BioShock Infinite is Out Today on PS3

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BioShock Infinite is Out Today on PS3

Well, it’s pencils down time at Irrational Games.

Our goal has always been to make the player a participant in our games. The worlds of Rapture and Columbia are dripping with detail and story. Combat is full of player-driven options. We don’t want you to observe Booker DeWitt as he fights his way through BioShock Infinite. We want you to be him.

BioShock Infinite’s city of Columbia is a place of mystery, danger and action. And after nearly five years of building it, I’m proud to tell you it no longer belongs to Irrational Games. It belongs to gamers.

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  • I was going to buy this game today on psn but a few days ago i saw it cames with bioshock 1,but today i didnt saw the bio1 so the bioshock1 was it only avaliable to preorders?

  • This game is lighting it up in the reviews and looks really unique and creative among the sea of military/war-based FPS’s and 3rd person Gears clones. Its refreshing and unlike anything else out there. I like that the PS3 version includes BioShock 1 as I’ve already got BioShock 2 downloaded thanks to PS+ :) I’ll probably play Infinite first though as it’s just too tempting, then go back to the other 2. Can’t wait for Friday (payday)!

  • I hate to be stupid but help me…it says bioshock comes with the game but I do not see it…is it at the end of infinite?

  • Does the download of this game come with the original BioShock? I see it on the box, but I want to confirm it’s on the download too…

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