50% off Select Final Fantasy Games for the Series’ 25-Year Anniversary

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50% off Select Final Fantasy Games for the Series’ 25-Year Anniversary

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago, our company launched a game called Final Fantasy. It was the result of a lot of hard work and dedication. It was also the start of a franchise that would go on to capture the hearts of millions of players around the world.

As we celebrate Final Fantasy’s 25th anniversary, we look back on a series that contains 14 installments, numerous spin-off games, and all sorts of merchandise. We are always impressed by the love our fans show for this franchise.

To celebrate this amazing milestone in the history of Final Fantasy, we’re putting a number of Final Fantasy titles on sale on PlayStation Network, starting when PSN updates tomorrow. For two weeks, the following titles will be on sale in PlayStation Store for 50% off.

  • DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY (PSP)
  • FINAL FANTASY Tactics: War of Lions (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy II (PSOne Classics)
  • FINAL FANTASY IV: Complete Collection (PSP)
  • Final Fantasy V (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VI (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VII (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (PSOne Classics)
  • Final Fantasy IX (PSOne Classics)

We hope you enjoy these classic titles — the memories they evoke, and the new memories they will create.

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  • When you say:

    Final Fantasy (PSOne Classics)
    Final Fantasy II (PSOne Classics)

    Do you really just mean Final Fantasy Origins will be $5 since it has both?

  • If you have no played or bought Final Fantasy 7, this is a great chance to pick it up. The game is seriously amazing and you will not regret it. Graphics are bad but the plot is priceless. I can honestly say that it is my favorite gme of all time and it has been since I bought it on my ps1 way back then. FF8 is also a very good game so if you only plan on buying a few then I would recommend those 2 by far over the others personally.

  • I was hoping for a FF III discount…i will get FF VIII thoug

  • So all of the PSOne Classics will work on the PS Vita right?

    If this is the case I’ll buy them all, but please let me know for sure because I couldn’t find them on the various compatibility lists.

  • Is Dissidia 012 Prologus worth it? Or I save my 1.50 Dlls to buy other thing?

  • Why I ask, why is Crisis Core not on the PSN Store. There are 1 million Vita’s in the marketplace and I am sure that many people would love to finally be able to play this game including me. Why not give me the chance to add this game to my all time favorite franchise collection? I will be buying FF IX since I seem to not own that one, but I own every single other titled because like I said this is my favorite franchise ever. I would also like my voiced heard about other Sqaure games not available digitally, but I really want Crisis Core. Why does Square (and Konami for that matter) not want sales from games that are already made just not released digitally?



  • FINALLY I can get a 20 dollar card and buy all 4 PSone games 6-9

  • @SpooNManX

    From VII to IX will surely work on the Vita, altough I dont know if you can use the transfer from PS3 method to play I, II and VI on the Vita.

  • why isn’t crisis core on psn? I only purchase digital. I’m not a fan of UMDs



  • @ElPresidentEvil & @SpooNManX

    You can transfer your PS3 saves to the Vita and back again for PSOne classics. You can use this method to also transfer over saves from the PSP to the PS3 to the Vita for PSOne Classics and PSP Classics.

  • I’m going to get some of these…that I already own. That’s how I roll now.

  • Already have everything I want from that list. If you want my money, I suggest releasing Crisis Core, Type-O and the PSP versions of FFI and FFII on PSN.

  • WOOOO!!!! This made my DAY!

  • too bad they dont release crisis core or birth by sleep on psn. Two of the best psp games. Only reason i still have my psp, but would be so much better to have these on the Vita. Get with the times Square!!!

  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep as a digital copy and playable on the PS Vita, please. Pretty please with cherry on top. I’m begging hardcore here, Square-Enix.

  • FF V on vita yet? I heard Europe has it, why don’t we? I love FFV, and I can’t play it on my vita .. .ugggh!!!

    Oh yeah, where is type-0 (agito), and versus?

  • Awww man i just bought Dissidia too

  • Crisis Core
    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

    As digital copies.

    Where are they? WHERE ARE THEY?!

  • I have ff 7,8,9 on disc which others would y’all recommend for ps3 only?

  • Why isnt FFIII on sale too? I own all but 3 and duodecum and would have bought both -.- damnit.
    Please make FFV vita compatible
    Please put Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII & KHBBS on PSN/Vita
    Type-0 is all

  • I wish those were all cross-platform compatible!

  • A sale on all the horrible PS One and PSP games that everyone already owns or doesn’t care to buy anyway, hooray !

  • When is the promotion starting? I checked PSN just now, and the prices are still the same.

  • Will it be cheaper for ps+ members?

  • What in the world ever happened to Final Fantasy X HD? I would really like to see that sometime soon!

  • I’m glad to see that those of us in the US are finally getting to hit up this sale. When it passed through Europe and went radio dark, I must admit that I got a bit nervous. Still, crisis averted! I’ll definitely be picking up a couple of these games (Duodecim, anyone?) tomorrow.

  • I think I own all of these except IV. Let’s see if my 32gb could squeeze another FF game on it!

  • I would love to play a brand new Dissidia title for the PS Vita… make it happen Square Enix!!! :)

  • aandd… i’m broke again

  • awesome discounts :D

  • Warms me heart, the love and clamour for FFV. Just a shame it’s the PS1 version. So lifeless, not to mention the iffy porting those releases had (Chrono Trigger was painful on there, especially after my initial exposure through the NDS experience). Whenever you get around to the mobile version of FFV, be sure to bring it out as, like, a Cross-Buy/Play title for PSN and PSV, GBA translation and all. I would love.

  • I’m guessing this comes along with tomorrow’s update.

  • Come on, we want the PSP version of FFI and FFII, who do we have to threaten to make it happen?

  • @29 swissmr – If you have a PSP/Vita, I’d say FFIV Complete Collection. It’s the spiffiest version of the classic game (a 3D remake has been released on Nintendo DS and iOS), and comes with extras, including its sequel, The After Years.

    If it’s PS3 only, I’d say FFIX. FFVII has aged kinda oddly (though if you do, name her “Aerith”; it’ll make life easier on you), and FFVIII’s system takes some getting used to, but FFIX is rather classic in its style.

    I’d recommend avoiding the PS1 versions of FFI/II, FFV, and FFVI mostly due to either translation (particularly FFV) or shoddy porting (slow-opening menus, etc.). For FFI and FFII, either the PSP (UMD-only, in North America) or mobile versions, especially for FFII. For FFV and FFVI, I’d say the Game Boy Advance versions, if you can (and, if you can, the European releases, which have a few more bug fixes while retaining American English scripts); if you must, FFVI would also be viable on the Wii’s Virtual Console (as “FINAL FANTASY III” on Super NES).

    After you get through some games, definitely pick up DISSIDIA 012 (and, perhaps, Prologus). So many references and such. You can really fanboy out on there.

  • And to all interested (if you scroll back to this undoubtedly moderation-requisite post), someone has gone through and reviewed each main-line FINAL FANTASY (along with MYSTIC QUEST, TACTICS, and FFX-2) up to FFXIII, all in their earliest states (sans translation patches where applicable). Really worth a read, though thar be spoilars, yaharr: http://www.socksmakepeoplesexy.net/index.php?a=patff

  • Quick question that maybe someone can answer:

    I own the PS1 disk version of FFV. I tried to play it on my PS3 over the weekend, but I was having issues with the game (it would occasionally lock up when I went to save). Does the PSN version of the game suffer from this problem as well? I’d love to play through it again, but I don’t have my old PS1 or PS2 anymore.

  • Time to buy FF VIII.

  • @14, really, that’s all you make…sad.
    Took long enough, was hoping we might see Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 and Chocobo’s Racing by now, but I will take what I can get. Spending $5 on the lousy port of FFVI is almost feasible.

  • I can get a $50 PSN card and pick up Final Fantasy V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, tomorrow. Is there a 75% sale for Plus members. Though I’m curious as to if I can play all of these games on my Vita.

    So my question is this Sony, All the games that are in this sale can they all be played on the Vita and if not how soon until we get an update for this?

  • Any possibility of ever porting the dissidia to the ps3? it would be so easy, controls more of less straight transfer over to a controller, and it’s already on the network? I love the franchise but have no access to playing it!

  • Thanks, Square… but please, please release the digital versions of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II for PSP. The Origins versions are not fun at all to me compared to the PSP versions.

  • @Rynoseros, It’s a bit more complicated than that. Coding, rendering, engines, and all.
    Short answer is likely no.

  • I should be happy, but this wasn’t the same SquareEnix deal that went around everywhere but PSN last month… which was 50% off just about EVERYTHING in their catalog (Hitman Absolution was something like 25% off since it was new, which was the only thing PSN did get). Actually kinda disgusted to be honest.

  • Also, no FF3 PSP? Why?

  • This is terrible news! Without any regard for how poor I am, you just open my wallet and take out money this way for so many wonderful games. Chalk me up for at least three games this week.

    (Fantastic sale, by the way… FAN-friggen’-TASTIC.)

  • Where’s Final Fantasy Tactics for PSOne?!

  • I had an incredibly awesome time at the 25th anniversary party for FF held at PAX prime. The ability to play each FF numbered release on it original system was wonderful. I never had a chance to play a famicom before and to replay FF7-9 on the PS1 was super fun.

    Thanks for the good times, the memories, and the sale.

  • Will we ever get the best Final Fantasy Known as Final Fantasy 12 for the vita

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