New PS Vita Apps This Spring: Friend Network and Imaginstruments

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New PS Vita Apps This Spring: Friend Network and Imaginstruments

Friend Network for PS Vita

We’ve had a slew of exceptional new applications hit PS Vita recently, like the otherworldly simulator Ecolibrium, Wake-up Club, and plenty of others. Today, we wanted to unveil two great new applications you’ll soon be enjoying on PS Vita.

Friend Network, already a huge hit in Japan and other territories in Asia, is a unique social application for PS Vita that allows you to interact with friends and meet new people in a whole new way. Guided by PlayStation mascot mainstay Toro, the app lets PS Vita owners visualize their network of friends and gaming buddies through the use of avatars in a colorful environment, and through growing their friends list, players can grow their own unique town space within Friend Network. With the ultimate goal of reaching 100 friends within Friend Network, lobbies are available where players can meet new friends and exchange virtual “business cards.” These cards contain information that players can use to get to know others within Friend Network.

Friend Network for PS VitaFriend Network for PS Vita

Friend Network for PS VitaFriend Network for PS Vita

Additionally, Friend Network comes fully integrated with your favorite social networks. Players can connect to their Twitter and Facebook accounts to see which friends are also participating in Friend Network and add them immediately. Players can also request tasks from their friends, like planting crops in their garden, to expand their town yard space. As you can see, Friend Network is a great way to maintain and grow your PSN friends list!

Imaginstruments for PS Vita

Next up we’re bringing you a one-of-a-kind music application called Imaginstruments. The application offers a slew of musical composition tools to potential PS Vita song smiths to create and manipulate a bevy of sounds and instruments. Our neighbors in Europe have already had a chance to begin crafting songs in Imaginstruments, but we’re now bringing this musical experience to North America.

Players can create whole songs from scratch and save them to on PS Vita memory cards. Using three distinct song creation tools, players can compose a virtually endless amount of unique music. Players can edit drum tracks in the “Passive” mode to create complex rhythms for their tracks, then switch over to “Active” mode to create melodies using instruments like the guitar or violin. The interface has been laid out to allow non-musicians an easy point of entry to create and craft songs without the need of a Ph.D in musical composition. We’ve also included a Sequencer mode, that takes parts of your drum and rhythm sequences to help you construct the song, and then record it. There are plenty of interesting ways Imaginstruments can enable you to begin crafting your very own songs on the PS Vita, and we recommend you try it out for yourself!

Imaginstruments for PS VitaImaginstruments for PS Vita

Both of these apps will be coming your way this Spring for PS Vita. We look forward to hearing what you think of new applications, and know that we’re always looking for new ways to expand your experience on PS Vita. Also, stay tuned to the PS Blog as much exciting PS Vita digital content is soon to come!

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5 Author Replies

  • Please bring Reader app to US PSN!

  • I’m really looking forward to Imaginstruments, I hope it comes sooner than later.

  • so… where’s the ereader app or crunchyroll and hulu??? the lack of more useful apps is sorta making me sad. :( i don’t need more social apps…

  • Pretty cool. I was hoping we’d get a playstation home type of environment for the vita. Hopefully this will grow into that. The imaginstruments reminds me of mtv music generator. I loved that game. I’m excited!

  • It’s cute and quirky and I hope free, I’m in.

  • @45 – I’d love G+ integration into Friend Network too, and any other G+ thing too, as it’s my thing, no FB used in my life.

    A full G+ App would be nice, but with more focus on integrating into the Vita for posting, not so much full streaming or syncing of circles, communities and such there.

    I’d love to find more “friends” on G+ that have a PS VIta and actively use it.

    Looking forward to Friend Network, would be more-so if G+ was part of it!

  • Please produce 64GB or 128GB vita memory sticks im running out of space!

  • it really disappoints me that my friends can use NEAR and i cant and my vita(white) cant and i bought it with AC bundle in october i dont understand i copied the mac address in skyhook but nothing happened please fix it ill be grateful :”)…but still happy because theres gonna be more apps yeii! :) keep the apps and games coming!!! :D

  • and please add to the update more friends im full and we want the most fiends possible think about it 100 friends isnt enough for gamers if you have a Facebook would you be happy with just a 100 friends? No right! it would be horrifying and really dumb and boring…more friends more people playing and more $$$…please think about it PSN! :)

  • I really like the idea of the friend network app, is there a specific release date? Spring is just so vague and can mean anywhere from March to May…. I love my vita though and the apps so far are really cool. On a side note, any plans for a hulu plus app?

  • looks pretty cool but isnt the music app related to beat trellis and i also think that playstation should release new games and another update but not a small one a big one

  • but also how much is it gonna cost

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