee to the point were i was getting extremely angry with u guys for not divulging a release date

    i need this game in my veins.



  • My most anticipated indie game finally has a date! The demo that I’ve played at best buy is so much fun!

  • I love that a trailer for a game by “Drinkbox” includes a content advisory for “Use of Alcohol”.

    Loved Mutant Blob on VITA and have been looking forward to this for a long time.

  • Does this game have coop through whole single-player campaign?

    • There is co-op through the entire single player story. Tostata will either give you advice if you’re alone, or help bash up baddies along side you in co-op

  • Looks very intense.
    My espiritu luchador burns !!

  • Best part of this game is the game play, a platformer co-op my fav style of game play

  • Yay, a new Vita game and cross-buy, too!

  • YES YES YES YES YES YES YES !!!!! can’t wait to play it!!! soon time to bust some skeletons!!!

  • This game looks great and I’m glad there’s cross-buy. However I’m a little discouraged to buy it day one, because Sony and PS+ have fooled me too many times. I’ll buy a $15 indie game on day one because I want to support the developer and give them a good launch day, but then a few weeks or months later, it will be heavily discounted or free on PS+. I end up feeling ripped off.

    Sony, if you plan on discounting games like this in the near future through PS+, please just give us those discounts up front on day one. I am trying to support indie developers, but you just end up leaving me with a bitter taste in my mouth when I pay full price on day one, and then there’s a deep PS+ discount shortly thereafter.

    As of now, I’m changing my ways. I’m going to hold off on my purchase of all digital games for at least a few months. You did this to yourselves, Sony.

  • damn happy!!!

  • Mexican Outland on the Vita?

    Nothing wrong with that sentence. I’m looking forward to playing it.

  • Mutant Blobs Attack was so much fun. Been looking forward to this one for a while!

  • My cash back from March purchases now has a destination. Thank you DrinkBox & Sony!

    @ #2-Cross buy title, especially at that price point, will not be lower for Vita only.

    @ #11-Would definitely be a DL only title. You typically don’t see retail at $15

  • “+ T3DV0L70L1N4 on March 26th, 2013 at 8:43 am said:
    …I want to support the developer and give them a good launch day, but then a few weeks or months later, it will be heavily discounted or free on PS+. I end up feeling ripped off.”

    If you want to support the developer, then buy the game on launch! You’re not supporting them by just grabbing it as a PS+ freebie. You can’t have it both ways. If you really feel that upset about paying for the game, then you don’t care at all that your dollars went to the developer. Don’t blame Sony, blame your own sense of entitlement and greed.

  • @20 And this is an exclusive situation to indie games how? I’ll be waiting for the inevitable 29.99/34.99 price point for Bioshock that is sure to come. Either you want to support a great developer (as seen by their two previous Blobs games, both of which are phenomenal) or you don’t. Either you want to play it day one or within the first month or two, or you don’t. If you wait until it’s free or heavily discounted, little support will likely find its way to the developer. Sony didn’t do anything to earn your distrust, it’s called the video game marketplace and the only reason certain games do not meet this standard is that are limited print, no digital distro, or some combination of those.

    A game like Retro City Rampage that became free on PSN likely only happens because he met exceeded his expected sales and decided to share the love to build goodwill.

  • Played this at PAX prime and watched a segment that they filmed for Great game, I finally get to play it.

    • Thanks for dropping by the booth! It got lonely at times during PaxEast and you folks made it better

  • Day 1 buy for me, loved About a Blob, REALLY loved Mutant Blobs Attacks. The platinum and cross-buy are just icing on the cake!

  • I’ve been looking forward to this game since the initial announcement, I loved and 100% Super Metroid and Castlevania Symphony of the NIght, also are those fire spewing Chupacabra? because I was already sold!!

  • @ted i just wait for plus discounts/ freebies if i am on the fence about a game. after playing mutant blobs i will buy drinkbox games day 1. you just have to choose which games you buy day 1, games you wait for discount and certain games just hope for freebie because you don’t think it is your kind of game,. this way i don’t mind if guacamelee goes down to 10 or 5 down the road as long as the game was good and i enjoyed it

  • Will you guys be making the soundtrack available for purchase along with the game? Mainly because it sounds like some phenomenal work that I would definitely want to pump into my ears. Also, day 1 for me. :D

    • <3 for Day 1, that always helps!

      The soundtrack won't initially be available for purchase, BUT, there is talk internally over here on the best way to offer it for everyone. Stay tuned.

  • Is this local co op only?

  • Game looks MUCHO AWESOME ..and with Cross Buy..its a MUST BUY…uno question…Are there any other modes besides Co- Op and Story?..

    • After finishing the game hard-mode is unlocked, and additionally there might be some other non-story areas in the game available. And yes, I’m being intentionally vague to avoid spoilers. :)

  • @25 & 26 (thanks 30)

    It isn’t greed. It’s disappointment and frustration when I see huge discounts only a few weeks after I paid full price. I paid full price on day one for dozens of digital games since becoming a PS+ member. I don’t *regret* paying full price and supporting the developers. If anything, that’s the only redeeming thought in my head.

    I feel frustration because I pay for PS+ every year, but the only discounts that interest me are games I already paid full price for on day one. Often, those discounts/freebies come shortly after the game was released. It makes me feel like my PS+ subscription fee is all for nothing.

    I love supporting indie developers; they are making the greatest and most creative games these days. But unfortunately it comes down to what I can afford. Sony has been displaying a very clear pattern, and since it makes more financial sense for customers to wait to buy digital games, then that’s what many people will do. It is extremely unfortunate that indie developers might be the ones to suffer because of this.

  • Finally a date

  • Does that mean we can assume you will add online co op if this sells well enough?

    • If it sells well enough anything can happen, including me coming over to your house to make you dinner. (we’d need to sell a LOT of copies for that)

  • @20

    Doesn’t sound like you want to support indie devs. Sounds like you just want a cheap deal, which is understandable, but don’t pretend like you’re all for supporting indies if you’re not willing to pay.

  • I’ve been so excited about this game ever since I played When Mutant Blobs Attack. I love the artwork and listening to the developer interviews on the blogcast – I can’t wait for the surprises through the game! Keep making cool interesting indie games please!!!

  • Can’t wait for this

  • there´s co-op between Ps vita and Ps3?

    • There is only local co-op on the PS3. But, you can use your PSVita for cross-play with the PS3, so if playing co-op on your PS3, only player could use a regular PS3 controller, and the other player could use the PSVita as a controller.

  • PS+ is a great service, but to say that you wont support indie games because it might come to plus in the future is kind of silly. If you purchase a car and then it goes on sale 3 months later, you cant complain. you bought the car for the value of what it was to you at the time. If you go to the grocery store and purchase cereal and the nex week its on sale, you cant demand your money back. support good games with your $$$$ and

  • :D DAY 1!!

  • Hey cool this releases the day after my birthday. It’s like a belated birthday gift for me.

  • VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!!!!

    *cough* erhm….sorry the Spanish side of me came out full force on that one…

    Oh and DAY ONE!

  • This game looks awesome! I like the Outland type of switching. I hope this game will be a little easier to complete than Outland though. Can the player select their own difficulty level or is it one difficulty fits all?

    • One difficulty should fit all – although upon completion of the game players will have the option to play on Hard Mode which provides it’s own set of new challenges.

  • I have a question that i am not sure you already covered or not. Can I use the second player by herself instead of Juan? Is she only playable as the second character or can I use her on my own at some point? It would be nice if I can play either him or her from the start or maybe as a reward for finishing the game or finding all the collectables or something.Or maybe some more characters as DLC maybe?

    • If you want it is possible to play as Tostata (the 2nd player) only – although the main storyline is designed with Juan in mind.

  • Shame the Vita version doesn’t even have ad-hoc co-op play. Oh well, I’m still in for a day one purchase. I hope we can expect more Guacamelee in the future. There’s a serious drought of Metroid-like games out there.

  • Yeah more & more PS Vita games coming out, this is what we like to see!!!!!!

  • The art and music in the game are top notch. Can’t wait for anything from you guys after playing both mutant blobs. My vita will be ready!

  • When’s the DLC Chili-Con-Carnage going to be released?

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