Star Wars Pinball Launches on PS3 and PS Vita This Month

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Star Wars Pinball Launches on PS3 and PS Vita This Month

Zen Studios has been making pinball games for nearly a decade now, and today is one of the most exciting pinball moments for our studio! We are extremely excited to announce that Star Wars is coming to Zen Pinball 2! Zen Studios has been working closely with LucasArts to create an amazing collection of videogame pinball tables set in a galaxy far, far away!

The first pack of tables include Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Beyond these exciting tables, there are seven others in production as we speak, all to be revealed as 2013 unfolds.

Each table features a different iconic moment from the Star Wars universe, with interactive 3D characters and unique gameplay. If you have not yet downloaded Zen Pinball 2, it is pretty easy to do. The free download will give you access to a great library of pinball content, where you can download demos for each table and pick which you’d like to buy. All content is cross-buy entitled on PS3 and PS Vita.

Star Wars Pinball

Star Wars PinballStar Wars Pinball

We will be unveiling more details on each table over the next few weeks leading up to launch, so be sure to keep an eye on PlayStation.Blog or for the latest Star Wars Pinball updates.

May the Force be with you!

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  • Looks good, but how much will it cost?

  • be nice to have these Pinball machines in Playstation Home…

  • Wha????? Please take my money! I must have this now!

  • Yes, these are the pinball tables that I am looking for!

  • I cannot wait to get my hands on these! If their previous pricing holds form, these should be $2.49 apiece. I’ll take it!

  • wow just wow day 1 purchase , and its a 4 pack yesssss !!!!! , been waiting since civil war , back in action baby !!!

    • I’m glad to see you’re as excited as we are! It’s actually a three pack, but there are more coming later!

  • “This video is private”

  • With classics being made by Farsight’s TPA, new (virtual) machines by Zen, Stern and Jersey Jack making new real world machines (JJ just released a Wizard of Oz and a The Hobbit machines with LCD screens), it’s a good time to be a pinball fan again.

  • I really want to see this as an actual pinball machine. Stern?

  • Latin America PSN webstore DOES NOT have search box. It’s almost impossible to find anything on the webstore because the lack of this important feature. USA and Europe webstore have searchboxes. Please check it and fix it!

  • This looks exciting, a theme I am actually interested in, although I’m not a pinball enthusiast in general. I hope it sells like, well, Star Wars.

  • Wow, this was unexpected! AWESOME news! Thanks, Zen.

    Currently enjoying both Zen Pinball 2 and The Pinball Arcade and playing them more than anything else, but waiting patiently for stereoscopic 3D in The Pinball Arcade. Zen Pinball is very high quality and the leaderboards are incredibly well implemented. I couldn’t be happier to have this great table on Zen Pinball 2!

    I can’t wait for Star Wars Pinball!

  • I’ll buy this pack up right quick. The Episode V table looks cheesy(in a good way ) and I love it!

  • Great news. Off topic, hi, i just want to know is there a release date for Kickbeat? I thought it was coming out last year as i was really looking forward to it, thanks.

  • Know I no why I been waiting all this time to download it for Star Wars…

  • I’m in as long as you don’t jack-up the price of the tables just because it’s Star Wars. That happens a lot with anything Star Wars related.

  • First day purchase. I have a bunch of Marvel tables already. Great complement.

    I wish someone would make a good pinball peripheral. :-)

  • I’d love to know pricing info. Will these be purchased as a package, like the Marvel tables, or will they be individual purchases like most of the other Zen Pinball tables?

  • How much for the three tables?

  • as much as i love old star wars i’ld rather have more marvel tables oh well ether way i may get these ones

  • Zen Studios is working closely with LucasArts, or isn’t it Disney at this point? With Disney’s latest announcement that they are going to make a film based solely on Yoda, when I saw this, I get the idea that they are trying to milk everything they possibly can out of the franchise. Either way, since I have the complete Zen 2 collection of tables, all of which are pretty good, I’ll add these as well.

  • Awesome. Day one buy. I am not into comics so I didn’t get the Marvel ones but I still love Star Wars. Plants vs. Zombies was super fun along with the Street Fighter one.

    Love this on Vita. Please don’t stop the Vita support. This and Pinball Arcade are always played on my Vita. The Pinball Arcade guys need to update their interface to be more like the Zen one.

  • Fantastic news… will certainly be picking these up day one. Great work on obtaining the license. After your exemplary work with Marvel I have no doubt these will be amazing!

    Can’t wait for the next PS Nation tournament so we can add these into the mix!

  • Are these simply going to be added to Zen Pinball 2? Or are you making another downloadable app? That Star Wars Pinball logo is kinda cool, it’d be a shame not to get to use it and have it in my game list.

  • Zen Pinball 2 is the best of it’s type on PS3. I’ve tried the other pinball games, but this one is simply superior. Great developers need to be praised. Their pricing is usually also awesome, love the business model too. Zen Pinball is a fantastic gaming value. These SW tables looks like they will continue this heritage.

  • @AizawaYuuichi

    Dang, read the first sentence of this post for the answer to your question.

  • Edit – second sentence… urp…

  • I ‘NEEEEEEEED’ that Table on that Video :P :P :P

  • @GT-420: I know what the article said. I was trying to ask if there was “also” going to be a new app. Bad wording on my part. Either way, got an official answer to my actual question. Thanks for trying to be a smartass.

  • Holy crap!!!, between this and the other table (Twilight Zone) I am in freakin’ pinball Heaven (easily of my favourite genres). Now where the heck is the Skylanders table that has the ability (but not exclusively) to use the figures and portal of power?! Please make it so Zen!!!

  • Still waiting on that Disgaea-themed table. T_T

  • sounds to me the set of 3 tables would be $9.99 unless lucas arts asks for more. I think that to be reasonable as long as the other 2 tables are up to snuff. I own every zen table thus far, and I see 3 more in the very near future.

  • !!! DAY 1 PURCHASE! Glad to see you see guys are exploring more licensed properties, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Life Day table released just prior to Xmas 2013. ^_^

    As a happy Vita owner, I’m so glad that cross-buy has been supported by ZP2 as well — but (just a suggestion) — you should make it more evident on the Vita’s loading/title screen that the game can be played in more pinball-apropos vertical mode by tilting the screen 90degrees. I had to find that out recently by complete accident, and thankfully now play that way all the time

    • Thanks for the suggestion and the support! By the way, we’ll eventually be adding a button-based control scheme for vertical mode for those who like to play that way and prefer buttons over the touch screen.

  • Sweet!

    You’ve been making pinball for a decade? Don’t you mean a “half decade”? You launched ZP1 back in 2008.

    • We worked on pinball games well before the launch of ZP1. In fact, our first major pitch to publishers was for a PSP title not long after that hardware launched, and we had our engine running on PC for a while before that.

  • Boba. Fett. Table.

    Sooooooo buying all of these. Zen’s done an OUTSTANDING job so far. Can’t wait to play these tables!

  • I think the price will fall in line with their other bundles, about $10…I am most definitely going to snap these up!

  • Can’t wait! There’s going to be a lot of newcomers to ZP2!

  • I was just playing Mars last night (got 633M) to get in the pinball mood for Twilight Zone later today… and now this gorgeous set of tables is on the way? Awesome.

  • Zen makes the best pinball I’ve played outside an actual physical arcade game, in some cases maybe better, but it’s fun to play for real.

    Star Wars pinball will be for me, a must have.

    Looks great, love the variety of tables you keep coming up with, not many game makers get to use a wide selection of other companies material in their games, but somehow you’ve been doing very well with that in addition to the original tables.


  • Also I hope this opens the doors for other franchises such as BTTF, The Matrix, Jurastic Park & IDK how but the godfather Keep up the great work ZEN !!

  • Just take my money now, please!

  • I have a bad feeling about this.

    (My wallet’s gonna hate me.)

  • When will Zen Pinball 2 get a patch to make it as visually stunning as Zen Pinball? I haven’t bought any Zen Pinball tables since several of the visual effects are absolutely MISSING from ZP2, namely the sparks and other lighting effects in the *amazing* Tesla table.

    Please fix the Telsa table’s effects in ZP2 and I’ll gladly buy tables again!

  • Its 6:30….why is the store not updated. Lazy inconsistency is a big turn off. Set a time. Make updates by then…its not hard to remember, “oh its tuesday tomorrow, lets get tech working on the update now so it can launch asap tomorrow”.

    Poor company labor force use is all i see from sony. Good content, poor delivery.

  • Uh to answer number 1 in the post, 2.99 like all the other tables LOL

  • I agree. It’s good but how much does it cost?

  • Zen Pinball 2 is the greatest. I cant wait for these SW tables. Id think the tables would be a little more than the other tables just being SW and all. Im betting $10 for the 3 pack. Doesnt matter because I will be getting them. Zen Pinball tables look amazing in 3D too. Excited!

  • With a name like Zsolt Kigyossy, it *has* to be Star Wars.
    Thanks sir! ;)

  • @gameman187:
    Oh mah shweet lawdy, The Matrix digital pinball trilogy from Zen could be the most incredible thing ever made… B-]
    Insert credit: *ring* “Operator.”
    Skill shot: “You shoot the blue ramp, you stay in wonderland…”
    Ball save: “Everybody falls the first time…”
    New ball: “I know kung fu.”
    Extra ball: “Stop trying to hit me and hit me!”
    Game Over: “I don’t wanna remember nothin’, y’hear me? Nothing!”
    Tilt: “Not like this…”
    High score: “I don’t believe it!”
    Multiball: *Burly Brawl theme*
    Score multiplier: “Hm. Upgrades.”

    Gosh all the best quotes are in the first one, aren’t they? ;-D

  • I just threw my wallet at my laptop.

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