BioShock Infinite is Out Today on PS3

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BioShock Infinite is Out Today on PS3

Well, it’s pencils down time at Irrational Games.

Our goal has always been to make the player a participant in our games. The worlds of Rapture and Columbia are dripping with detail and story. Combat is full of player-driven options. We don’t want you to observe Booker DeWitt as he fights his way through BioShock Infinite. We want you to be him.

BioShock Infinite’s city of Columbia is a place of mystery, danger and action. And after nearly five years of building it, I’m proud to tell you it no longer belongs to Irrational Games. It belongs to gamers.

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  • Bioshock Infinite? What,s that I haven’t heard of that before ;)

    Feels like I have been anticipating this for about a thousand years, can’t wait to see what experiences Columbia has to offer

    I’m sure after a short break, a Bioshock Vita game will be coming, right *grin*?

  • I want this so badly. But alas, $60 is too much. I haven’t even finished Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed 3, Assassins Creed Liberation, or Crysis 3.

    I’ll catch up Irrational, just gimme a good steam deal this summer and I’ll catch up :)

  • Kudos to Robb Waters. This Songbird Statue is gorgeous!

  • Let’s get the Season Pass up on the store so we can start our physical copies with the Early Bird pack from it! Thanks.

  • @2…
    Sell your copy of Crysis 3, and both of the AC games.
    Bioshock is significantly better then either of those 3, not to mention you get a copy of the original for free.

    ACIII is ok, but easily the weakest in the series, Liberation gets trapped in a number of Vita “gimmicks” like Golden Abyss did, and Crysis is a sub-par shooter at best.

  • Hopefully someone at playstation or irrational can answer this, a lot us who had pre-oredered bioshock infinite where wondering do we also get the deal in which if you buy the game today you get $20 off the sony pulse edition headset at the participating retailers. I had pre-ordered the song bird edition off amazon and though it shipped today it took the money yesterday so will i still be eligible for the discount promotion?

  • @Jaded_Dragon
    I’m not one to sell my games ever, but I agree with exactly what you’re saying there. AC3 hasn’t been played since it launched (I’m probably not even a third through it), and Liberation was sold within the same week I bought it. Bioshock Infinite, though, has started out as an amazing experience, and I hear it only keeps that pace.

    Sell your crap games, Nick930930, and get the better one. ;)

  • bad time to be broke. i need this!… and money

  • I was going to buy this game today off psn but there was no bio shock 1,where is bio shock one was it only avaliable to preorders

  • Hey Kevin, or anyone at Irrational or 2K games, I have a problem:

    I pre-ordered my game and got the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION code, finished the puzzles and was told to wait for release day to get my in-game rewards. Today I got an email saying to go claim my reward code, but when going to FINKMANUFACTURING, the reward page is empty!!!!

    Can you help me (and anyone with the same problem).?????

    2K forums are full of people saying they didnt get their rewards code either.

  • @alaann69 You will also get Bioshock 1 as soon as you complete the purchase on PSN. I know this first hand. On top of that you also get a real cool dynamic theme.

  • **edit, Ken not Kevin, shoot my autocorrector!!!!

  • Do plan to get this.

  • I want this really badly!! shame on me for being a broke student :(

  • I wish we can preload the Day 1 Digital game like some other platform (s**e*m) so we can start playing as soon as it reaches the release date…

  • masterclass well done to everyone at irrational

  • Classy post, Ken, thanks for making such awesome games! I just started the download for the game an hour ago, can’t wait to get home late tonight from my classes to load it up and dig right into it.

  • Pensei que o brasileiro do ovelhachata chorasse por preço.

  • Ainda não temos plus. Disgusting.

  • Hello everyone. Here in Brazil we pay U$ 99.25 for the same game.

  • Grabbing this as soon as I am off of work!! :D

  • Downloading right now along with the other 2 BioShock’s. This week is BioShock week for me!

  • Not watching the video due to fear of being spoiled. Am buying the game as soon as I clear a couple of backlog games.

    @Ken, I know you said Bioshock Vita is held up by the “business folks”, anything you can say on that? Has anything started on it at all? The reason I ask is, if no coding, assets, etc has started, we won’t be seeing this game until at least Fall 2014…

  • All I want is to be able to buy my season pass

  • Looking forward to this. Got my copy on my desk at work, just waiting to get home to play

  • This is a redbox/gamefly rental at best for me.

    Not only because i thought Bioshock 1 was mediocre (and 2 was just boring) but because Ken Levine comes across as such a condescending jerk in interviews. I refuse to give this guy any of my hard earned money.

  • @26 How many times are you going to say variations on the same things? You don’t like Bioshock and don’t like Ken Levine, we get it. Did he relieve himself on your Cheerios?

  • @26

    I know everyone has their own opinion but what is the point of said this? If you really want to say it at least give us some supportive reason why you think BioShock series is not good or why Ken is a jerk (which I don’t think he is), or many people will think you are one.

  • “We don’t want you to observe Booker DeWitt as he fights his way through BioShock Infinite. We want you to be him.”

    I wish you had told this to reviewers before they reviewed the game. Because most of the reviews have highlighted exactly what they OBSERVED, vs. what they had actually done while playing the game.

    Further, why would you argue against having Booker on the front cover of the game? If you want players (even women) to be Booker, why would you then go and say that the reason he’s on the front cover is because the guy scores higher in marketing tests? Why not just say that you want people to BE Booker in the first place?

    As for Ken’s interviews, let’s face it – the whole gaming outlet web-o-sphere is in love with him. He can say anything he wants, in the manner which he wants to, and each interview is treated like it’s some sort of exclusive reveal.

    Meanwhile, most of these “reveals”, or the reviews that came after them, mention nothing about the two-weapons-at-a-time inventory, the checkpoint-save system, the 1999 mode (other than “oh goody Konami remember that one?”), or the “feel” of the combat other than to say “it’s an FPS” when clearly there is a magic component added to it.

  • Got it at midnight. It’s sooooo good :)

  • game looks awesome….going to get it. it just looks unique and ambitious

  • This might have to be my 1st Day 1 Digital PSN Purchase :)

  • I heard that this game will also come with the 1st Bioshock game. Is that only for retail or also for the PSN? Also, will that promotion be have a certain time frame or will it be permanent?

  • I’m still waiting for the seperate $19.99 Season Pass to come out. Cause I already have the game, and I don’t have the money for that bundle.

  • Ken,

    I’ll be honest with you. For twelve hours straight I played the game (I live in UAE) and it was, in all honestly, the best game I’ve played in recent years. I have over 130+ platinum trophies and far more games but BioShock Infinite reigns supreme. If I, God forbid, were to die tomorrow, I’d die happy having played your masterpiece. Hats off to you and your superb team for creating one of the best games ever. You deserve a massive and resounding applause. Thank you for this awesome game. I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude.

  • The Bioshock games suck. Modern gaming do not need any more generic PAAGGs (Play As A Gun Games).

    Here is how I sum up Bioshock:

    “You pew pew things, throw fire and ice at things, hack terminals and flying drone things, hit zombies with a wrench, and they have an atmosphere similar to the Batman Arkham games and steampunk creepy setting and are roughly 8-12 hours long.”

    Man, I really miss back when games were good, back when the PlayStation brand actually had good turn based JRPGs instead of all this pewpew crap made for people of the Lowest Common Denominator (LCD).

    Bunch of sheep.

  • @36

    Are you serious? I HATE shooter games 90% of the time. Bioshock is the only one I’ve ever enjoyed. Not so much for the gameplay itself but because the environment an story is so good and engrossing. Bioshock 2 wasn’t as good mostly because it had a weaker story but the first had a fantastic one and from what I understand this one is too. If it were really just mindless shooting I’d have dropped it and never picked it up again the first time I rented it like I’ve done with pretty much every other shooter I’ve ever played.

  • @36 if you so sorely harken back to that bygone era, stick to those games instead of complaining. You sound like those annoying, petulant, repetitive “back in my day (insert comparison here)” people.

  • Has the season pass come out yet?

  • Finally The Season Pass is out.

  • @38 yazter on March 26th, 2013 at 2:53 pm said:
    “@36 if you so sorely harken back to that bygone era, stick to those games instead of complaining. You sound like those annoying, petulant, repetitive “back in my day (insert comparison here)” people.”

    JRPGs are no longer turn based. There is not a single flippin’ good turn based JRPG on the PS3 like back on PS2 and PS. The only good recent turn based game on home consoles is Lost Odyssey. See, you must have never played a JRPG if you think modern ones are turn based.

    @36 Actually the story in the first Bioshock is very weak. The only good thing about it is the plot twist, which is a very minor part in the story near the end. Also, I have played through both Bioshocks and both are overrated mediocre crap, obviously the first is a bit better.

    Oh and if you want to play a game for immersive atmosphere, Demon’s and Dark Souls have the best atmosphere in any game, ever.

  • I remember something from an E3 2011 conference that ppl who bought BioShock: Infinites for the PS3 get BioShock for free, is that still true?

  • Has anyone noticed this problem in Bioshock Infinite today? For whatever reason the game is creating multiple save files instead of overwriting the previous game save in game it keeps making a new file after every autosave. After I played for a couple hours and went to save my game save to the cloud I found out about this can anyone else confirm this is happening to them. Over then that issue the game itself is pretty good and i am sure the rest of the game will be great like everyone else is saying.

  • I might get this game, but I need to be careful on my data usage. Anyone know how much HDD space is required for this? Answer would be much appreciated.

  • Because of the sweet deal you guys are offering where I can get Bioshock with this purchase, I am coming back to my beloved PS3!

  • For me, Bioshock 1 was an alright game and 2nd not that much (more of the same) but I was anticipating this one and after playing the first hour I must say that it is very promising, so many details I like.

  • I bought this game but now I must play the waiting game until my shift is finished. I already know, without fail, that this will be a great game. I have enjoyed the first Bio and the second. I must say that when I heard about a new BioShock coming, I worried about stagnation. I was hoping Bio would go to a different setting but at the same time, I love the city of Rapture. What I got was more than I could ask for. Thanks Ken for your hardwork, dedication to story and the overall player experience. The emotional attachment to the characters of the BioShock world cannot be denied (I couldn’t dare to kill the Lil Sisters and I’m pretty sure Elizabeth will be character I will fight strongly for as well). I also enjoy the social commentary in Bioshock.

  • Odd amount of negativity here… I, for one, have been extremely excited for this new Bioshock release. The story is thought provoking so far, the art direction is very appealing, the game mechanics are finely tuned, interaction with the world really pulls you in, few loading screens….

    It’s hard to say anything critical about the game as I haven’t completed it yet, but I really like what I’m seeing! This is a stunning new direction for the series and I expect it to be a satisfying experience overall.


  • Bioshock Infinite is the best looking game out to date. The game play is solid, the audio is great, especially when you bash a hostile skull in with the skyhook, it just sounds painful. I’m only a bit over an hour in to it and I can honestly say it is in the top 3 games I’ve played so far. The plasmids are no longer but a similar power is now available,they are called vigors. They are pretty much the same you shoot it from your hands and need to replenish the salts quite often(salts are like eve in the first 2 games). So far I have only 3 vigors they are all really cool. The one I like is the crow swarm,like the name says a huge swarm of crows attack and peel the flesh off your foe’s body. So far it is really living up to the hype. I have to play this game in moderation I don’t want to get through it too quick. Ken Levine deserves a pat on the back for this game and the first 2 Bioshocks, these games are the most original FPS’s I have ever played. Especially when the market is so flooded with the same old shoot ’em up style games. Excellent FPS’S are actually far and few, Bioshock Infinite stand out among the others.

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