PSN’s 13 For ’13 Begins Tomorrow: Top Games & Movies, Great Prices

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PSN’s 13 For ’13 Begins Tomorrow: Top Games & Movies, Great Prices

13 for 13 Sale

Continuing our tradition of offering a great PSN sale to start the year off right, we’re back in 2013 with the “13 for ‘13” sale on PlayStation Network. Starting tomorrow, January 22nd, and running through January 28th, we’re bringing you 13 great PS3 games at 50% off their regular price, and PlayStation Plus members can save even more with 75% off each title. Additionally, we’re upping the ante this year by bringing you 13 of the hottest, most critically acclaimed films of the previous year at great prices!

We’re always humbled at our fans’ dedication to all things PlayStation, and we made sure to pack the list of our “13 for ‘13” sale with some of the best PS3 games available. Take a look below for the full list:

  • LittleBigPlanet Karting – Regular $39.99, Sale $19.99, PS Plus $10.00
  • The Unfinished Swan – Regular $14.99, Sale $7.49, PS Plus $3.75
  • Ratchet & Clank – Regular $14.99, Sale $7.49, PS Plus $3.75
  • Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy – Regular $7.99, Sale $3.99, PS Plus $2.00
  • Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds Complete Collection – Regular $24.99, Sale $12.49, PS Plus $6.25
  • Warp – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • Shank 2 – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • NiGHTS into dreams… – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • Jet Set Radio – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut – Regular $19.99, Sale $9.99, PS Plus $5.00
  • Psychonauts – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50
  • Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 – Regular $39.99, Sale $19.99, PS Plus $10.00
  • Machinarium – Regular $9.99, Sale $4.99, PS Plus $2.50

Don’t forget to check out these great deals on full SD and HD movies, featuring some of the best films of 2012! Here’s the full list of titles:

  • Ted – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $17.99
  • Pitch Perfect – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $17.99
  • The Cabin in the Woods – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $9.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Total Recall – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Beasts of the Southern Wild – Regular (HD) $14.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • The Raid: Redemption (Unrated) – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Safety Not Guaranteed – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Arthur Christmas – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Pirates! Band of Misfits – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $12.99, Regular (HD) $17.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Safe – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $9.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $12.99
  • Margaret – Regular (SD) $12.99, Sale (SD) $10.99, Regular (HD) $15.99, Sale (HD) $10.99
  • The Do-Deca Pentathalon – Regular (SD) $12.99, Sale (SD) $10.99, Regular (HD) $14.99, Sale (HD) $10.99
  • Bernie – Regular (SD) $14.99, Sale (SD) $7.99, Regular (HD) $19.99, Sale (HD) $9.99

We hope you enjoy all the great offers available through PlayStation Network’s “13 for ‘13” sale. The sale doesn’t last forever, so make sure to take advantage starting tomorrow. Let us know in the comments which games and movies you’ll be checking out!

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  • That’s just great I already have most of those games though I might have to look into getting Warp since it’s only $2.50

  • where is discount for vita owner :(

  • To use a poker term
    I’m all in :-D

  • Are you guys kidding me? These are some sweet deals especially since i have PS Plus.I may just buy Unfinished Swan and Machinarium. I might even buy Psychonauts again.

  • What!? Amazing! :D

  • Such an amazing sale! I’ll be getting LBP, the unfinished swan and Nights for less than $20!

  • Shank 2 maybe.

  • Now this is a sale! Wish we had this sale last month over the holidays when I had time to enjoy some of these. :)

  • In for Unfinished Swan!

  • I loved when plus gets 75% off. Seriously, I don’t like those 50% off plus discounts because before plus even existed, 50% discounts were already possible.

    I have to check what should I buy because I already played some of these titles.

  • Darn.

    LBP KArting is a decent deal.

    But otherwise, yet another massive dissapointment for the NA sales.

    No where near as good as the other regions get. If you can’t equal the sales of EU, don’t bother

    Instead of a bunch of newish PS3 games, theres 1 PS3 Game the EU had discounted over a month ago, a bad golf game, and a bunch of PSN titles…



    The sales keep getting worse and worse, of course no one is forcing you to have sales yadda yadda, but it’s pretty sad when compared to the EU PSN, Steam or Retailers normal prices are bad, let alone sales.

  • Holy crud! Some of these prices (Such as LBP Karting) are insanely awesome. Looks like I’ll be pumping some lifeblood through the PSN servers.

    Is there any chance of the Vita also getting some sort of 13 for ’13 sale? I know I’m not alone when I say that the Vita could use a major sale like this!

  • Nothing for Vita?

  • I am starting to agree with these other people who refuse to buy game when they come out, because a month later they are part of massive sales >.>

  • Oh yeah tell you what we liked/etc…

    I have LBP Karting and most of the PSN games already since the PSN games have basically all been given out free, or discounted for Plus already, some numerous times.

    So PLEASE STOP RECYCLING the games selected for SALES already!!!!!!!!!!!

    Being a Plus member has less purpose every week.

    If I didn’t aleady own them I would buy the Karting game and Ratchet and Clank, and the overall prices are good.

    But it would be nice to get more deals on PS3 games that came out last year like the EU got and Morgan Haro promised we’d be getting equal quality weeks ago…. Never happened… still not happening today from that list.
    (EU continues to get more PS3 full games and newer games on sale)

  • Wow, these are some amazing deals. PS+ pays for itself like this.

  • nothing for the vita???

  • I wish there was a few more Vita games in this deal! Especially Unit 13 since it has 13 in its name!

  • Unfinished Swan and Machinarium for me :). I’m tempted by Jak 1 for only $2, but I’m wondering if it would be better to just pick up the HD Collection.

    Ah, decisions, decisions.

  • Thank you Sony for these great deals! I am set to throw a lot of money your way! :)
    I am buying the following tomorrow:
    Ni No Kuni
    Jak and Daxter Precursor Legacy
    Ratchet and Clank
    Unfinished Swan
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
    LBP Karting
    Truly incredible! My son will love LBP Karting!

  • I am a little tired of people crying about how they already brought and/or played games on sale.I didn’t buy them so it is great for me and anyone else. Stop being anal jerks and let everyone else enjoy the sale. I swear this site has the most whiners on the net.They always have something to cry about

  • LBP Karting and house of the dead Overkill For $15!!?? wow!! i was close of buying just House of the dead for the same $15 months ago! glad i waited

  • WOW !!! amazing prices – LBP K for $10 – what ?! I preordered it & it is a blast ! anyone who doesn’t have it should hop in their karts & get racing ! Unfinished Swan here I come ! thank you …. what an awesome list … if I didn’t already have R & C & Jak & Daxter – these would be on my list ….. really great deals . keep em coming . will check out a few of these ….

  • getting unfinished swan
    i agree about the Unit 13 missed opportunity
    now we need plus prices on the movies

  • I hope more discounts are coming. Good stuff, but not the kind of games i want.

  • Wanted to get into Jak and Daxter so I’ll pick that up. LBP Karting is tempting…

    Will get the Unfinished Swan, and Psychonauts….(memories!) :D Thanks! (Now get Vesperia localized and on the network we’re good! :D )

  • @64 yeah thats the unfortuante part of being a day 1 buyer. I was burned with One Piece getting a 20% off discount only 3 weeks later. >_<

  • meh LBP Karting for 10 dollars looks enticing but dont like that games series art style so nothin for me here

  • @76 i would also love a ps3 port of Vesperia but didn’t Microsoft sign a deal with Namco to keep it an xbox exclusive in NA?

  • And why no Vita games? :(

  • I’m personally gonna pick up Psychonauts and Unfinished Swan, maybe LittleBigPlanet Karting, though I’m trying to save money. I think this is a pretty decent sale. Yes, I know many people own most of these games, myself included, but Sony has to look at the whole of the community, not just Plus, so discounts on games we got for free is bound to happen.

    But 75% off is rather substantial, so I feel like Plus is moving in the right direction on that one. I’m really looking forward to the Gamers Choice Awards coming up in February, that was a major addition to my game library last year. And I know Morgan has seen the list and is pretty excited about it, so there is bound to be some pretty impressive stuff to vote on.

  • Why not Jak 2 and 3? Disappointing it’s only the first :(

  • I’d say you just emptied my wallet with this sale, but the prices are so good its actually only going to mostly empty my wallet! And is the Ratchet and Clank you’re referring to the HD Collection? Please say yes.

  • @71cosmic whatever.

    Just becuase some people don’t own a game, doesn’t change the fact that they keep putting the same sales up over and over (% changes, but the games are recycled).

    I’ve said how the prices are good.

    What isn’t good is the lack of variety in PSN sales.

    Most people who like these games and had money would have bought them (the PSN games) last time they were on sale… or the time befor that.

    While it’s great to see 50-75% off again, and for people who don’t own the games the deals are great, the fact remains there are pleny of us who are loyal Sony customers who already bought those titles during previous sales and are dissapointed today to see this list.

    It’s called feedback, you’re the one who sounds anal.

  • Fantastic sale. Thank you!
    Great time to finally pick up The Unfinished Swan. Really loved the demo.
    I was waiting for Machinarium’s Vita version, but this sale is very tempting.
    Obviously Ratchet & Clank is a great price if you didn’t already buy it. And maybe I’ll get Jak & Daxter, I’ve never played one of them.

    On a completely different note, I wish the movie business would show a little flexibility. Those prices are still way too high, and how can they not realize that offering digital rentals for 1 or 2 dollars would revitalize the rental business. Does Hollywood force these standardized rental prices across digital services? It is a digital service for crying out loud, and volume is the secret.

  • Nothing for me

  • I already have most of the ones I’d want, but I’m happy I finally get to play Unfinished Swan. Great sale!

  • Great sales for me. Thank you for 75% discount !

  • wow, amazing deals ! on top of Ni No Kuni, I will be buying at least 5 of those games ! woot ! PS plus is a steal !

  • Sooo… EU gets HUGE sales on Borderlands 2 and all DLC, Transformers War for cybertron… and we get Sackboy’s mario kart, old HD remasters for kids… and golf. North America… did you like diss out Sony at the global Christmas Sony family dinner? I just bought $100 in PS cards thinking this would be worthwhile… I’ll just hold out til Sony decides NA deserves a DECENT sale. ~very annoyed.

  • I will be buying so much.

  • Unbelieveable prices! This may really breathe some well deserved life into the LBP Karting community.

  • LittleBigPlanet Karting for 10$, jak and dexter for 2.50$, Hot Shots Golf Complete Collection $6.25,
    NiGHTS into dreams 2.50, shanks 2 2.50$

    really really good sales! thanks a bunch especially for lbp karting!

  • Great specials!

  • Psychonauts nights, and shank 2 are the only 3 i dont own….

    all the other games i brought at full price…. and highly recommend them all at those plus prices STEALS

  • I’m really disappointed…enough with digital disc-based games…we need PSN only games…and there are just a few there and even less good ones…LBP Karting is beyond amazing and for $10 is unbelievable but I’ll get in disc of course.That Ratchet…is it Full Frontal Assault?…well guess I’ll discover tomorrow.

  • Here is just a SAMPLE of last weeks EU PSN sale:

    Borderlands 2 (ends 23rd January)
    Was €59.99, £49.99, €89.95; now €29.99, £19.99, AU$39.95
    Additional 10% discount for Plus members

    Borderlands 2 Season Pass (ends 23rd January)
    Was €29.99/£19.99/AU$39.95; now €14.99/£11.99/AU$21.95
    Additional 10% discount for Plus members

    Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Pack (ends 23rd January)
    Was €9.99/£7.99/AU$15.95; now €4.99/£3.99/AU$8.45
    Additional 10% discount for Plus members

    Saints Row: The Third
    Was €29.99/£19.99/AU$39.95; now €14.99/£11.99/AU$21.95
    Additional 10% discount for Plus members

    Spec Ops: The Line (Ends 16/1/2013; not available in UAE)
    Was €59.99/£39.99/AU$99.95; now €24.99/£19.99/AU$29.95
    Additional 10% discount for Plus members

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
    Was €69.99/£57.99/AU$99.95; now €29.99/£23.99/AU$49.95
    Additional 10% discount for Plus members

  • @83 your psn name reminds me of that old classic cartoon, Darkwing Duck. loved that show. :)

  • Wow, LittleBigPlanet Karting for only $10. I’m getting that one for sure. Thanks Sony.

  • I wish we had the Final Fantasy sale like they have in Europe.

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