Willem Dafoe, Ellen Page Star in BEYOND: Two Souls October 8th

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Willem Dafoe, Ellen Page Star in BEYOND: Two Souls October 8th

Last year at E3 we announced the much anticipated title from Heavy Rain creators Quantic Dream and the mind of visionary director David Cage. BEYOND: Two Souls is a psychological action thriller starring Oscar nominee Ellen Page (Inception, Juno) in the lead role of Jodie Holmes and featuring Quantic Dream’s unique brand of gameplay.

BEYOND tells the story of Jodie, a young woman who’s known since birth that she is different from everyone else. She possesses supernatural powers through her psychic link to an invisible entity she calls Aiden, and this gift has changed her life forever. Playing through 15 years of Jodie’s life promises to deliver one of the most thrilling and powerfully emotional experiences on PS3.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Ellen will be joined by another Oscar nominee in Willem Dafoe (Platoon, Spider-Man) who will star as Nathan Dawkins, a government scientist who works with Jodie to analyse her powers. At a later stage we’ll have lots more to reveal on the interplay between Nathan and Jodie in the game (no spoilers today!), but suffice to say they form a compelling bond and together deliver some of the most unique and powerful scenes yet seen in gaming.

Beyond: Two Souls for PS3 - Willem Dafoe
Beyond: Two Souls for PS3 - Willem Dafoe

Beyond: Two Souls for PS3 - Willem DafoeBeyond: Two Souls for PS3 - Willem Dafoe

We’ve got a gameplay trailer for you today showcasing an early scene from the game in which Nathan first meets a young Jodie (played by a child actress, not Ellen), and including some sneak peeks at other scenes from the game. Check it out at the top of the post, or right here.

And we’ve got an interview with Willem talking about his role in the game:

Willem’s exciting inclusion in the cast is just the tip of the iceberg for our announcements today though, as we are also pleased to announce that BEYOND will be coming to PS3 on October 8th, 2013.

Additionally, everyone who pre-orders BEYOND at GameStop (or EB games for our Canadian friends) will receive an exclusive 30-minute playable additional scene DLC. We’ll be announcing more details on what that scene entails in the coming months.

And while supplies last, everyone who pre-orders *at GameStop will also receive a free upgrade to the Special Edition of BEYOND, which includes:

  • Exclusive Steelbook Premium Packaging
  • Extensive Behind The Scenes Video Features
  • Soundtrack
  • PS3 Dynamic Theme
  • PSN Avatar Bundle

Beyond: Two Souls for PS3 Steelbook

*Steelbook art not final

Hopefully you’re as excited about BEYOND as we are, and remember to run out and pre-order early. We’ll have much, much more content coming down the line in the coming months, so stay tuned! Any questions, just add them below.

Beyond: Two Souls for PS3

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  • There is no point in pre-ordering games without knowing the quality of game-play. Unless its something big like Gta5, or you know you have something incredible on your hands. Like maybe an engine that can calculate accurate weight ratios and environmental reaction. (HINT PS4)

  • Just looking at the game so far, it looks a lot more realistic than Heavy Rain. Something I constantly found myself doing in Heavy Rain, was going back to fight scenes since they were the most exciting. After seeing what’s already in Beyond and hearing about a 2000 page script, I can’t wait to see how much longer it is than Heavy Rain (which was approximately 8 hours) and all of the extra long action sequences!

  • Yeah that special edition is a must have for me. Ever since Heavy Rain became my first platinum trophy I knew I would buy whatever was next from Quantic Dream. Guess i’ll be preordering when I finally go pick up Crysis 3 next week.

  • Loved Heavy Rain and can’t wait for this. My only question about the Steelbook case, though…is it the same size as a standard PS3 box or is DVD sized? I hate when companies do that (DVD sized) with their special editions, because it would look weird in my collection. I’ve actually passed on a couple titles because of that.

  • ✾◕‿◕✾
    OMG I just got a PSN gift card for free from this site freepsnforever{dot}com :D

  • well i hope this game will also have a move part to it just like heavy rain :) if u add the playstation move i will for sure get this if not then i think ill pass

  • i just got a free psn card on http//freepsncard.com :)

  • Can’t wait until we finally get our first look at the gameplay… will be interesting in which new ways Quantic Dream took it.

  • I want this game badly but before I pre-order I must know if it will become available on the PS4 or strictly PS3.

  • The game and actors do look like an amazing mix! Of course my biggest concern, (same as alot of other people), is if I buy this game, will it also be playable on the PS4? I really dont want to pre-order a game if i am going to be changing consoles a couple months after it comes out, and I cant play it on the new system.

  • Between Last of Us in June, GTA V in September, and this in Oct, I better start working through my backlog!

    Despite a few hiccups, Heavy Rain was a masterpiece. And I have no doubt, they will improve on many elements.

    I hope Beyond is as immersive as HR and also that they don’t overdo it with the supernatural element. I know that is central to the main character and I will buy into it, I just hope it has a realistic feel around it.

    So, will there be any pre-order bonuses at Amazon? They are my retailer of choice and I try to avoid GameStop at all costs.

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