GDC Wrap-up: Indie Developers Choose PS4, PS3, PS Vita

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GDC Wrap-up: Indie Developers Choose PS4, PS3, PS Vita

GDC 13

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on PlayStation Blog. To reintroduce myself, I am the vice president of publisher and developer relations for SCEA, which is a fancy way of saying that I’m working day-in and day-out with my team here to get the world’s best and brightest developers to bring their great gaming experiences to all of our PlayStation platforms.

Since my last post, I’ve joined SCEA and expanded the incredible team that focuses on fostering relationships with publishers and developers that share our goal of bringing the best games to you, the PlayStation community. With that said, the publisher and developer relations team has exciting news to deliver tonight.

Spelunky on PSN

Primal Carnage Genesis on PS4Divekick on PSN

During this year’s Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, our team has put a strong focus on independent game developers. This evening, we collaborated with the PlayStation Network team to host a PlayStation Indie Arcade event, where we gave hands-on demos for more than 25 indie games that are coming to all PlayStation platforms. Our goal is to continue to work with the independent developer community to provide fantastic games you can’t find anywhere else.

Here’s a quick list of the upcoming games heading to PlayStation Network:

Where relevant, click through for Blog posts offering additional detail on each title.

As you may have noticed, our team is going full steam ahead by not only providing support for developers on our current platforms, but also for those working on next-gen titles. We’re expanding our indie support for PS4 with games like Primal Carnage: Genesis and Blacklight: Retribution, which will join titles like The Witness to ensure you’ll have great indie game experiences on your next gaming console.

This recent influx in developer support for PlayStation has come through our continued effort to create a flexible and developer friendly environment. We’re also focusing on burgeoning platforms like PlayStation Mobile by offering Unity support, coming later this year, to make it easier than ever for developers to bring their games to PlayStation-certified Android devices and PS Vita.

Over the next couple of days, we will be inviting some of the developers from the titles listed above onto the Blog to give you more information on their upcoming indie games. Stay tuned for more!

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  • Hey wait a min. . .Where’s Lone Survivor ? :( That’s one of the indie games i’m really looking forward to.

    Divekick for Vita? I’m losing my patience.

  • What’s Metrico? I guess a title we’ll be learn more about this week …

    The guys at 505 teased something regarding Teraria and Vita this week. Can we expect some more GDC surprises?

  • It’s good to see more games coming to PS Vita, keep it up.

  • Now that I think about it, it would also be great to see more games Only for PS Vita as well.

  • Adam, your list is long and promising, and can only be good news for us. I’ve been a part of Playstation nation for only a few years but it is obvious to me that Sony has some kind of special focus on indie devs, to the great benefit of gamers like me who crave a diverse and innovative gaming playground.

    You keep bringing it, we’ll keep playing.

  • wow the blog is really gettin lit up tonght. lots of news.

  • This is the right way to do things Sony. I loved my Vita, but you have been giving me nothing but hope for its future while all but ensuring that I will be a day one ps4 owner. Please continue to support these indie devs better than the competition and you will guarantee that your platforms will be the ones remembered for innovation and creativity all while attracting the best new and existing devs in the business

  • This is great news…. I buy and play almost all the indie games, but I don’t have time to sit at my console or pc most of the time. The vita support is what I am most impressed with. I love playing indie games on handhelds.. I dedicate 45mins of my hour lunch at work to playing indie titles… This is great news sony keep it up!!!

  • any chance to get RAIN on Vita???? please SCEI.

  • I have Primal Carnage MP on the pc and its awesome! Can’t wait for it on the ps4! =D

  • I got to play Johann Sebastian Joust at PAX East this past weekend. It was definitely the game of the convention for me ( and a lot of people ). You could tell by the amount of people that were in the room. It was stacked a few people deep out the door too, with folks just trying to look in just to see what the heck was going on!

  • Thanks for the condensed post, though the link to Primal Carnage seems to be directing to the wrong page. Should be re-directing us to

  • I’d trade every single indie game coming to the Vita for Borderlands 2. Heck, I’d trade the whole Vita library for that.

    You know, I didn’t spend $250+ for a dedicated gaming handheld to get games I didn’t want to get for virtually free (thanks to humble bundles and the like) for my PC

    Not to mention, iOS or Android tablets. I could have gotten one of those if I wanted indie games. Would have many of the same, only even cheaper, plus tens of thousands more.

  • Glad to see the indie support, especially for the VITA. While not all indie titles are my cup of tea, I do enjoy some of them as much or even better than traditional releases. I love my Vita, and it has been taking 90% of my playtime while the PS3 has turned into a Hulu streaming machine (LOL).

  • You should try and get To the Moon from Freebird Games on PlayStation. Game is amazing and I’d love to have it on Vita.

    Also, Dust: An Elysian Tail too. It’s coming to Steam, so I hope it can come to PS at some point too. The game is amazing, and I’d much rather play it on PS3/Vita/PS4 than my 360.

  • Disney Infinity. Infinite JV.

  • BASTION!?!?!? Please pass along to the tr dev team that they seriously need to bring it to ps3 and vita.

  • WHOA! Announcement overload! :)

  • limbo vita is swell news. truth is there are so many games that could and should be on the vita. like critter crunch, braid, flower, space invaders infinity, unfinished swan, the last guy, among others. My real wish would be to get the elder scrolls morrowind on vita, with the ability to use the mods.

  • ” I’m working day-in and day-out with my team here to get the world’s best and brightest developers to bring their great gaming experiences to all of our PlayStation platforms.”

    Really? Then where’s the Zack Levi Multiplayer skin for Tomb Raider brah?! My Tomb Raider experience doesn’t feel complete without the ability to play as Chuck in MP!

    But seriously, this is awesome news. It’s nice to see some Vita love on that list. Been wondering where the PSV games have been.

  • While it’s exciting to see all these games coming to the Vita you guys need to implement folders for the system. That way it would be easy to sort out all the apps and games users will accumulate and make less clutter on the home screen.

  • Guacamelee FTW………

  • Wasn’t Worms also announced for the Vita?

  • I’m not a huge fan of Dragon Fantasy Book II’s character designs, but I still think it looks like an incredible endeavor. To see a new indie RPG come out and actually look good is a breath of fresh air. I’ll have to pick up that game when it comes out, especially after how much it reminds me of Chrono Trigger.

  • Go aggressively after them, Sony. Hit the competition where it hurts due to their lack of communication with the indie developers.

  • lots of Indie games!!!

  • Awesome job guys!

    Love the indie love and especially the vita love!

    Keep it up! And please get Transistor on these lists (and bastion)

  • Wow! Indie love and a awesome list in general! Keep it up!

  • Let’s not forget Sanctum 2 and Eufloria Adventures.

  • The Primal Carnage link leads to Blacklight: Retribution :)

  • Hopefully a lot more will be on the way! great to see so many indie games coming :D

  • Transistor and Bastion have to come to PS Vita!

  • Hope you guys have a lot more 10$ off 50$ promotions coming this year, because I can see myself spending quite a bit in the future. ;-)

  • This is great news that PS is opening up to their developers. Win for Sony, win for developers and win for us.

  • oh my goodness, playstation <3

  • Really happy to see this as I think Sony has done a second rate job of attracting indies in the past. You guys should make a hit list of games/devs to get on the system and aggressively pursue them. I’ve asked Sony people like Shane Bettenhausen and Nick Suttner on twitter before about certain games and been told to contact the devs myself! If I were getting paid for it I would.

    Get input from PS gamers what they want on the system, they are a great resource to hunt out gems that may fly under the radar.

    Hoping the PLAY promotion this year highlights good exclusive indies instead of terrible stuff like Expendables 2. There should be a steady measured flow of games coming out per month. Last year I remember there were like 4 or 5 games that came out in the same week in October and I imagine some games’ sales suffered. An indie section on the store front would be great too.

    Look forward to playing lots of indies on my PS3 this year.

  • I. Need. Rain.

  • What happened to the U.S release of Phantasy Star Online for vita?

  • Well things are definitely looking better for the PS Vita! Without the time to sit down to a XBOX 360 or PS3 the PS Vita is truly my mainstay and it’s good to see more support even if it is from Indie Studios although I am more concerned with first party and third party support. I’m definitely going to download Spelunky because it looks quite awesome. I’ll keep an eye out for Metrico also. But that Dragon Fantasy Book II looks awful and so old school that’s the reality of it is pathetic. Why can’t we have Journey on the PS Vita?

    I laid down about $250 for what the NEXT GENERATION PORTABLE that Sony boasted would bring HOME CONSOLE QUALITY GAMING to the palms of our hands. We should see more games like Persona4Golden, Mind 0, Soul Sacrifice and Assassin’s Creed on the PS Vita and not lame duck Android phone and iPhone style games on the PS Vita what is supposed to be the NEXT GENERATION PORTABLE which is getting it’s brick kicked by the Nintendo 3DS with awesome open world 3D games like Monster Hunter and Luigi’s Mansion.

  • Funny you should mention PS Mobile.

    – PSMobile is not featured on the blog
    – PSMobile is not on the web store on SEN’s website
    – PSMobile’s main page on its site on us playstation has not been updated since launch
    – PSMobile is fragmented and if you scroll under games on us playstation site, you cannot reach it
    – PSMobile still doesn’t have trophies, psn leaderboards, or psn integration
    – PSMobile games are still too expensive compared to iOS and android
    – PSMobile framework is broken and does not allow developers to create good 3D games
    – PSMobile is missing golden opportunities by having day and date games like Ridiculous Fishing.
    – PSMobile has a total of one (1) non game app. Sony needs to push that, or better yet, release its own “app” store and let people go crazy developing apps for it.

    Other than that, it’s all good!

    I must say PSV still needs other indies such as Super Meat Boy, Angry Birds, Minecraft, Bastion, Braid, etc. Get on it. Also more point and click adventures like The Walking Dead ( thankfully that’s coming over ), but more such as Monkey Island 1 and 2 remake, Tales of Monkey Island, Back to the Future, Sam and Max, etc

  • Thank you #39, id like to see more titles in my vita, i love it, but have a handful of games, some of those are oldies, maybe include them in the PS+ IGC? could make more people to dust it off aswel :)

  • Thanks Mr. Boyes. There are quite a few games on that list I can’t wait to experience.

  • Folders editing system for vitas is totally needed. #21. Actually I recall a blog editor comment saying that folders were on their way to the console back when they first announced the vita friends app with spin cat toro!

  • Just wanted to come and in say you are doing one hell of a job Adam. Keep it up!!

  • Blacklight: Retribution is defiantly something i will play it looks good. Cant wait.

  • Too. Much. Awesome. For. One. Post. lol

  • Here’s the thing… This is all awesome
    BUT Sony where are the Big budget games? How is it possible that for an entire year we are only going to get Killzone mercenaries, Tearaway, Soul sacrifice and Phantasy star Online? Jesus Christ sony….. Even if thats what we get….. ANNOUNCE OTHER TITLES! Have u seen Gamestop pre order list? With a list like that NOBODY its gonna buy the system bc theres no expectation!!! Everything going for it its multiplatform and ports…. even a representative of sony (cant remember who exactly) said that they dont want to have ports and that they need experiences for the vita that cant get anywhere else….. so…. whats ur answer about this sony? where are ur popular games announces for the system? MONSTER HUNTER? KH? Final Fantasy? Damn even a port of FFtype0 at this moment would be awesome for the vita…. jesus…

  • Correction needed:
    Change “Beatdown in Treachery City – PlayStation Mobile”
    To “Treachery in Beatdown City – PlayStation Mobile”

    Shawn Allen would likely appreciate that.

  • 800 dollars for the ps4 that way to much it should be dropped to atleast 450

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