PlayStation Plus Update: Vanquish Joins Instant Game Collection

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PlayStation Plus Update: Vanquish Joins Instant Game Collection

We’ve got a monster update to the Instant Game Collection today as not one, but two fantastic games are coming to PS Plus members for free! By now, you’ve got your hands on last week’s addition: Closure. Dungeon Defenders is still free in PlayStation Plus, and has a PS3 Community XP Event coming up this Thursday (register here for more info).

With tomorrow’s PlayStation Store Update, you’ll be able to download Vanquish and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X free if you’re a PS Plus member. We’ve got more including special content for Dust 514, and a launch week discount; so without further ado, let’s get to the goods.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access via the Sony Entertainment Network online store.

February 19th PlayStation Plus Update

PlayStation Plus Update: Vanquish Joins Instant Game Collection

Vanquish (PS3)

PSN Price: $19.99, Free for PS Plus members

Celebrate the release of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance by playing one of Platinum’s finest action titles: Vanquish. The same studio that’s bringing you Raiden this week, also delivered one of the finest sci-fi shooters in Vanquish. Check out its fast and fluid combat system, experience the visceral melee combat, and download this PS3 Full Game free as a PS Plus member.

PlayStation Plus Update: Vanquish Joins Instant Game Collection

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (PSP and PS Vita Compatible)

PSN Price: $9.99, Free for PS Plus members

An enhanced remake of the classic Mega Man X, complete with 3D character models, remixed music, and all new unlockable features, this is classic Mega Man turned up to 11. When Sigma leads a group of Reploids in a revolt against mankind, it’s up to X and Zero to protect the world from ruin. You can download this title free as a PS Plus member and play it on your PS Vita, or PSP.

PlayStation Plus Update: Vanquish Joins Instant Game Collection

Dust 514 Starter Pack

PSN Price: $9.99, Free for PS Plus members

DUST 514 brings intense infantry combat, large-scale warfare, and deep character advancement to a free-to-play massively multiplayer shooter. Wage war in the next generation of first-person shooters, where a single victory could prove the crushing blow to a galactic empire of thousands of online EVE Online gamers. While the game is still in its beta phase, you can take advantage of this free Starter Pack. Remember, additional content you purchase in Dust 514 while it’s in beta will be carried over to your account when the game sees its full release. You can download Dust 514 now, and it’s free to play.

Urban Trial Freestyle (PS3 and PS Vita – No Cross Buy)

20% off for PS Plus members (PS3 Version: Original price: $14.99; PS Plus Price: $11.99 PS Vita Version: Original price: $9.99; PS Plus Price: $7.99)

Urban Trial Freestyle challenges players to push their risk-taking to the absolute limits and deliver maximum stunt rewards. The game`s nonstop action is complemented by a host of features including multiple game modes, leader boards, rider and bike customization, and much more. With slick urban detailed graphics and an innovative physics engine fine-tuned for fun pick-up and play, the game has been specifically engineered to get the most out of both PS3 and PS Vita versions.Learn more about the game from the PlayStation Blog’s coverage and download it this week!

PlayStation Community Update 2-15-2013

Don’t forget about the upcoming Dungeon Defenders PS3 Community XP event as well! The game is still free for PS Plus members. Click here to learn more on how to sign up for this event!

Lastly, if you haven’t downloaded Retro City Rampage or PAYDAY: The Heist, today is the last day they will be free in PS Plus; same goes for the Critter Crunch, Derrick the Deathfin and Karateka discounts.

Let us know your feedback on PlayStation Plus in the comments below, and don’t forget to use the poll links to speak your mind about what content you liked the most. If you want to see what the rest of the PlayStation community is talking about, head over to the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to continue chatting about PS Plus, or find other topics to contribute your thoughts to, or start one for yourself. See you in the comments!

PS Plus Update 2-19-13

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15 Author Replies

  • Just to remind everyone, the promotion for buy one ear, get 3 months free is still active. I got mine a week ago and I advise more people to take part in it too. This service is very good and people should continue.

  • Awesome!

    I was wondering if there was any chance of getting Call of Duty: Declassified to PS+ members?

  • Now that´s an awesome update. I have always complained for the last 2 months, but now i must say that this is a good one, this is the kind of updates we should be getting. Now we need Motorstorm Apocalypse and Sleeping Dogs to match the SCEE plus updates.

    One again, excellent addition with Vanquish and Megaman Irregular Hunter X.

  • Love megaman x maverick hunter own a physical and digital copy but can we get megaman x3-6 on ps1 classics my vita demands it.

    Ps dont ignore my post like u usually do.

  • How will the Dust Starter Pack work for PS+ members that already play the game? I also have already bought the Mercenary Pack. Will I still be able to “buy” my free copy of the starter pack and get the extra AUR?

  • wow excellent upgrade but we will see ps1 or ps2 classics in the plus because is really missing

  • Awesome! I’ve wanted to play Vanquish for a while, but it’s really hard to find in a store here. I’ve been told it’s kind of short, but really makes up for it with just how good it is, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow even more now!

  • Vanquish- this is more like it! Best update is weeks. Games like this and Darksiders keep folks subscribed and happy. Foosball and discounts on weak PSN titles, not so much.

  • Also that vanquish game looks like army of two, I hope its not the same cuz I dont enjoy army of two.

  • @52 dude please shoot yourself for requesting such blasphy

  • @Morgan awesome update on Tuesday and then surprise surprise on Wednesday I’m loving it

  • 3rd person mindless action games aren’t really my thing but I will accept Vanquish. It’s a better choice than the more recent games. But come on. Another megaman game? You just put two of those stupid games in the igc. There needs to be a decent vita game added next week.

  • Thanks for Vanquish, though hoped for a Vita game not an old psp one.

  • Is there any way we can get a look at the poll results? At least after a certain amount of time? I’d love to get a visual on how everyone is feeling in general. Especially the consensus on January.

  • Sorry Morgan but I have to say this lol


    >.< …..but seriously what games can you give that I dont already have or have played … im a level 26 so it'll be kinda hard lol im still getting PS Plus on Feb 28th or 29th :) I want that year plus 3 months :)

  • Finally a full PS3 Game! Probably not something all in all fancy but it’s a great addition to the Instant Game Collection indeed. With this update I’m starting to feel proud of being a Plus member again. And I’ll definitely be trying out Mega Man on my Vita too! And never tried out Dust 514, but my friends have been playing it so I’ll check it out. And with free DLC why not? Splendid week, Sony. Hopefully all updates will be as positive as this, keep it up!

    P.S: Try getting a game for the PS3 next week too, we don’t want another controversy like with Ninja Gaiden Sigma again do we?

    P.P.S: For those of you complaining, it’s actually a great update, shame on you for at least not bothering to try the games out.

  • With Vanquish and Darksiders I must say this year is pretty good so far!

  • Now this is an update I can get behind. Vanquish and Megaman!!! Nice discount on Trails as well :)

  • My Plus expires until the end of next year because I’m never disappointed with the plus content even when a lot of people are whining almost every week. Thanks for the content. I’m looking forward to the megaman remake.

    Btw, you put the dust icon in the Vanquish description.

  • Dont bother lowering the THQ games prices lol… I bought Darksiders 2 and Red Faction Guerrilla and its Path to War DLC on the UK store … THANK YOU PAYPAL!!

    >.> now tomorrow well see a discount and it’ll be my fault for rushing a purchase xD I dont mind though it was way cheaper than 50 dollars at gamestop for Darksiders 2 alone lol

  • @ nikrel

    COD:Declassified won’t, not until there’s a MAJOR price drop, that game is still 49.99 retail and via PS Store. besides, I own it and while Hostile mode isn’t horrible, Campaign and multiplayer on it are, how should I put this, undesirable pieces of crap…the Campaign mode features short mini-missions that can be ridiculously hard at times, while not providing the liberty of checkpoints, meaning you die near the end of a mission, you start the mission from scratch, it’s very annoying. the Multiplayer side isn’t much better, as quite often there’s only half full lobbies, can take up to 2 minutes to actually enter a match, and even then, there’s a high chance you’ll get “connection error” where it boots you to the main multiplayer screen. At least Actvision treated the Vita like every other PS console and released a broken COD game with no plans to fix it properly either…can’t claim favoritism lol

  • I’ll rarely comment on the blog but this needs to b said:

    AWESOME UPDATE! A GOOD PS3 and PSP game bundled with Dust’s DLC? I almost had a seizure upon reading this entry, please, PLEASE Sony keep up with this rhythm and bring over PS2 Classics to the IGC as well as PS1 Classics, Minis and Avatars again.

  • @DeathKiller49 I’m afraid the last two weeks of each month offer a free game for the Vita.

  • Thanks for this, Megaman FTW!!!

    could we have sleeping dogs next week??

  • I was just thinking about getting Maverick Hunter X for my Vita good thing I waited because I can download it free now thanks.

  • the last 2 updates were HORRIBLE… closure is a Pathetic game for my standard …(and i love puzzle games), but this week? oh hell, you making want to revive my fallen PSP (Darth Vader edition)m just to play Megaman, and PS3 Vanquish? oh yes yes yes please!, and the starter pack for DUST is nice, but i dislike the whole Losing weapons deal of the game… but anyways GREAT update, Vanquish and Megaman make it great, now lets see what Discount we get tomorrow on the store update!… maybe yugioh for 5$? hahahaha/

  • I voted for the 13 for ’13 sale for January because I love those deep discounts on lots of games to choose from. For this week I voted for Mega Man because it hit the nail on the head for me. If the psn store had a wishlist this game would have been sitting in it.

  • great update !

    Urban Trials is not cross buy ? bummer, i hate having to choose.

    offering both for $15 would have been perfect

    oh well

  • #69 …. MEGAMAN REMAKE?! hahahahahaha dude please Capcom has abandoned Megaman ….they dont know what to do with it

    i’d love a megaman reboot, but with so many different types of megaman out there it’s hard for me to see what they can do and IF they can even pull it off on consoles … i think if they did something it would be for 3DS only just cuz no one wants to support the Vita lately >.> (with vita games …. i know theres a ton of games PLAYABLE on Vita)

  • i got vanquish long time ago, play through everything, got all the trophies, except 1, the one require complete all the challenge, and i got stuck at challenge 4, then i give the disk away, so now might be the good chance for me to complete this challenge

  • As always, you copy EU PlayStation Plus. You don’t know how to get your own content that differs from EU PlayStation Plus.


  • I wanted to get Vanquish so bad! I kinda wish all the game listed in the Instant game collection got a discount in case we wanted to buy them permanently, but it’s still good!


  • woot finally another good retail game.. two good retailed games in a row.. lets hope March keeps the trend going, funny thing is i considered buying this game.. but i thought “nah EU got it so lets hope we get it too” and sure enough we did… at this rate batman and or red dead redemption next perhaps? (which would suck considering Im going to go buy batman this week lmao.

  • Voted, I don’t own the content, but nothing for me this week.

    Hey morgan tell sony to try and get an rpg or a good shooter.

  • Maverick Hunter X is a great game! Excited to be able to play Vanquish.

    Is Dust still in Beta stage or is it in its final version?

  • …Urrgghh…Not Maverick Hunter X….

    The problem is not with the game itself, but with the fact that I already own it. This is why, I think, you guys should add 2 more Vita games to the collection (bringing the total to 8), as well as change them out every 2 weeks or so.

    I mean, imagine if you guys have Super Stardust Delta as next month’s Vita title. I already own it as well, so that means 2 months for me without any new Vita games from Plus.

    By Vita I mean both Vita and PSP games.

    Now, Vanquish, on the other hand, looks pretty awesome. Definitely will be playing that, for sure!

  • Wow! Vanquish and Maverick Hunter, you lucky bastards :D

  • @81
    How exactly are they “copying” EU Plus? They get pretty much all AAA titles (except for Chronovolt) all the time, while we get mostly indie and PSN games.

  • Make a discount on Nino kuni. Or some new game like the last of us discount for plus, that way people would suscribe just to get those kind of discounds.

  • I’m very pleased to see a sci- fi shooter game added to the Instant Game Collection. Please let’s see more sci-fi Ishooter games added to the IGC.

  • Yesss, Vanquish, good job Morgan.

    By the way, Is SONY ever going to fix Little Deviants? ;( online challenging does not work like it should

  • Absolutely awesome update!! Nothing about this is bad. Everything is great!! Vanquish is a wonderful game that a lot of gamers (For whatever reason) never got around to playing. Never played that enhanced Mega Man X! That looks really awesome. Free Starter Pack for Dust? Don’t mind if I do!!

    And a discount for Urban Trial Freestyle?! I’m sorry. But with the release of Metal Gear Rising this week, I don’t see how I’ll have any time to live a life with all of these games!

    Thank you guys so much. I know I have complained in the past, but after this update, I take everything back. What a nice mix of games! You really outdid yourselves here.

  • Awesome – I’ve been waiting to pick up Vanquish in the hopes of a discount – free is even better!

  • Vanquish is an AMAZING choice! One of those games I was permanently on the fence about buying! Not anymore! Thank you, SONY!

  • Vanquish is still a bit stale, but new to me and game selection staying in the right direction, so it seems the polls are having influence, I understand it takes time to implement. Please keep improving Pulse, this is likely the best content of the month, so I’m hoping you surprise us with something more recently released in the action/adv genre coming up.

    Thank you, I’m glad I renewed with the bonus 3 mos.

  • Mega Man X is my favorite Mega Man! It was one of my favorite games in my childhood. The spider is ridiculously hard to beat though! :(

  • I’m still hoping for an rpg to be offered for a change. Jrpg or wrpg. Just not the lazy low budget jrpgs from the GUST/Compile Heart machine like Neptunia. I’d even take Dragon Age 2 over those.

  • Vanquish is 3rd person view ? thats great i was thinking it was first person. need to look more into the game. hateee first view, luv 3rd. urban trials seems sweet as hellll to bad my plus Trial ends tommorow. was fun well it lasted. dont care for free games. the discounts was great.

  • thanks for the notice i never play vanquish, ill check it out, loved darksiders any chance or getting darksiders 2 since THQ… ps buy the darksiders IP i was just amazed with that game

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