PlayStation Blogcast 064: One Week Later

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PlayStation Blogcast 064: One Week Later
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While we’re still starry-eyed from the PS4 reveal last week, we wrangle a show full of your PS4 impressions, run through the gamut of new PSN and Blu-ray releases for next Tuesday, March 5th, and check in with the Sportsfriends gang. Plus: Our Games of the Month for February!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Ugh… I purchased a years subscription to PS+ one day before the $10 credit promotion started, Damn. Oh we’ll at least I received 3 free months. Great show guys , nice to see Morgan on here. I look for his updates every week.

    When I buy the PS4 will I be able to play all of the digital purchases I’m making on the new PS4? I would like to know before I spend anymore money on digital content. Does anyone know?

  • @51: You can’t. It’s all still developed using the cell processor, which the PS4 doesn’t have. So that form of b/c won’t work. Disc or digital is irrelevant.

    How they’ll use Gaikai with b/c has yet to be seen though.

  • That’s my point. PS store will have both content available, but to encourage brand loyalty they will only release a BC console after the day 1’s have established PS4, and they want to start winding down PS3. I feel 1 yr after the PS4 is when Gaikai will “suddenly” be able to satisfy BC.

    That’s why I feel that plus content is going to quality leap forward. They don’t want you to stop opening your wallet cos you might feel the urge to go all MS on them. I am looking forward to AAA content.

  • Question for Morgan but I need to listen to the podcast again to confirm you said it but I could’ve sworn you said you can still get the 3 months free before the store updates on March 5 even though it ended March 4 but like I said need to confirm thats what you said because I just renewed my Plus earlier before the store updated.

  • That’s amazing, I do not know how much time I have to wait for this ps4

  • Ben inanılmaz PS4 seviyorum

  • Zaman Asdral PS4

  • Hey you guys are ready for ground Zeroes Because that game is right on the corner, its gonna be so epic that kojima and his crew this March 25 will post a convention talking about evrything about Ground Zeroes and release trailer and release some details about Phantom Pain OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ima huge ass fan of metal gear and if you are add ,me and i can give you every detail and we can play Metal gear online together, Yes! it will also have it

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