Acclaimed Indie Adventure Machinarium Coming to PS Vita March 26th

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Acclaimed Indie Adventure Machinarium Coming to PS Vita March 26th

Machinarium on PS Vita

We’re thrilled to be bringing our acclaimed adventure title Machinarium to PS Vita. When the PS3 version was released, we called it the best version of the game. In it, we added lots of new features — like the ability to zoom in to get a closer look at the scene, magnetic hotspots, Trophies and more.

The Vita version makes no compromises. In fact, it’s even better! It includes all the enhancements from the PS3 version, but we’ve added some new features to complement PS Vita’s capabilities. You can now control the game not only with the system’s analog sticks and buttons, but also directly with your fingers on the touch screen and rear touch panel. We’ve improved the zoom feature too, so it’s more convenient to play the game in a portable capacity.

Machinarium on PS Vita

Machinarium on PS VitaMachinarium on PS Vita

The graphics, music and sounds are presented at full quality, and everything runs smoothly and looks as beautiful as ever on Vita’s gorgeous 5″ OLED display. For the best audio experience, put on some nice headphones so you can fully enjoy the award-winning soundtrack by Floex.

We’ve also integrated PSN leaderboards: see how quickly you can finish the game, and how your time stacks up against the rest of the world (compete for the best scores in Machinarium’s minigames, as well).

All in all, we are very happy with the PS Vita version of Machinarium. It will be available on Tuesday, March 26th for $6.99; check out the Amanita blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest. Let us know what you think!

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8 Author Replies

  • am i the only one who simply just dont care about these weak games? not that theyre weak im sure its a good game for the type of game it is but im sick and tired of these ports and low budget games, I WANT RETAIL GAMES IS IT TOO HARD TO DO????????????????? THESE GAMES ARENT SYSTEM SELLERS WHY BOTHER?

  • I own this game on Ipad2 and ps3. It’s a great game, but i’m not buying it again, unless it’s on sale. This should be CROSS BUY!

  • Dang, I wish this was going to be a crossbuy. I’m not going to buy it a second time. Shame too, I felt it was more suited to the vita. I imagine menu shortcuts with buttons would be nice and touch screen instead of dualshocking would be a nice touch.

  • @51: I have a Vita, why would I need system sellers all the time? There were already enough announced at launch that got me to get my Vita on the day it came out.

    Don’t like the games? Don’t buy them. Simple. You not liking something, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on Vita for those who would like it.

  • @51

    not out of disrespect but… NO DUH! game designing isn’t simple. It requires MATH, ART, PROGRAMMING, TIME, and IMAGINATION!!!!

  • finally :D

  • Wow there are quite a few cool looking indie games coming to PS Vita… I already own this game on PC but I wouldn’t mind playing it on the OLED screen :)

  • How big will the game be? I love indie games because they don’t eat up all of my 32 GBs of space

  • I got this game for $2.50 on Steam and again for $0.01 from a Humble Indie Bundle. I hope this game isn’t any higher than $3 on the Vita. It’s a good game and would essentially be a steal at that low of that price.

  • beautiful, keep on bringing the good indie stuff to vita!
    great news!

  • ahhhh yeah such a wonderful game on psv!

  • Great addition to the Vita library! But I already own this on Android (from the Humble Bundle). Please continue adding and supporting indie game devs. Love the off-beat games.

  • Why do people complain SO much about the mem card size. Why do you need to keep all your DIGITAL games at the same time? Do you just sit there and play like 10 different games every days for 10 minutes each. Every single digital game you own, you own for the life of the Sony Corp. You can delete and download it again when ever you want to play it. My 16gb card is full. I even have a couple games that I have bought and never played because they can’t fit. So what! I play a game. delete. install a new one. I play a few games a time at the most! I just don’t get it. The whole mentality of keeping all your games is left over form the phycial game generation. Get with it. Why buy digital copies of games if you are just going to keep them and load up on memory cards. Basically all you done is trade 30 cart based games and trade them in for 3 or 4 “carts.” Many of you are totally missing the convience and point of digital downloads.

  • oh yeah. I had this game on iPad and loved it. I will probably pick it up again. This game dev has another game out too. Anyword on that game coming to vita?


    stop whining! have you played this game? Honsetly I am perfectly happy with many of the smaller and CHEAPER vita titles. Sound shapes, Plants Vs Zombies, Sine Mora, etc, etc. Many with full trophy lists too! To be honest game like Ninja Giaden Sigma and Uncharted are some of my least favorite Vita games. I like them, but have not enjoyed them nearly as much as these so called “non-system sellers” as you would put it.
    I have an idea. SELL you SYSTEM to someone who might enjoy it!

  • i´m sad and happy at the same time, machinarium is a good game, i have it on steam, is great that sony and indie developers import really great games to the PSV, my only concern is, when are we gonna see the real games for PSV? don´t take me wrong, i love mi PSV, but i feel like there is not enough games in development right now and i don´t like were the PSV is going now

  • Loving this. Really hoping more indie games come to the Vita.

    @51 Stop being a cry baby. Not everyone wants a crapload of ‘system sellers.’ I enjoy having indie games more than I do the big name franchises.

    Also, this is completely random and I’m not sure where this should go, but I don’t like the dark blue links on the blogs for me to log in… Really hard to read. Not a huge problem, though.
    Anyways, keep up the good work guys, really anxious to see what else is coming to the Vita.

  • Already had it on my PS3, love it enough to get it again =].

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