Buy God of War: Ascension at Best Buy, Get Mjölnir DLC

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Buy God of War: Ascension at Best Buy, Get Mjölnir DLC

God of War: Ascension - Mjölnir DLC

I have exciting news for God of War fans revolving around a new show coming to HISTORY very soon. God of War is steeped in the rich world of ancient Greek mythology, and soon you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the epic world of the Vikings and Norse mythology with HISTORY’s new original scripted series Vikings.

In a special limited time offer, if you purchase God of War: Ascension at Best Buy, you can bring Vikings into the realm of Kratos with an exclusive multiplayer weapon inspired by the series. While supplies last, every game copy will come with a voucher for the DLC weapon “Mjölnir,” or Hammer of Thor, for use in Ascension’s multiplayer mode. The voucher code will also unlock the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack, which includes four unique armor sets for four of ancient Greece’s greatest mythological heroes: Achilles, Perseus, Orion and Odysseus.

The show follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), the rumored direct descendant of the Norse god, Odin. Check out the trailer here, and watch the series Sunday nights at 10/9c starting March 3rd. To catch a sneak peek of Vikings, be sure to download the God of War: Ascension demo when it hits the PlayStation Store for exclusive bonus content from the show and from God of War: Ascension.

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  • Kratos is a Greek mythology fanfic Mary Sue and his popularity is a sad commentary on the intellectual void America’s public school systems are creating of the nation’s youth.

  • Pre order DLC? Why can’t you guys just sell the full complete game?

  • I really can’t see why they do this? I mean I am all ready, paying 80 bucks for the collectors edition and yet I am being cheated from the extra dlc? I mean “C’mon Sony, stop this BS!”

  • Good, now I know I’m not going to buy it until it gets a GOTY edition with everything inside the disc.

  • I hope this is a hint that the GOW series will start to explore new mythologies after Ascension. Whether it’s Norse, Babylonian or Egyptian, there are hosts of deities Kratos could carve his way through.

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