Scott Pilgrim vs. The World DLC: Online Multiplayer & Wallace Wells

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World DLC: Online Multiplayer & Wallace Wells

When we created a game called Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, we meant it. “But,” you might have asked, “what about playing against other Scott Pilgrim fans from around the world?”

Sure, our side-scrolling beat-em-up based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s award-winning graphic novels let’s you play as everyone’s favorite lovable loser: the titular Mr. Pilgrim. And yes, you could team up with your pals for some couch co-op, playing as one of Scott’s kooky cohorts in this charmingly 8-bit retro-gaming world (all while rocking to the chiptune sounds of ANAMANAGUCHI). But what about online multiplayer?

With the latest downloadable content, your question has been answered. Out now tomorrow on PlayStation Network for $4.99, this new DLC not only adds Wallace Wells to the roster, but also brings online multiplayer to the game. No more crowding on the couch (unless, of course, you want to… but that’s your business). Instead, you can summon your pals from around the world to take on Ramona Flowers’ evil exes – and earn four new Trophies while you’re at it!

PlayStation Plus members get 20% off for two weeks (March 12th, 2013 to March 26th, 2013) on the multiplayer DLC, and the updated Ultimate Edition.

Check it out, and let us know how Wallace stacks up!

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  • This is way overdue. Online multiplayer would have made the game amazing when it released over two years ago.

    This is still one of my favorite games, and Wallace is one of my favorite characters, so I’m happy to see this release. I still play it on a regular basis with friends; now I’ll be able to play with online friends, too!

    Also, has anyone considered making a Vita port? I would so buy a Vita version of this game.

  • +1 for Vita version

  • So I can just go on my PS3 (or the Web store) right now and download this? Or by “available now” you mean “available tomorrow night at 8PM EST”?

  • is it out now? i cant seem to find it on the store.

    • Justin Massongill

      That would be a typo — just updated the post. It’ll be available with tomorrow’s Store update. Sorry for the mix-up!

  • Finally!
    Although it’s kind of sad that the online component has to be bought, at least you guys kept your promise, I thought it had been abandoned.

  • Yeah! bring it to Vita!

  • YES! FINALLY! I’ve been waiting all 3 months for thiswait…….5 bucks huh? …..fine take my money (<_[$]

  • I agree Vita version all the way!!

  • The patch is already on the game. You can play online. You can only play world one, however.

    So, they virtually patched all of the DLC in, and expect people to pay $5.00 for…an online pass?
    An online pass? for a Downloadable title?

    Now, I love SPvTW. Huge fan. Game’s stellar. But I don’t get why this was added two years later? Play-testing an infrastructure takes at least 6 months, at best. This just leads to a lot of what ifs. What if the online isn’t good? What if we’re paying for a game that will never get fixed again if it has these myriads of problems.

    There’s too many unknowns, and due to the fact that Wallace’s sprite effects was directly ripped from Amy Rose’s Sonic Battle sprite, it doesn’t really do Ubi Shanghai’s ‘quality’ any justice.

    I’m just glad there’s a discount for PS+! I suppose.

  • ghost recon future soldier microsoft xp patch?

  • I agree Vita version plz!, and wallace wells for the win!

  • i dont get why ppl get so excited or Demand online play for PSN Games. i have over 100+ psn games and most of the ones that have online play, 90 % of them are EMPTY. finding a game is a very thin chance. yes some psn games actualy have a decent community… Crash Commando, fat princess and a few others. as for most of them. nopeee barely anyone on.

  • finally!! definitely gonna get this!

  • +1 for vita..

  • +1 for Vita :D

  • +1 for Vita please

  • wooooow, wait.. you’re CHARGING for the online multiplayer (which you should’ve done on day 1)?
    As much as I love this game, I wont buy this DLC as a protest.
    And am I really the only one that don’t think its fair?

  • +1 for Vita please ^^

  • 5 Dollars for a Stephen Stills reskin and Online that will be dead by next month? Oh Ubisoft, you are so Ubisoft.

  • @12 PainOfSarrow – having online play is great for people who /would/ do “couch co-op”, but can’t. For instance, I have a military buddy who bought SPVTW:TG long before I did, but he can only get back here for a week at a time. So, with this, we could have more flexibility in any beat-up plans.

    Unfortunately, unless said friend insists, I’ll be holding out ’til this game and its add-ons are on sale again. Not enough demand on my end to drop four bucks on fighting with strangers as a reskin.

  • Maaaybe “reskin” is too discrediting, but I still have all those other characters to level.

  • Even though this multiplayer feature wasn’t in the release for the game. It’s still a excellent game, this just enhances what was there touche!!!!!

  • The game came out two years ago. It costed $10.

    Now you’re asking now, for $5, for online functionality and a single character. That doesn’t really add up to a good value for me at all since online functionality tends to be a selling point for a game, not something you pay for after the fact.

    Should have just made that free, make Wallace DLC as Knives before him already was, and then have a sale on the core game to spur some new interest.

  • You know I never did like all that grinding that’s apparently required in this game and in Double Dragon Neon…

  • What about the loyal fans of the game? They bought the game years ago just to make it appear “free” on PS+ and later making them pay for the online functionality.

    Sorry, i don’t want another game that it’s online function can die soon. I loved the PS+ addition to PAYDAY, because the online was dead, but this? This is too much, i think.

    Make the online function to everyone and add more DLC characters and another short campaign, stuff like that. Things like the short comics of Scott Pilgrim had some ideas for that.

  • It’s about damn time. lol I wish online play had been included on release but hell, later’s better than never.

    It would’ve been awesome had we gotten a harder difficulty also, as the game isn’t all that hard if you increase your stats. Otherwise, it would just be a button masher. Improved AI or more waves of enemies would’ve been great.

  • This is awesome news! No complaints!!!!!!!!!!! Dont care that its not free. There is no reason for it to be free… People these days. Anywho iam excited :)

  • Did they fix the unlock and call all strikers trophy? i know this is not the place to complain, but it would be nice if they did ._. , on another note, It’s awesome they’re adding wallace to the roster and online :D

  • Any plans for a ps vita version or at least a patch to add remote-play or cross-controller?

  • You know, I am alittle mad that it took THIS long for it too get online, but I am so HYPE for this!
    Ubisoft,you’re so lucky I love this game.

    While some other youtubers say they won’t buy this out of protest, I ask, out of protest too what? Be glad they went back too it and gave it the multiplayer. No one was asking for this anymore. I haven’t seen a single comment in years about that. They do it and now your angry at them?

  • After 2 yrs, im shocked its not free. fine ubisoft, ill pay but dont pull this again……………………..

  • I think it’s great that you guys came back and continued to support the game. We’d really wanted this for a while.

  • Cool, thanks for releasing it (finally)

  • We need a PS Vita version. It’s going to be weird getting new content for this game that has been out for two years, but better late than never! I know Wallace made cameos, so i wonder how this will work. Awesome character in the comic books and in the movie as well. Now I can play with my old roommate who I parted ways with :)

  • They should launch a PSVIta version of THis game….

  • This is a hilarious price for what should be a free update. Even the $2 this initially was going to cost was kind of a kick in the teeth for fans.

    I honestly hope Ubisoft are the next to get taken down a peg, like EA this gen. Assassin’s Creed is the most shallow, uninteresting, uninspired franchise i’ve ever played. I hope they ride it til the wheels fall off and are left with no IP worth a damn.

  • Agree, Vita version

  • Dear Ubisoft,
    Thanks for supporting this great old PSN game. I always appreciate that. I wish more companies would follow suit. One thing I would truly appreciate is companies adding the required patch that makes their old PSN games remote playable on the Vita. I would gladly pay 5 dollars for you to make Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes remote playable.

  • Or Scott Pilgrim for that matter.

  • I wish ubisoft would print a disc version of this. and a vita version. I would buy both.

  • This is… WAY… WAYYYYY.. WAYYYYYYYY too late. It’s not even adding new levels so I don’t even want to bother redownloading the game.

    FYI game companies, if you’re going to add in dlc.. don’t wait 2 years to do it, especially for a psn title.

  • Speaking with my wallet on this one and opting out.

    Loved this game when it came out. Stayed loyal for a long time hoping for that MP DLC. The amount of times it resurfaced then got set back is an absolute joke. Now it’s finally resurfacing and at $5 no less. $10 game. Over two years later, we have the content that should have been in from day one plus one character…for 50% of the original price? Care to comment on what happened to the rumored $2 asking price?

    I cannot take this game or this DLC seriously. I can’t take the studio that made it seriously.
    As much as I want to play online with my friends over on my 360, I will be showing my discontent for this kind of crap by not buying it. Anyone else who is legitimately disappointed in about this will do the same. Anyone who buys it is just willingly letting Ubi walk all over them.

  • I’m not the type to give a developer slack over this, but as others have pointed out, wasn’t the DLC originally supposed to cost $2? Surely the stolen Sonic Battle tornado sprite Ubi had to replace didn’t cost us an extra $3, did it? :P

  • 1.They didn’t even bother to make a new trailer
    2. Its been 2 damn years since this game came out, who in the world would still be playing this, for nostalgia? There’s a couple of new games that offer much more then this in my opinion
    3. Were you guys that lazy to not get Paul Robertson or Persona to help out and actually MAKE a new character instead of just making Wallace’s head on Steven’s body?
    Sorry but Scott Pilgrim is dead to me, no one i know of mentions it unless your from tumblr but even so, it wasn’t even that great of a comic,movie, or game, oh well

  • @29.
    Don’t know anything about a glitch with this trophy, but I got it on Jan 30th.
    Did you unlock Mr. Chau and used him until he sent Mrs. Chau?

  • Finally, a game with a playable character that’s gay and proud. (*stares at Persona 4’s ridiculous cop-out*) I hope Ubisoft leads the way with more playable GLBT characters/stories in future games.

    My husband and I love this game for couch co-op and the online means now we can bring in our friends and family. Awesome!!! Even more awesome would be Vita support with cross-save.

    Longer-term supported games with patches, content, etc is what makes draws me to certain franchises and publishers. Even though this patch was long in coming, it’s a great reason to revisit the title (and probably provide a boost to the long tail of sales). The same held true for 3D Dot Game Heroes, Trine, Lemmings, and other long-awaited patches for PS3 games delivered more than a year after their original release.

    Hopefully Ubisoft continues this trend with AC3: Liberation, Voodoo Dice, Prince of Persia, and other of my favorite games published by them.

  • It may have taken Duke Nukem Forever time for a small component that should have been in the game since day 1, but I’m still glad Ubisoft went back and added this.

    5 dollars may be a lot for online but it’s still a great game so I don’t mind it. Requesting Vita version as well, because that would be kick ass.

  • THERE MUST BE A VITA VERSION!!! My sister and I loved this game when it first came out, so if there is a vita version, online must work like PS All-Stars where ps3 and vita people can play together! RELEASE A VITA VERSION!!! PLEASSSSE!!!!

  • I’d buy this again for the Vita.

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