Buy God of War: Ascension at Best Buy, Get Mjölnir DLC

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Buy God of War: Ascension at Best Buy, Get Mjölnir DLC

God of War: Ascension - Mjölnir DLC

I have exciting news for God of War fans revolving around a new show coming to HISTORY very soon. God of War is steeped in the rich world of ancient Greek mythology, and soon you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the epic world of the Vikings and Norse mythology with HISTORY’s new original scripted series Vikings.

In a special limited time offer, if you purchase God of War: Ascension at Best Buy, you can bring Vikings into the realm of Kratos with an exclusive multiplayer weapon inspired by the series. While supplies last, every game copy will come with a voucher for the DLC weapon “Mjölnir,” or Hammer of Thor, for use in Ascension’s multiplayer mode. The voucher code will also unlock the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack, which includes four unique armor sets for four of ancient Greece’s greatest mythological heroes: Achilles, Perseus, Orion and Odysseus.

The show follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), the rumored direct descendant of the Norse god, Odin. Check out the trailer here, and watch the series Sunday nights at 10/9c starting March 3rd. To catch a sneak peek of Vikings, be sure to download the God of War: Ascension demo when it hits the PlayStation Store for exclusive bonus content from the show and from God of War: Ascension.

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  • Why cant all the stores get the same thing! SO to get all the exclusive DLC i gotta preorder 5 copies of the same game??

  • Pre order dlc crap? LOL .

  • @1 DaPinz

    I agree with you big time!
    It’s getting a bit frustrating to us truly God of War fans whom wish to have every single piece of DLC the Developers will offer for Ascension. There is no way a fan would pre-order or purchase one copy from each retailer only for the exclusive contents.

  • The DLC will be for sale after a fixed period of time, usually 90 days. Nothing to worry over where you pre-order.

  • Pre-order bonuses are ridiculous scams. I hope gamers are finally realizing that, and will refuse to fall for them.

  • I preordered my collectors edition 2 days ago. Do I need to cancel it or will it be retroactive?
    @1&2 usually the DLC becomes available for purchase later on, so you have the opportunity to get it later if you like.

  • So even though I’m getting the collectors edition, I don’t get the hammer because I didn’t pre order at Best Buy. I hate store exclusive DLC with a passion of the christ. It does nothing for the gamers, everything for the publishers and store CEOs.

  • Guess i will have to go to best buy….?

  • So almost all the usual suspects have their specific pre-order bonus except Amazon.

    I pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition way back in June 2012 at Amazon. Will there be any bonus for Amazon supporters?

  • Well, I’m not Thor or Beta Ray Bill. How do you think I will use this?

  • I want the 300 exclusive bonus but its only in America? how g*y i reckon they will let us BUY the store exclusives later on in the playstation store, i can bet money on that

  • Exklsuive store DLC is the worst thing ever.

  • How about instead of pre-orders at every store you just take $20 off the price on launch day?
    That way we will ALL buy it then instead of waiting for the price to drop.

    Sony really should consider this since they know they will sell a TON of copies of this game.
    Dropping it to $40 would probably add another 25% in sales.

  • Here we go with this crap….

  • when i first saw Mjölnir in the title, i thought it was the same one from Thor of last years avengers movie. lol

  • This is why i hate games that add multiplayer,
    They say its to add replay value but what they really mean “is we are gonna milk you dry for all your $$$.”

  • Its already bad enough when I have to buy a console to some game,but now having your product is not enough,I have to go to a certain store to have full game?You know what screw you game I’ve enough of this.

  • The Hammer looks cool, but I really like the King Leonidas multiplayer armor and weapon pack GameStop is offering. So I’m going to reserve my copy @ GS & get my 300 groove on. I can always get the Mjölnir Hammer when it gets released later on in the PSN store so it’s all good. ^_^

  • Can you please do something for Amazon?

  • Will this game still have 3D support?

  • so happy i pre-order Collector’s Edition from Best Buy. Why not best buy? You also get $20 certificate toward pre-ordering.

  • I hate these store specific items no matter where I buy from I feel like I’m losing out, but if youre gonna do it anyway why are u leaving out Amazon?

  • Okay, ordered my collector’s edition at Amazon, and they have free release day delivery…..
    If I order at Best Buy I have to pay an extra eight dollars to get it on release day, so…. that thing probably don’t worth eight bucks for me. I don’t think I am gonna play multiplayer a whole lot anyway…

  • Is there a single place to see which company is getting which pre-order bonus?

  • God of War – Descension for Vita plz

  • Would’ve been cooler if Norse mythology had come into the series along with Egyptian mythology in what David Jaffe had planned for God of War III.

  • Wait, your name is Brian Dunn and you’re posting about a BestBuy exclusive? That’s a weird coincidence.

  • Why store exclusives!? i really hate those!!

  • GOWA’s multiplayer would translate really well to PS Vita as a downloadable game with Cross-Play with the PS3 version. JUST SAYIN SONY SANTA MONICA! JUST SAYIN!

  • Already ordered my collectors edition at gamestop. I’ll just get this when it hits psn for sell.

  • If I get this skin for a DLC, then I’ll buy it at Gamestop. And I won’t even cancel my pre-order for the CE from Amazon!

  • But isn’t Mjölnir a Norse weapon not ancient Greek? why would they put a Norse item into a Greek themed game?

  • DarnedNut, the blog post says that the weapon was inspired by the Vikings TV show. Must be a promotional deal the game has with the show.

  • Hahahahaha, too bad all the Best Buys are closing down. What a joke.

  • Store specific DLC aka Preorder exclusives mean this went from a day one purchase to wait for a price drop to $20 or less.Gutting the game (pre DLC scam days these armors and weapons would have been in game unlocks) to try and increase specific brick and mortar company sales and line publisher pockets (assuming it is a publisher decision and not the developer) is not a business model I will not continue to support.

  • everyone should be gettiing this game at best buy anyway, if you preorder this ( and many other big name games) and buy them you get $20 gift card, just for getting the game… what do you get at gamestop? nothing worth mentioning. amazon probably has something similar but I rather go to a physical store.

    @34 they aren’t, the ones they closed down if you look at it were in terrible locations, many were very close to each other. they had like 3 best buys within a mile in some city in kansas, no need for that, none of the ones near me are shutting down.

  • I encourage everyone to do what I do… wait 12-18 months for the GOTY/Greatest Hits/Complete Edition with all DLC for $20. Don’t reward this bad behavior, these sort of anti-consumer practices are disrespectful and seriously lacking in value.

    And what is up with with the cross-branding with the history channel? Folks, this is the age we live in with promotions inside of promotions, capitalism run amok. What’s next? 30 second averts in loading sessions? (Oh wait, that was already added in Wipeout HD) Please everyone, vote with your wallet accordingly, lest this become the standard for PS4 and beyond. i guarantee you this will be only the tip of the iceberg as technology expands every onward.

  • Do people fall for this pre-order crap? I could understand if you got an extra 8 hours of gameplay through a free single player dlc or something but a hammer…really….let me rush right out there.

    Sony is still keeping the lid shut on the single player campaign. I read reviews of 30 minutes of gameplay that was “beautiful” and “amazing” but is that 3/4 of the game? 1/2? 1/4? Who knows. I will not be buying until I can get a full review of the single player campaign as the multiplayer is just wasting space on the disc in my eyes.

    I bought all the GOW games for PS2, PSP and PS3 and I am tired of falling into the trap of buying games over and over again to work on a new console. I may not even buy this one until I see a definite date for PS4 and Xbox720 (shut up it sounds cooler) because I imagine Sony will screw gamers once again.

    Oh well, I love the GOW series, pre-order bonuses are lame and keeping the single player campaign under tight wraps just makes everyone think it is going to be SHORT.

  • The Collectors Edition is supposed to include all DLC that is released for this game. So when they do make it all purchasable (and they will) it should be all free for those of us who got the CE.

  • It’s amazing how replies are so few and far between, if even existent at all. I want to know why we have been dealt a bait-and-switch tactic with the God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition. We were originally going to be getting an 8″ tall statue of Kratos when the Collector’s Edition was first annonuced, and now we are getting one that is 6″ tall instead, and looks nothing like the original. I liked the taller one’s appearance better, and it was what sold me on pre-ordering the Collector’s Edition, but now I am thinking about downgrading back to the standard edition.

    These kindd of tactics would be something I would expect much more from Microsft, but not Sony, and I’m disappointed.

  • Where is guide or artbook???

  • Great deal for preorders. Now some predawn anouncment befor todays meeting.
    Get ready for it . Around 350.00 retail nice deal. Ill let the folks in tech dept give details on operateing system specs, Its a powerhouse, Look for fall release date. Thank you From your Customer ambassador to the Playstation Network and your Playstation Family online id:bombbreath Sony make.belive its official .


  • I’m pre-ordering it from Best Buy just for the mere fact that if you do pre-order through them, they are giving you a $20 certificate at time of pick up for a future purchase. So this bonus is icing on the cake for me. Pre-order bonus plus $20 towards my next purchase = awesome for me. $20 which I will just turn around and use on another game (Last of Us) that they are also giving out $20 certificate for at time of purchase for pre-ordering. That allows me to save $40 on the purchase of 3 games. Which in my case is saving a ton of money.

  • I wonder if this will be released as dlc at a later time? Since I preordered the collectors edition which comes with a pass for all future dlc… I wonder if this will be included…

  • This is really quite funny seeing as the only Best Buys within 100+ miles just got closed down…or should I say midnight moved.

  • Is this a sign of things to come? Maybe the next game will be in Norse Mythology and this is their way of telling us in advance.

  • Can’t wait for the game to come out, so stoked for this!!!!!!!!!!

  • ehh looks okay

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