Exclusive Bioshock Infinite Audio Mode for Pulse – Elite Edition Headset

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Exclusive Bioshock Infinite Audio Mode for Pulse – Elite Edition Headset

Bioshock Infinite Pulse Elite Wireless Headset Profile

Tomorrow marks a big day for world-acclaimed studio Irrational Games with the release of Bioshock Infinite, so it’s only suitable that we mark the occasion with something special. For the first time, we are partnering with a game developer to deliver a specially crafted audio experience exclusive to PlayStation. Tonight at midnight, we are launching a new audio mode for the PULSE-Elite Edition Headset designed especially for BioShock Infinite. Better still, it will be free.

Why a custom audio mode? Irrational Games wanted to elevate the dark world of BioShock Infinite to a new level by providing a richer gameplay experience. We worked with them to take advantage of our new BassImpact technology embedded in the Pulse-Elite headset to create a sound profile that enables players to feel gunshots and explosions in a much more dynamic and powerful way.

Bioshock Infinite Pulse Elite Wireless Headset Profile

Engineers on both teams worked together to tie the pulses from BassImpact to key audio elements in the game, creating a more immersive experience as you fight your way through Columbia as Booker DeWitt. We examined characteristics of sounds such as frequency and amplitude as well as gameplay data like attack times, then tailored the strength of the BassImpact actuator responses to complement those in-game sounds. This means that the pulse you feel from a gunshot will be different than the pulses you feel from an explosion. Irrational’s audio director Patrick Balthrop was overheard remarking that the game sounds “excellent” on the Pulse-Elite. You can download the BioShock Infinite audio mode at no cost from the free Pulse-Elite Manager App which launched in December. You can find both on PlayStation Store.

For those of you who don’t have the Pulse-Elite Edition headset yet, we have something for you as well. From March 26th (midnight Pacific Time tonight) to April 9th, 2013, when you buy Bioshock Infinite you’ll get $20 off the purchase of the Pulse-Elite headset at participating retailers*.

Stay tuned for more news about game-specific audio profiles from your favorite franchises. Now get out there and find Elizabeth!

*Participating Retailers: GameStop, Amazon.com, Walmart.com, Hastings, Transworld, Nebraska Furniture Mart

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3 Author Replies

  • Great! I hope it becomes a standard for the best games.

  • Can someone from Sony please answer why audio presets would have legal issues in Canada?

    Having been a long time supporter of your products, I was very disappointed to find out after 3 months this is still not available in Canada. I’m starting to regret even making this purchase.

  • @ Todd or Richard

    So I preordered the Seasons Pass Bundle through PSN. So does this mean that does not count and is excluded? I have the original Pulse Headset, still works amazingly since I bought it at launch in July 2011. But I wanted to upgrade to Elite, so you mean by giving Sony my Money directly I am excluded from this deal? And if I am eligible, how do I get it?

    Please reply.

  • Please make a Last of us mode!

  • Just spoke with Sony Support and they said that the $20 off voucher is not going to be honored for purchases direct from Sony. Somebody needs to correct this blog post so nobody else makes the mistake I did of clicking the link in the blog post to make my purchase.

  • I pre-orded the songbird edition from amazon ages ago, and it just shipped. Do I receive a promotional code or something for the discount, because I haven’t? I haven’t seen an email, and I tried to add the standard game through the checkout process with the headset and still no discount.

  • Both Edmond Oklahoma Game Stops have no information on the $20 off the Pluse headset, just the guide. One is sending an email to their DM.

  • If u live in Canada I would just make a us account and download the app from the store until Sony gives u a answer. I know it sucks not knowing but that’s what I would do in the meantime.

  • I just tried this Bioshock setting on Infinite.
    It is amazing, i got so into it i lost track of time . Amazing job guys (hooray engineers)

  • How do you get this offer if you have pre-ordered the game? Is it possible or do you need to buy them together?

  • where can i find it?its not on us and europe store

  • Just ordered a set a few minutes ago and have Bioshock Infinite downloading on PSN at 41%,
    Can’t wait. >:D

  • Been using it and it works great. The Pulses are much better since they’re tuned specifically for the game. Are you guys doing the same for The Last of Us (since hearing is so important in the game, it would make sense)?

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