Holy Guns! Nun Attack Coming to PS Vita Tomorrow

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Holy Guns! Nun Attack Coming to PS Vita Tomorrow
Holy Guns! Nun Attack Coming to PS Vita Tomorrow

We’re proud to be bringing the beloved gun-wielding nuns from our hit mobile game Nun Attack to PlayStation Vita. Eons have passed since the power-thirsty Fallen Nun took over the mortal world, spawning evil across the land. In a world where evil is taking over and prayers are no longer answered, there is only one type of divine intervention left, and it’s armed to the teeth!

Nun Attack on PS Vita

In this epic tactical action game, intuitive touch-screen controls direct your holy squad through fast-paced combat while they unleash a fury of biblical proportions. Lead Eva the leader, Rosy the slayer, Olga the tank and Mandy the healer to defeat the Fallen Nun and restore balance to the world.

Nun Attack for PS Vita is not a simple port; we’ve adapted the game to provide a great experience on the handheld. We’ve upgraded the graphics a notch, and entirely redesigned the difficulty of the levels since we’ve removed all of the micro-transaction mechanics.

Nun Attack on PS Vita

Nun Attack on PS VitaNun Attack on PS Vita

Nun Attack PS Vita features:

  • Challenging tactical action and reflexive gameplay
  • Rebalanced leveling and weaponry for PS Vita play
  • Improved graphics for PS Vita
  • 40 missions to conquer in multiple stunning environments
  • Four nuns, each with a unique personality and special power
  • A full shop with over 80 guns to equip with various effects (stun, slow, DOT, AoE, Knockback, Fear, Charm)
  • Seven miracles to cast

The game will be available tomorrow on PSN for $2.99. Connect with the nuns on Facebook for more updates.

If you have any questions or comments about the game, share them with us in the comment section — I’ll stick around to chat with you guys!

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8 Author Replies

  • The real question is will it have trophies? I’m still down to buy this awesome game though.

  • is this a Vita game or PSM?

  • I saw this on my Galaxy S3 and I didn’t pick it up, but I’ll get it on Vita. Gotta support people making Vita games and I love the lack of micro-transactions.

  • Wow. I may just start using my Vita as a frigging doorstop. Where are the console quality games? Where are the console quality games? Where are the console quality games????? Enough with these penny arcade crap mobile games! Why isn’t there a class action suit against Sony at this point? This Vita debacle is worse than the PS Move failure. So pissed over these little iOS quality games flooding the market. If you disagree with my statement you’re blind. I am aware MLB The Show just came out but not everyone is a fan of sports. I want my console quality FPS, Fighting, adventure and RPG’s AS PROMISED.

  • MatriXiXiX, I think it’s pretty messed up that you are trying to discourage a smaller developer from putting their games on Vita. They aren’t Sony. You shouldn’t be complaining to them. It’s great that these guys are putting this on Vita. Who cares if its a mobile game? This is another game for the Vita.

    My goodness, I want more console quality games on the Vita too, but this blog post isn’t the place to rant about it.

  • @#5: Everyone has their own preferences on (portable) gaming. You might just had insulted some more casual gamers who craves for these kind of games.

  • I may have to pick this up. Anything that has the chance to tick off the religious right is OK in my book.

    @ #5-Would you not consider Persona 4 Golden, Mortal Kombat, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom and this weeks release of DoA 5 Plus qualifyig in two of those categories. Also, Soul Sacrifice and (a little later) Killzone: Mercenary are on their way.

  • If you disagree with me about something it is because you are wrong and certainly not me or that it is a subjective topic nooooo

  • Oh, and Sly Cooper too.

  • @5

    FPS: Killzone Mercenary

    Fighting: DoA5+

    Adventure: Tearaway

    RPG: Soul Sacrifice

    Not that hard to check the Blog once every week.

    Nun Attack looks promising for it’s price. Can’t wait to start purchasing tomorrow.

  • I was about to ask if this is gonna have a demo but for $2.99, I don’t need one!

    Also, regarding what matriXiXiX said, lately I’ve been thinking that console games should be for consoles and handheld games should be for handhelds with some exceptions. I really hope the Vita gets its own Sonic collection ’cause I really want to play some Sonic 3 on the go but simple games like basketball games and fighting games need to start being made for both. I wanna play WWE ’13 on the go. And arcade games like NFL Blitz needs to be on the Vita.

  • T’would appear that #5 laid the smack down, and now will not address those of us that have countered with concrete evidence that debunks his/her claims. The most laughable thing is speaking of a class-action suit. Yeah, more litigation is what is needed here.

  • #12-WWE on the go would be great!

  • Laurent-TY for the response. This means one thing…INEXPENSIVE TROPHIES!!!!

  • This looks really interesting and funny! Glad to see smaller games getting onto Vita, and I will probably be checking this one out!

  • Looks entertaining and I’ve got $2.99 to burn. Sold.

  • i agree with #12…PS VITA was meant to have PS3 GAMES ON THE GO!..not that we dont appreciate these PSN games as well..but a WWE or a BLITZ..or even a NBA JAM..or even a SAINTS ROW or GTA games will make PS VITAs disappear from store shelves..

  • Also..NUNS..REALLY??..why not NINJAS or MERCENARY’S..or better yet.. PRIESTS!..lol – I guess it would seem like a Boondock Saints rip off… huh?…Also is there MULTIPLAYER? ON and OFF LINE?

  • Looks cool. I will download this alongside Carnage Heart EXA (the first Carnage Heart to hit NA since the original hit the PS1) and the DOA5 demo.

    I’ve been gaming for 38 years and I love my big budget games (recently finished GoW: Ascension and Ni No Kuni) but I think indie games (nods towards Sound Shapes, Mutant Blobs Attack and Surge) and the sort of user created content one sees in games like LBP are tremendously fun.

    A game starring a squad of nuns who kick butt sounds like the perfect way for me to decompress between programming sessions in Carnage Heart.

  • I would also like to know if this title support PlayStation Network trophies?

  • Nice…looks interesting, A must buy at $2.99 price point.
    @ 18, you really cant say that everyone wants big budget games on the Vita. Small games like this are a welcomed sight. I had great fun with games like A space Shooter for $2 and Alien Zombie Death & Pac Man CE…It would be nice if sony does add ps2 games to the Vita, that would be awesome. But games like these that are bite sized can also be enjoyed as long as its fun, you can count me in. I will be picking this up come tomorrow. And who has never thought of shooting Nuns ??!! ( AWESOME)

  • Yes ModernNomNom, Nun Attack on Vita supports PlayStation Network trophies! : )


  • looks fun for $2.99! will check it out :P

  • Doesn’t look too bad, definitely a great price for a non-PSM game. I think I’ll check it out!

  • Well, why not!

  • I saw this on Android and was really interested in it, but microtransactions and virtual controls were the reason I decided to pass. Now that you have solved both of those problems for only $2.99 I’m totally in!

  • So this game uses buttons and not touch screen right I just tried rhe game on my tablet and wow touch screen games are horrible I dont know how casuals can have fun without physical buttons

    • Unfortunately megacarlos, we kept the touch-controls while we adapted the game. They should work properly though.

  • Are there trophies? And is there a platinum?

  • Do you know the download size?

  • 1 question:

    Is there a platinum?
    Im considering biting on this but having a platinum would push me over the edge

  • The concept is bad ass! I would not have decided to get this if it were cliche’d ninjas. Nuns with Guns?! Hell yeah.

  • Nun Attack will include trophies, but no Platinum though, sorry guys : /

  • @5, you said it bro. I remember saying back when Sony started this whole PlayStation Mobile thing, I didn’t like what it was going to do to the Vita. The Vita is capable of so much more than these mindless, simplistic little games. While I admit, Nun Attack sounds like a fun game, I’m not going to buy it, even for $2.99. If I’m going to spend hours playing a game on my Vita, I’d rather spend that time playing games like Gravity Rush or AC: Liberation, no offense to the developer. This is just my personal preference.

  • Looks hella fun and at that price it’s hard to resist… I doubt this but I have to ask, will it have trophies?

  • hmmm where has i played this game before. o yea its just like a game i had on my windows phone. your a nun with guns killing the undead in a side scroller.

  • 2.99 wow thats a nice price :) …i’d get it if i had the psn money :(

  • Please Sony …. LISTEN TO #24 !!!! GIVE US WHAT WE ALL NEED AND WANT!!!

  • #5 Ys Memories of Celceta comes out Sept. 24th :) take it easy bro :)

  • Just food for thought. It takes games to get people interested in a platform. While this specific game might not be your forte, however it is for somebody else. This game and hundreds more are going to be used to make a platform, this platform needs more games to make it strong. I welcome variety to the platform, it takes all kinds to make for a happy Vita owner.

    Whether or not the Vita needs more ports is a discussion for the forums, the request for more console games should be asked for on a different blog post such as the PS+ later today, or store update.

  • Why no answer about trophy support?

  • Will there be a demo? Can’t really tell what the gameplay is like from the trailer.

    Also, #5 is a moron; don’t listen to him.

    • There will be no demo however, you can probably find more gameplay on youtube reviews from the mobile game. The gameplay itself is identical.

  • @42… The trophy question has been answered multiple times… see #34.

  • Looks awesome. For $3, I can’t resist.

  • @44 Missed that reply, thanks for pointing it out.

  • this game is free on my phone.

  • Having gone to Catholic grade school, nuns with guns was my biggest fear. And I can so picture some of them that way .

    Good luck with this. The Vita needs a wide variety of gaming experiences and I’m grateful for every new offering.

    As for the unrealistic bellyachers, for whom nothing will ever be enough, console games are for consoles. The ones that are attached to giant Bravia HDTVs so you can see every tiny detail. Do I wish for Skyrim on my Vitas? Sure, but that game is problematic enough on the PS3 so it would be impossible on Vita, without a serious overhaul. But the vast beautiful expanse of Skyrim can’t be crunched down, even to the Vita’s beautiful screen.

    Epic Mickey 2, a very recent console game, is coming to Vita. But of course that will not be good enough either for the professional bellyachers.

  • I don’t get the hate for #5. He’s so right. The Vita has been out for a year now, and there is not one game out for it that anyone could consider a system seller. I want GTA: San Andreas Stories, Persona 5 and Monster Hunter 3.

  • Will get this soon as the store updates tomorrow.

    $2.99 – Great Price
    Removed Micro-transactions – Good Move
    Trophies – Great
    Canadian – Bonus

    I’m also looking forward to Zombie Tycoon 2 from you guys in April, keep up the good work!

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