PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here

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PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here
PS4 Announcement: Watch PlayStation Meeting 2013 Here
UPDATE: The event in its entirety is now available to watch, right above this sentence. Relive the introduction of PlayStation 4, or experience it for the first time.

PlayStation Meeting 2013: it’s finally (almost) here! The festivities begin today, Wednesday February 20th starting at 6:00pm Eastern Time (3:00pm Pacific Time)… and you’ll be able to watch live right here from this humble PlayStation.Blog post. Set those bookmarks and timers!

If you simply must leave the warm, soothing embrace of PlayStation.Blog, you’ll also be able to follow along live on, inside the virtual world of PlayStation Home, and even via your PS3’s Xross Media Bar — just look for it under the “What’s New” section.

If your busy, busy life can’t find time for a live video stream, then be sure to follow our livetweeting fun on Twitter where you can join the conversation using #playstation2013. We’ll be dropping a few key updates on Facebook and Google+, too, for those so inclined.

Please follow along starting at 6:00pm Eastern Time and share your thoughts in the comments below. And then come back to the Blog after the show’s conclusion for a full wrap-up of all the announcements. Enjoy with our compliments!

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  • omg- do u ppl listen? No there will not be backwards compatibility due to gaikai being able to steam ps3 games that we already purchased over the store- and yes profiles will be kept so hopefully u wont have to repurchase again. Secondly PSN is being remade by gaikai- check them out in the Guinness Book if you dont think you know what they are doing- btw the 720 prolly wont be b/c either- also, GTA 5 is for this gen not next.and they already mentioned it will have cross game chat and video chat. as far as the console goes- still not sure why they are using .86 when current gen pcs needs x64 to have over 4gb of ram when ps4 has 8? im def buyin ps4 though and yes there will be a vita mc price drop as well a new vita- plz do some research.

  • also to the pc people talking about specs, im a programmer and crysis 3 is for this gen of consoles, killzone shadow warrior cant even run on low spec on ps3, and for the 720 fans what- do u think MS is going to have a nvidia titan under the hood? DO U HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH THAT CONSOLE WOULD COST? so no, ps4 will not beat the latest alenware- b/c nothing will steambox is a dumb idea that will alienate the biggest pc gamers, and since pc games are constantly changing eventually the steambox will prove useless, since it will simply not have the hardware to back it up oh and one more thing MS lovers sony beat u in sales in ever region now.

  • ^ The 8-core AMD x86 cpu they are putting in it is 64-bit. It will not be an issue using the 8gb of ram. It is NOT a 32-bit cpu.

  • @Skiedragon81:
    Also we must not forget that maybe 8Gb is the main RAM but maybe there is additional RAM dedicated to sound or video…

    …hoping for it because actual gaming pcs already have between 4 and 16 Gb of RAM with 2 additional dedicated Video RAM. But at the same time a PC is not really made for gaming, the OS is taking a lot of ressources…but then again, the PS4 OS with all this clounding and sharing could be taking a lot too…sadly because I’m not really interested into that much “sharing”…especially it if cost the console too much power that could be allowed to the games themselves.

    I was hoping for more but still RAM is not all when it comes to graphics and performances so, we’ll have to wait for the remaining specs, I’m sure some surprises are left on this side. : )

  • Im Very Excited

  • @432 (BG808s)
    Slightly better than PS3? lol…PS3 had 256 Mb of RAM, wich is 32 TIMES LESS than the PS4 and look at PS3 better-looking games!

    They are competing really well with most PC games released 3-4-5- years after the console (PS3) itself so…

    A PC is not working like a PC, a lot of ressources are taken by the OS, the apps running in the background, the AV, firewall, os always-on apps etc.

  • Sorry I mixed my things up, 8 Gb is the DEDICATED VIDEO MEMORY of the PS4 wich is REALLY GOOD, pc gaming rigs actually in stores have between 1 and 4 Gb of VRAM so ti’s good…

    Sony didn’t gave us all the numbers so far, we still don’t know how much MAIN MEMORY the console have so…it’ll be a pretty STRONG CONSOLE, thanks Sony, that’s NICE! : )

  • “Sony didn’t gave us all the numbers so far, we still don’t know how much MAIN MEMORY the console have so…it’ll be a pretty STRONG CONSOLE, thanks Sony, that’s NICE! : )”

    Isn’t the 8GB of memory for everything? I’m sure I read they can use the 8GB for whatever they want. So no half for RAM and half for video.

  • No digital download support,really sony i thought we were important.


  • @497 need a source, i hope you didnt see the Quantic Dream tech demo and instantly came up with that answer.

  • I’m doing my part to spread the word :) I’ve gotten many people already dedicated to buying the Playstation 4. And I’ve gotten a few to buy the Vita! I already own a Vita and will be buying Playstation 4 on day one :) I hope to see you all joining me :) spread the word and motivate those on the fence about consoles to go Playstation or those that were dedicated to the competitor during this current gen to join Playstation this time around :)

  • Excellent use of an excellent track. METRIC, FTW!

  • Anyone recieved a free 10 dollar message from psn? If they did and haven’t used it care to share with me and tell me the code =) I want the borderlands 2 dlc Scarlets Booty!

  • Definite buy over here. No complaints. Selling that p.o.s. Wii U.

  • So many unaswered questions. Need more info so I can decide if I’m ready for it and if it’s ready for the world of futrue gaming. All I know is it’ll be doubtful that they would even use discs to save room. I imagine they’ll have like a terabyte hdd so you can download all your games. 8 cores at 1.82 GHz per core and 8 Gb of RAM it’ll be one powerful gaming console for sure. Probably intial cost would be that of a similar speced PC around $500-$700 would be my guess. Earlier gen games would only be in download form like they currently are. Knowing Sony they’ll release multiple versions of the console. I’d say release date if everything goes according to plan and after fixing the major bugs and updates will be at the earliest Christmas 2013 and the latest would be summer 2014 (Most likely near the holidays for gifting reasons). These are all just my ideas and opinions so no need to take what I say to heart.

  • Personally I like the new format. It looks to have richer graphics, and a better gameplay experience. I am very excited about the release of the new system. I read at least one comment about this being nothing more than a new platform for social networks. Well, in my opinion, welcome to the way things are. You don’t have to take part in the social networks if you don’t want to. Enjoy the gaming aspect of the system. It’s your choice.

  • if this Gaikai system can stream my downloaded ps3 and psn games then I’m ok with it. If it can’t then I simply won’t buy it. But to those fo you saying “JUST PLAY YOUR OLD PS3” some of us would rather just have one sony system not multiple ones I know some of you can’t grasp this though. Feel free to argue that I won’t be reading it.

    If it’s anything I want the ps4 will see 2 years into it’s lifespan if it’s worth it or not. I hope so…

  • I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT SO FAR!! But, If you haven’t already…a nice concept for the PS4 would be, to be able to play your music you imported to the PS4 WHILE playing a game! :-)

  • The best PS event I’ve ever seen. Great job people!

  • Friend ask me about PSN Level carrying over to the PS4 and i told him yes but just to be 100% sure will it carry over or do we have to start over?

  • @521: the level is attached to your PSN ID, and it will be the same on PS4.

  • “PS4: The Full Story”
    would probably include a picture of the console, pricing, and details on how we will be able to transfer our PSN Plus account (with trophies, games, etc..) over to the PS4, but that’s just me. :P

  • If Sony really want to compete with Nintendo and Apple (namely Apple) they better let us bring our digital collections over to the PS4. Both Apple and Nintendo have done this (All iOS software since iOS 1.0 will work on iOS 6.2 (IE iPad 3rd gen and iPhone 5 plays all of your old purchases).

    Nintendo Wii-Ware and Virtual Console purchases are transferable to the Wii U..
    Sony better not make the mistake and assume we are going to be fine without that.

    I have been buying Sony products since day 1 (I was second in line in NYC to buy a PlayStation in 1995) and have remained faithful to Sony, but if the PS4 wipes the slate clean and all of our PSN content goes with it I will no be buying a PS4.

    Sony better listen to their core audience on this one…

    And yes I know I can just keep my PS3, but what you may not know is that there are some PS3 games that require net connections and those servers will go down probably pretty soon after the PS4 launches.. So say goodbye to all of those games and DLC purchases.

  • @524 games go offline as time pass, nothing new there. you’d be faced with the same problem if those same developers stop supporting the game post ps4 release, so what are you left with, the satisfaction of enjoying the game, but still have the risk of losing dlc that you purchased…happens. i got a few ps3 games that have lost online support (mgs 4, calling all cars , nba jam) just examples. and we almost lost online support for Demon’s Souls.

  • @525:
    I meant online as in a few games such as Final Fight Double Impact and Bionic Command 2 wouldn’t start up when the PSN Network was hacked and down for weeks.

    Sony has said they want your digital games to feel every bit as good as games you would buy a physical disc for. I don’t have a link for the video, but I know it’s out there.

    Little doubt the PS4 is capable of emulating PS1/PS2/Mini’s, & some PSN content, but will Sony let us bring this over to the new PS4 is the big question.

    If the answer is no, should be still be buying PSN games if we are going to move to the PS4 in December?
    Is it worth it to play with these games for a few months? I’m not sure it is.

    I love systems that support older legacy games. The original PS3 that played all PS1/PS2/PS3 seemed like an ultimate collector’s system and it’s sad to see this go away

    For example I bought Tekken 2 for the PSX. I then again on PSN. Will I buy Tekken 2 a third time just to keep it on a convenient system? No.. Will Sony try to sell it again to PS4 owners? Probably.

  • I cant wait to see the market strategy for PS4 and all the games that is not been shown yet.

  • Is there going to be Party Chat? is the question I want to see answered.

  • The new PS4 is soooo beautiful and mesmerizing… Its leaving me both blind and stuck in a state of Awe!! …My looming concern is the potential cost for this beautifully powerful and innovative machine

  • cant wait omg *O*

  • foaming from mouth……..

  • watched the whole thing it left me breathless at the begining overall good job cant wait for the PS4

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