The Drop: Week of February 25th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of February 25th 2013 New Releases

The rumor going around Sumaru City is that if you call your own cell phone number, you will speak to the Joker, who will assassinate the person of your choice… and rumors in Sumaru City have a funny way of coming true. On assignment with hip youth magazine Coolest, daring young reporter Maya Amano stumbles onto the Joker’s trail at Seven Sisters High School.

A convergence of fate brings Maya, her roommate, and a police detective together in pursuit of the maniacal assassin. Will they awaken the power within before it’s too late to stop the evil forces behind him?

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment comes to PSone classics on PSN. Enjoy this week The Drop.

Mud Fim Motocross: World Championship — Motocross is an off-road discipline that combines many key factors of sports such as passion, emotions, skills, thrills and adrenaline, offering an exclusive mix of excitement, glamour and fervid competition. These elements, together with all the real tracks and riders, will be part of the official videogame. Straights, corners, jumps, slides: there is nothing smooth about Motocross but riders are there to shape it up. The ending is always a surprise. This is why bike enthusiasts get excited, and this is why gamers will love the videogame.


  • God of War: Ascension “Prisoner of the Damned”
  • Knytt Underground (PS Vita)

PSone Classic

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment — A demonic trickster called The Joker has cursed Sumaru City, home to the Seven Sisters High School. His curse has the ability to turn rumor into fact, which causes all sorts of trouble. Gradually gruesome murders fill the land the school’s principal happens to be one of the victims and all sorts of monsters and demons begin showing up. Maya Amano, a cub reporter for a popular teen magazine is on the case, and she’s determined to get to the bottom of things.

Maya and her party set out on an engaging RPG adventure filled with fun twists. There are huge, hulking monsters than can be outwitted and scared off rather than outfought, and an innovative rumor system that can trigger events that will create entirely new story arcs and let you get your hands on valuable objects. Sprinkled throughout the game are 80 personal summons, or magic spells. You’ll meet stronger and more powerful foes the higher your levels of magic grow, until in the end it’s down to you and the Joker.

PlayStation 2 Classic

Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure — Develop essential preschool learning skills with the top-rated preschool phenomenon and all her friends! Play 8 Great Interactive Games — with 3 different levels in each – to learn more and win big every time. Now everyone can help Dora celebrate her Big Birthday Adventure while mastering fundamental skills in an engaging and wholesome way!

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Oh boy oh boy! Another Dora title! Seriously though, i hope the store updates is not as disappointing as last week :(

    And at least on Tuesday this time, last week’s update was done on wednesday for me (atlantic time)

  • The heck? I’m not reading any of the Uncharted 3 Multi-player being free o.O. Crazy.

  • will Persona 2 be compatible will PSV right away?

  • I thought Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires was coming this week as well on PSN. Where’s that at? :o

  • For what its worth… I love you dragon_night.

  • Is Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus not coming to Vita this week? Kotaku got my hopes up…

  • Will Persona 2 be playable on Vita or will it be like Crash and Spyro?

  • This…can’t be everything. What about Runner 2? That’s been scheduled to come out this week for months.

  • Nothing for me this week im waiting for the ps plus update

  • Hello everyone im new to this blog but ive had ps3 since 2006 launch i just wanna say hello to everyone

  • Awesome, a PSOne Classic! Bring them on!

  • Ouch. Doesn’t even look like you tried on this Rey. :P

    No mention of Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires?

    I think the drop should be a little more in depth than this. Am I alone here? I mean why is there no mention of incoming DLC and there always seems to be something missing in terms of incoming content. Very slap dash but keep it up I reckon! :P

  • Does this Persona game playable on psvita? This is one of my favorite game from PSone :D

  • enjoy that God of War:Ascension demo guys, LOOKS AMAZING in person. can’t wait until it release!

  • I’m going to jump to left field here. SONY!!! Take a loss on PS4. Make the price point perfect. Charge $350 for it. I know it might be a loss but think about it? You want make it easy for Developers to make games for your console.. then why not allow your console to be in everyone’s home. Make it where you will be busting out sale off software. I know Ps4 will sell if you sell it for the best price under $400. Even more so when we don’t get support for PS3 and since we cant take our PSN purchases to PS4. Give us a Deal Sony!

  • you guys need to stop with the kingdom hearts crap. every week you guys say that and it is geeting on my nerves. stop trolling or i will report you.

  • Looking forward to the God of War demo. Also, thanks for the 10 bucks Playstation. :)

  • cool, i got a lot of info on the subject i was asking about. i appreciate all the info.
    On the subject of buying a game and then it coming out later with a discount. It is known as “time cost benefit”
    You pay the cost to have the benefit of the time with the product. You defer the cost( price drop ) but lose the benefit of the time with the product.

  • The GOW:A I need that.

  • Just looks at Sony ignoring that Vita…on the drop…on a week it actually gets games. Way to go Rey! Makes me feel really confident about it’s future!

  • Great Sony is Killing the vita … Its dead No Vita Games LOL Sony i cant be-leave it LMAO

  • Hotline Miami & Terraria, prease!

  • Sometimes I wish you highlight major DLC releases. Star Wars Pinball releases out this week, but of coarse it’s not mentioned since it’s just an add-on for Zen Pinball 2.

  • I’m happy that Atlus is giving Persona so much love lately. I hope this is all in preparation for P5! =D Anyway, I’ll def be downloading P2~

  • Will you please SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT KINGDOM HEARTS! It will never come out nobody wants that crap

  • mestep is it possible to be any more of a jerk then you are being right now. please stop with the kingdoms hearts its going to come when it does if it does

  • What is up with the Ps Blog, no what were reading? I really hate to be negative on here but I am very disappointed with the updates and playstation plus? Whats the deal…It also seems the ps vita is being ignored or nobody is giving any real news on it.

  • A little disappointed that Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 is not going digital but Eternal Punishment makes up for it.

  • K 1 word 2 discribe this week’s drop LAME! I mean we should had seen a demo 4 upcomin march 5 MLB 13 The Show! And btw 4 all those kingdom hearts out there how come nobody and I mean NOBODY has thought of makin a Kingdom Hearts TCG Online yet? I mean if u can answer that 1 ur a smart person!

  • When can we get silent hill 1 on PSN for PSVita, I have seen the Europe already got this…..
    Also there are many PSP games can be download through PSVita in the Europe’s PSN such as
    Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and so on. Sigh….

  • Concerning PS4 backwards compatibility…

    What most people don’t realise is that Sony discovered a number of security issues with the PS3 this year. Thus, they will release PS3 Firmware v13.21 on April Fool’s day, 2014. This update will remove EVERY feature from the system, turning it into little more than a paper weight. Of course, individuals that wish to continue to use their PS3’s after this date simply need to keep it offline for the foreseeable future – who needs trophies and other online features anyway? Alternatively, you may buy a PS4 and (eventually) your entire collection again via streaming services. Oh, I’m sorry. I mean, you may pay a monthly fee to stream the video games we allow you to – but don’t count on “owning” anything.

  • Persona 2?! Hrm… makes me sort of regret buying Toy Story 2 on PSone with the $10 you guys graciously handed me. Stupid, stupid nostalgia.

  • This just in.

    PSN material will be transferrable to the PS4.

    The catch…the only customers who will be able to transfer their games are those who have purchased every DORA the Explorer PS1 classic.

  • Also, to those complaining that the VITA gets no support, why would you want games when you can use it as a PS4 controller? Really, do you need games as a reason to spend $250 for a game controller?

  • @82 Don’t worry about it. And besides, you’d need $30 for Persona 2!

  • WHAT! no persona 4 or kh2 , come on sony stop being lazy and beating around the bush and put more on psn . the ps4 ain’t out just yet lol

  • Is FIM the Vita version as well? I also thought Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus was coming out…


  • how much is mud for the vita sony??

  • please dead or alive 5 for ps plus

  • Glad a demo for Knytt is finally coming. If I wind up liking it, I hope the PS+ discount is still going to be there throughout the week!

  • Will uncharted 3 single player campaign be available as well? I have 1&2 digital and was hoping to have all 3 on my hard drive.

  • Classic:
    Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.
    A work of art of recognized and established value.

    Apparently that defines Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure?

  • Pissed. I want the PSP version of Persona 2: EP… and this probably means we won’t be seeing it.


  • I will probably pick up Persona 2.

    After loving 3 FES and 4 Golden, I’m curious as to how the second game in the series was.

  • WHAT NO SOCOM!!!! Wish they would sell those games to me again. I spent most of my time with the ps2 playing socom. C’mon Sony my money’s right here take it.

  • @78: All retail Vita games are digital as well. :/ The Drop has never shown EVERY game releasing.

    @70: That doesn’t even make sense. You know games are coming, yet beause don’t put them here you lose confidence? Games are still coming out whether they highlight them here or not. Is it stupid to ignore it? Of course. Especially considering Ninja Gaiden is well known. That’s another issue though.

    Honestly this entire drop feels lazy.

  • @94: It’s only half of Persona 2. The other wasn’t released here on PSone, but the PSP version was. And it looks like we won’t see the PSP version of EP. Which is really annoying to me.

  • I hope square Enix gets their act together and announces final fantasy crisis core and kingdom hears birth by sleep for vita. How can two of the best psp titles be missing from the psn store?? What a huge over sight by you guys.

    Step on it. How hard is it to get two old games on the store?

    I hate the Disney argument because Disney has tons of stuff on the psn store.

  • @Elvick_

    D: that’s a bummer :(

    I was actually just doing some research and I’m really curious about the entirely different system in 2.

    Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of social links…they make you feel incredibly confined to what you can/can’t do. I’d rather move at my own pace and not be paranoid about a time limit.

    Now that you mention that there is a PSP version…i may just want to play that on my Vita. I see IS is in the store for 30 bucks…but if i’m only getting the first half of the game….

    guh! no!


  • hells yes to persona 2 and dawnguard.

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