inFAMOUS: Second Son Announced for PlayStation 4

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inFAMOUS: Second Son Announced for PlayStation 4

So what’s new? I mean, what have you been up to? Cool. Us? Not much. Just a new character, new city, new powers, and all designed especially for the new PlayStation 4. I hope you’re excited – because we really are! Actually, for us it’s probably one part excitement and one part pure terror, but that’s just the way of things I guess… But here we are at last to break the months of silence: All of us at Sucker Punch are very pleased to introduce you to Delsin Rowe, and our new title Second Son! Let’s cut to the chase!

inFAMOUS: Second Son Announced for PlayStation 4

Delsin Rowe is the star of Second Son, and you probably know someone like him: A 24 year-old who is absolutely convinced he’s destined for greatness; though so far that greatness has managed to elude him. He grew up just outside Seattle, where his great – if accidental – calling comes crashing into his life. After rescuing occupants from a fiery bus wreck, he discovers that he suddenly has the ability to direct, manipulate and even transform into… Smoke. Could he have absorbed this power from one of the passengers he pulled from the wreckage?

Setting the scene: It’s been seven years since the Cole McGrath episodes and the world has clearly changed. Anyone showing signs of being a so-called “bio-terrorist” is immediately handed over to the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) — a government agency created to ensure there is never a repeat of the catastrophic events of Empire City and New Marais. So Delsin, who has never been particularly respectful of authority, finds himself caught in the DUP dragnet – And decides he’s not going to go quietly.

Along the way, Delsin is going to ask questions that are not just relevant to the world of Second Son – but to the world we all live in today. A world where we are often instructed to surrender our freedoms to help improve our security. Ben Franklin once wrote “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Is he right?

inFAMOUS: Second Son

As you play Second Son, you’ll explore lots of Seattle’s familiar landmarks. As with all games in this series, the path the gameplay and story take will depend on the decisions you make along the way. Of course, we are creating all these characters and locations at a remarkable level of detail – made possible by PS4. In fact, this trailer was produced in-house using our game engine – can you tell we’re having fun with the new GPU, tools, and our new VFX system?

We’ll be back in the coming weeks with more details, but until then you’ll find us at @suckerpunchprod, #SecondSon, and

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  • That reminds me, PLEASE utilize PS Move again! It was great in inFamous 2/Festival of Blood.

  • Second Son won’t be on PS3 because that system won’t be strong enough to handle it.

    PS4 has 16x more RAM than PS3….. think about that for a second…. Second Son is going to look way better and the city itself will be much bigger

  • Delsin woulda made a good character in PSASBR. :(

  • shut up and take my money. This is my favorite game series, i literally screamed when i saw this trailer a few days ago.

  • I want screens!

  • Will this be a release title?

  • I understand if they want to look at other characters, honestly I really wanted to see this I just didn’t want the universe they created move forward without Cole

    They could of done prequels about Kesler moving up the ranks of the first sons and finally taken control of the group or show you Coles/Keslers life in the alternative timeline before the beast attacked.

    I could go but you get my point…there was absolutely no need to set the game after inFAMOUS 2 and continue without Cole. Cole is a well loved character and should of been the main character for the main games. However since they’ve not numbered this game and given it a subtitle there’s still hope that inFAMOUS 3 is being saved for Cole. Who knows the twist at the end of this game might be that this is an alternative universe back in Keslers/Future Coles timelime or a universe where neither the good or bad ending happened in the last game….Cole just defeated the Beast without activating the ray sphere and without becoming the beast himself

    I just don’t know why they would get rid of a character they know people love a ton. Look at the backlash when they changed his character design.

  • Wait this game doesn’t make sense unless it follows the the evil ending of infamous 2 when Cole becomes the beast the good ending all conduits die when Cole used the anti ray sphere. Anyway looks great can’t wait to play it

  • will it be available for the ps3 awell

  • cool game gonna get it. BUT I HAVENT GOT inFAMOUS 2 YET :(

  • Day frickin’ one!

  • Will it be available for PS3?, Because im the gratest fan of inFAMOUS

  • Will infamous: Second Son also come out on the PS3? Most people probably got a PlayStation 3 for Christmas (like me) not expecting the PS4 to come out for another year or two. I think that you should make infamous: second son also be for the PS3.

  • MAKE IT FOR THE PLAYSTATION 3 ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i like what i see but i would like to see actual gameplay to.and i am a big infamous fan i have 1and 2 and i am gitting the playstation 4 and infamous second son.good show sony good show.

  • that tornado move looks cool ,maybe we’ll use it at middle or ending of the game

  • i Miss Cole

  • In my opinion there could be two reasonings for it to make, and not make sense. First one would be it could make sense facing Cole in this game because of the choices of karma you make, so far in 1 and 2 it made sense and there was a story going on depending on the choice of karma. On the other hand this game takes place 7 years after Cole, wich would make it extremely hard to believe Cole would be in it, hell let’s be honest it wouldn’t have taken him 7 years to take over the world with all the conduits with his powers. But we’ll see I guess, I’m looking forward to it though!

  • This game looks crazy good. I loved the previous titles and I’m sure I’ll love this one too. Thank you SP for this beast of a game.

  • Thank god for infamous second son this is great getting ps4 when it comes out

  • mind just got blown cant wait

  • I look forward to playing this game! :D

  • this game is going to b one of the best! itll b even better wen they make a new inFAMOUS collection

  • Reminds me of Dark Angel, same setting, pretty much same time frame, similar situation and main character who’s uhh “genetically different” though DA was much more grounded and Delsin Rowe not so much with superpowers.

  • So is this after Cole saved everyone, because I was wondering what it would be like to play in world full of conduits. I suggest two alternate stories based on the alternate endings in inFamous 2.

  • the endings from infamous 2 dont matter in second son because the beast was creating conduits as he traveled to new marais.because of this you do not need to pay any attention to infamous 2’s endings

  • I wanted to know if this game is ps4 exclusive because I am happy with my ps3 and I would love it if I dont have to buy a new system for it. Also I wanted to now what is cole’s connection to delsin? and is he making an appearance in the new title second son?

  • Is this game only for PS4 or for PS3 too?

  • PS4 will be just?

  • @Xurvhd1 Not all that hard to understand. Evil ending is the canon for this story.

    @DarkDoc23 That makes a lot of sense, since the title is called Second Son. Good catch. :)

  • Wow. I really like how he uses his power and a rebellious attitude to boot. Awesomeness!

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