Soul Sacrifice Out April 30th: Box Art, Pre-order Extras Revealed

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Soul Sacrifice Out April 30th: Box Art, Pre-order Extras Revealed

Since it was announced for North America, and as new assets and details are rolled out to eager fans worldwide, excitement for Soul Sacrifice has only increased. No other title for PlayStation Vita combines the same frantic real-time combat, thrilling sense of scale, smartly interwoven cooperative multiplayer, or meaningful character customization… Not to mention the contributions of legends of gaming like designer Keiji Inafune or composer Yasunori Mitsuda and Wataru Hokoyama.

For weeks, fans have asked for more info about the game’s North American release, wanting a final date and box art, and details about possible pre-order extras. Finally, those questions can be answered!

Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita launches in stores and via PlayStation Network on April 30th, 2013. As for the box art, it is essentially the same as that which Japanese fans will proudly display on their shelves (or pedestals, if you’re a pedestal kind of person):

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

Fans who pre-order Soul Sacrifice will receive an exclusive pack of in-game content — it will not be sold anywhere else!

  • Two (2) Unique Costumes with which players can customize their character
  • Three (3) Magic Items to aid players in battle:
  • Spirits’ Flamepike – Shards of the spear provided by Fire spirits, unleashing a five hit combo attack with heat effects
  • Spirits’ Blightstone – Explosive stones with poison effects provided by the spirits
  • Spirits’ Fulgurwood – Root provided by the Thunder spirits. Tracks enemies on the ground and attacks with thunder spell

Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita

There’s more! Do you prefer to play with Japanese audio tracks whenever possible? You might want to pre-order…

Reserve Soul Sacrifice and, in addition to the in-game costume & item bundle, you’ll also receive the Japanese voice-over pack for free. This pack will be sold separately, but the only way to get it right at launch for no added cost is to pre-order!

Thrilled to finally be able to reveal a release date to his North American fans, Project Lead Keiji Inafune had this to say:

I’m excited that we are finally able to announce the release date of Soul Sacrifice. I have put all my passion and soul into the game’s concept and my talented team has made an incredible effort to create the best game it could ever be. I’m confident that we’ve created an extremely engaging game that you will enjoy playing.

The game has become nothing like any other game with an original and deep world settings which could only be possible in a dark fantasy environment. I’m looking forward to you being able to experience the unique adventure of real heroism in Soul Sacrifice. Immerse yourself in the world of Soul Sacrifice and have fun playing it!

Keiji Inafune, Conceptor and CEO – comcept, Inc.

Soul Sacrifice on PS VitaSoul Sacrifice on PS Vita

There’s plenty left to share and reveal for Soul Sacrifice… Keep coming back to PS.Blog for more updates!

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10 Author Replies

  • Making a Japanese track a preorder bonus/downloadable extra? Not sure I like that direction..

  • I can’t wait! The demo for this was unexpectedly very good, so I’m already anticipating this release.


  • I’m kinda confused right now, isnt Soul Sacrifice a sony computer entertainment japan game? why is Atlus publishing the game on North America? should it be Sony Computer Entertainment America the ones publishing the game here? anyways i hope this means demo coming out real SOON, i mean Playstation PLUS next week soon? anyways i have a feeling the vita will have a very good year.

  • @remanutd5

    Atlus, what? Aram joined Sony a few months ago. Sony’s publishing this.

  • Great news to have a release date! Looking forward to a Demo if it comes prior to the game. This is looking like a Day 1 purchase tho. Thanks for the news.

  • April………..thats way too long they can at least relase the demo now…its been on japanese psn for awhile now d-__-b

  • Will digital pre-orders be eligible for the content offer or is this only for retail partners?

    • SirRadG,

      The offer(s) aren’t *necessarily* only for retail purchases although yes, those are the only ones addressed by the post at this time.

      Apologies for the generic PR response, INSERT POSTER’S NAME HERE, but we will have more information for you soon. Thanks for the question; it’s obviously on folks’ minds!

  • Will the US and Canada get a demo too like Japan did?

  • @4: Aram is no longer with Atlus. He’s with Sony now.

    Been a while since we Persona fans heard from you Aram. So this means that the game wouldn’t have any “exclusive to this retailer” etc pre-order bonuses right? Would be nice if that’s the case…

  • Looks like I got something to pre-order this year. Wasn’t expecting to come to American shores that soon after the Japanese release.

  • All these games coming out and so little money, god is testing me.

  • Does it matter where you pre-order it from to get the DLC? I want to pre-order it now but I don’t want to miss out on the exclusive content! So excited for this game!

  • Will we still get the pre-order bonuses if we purchase it from PSN?

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to play it!

  • YES!!! So excited. Though I predicted the release date exactly! WIll these preorder bonuses be available on the PS Store? Especially the JP audio

  • Yay, been looking forward to to this for a while, great to finally have a release date set.

    Getting pretty sick of pre-order bonuses, but that’s a industry wide problem.

    Looks good, can’t wait to play.

  • Day 1, any chance of us getting the demo here?

  • Holy poop just reread the article.

    Japanese voices are a pre-order bonus? Wow… well that’s one way to get people to buy the game at launch, although now I feel sick having read that.

  • P.S for every one asking the demo is alwsome, very legthny, and shows off the depth of the customztion and the epic story…………the japanese demo that is d-__-b

  • is there a way to pre order it on the psn, I don’t buy my vita games physically

  • can’t wait to play it!!!

    How about the demo?

  • at 5, 10 well it said Atlus before now they fixed it. Thats why i was kinda confused.

  • @12 Just try ur best to get all the games you can. Kratos will take of the rest….(God)

  • Kabooom! Good news to start the day. Now I know you say that some of those pre-order items will never be made available anywhere else but I’ve seen that said before for other games and literally every single time it does get released to PSN eventually.

    @4 What makes you think Atlus is publishing it for NA? Right at the top it says “Posted by Aram Jabbari // Public Relations Manager, PlayStation”. Then on the box it says “Sony Computer Entertainment”. It doesn’t say Atlus anywhere.

  • The game looks great!

  • Well, things are getting good for NA PS Vita owners!

    Soul Sacrifice coming in April! Thanks for the good news…

    and tacked onto the Ninja Gaiden free to plus members news!

    Plus the 3 free months for renewing yesterday…

    I’m a happy gamer today.

  • this preorder bonus better be gamestop exclusive, and wheres the demo for NA.

  • @24 My bad, I started typing before your second post.

  • Will pick this up eventually, not many Vita games I’m looking forward to… just Tearaway that’s it…

  • i hope this means Killzone Mercenary coming out in february and Tearaway in march

  • This is very good news. Day one buy.

  • @1. %100 agree. It amazes me that at a time where one would want to step away from such blatant nickle and diming. For an industry that says the average consumer is in their 30s, you sure treat us like blind money spending kids.

    All these “extras” should be in the game!

  • Making the JP Voice track a pre-order bonus and/or paid DLC is just dirty. I may actually skip this game now because I’m not supporting that tactic.

  • HOLY CRAP can’t wait!!!!!

  • Boxart……. that’s one thing I miss when buying digital now

  • How did I miss that Yasunori Mitsuda was involved in the soundtrack? Any chance for a limited edition with a soundtrack included?

  • Hi Aram, welcome to the PS family. I must say that I appreciate you guys including the Japanese voice track. But will it be available for pre-orders on PSN as well? Now at least we have a choice even though I’d have preferred both tracks included on cart. Any info on file size or price if we miss the pre-order window?

    • ro-kurorai,

      Please see my response to #8. Alas, we don’t have answers to your other questions yet; more info to come!

  • i personally don’t really care about having japanese voice acting in the game, but having it as a preorder bonus or paid dlc seems extremely scummy. who seriously thought that was a good idea??

    • btkadams,

      Could you please elaborate on your thoughts? You’re not the only poster to share the sentiment, but I’m not sure it’s helpful feedback unless you can articulate the reasons it is such a negative offer.

      Thank you!

  • Soul Sacrifice is one of the reasons I bought a PS Vita, so glad there’s finally a US release date!

    I’m almost certain I’ll pre-order, but would still really like the demo to be released soon, even if it’s just for PS+ users.

    Aram, do you know if there’s a limited number of pre-orders available and/or if there’s a certain date we have to pre-order by to get the exclusives?

  • Any chance for a demo on the psn Store ?

  • Aram- Great Nick Suttner avatar!

  • I’m really looking forward to playing Soul Sacrifice. But that cover art is way too busy. You don’t need all of that going on in that small of space. The character in the lower right with the battle axe looks out of place, he’s just there with no context. It looks like there’s a creature above the character I just talked about who is just there as well. I think that’s another character above the main featured character. There’s just too much going on and it doesn’t do the title service.

  • Ok, will add this to my impossible Vita backlog. I echo that I hope the pre-order bonuses are also for the digital version.

  • About TIME!

    Can we expect that awesome Demo anytime soon?

  • Sony Japan Studio always provide great box art. Gravity Rush and Tokyo jungle are my favorite box art of 2012, and inside of box met the expectation as well. This is another great box art design.
    I guess they have great internal resources for the game art.

  • For those saying it’s “dirty” to have the Japanese voice overs as separate DLC, why’s that? Though it’s not yet clear how much voice over work there is, the game is very story-driven from what has been shown, so it’s highly likely that including two complete voice over tracks increases the file size significantly. As such, I think it’s great that it’s being separated out because I have no desire to use the Japanese track, and I’d venture to guess that the majority of non-Japanese Americans are the same way. Why should I have to waste more space for something I’d never use?

  • As for the original Japanese voice track pre order bonus… I thought it was a good idea. Most likely people that would want that already have it pre ordered. I’ve had mine preordered since last year. The other preorder stuff is just icing on the cake. If you want the icing, preorder. I’m guessing this is a day one purchase for us Vita owners hungry for a great game. Spring at the end of this Canadian Winter just got so muich better.

  • know what you guys sould do since the qure is gone from plus add free movies and discount movies for plus every week or biweekly

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