PS Vita Reels in Let’s Fish! Hooked on January 29th

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PS Vita Reels in Let’s Fish! Hooked on January 29th


Anticipation is a great thing, and through design or necessity, we’ve kept you all on tenterhooks regarding the release date of the PS Vita’s first full-scale fishing game. And so it is with a great sense of relief, and excitement, that we are finally able to announce today that Let’s Fish! Hooked On will be making a splash on PSN, for PS Vita, on February 5th January 29th.

Combining realistic fishing action with fast arcade style game play using the PS Vita touchscreen, Let’s Fish! Hooked On comes with a full story mode and aims to make fishing fun for everyone. Choosing between four different anime-styled characters, each with their own story line and unique abilities, players are challenged to improve their skills by competing in a host of progressively difficult tournaments in their bid to win the World Tour.


The game, which has been developed by the team behind SEGA Bass Fishing and Ape Escape (PSP), is split into four different game modes, World Tour, with its character-driven story line; Challenge, for quick short-bursts of fishing action; Training, to help develop your skills; and Underwater Mode, which lets you view your prized catches. All modes are designed to make use of PS Vita‘s fantastic features. There are also online rankings and Trophies to collect, including the prestigious Platinum Trophy.


We hope you’ll enjoy this fun, quirky PS Vita game and are all set to tackle Let’s Fish! Hooked On when it launches on PSN for $19.99.

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  • Nice! That’s the price point I was hoping for so I’m definitely picking it up! Any word on the file size? Might need to clear some space on the memory card.

  • Who actually buys these games?

  • sorry not spending that much on a fishing game.

  • where is Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault vita version?

  • This is one that I was looking forward to. Should be better than Resistance and CoD! I am just bummed that Europe gets this on the 30th of January. This is the price point that EDF should have been placed at.

  • *goes back to waiting for Full Frontal Assault, Soul Sacrifice, Killzone Mercenary and the wall of no games on the horizon beyond them*

  • So essentially this is an updated SEGA Bass Fishing for the Vita with a platinum thrown in?


  • another b.shet update!!! were is the R&C: FF for psvita? they said this January??/ lolz sony… way to go!!!!

  • @3 me maybe. I’ve had a lot of fun with Sierra Online PC fishing games in the past. There’s a place for relaxing, low stress games in my life.

  • “where is Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault vita version?”

    According to numerous media reports, it’s due January 29 alongside a major patch for the game.

  • at 11 i know but we havent even seen the game running on the vita, where is our demo? or just the ps3 version get that treatment?

  • wow, just the game everyone was hoping for… #sarcasm.

  • I think this game looks like fun!

  • What? It’s not even April fool’s yet.

  • looks like a fun title

    take what was great about sega bass fishing and add hot shots vita elements sounds like a great idea….

    serious question

    is this the first time some of you vita owners brought a console within it’s first year??? i only ask because other than the ps2 every console i’ve brought at launch had a 1.5 year drought the first year…

    as a fellow vita owner i share your concern…. but im also reminded of the ps3s first year and a half…. and think the vitas have been much better…..

    sly 4 ng sigma 2 in feb, mlb 13 and doa 5+ in march plus psn titles

  • All these people who are bashing this game… Don’t like it, don’t click on the article. I’m a hardcore gamer, have been since the early Nintendo days. Yet there is ALWAYS a place for low key games like this. I’m buying it for sure, looks like it’ll be quite a fun game. It was a full retail release in Japan selling for about double this price.

  • oh and just to be clear…. i’m not calling anybody out…..

    im just thinking i purchased 6 vita games last year and am looking at another 7-8 this year bringing my 2 year total of vita games to 13-14

    ps2 2 year total of 9
    ps3 2 year total of 7
    xb- 2 year 0f 5
    nw 2 year of 3

  • Gosh why do people have to rip on games like this… makes me sad, these kind of off the mainstream trail games were what made the old PS2 and some PSP games so wonderful. Mr. Mosquito, Robot Alchemic Drive, Firefighter FD 18, Pangya Fantasy Golf (PSP game), Magic Pengel. I’ll def be picking this up! :)

  • I really want to give yo my money for this game, but there is not physical release =(

    Not everyone can buy from the PSN store you know.

  • You had me at $19.99.

    I was going to buy day 1 for sure anyway, but that price point really instills a lot of faith in you guys. I’m happy you’re not out to gouge your customers on digital releases like certain other publishers I could name.

  • Wow, that’s a great price. The game was already on my radar, but I’m definitely picking it up now!

  • It’s exactly these types of games that make me sorry that I own a PS Vita. I was hoping for more sci-fi shooters and Western-developed RPGs.

  • I am kinda confused, since this games facebook say: January 29, 2013 for US

  • I don’t normally play fishing games and I’m not huge on moe, but I AM a big advocate of giving new and unique and artistic things a shot. I’m going to practice what I preach and slide an Andrew Jackson your way next week :D

  • You know, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Hotshots Golf on the Vita. I may well give this one a try too. The last fishing game I really played was Legend of the River King for the GBC, though many other games have had interesting fishing minigames in them.

  • Thanks for bringing it over. But I’ll wait for a plus sale. I can’t see myself paying more than 5-10 dollars for something like this.

  • wow, talk about rude… if you don’t like it don’t comment. Move on to the next piece of news that you DO care about. Saying stupid things like “no this dumb, I’m ashamed to have a Vita, I’m not paying that much for a fishing game” is counter productive.

    Only the people that acre about these things and have nice things to say are the ones that should be commenting on them.

  • Also, I agree with Labaronx.
    I have bought so many titles for my Vita in the first year compared to any of my other systems…
    But I am greedy and want more!

  • will there be a retail release at all? or psn only?

  • @ jgrizzle358

    That would be too smart and proper for this crowd.

    The whiners have to let us know how cool they think they are. I guess they think they could do better… yet they never do. That’s the funniest part.

  • Now this is a unique title for PS Vita, & people complain on forums about a price cut needs to happen & where are the games for PS Vita. I see them why doesn’t everyone else? Oh I get it to lazy to read lol.

  • Sad about PSN only but I understand. Buying this day 1, good price.

  • No retail… I was really hoping it would be retail so I could get it for my brother as a gift.

  • Ryuomau,

    Why must you always troll? Ok, its not for you, but for plenty of people its worth it.

    I seriously think you may have autism or something, it looks like you have no concept of others on here besides yourself. Not making fun of you if you do have it, I have a cousin who has it and you pretty much act spot on from the stuff you post on here. You think anyone cares that you do not think its worth it?

  • I will buy it for sure, it look like worth it.

    But I hope you bring us games like : “Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland” and I’ll appreciate something like “Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua]”

  • Yay I been waiting for this game. So Happy it is coming. I thank you for bringing this game over.

  • It’s cool to see games of all types of genres come to the vita. This looks like it has a Hot Shots kind of vibe that I think I may enjoy. However any plans for a demo?

    I think it’s because some of these close minded people (like some above) why developers don’t often bring more unique titles here to the U.S. It’s a shame really…

  • looks like crap!

  • Is there going to be a physical version of this game? I prefer physical copies to downloads.

  • *looks at GHOZTPRIME* Wow exactly what I’m talking about

  • Does this have Japanese voice acting, or is it dub only?

  • Agreed BlueBl1zzard,

    if its not your type of game, leave it at that. What does saying its crap do besides make you look like a tool on here?

    So many dunces out there.

  • Wow, … $20. Must be compensation for when this game goes to Plus for free?

  • @44: Or they’re just good at pricing games accordingly. Not every game needs to be full price, certainly not when they decide to go a digital only route for the localized release.

    D3 Publisher and Konami could learn a thing or two from these guys.

  • Wow, talk about being rude. No wonder the product manager only bothered to give one reply. What the hell does Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault have to do with this company???

  • “The game, which has been developed by the team behind SEGA Bass Fishing and Ape Escape (PSP), …”

    *sigh* When will we get a new Ape Escape? Or a new platformer IP from those guys? No one makes games that looks like that currently. Bright, colorful, goofy, fun… that’s the way Japanese platformers are, baby! And it’s great! You guys really flubbed the Move launch with that dumb Ape Escape branded on-rails shooter. The Move NEEDED a killer app for it, and a full fledged Ape Escape action adventure with inventive motion gadgets should’ve been the obvious choice. If you didn’t dust off the franchise for the debut of the Move, when WILL it come back?

    At any rate, maybe this’ll be fun? The Vita needs more than a fishing game (badly promoted too – no one heard about it at all until a few days before release) at this point though. But more games are always welcome. And with the pedigree of Sega Bass Fishing and Ape Escape, this one should be fun, at least.

  • You know this game will probably be fun. I didn’t think Retro Rampage would be fun but it is a fun little game.

  • Thanks for making this available. It looks well suited for the Vita and I will definitely be purchasing next Tuesday.

    I’ve not played SEGA Bass Fishing, but are the characters in this title customizable in regards to equipment, clothing, statistics, etc.?

  • >English VO.
    That’s unfortunate, I don’t know if I’ll bother getting it now. I have Ni no Kuni to play for now, anyway.

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