PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Thursday, January 17th

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PSN Maintenance Scheduled for Thursday, January 17th

Hi everyone! 2013 is off to a roaring start here on PSN, with tons of great games and promotions for PlayStation gamers, from the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta for PlayStation Plus users, to the recent digital release of PS3 favorite Demon’s Souls, to pre-orders going live for the digital version of Dead Space 3.

In order to continue bringing you the best online games experience on PSN, we will perform routine maintenance beginning the morning of Thursday, January 17th. This maintenance will start at approximately 8:00AM PT (9:00AM MT / 10:00AM CT / 11:00 AM ET) and last until around 8:00PM PT (9:00PM MT / 10:00PM CT / 11:00PM ET). During the maintenance period, you may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access PSN.

The PlayStation Store and Account Management will not be available during the maintenance period, but you will be able to access online play and apps provided that you have signed into PlayStation Network at some point between now and the time of the maintenance. So please be sure to sign in now if you wish to access the Network during Thursday’s maintenance window.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we thank you for your support.

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  • seriously its not hard since yesterday j expected to play a zombie Nuketown worse deouis 6am Thursday 17 24h after worse still not able to play it serious its what I m going to have bought a xbox to play my game a favorite I think that a lot of people who think its going to be anything like the pac revolution will have to wait until March to play its n importequoi seriously disappointed although the ps3

  • Wanted to play Nuketown zombies, couldn’t download it for whole night and still can’t. :) Thank you sony. You dissapointed me again. You had to choose thursday right, you couldn’t do it any other day…… I’m thinkin of buying xbox now.

  • Man, everyone comes out of the woodwork because of Black Ops 2 stuff… But this is kinda ridiculous, an update would be nice, nearing the 12 hour mark of additional downtime. You know, so we don’t start getting worried that something horrible happened. Oh no, something horrible happened, didn’t it?



  • any news on an update?

  • I wish I could change my username… :(

  • UPDATE 2: Unfortunately PSN maintenance is still underway and service is now not expected to resume before tomorrow morning. Please look out for further updates.



  • They probably got hacked again.. this is exactly how it started last time.. Anyway, see you in about 6 months.. I’ll be on my Xbox.

  • really cant use my season pass to play zombies my god why don’t you do this during the week like monday had to be the week end if i’m not able to get my stuff sony has lost a customer forever are you guys sleep i didn’t spend 400 bucks on a ps3 to just be like hey cant use my season pass meanwhile on xbox everything is going strong wow really salty about this disappointing feel like us fans aren’t loved i mean its sat morn wheres my psn at

  • of course waiting on the news we extended the update till monday so i can sell my ps3 and get a wii u nintendo don’t even do this to ppl

  • Sony,

    Your lack of proper customer relation. Your deceptive ways. Your, apparent, ancient technology. The utter disregard for paying and even non paying customers. Have you no realization as to what your doing to your projected customer base for future sales? There is nothing wrong with errors and problems coming to be, and those issues taking longer then projected to resolve. But the way you are, Sony, the way you treat the people that support you is absurd. This is my girlfriends account, since I could not log into mine. My account is a PS+ account. With a large sum invested in additional content. Content that I do not have access to due to this outage. Like I said, that is all fine and dandy. But your demenor is not.

    Your TOS may allow this treatment. But your TOS will not protect you from future console sales figures. Which I assume will be no where near what they could have been.

  • Guys calm dooooown. It’s a console jeez. xD

  • Someone please reply, I’ve been playing Prototype 2 for a while, and I recently was able to sign in. Once I played Prototype 2 while signed in it asked for me to enter the Radnet Edition code which I have. I can’t redeem the code due to PSN being down. If I choose Skip Forever will I be able to redeem it through the PlayStation Store?

  • Is there any new update to this? Because as of 11:00pm Jan/18/2013 I am still unable to get online. Not saying it’s bad for extended maintenance, I got a chance to catch up on a lot of Single Player campaigns in various games. But I’m really missing my online capabilities… Plus…. There’s a new map pack for Black Ops 2 that I was looking ever so forward to downloading. lol

  • Just checked PS Twitter. Looks like it’s finished. Back to business as usual.

  • I just tried logging on and it still won’t let me but the maintenance was supposed to be done 2 days ago.

  • Eh, well, I haven’t had a chance to actually try and log in because I’m at work. But according to them it’s up.

  • id like to access my DLC i payed for now please…

  • wow this is B.S. maintenance is over n still not available in ps store or in game store. WTF????

  • 2 days later and I can’t login while my friends can. WTH is that? I haven’t been able to play online because of this stupid maintenance that was suppose to last one day

  • thank u for screwing up black ops 2 with your maintenace. it has the most lag i have ever saw in it now. just wanted to say KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

  • @Polo_Oh_No_Bono The thing you need to remember is that PSN is separate from the Treyarch servers. Treyarch servers are most likely under a heavy load right now due to the fact that EVERYONE wants to get on there and download their new map packs and whatnot.

    Give PSN a little credit here, they’re doing their best, and are only humans. Would you want someone else coming down on you for something that’s out of your control?

  • no puede ser que pagues 70 euros por un juego y se te bloque la play cada 15 minutos jugando online con las consecuencias que comporta eso para nuestra play3 que en algunos casos acaba en la basura y luego todos se lavan las manos.

  • Can you guys make a Twitter feed that ONLY announces PSN outages/restores, whether planned or unplanned? You make it too inconvenient to find out about these. And the other PS Twitter feeds are full of junk I don’t care about.

  • Why can’t I play MEDAL OF HONOR WARFIGHTER online? My ORIGIN ACCOUNT just won’t log in… Is it becose of maintainence?

  • Why you always gotta be doin MAINTENANCE….

    I think the Sony Playstation 3 Experience is fine…

    Should really STOP with maintenance till Playstation 4 comes out… Anybody agree with me?

    I mean… I’m kinda pissed… I was on round 20, on TranZit (Black ops 2) And ALL OF A SUDDEN, I was FORCED out of the blue, forced out of my game, I was doing SOO good… BOOM Black ops 2 server is down or something weird, I go onto the Black ops 2 blog and check the status and they said because of Sony and their maintenance, some people can’t go onto playing games online… My friends can play… But I can’t. I borrowed the game from a friend and have to take it back to him on monday, and have only gotten to play one bloody game of zombies ever since I got it… UGHHH!!! I’m soo booooorrreeeeddd…. I’m in the smack dab center of this country called America, and I think you can guess about how much there is to do out here… NOTHING, but catch I stupid flu or what ever that keeps going around making people sick… Ermm… Fix this, Sony. And PLEASE hurry….

  • it over noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww horray

  • if somebody wants to add me as your friend im pleasure

  • And NOOOWWW I just feel REALLY bad about myself…

  • just wondering if this is why i am keep getting kicked from the playstation network and also when playing black ops 2 i lose connection with the bo2 servers within 2 minutes of entering a match? any help would be great im at a loss as to why this is happening (im in australia too)

  • waooo come on still no working sony if you make millions with us , the least you could do it give us a good service,i feel used because xbox is online and running and xbox is getting better with the time
    and if one day xbox wil change those stupid controllers i will buy one and 4get about you sony because this is not cool 4 or 15 days maintenance not even maintenance u got hack just sy at least that will make me think you have to do alot of work

  • and nobody replies like you say f***k the customer service

  • You can now dl items from the playstation store, but the servers are still down and can’t play online. This is a joke.

  • This is a little Extreme. IT is 1830 EST and still not able to play. 3 days after the maintenance window has passed. I understand there can be things that happen that cause maintenance to run over, but to do so with no updates to your customers on when it will be back up/ whats going on. Are you trying to lose all you PSN users?

    We spend our money with you and we expect a little Respect to know hwy we cant use the products that we spent our money on!!!!!!

    There needs to be a little retribution to the users for the lack of respect to us on not updating us on the issue and just leaving us out in the cold like a stray dog!!!!

  • Hello, Does anyone know if this is still affecting Black Ops 2 Servers? For some reason on BO2, I am unable to view past game in Theater Mode or on CoD Elite Website, even 10 minutes after the game. On the Elite website, they say that PS3 Servers are still Degraded due to the PSN Update, which should have ended by now. Does anyone know if there are still repercussions from the update affecting this? – Thanks!

  • Don´t know if it´s just me, but I can´t access PSN through my PSVita neither through my PS3 after this update. It takes a long time to connect and after some time, i get a network error.

    Everything was fine before the last update. Weird…

  • That was nice. When I was finally able to log back in, my 30 days Plus trial expired. I lost my last 3 days totally unexpectedly. Not a big deal, except that I was waiting to download a bunch of time trials, because of my bandwidth cap. I bought a total of 4 new games and a year of Music Unlimited subscription during these 30 days, a pleasant experience I must say (until this extended maintenance window), and I was deciding whether to renew it. Lucky that I already stopped auto renewal in advance, or that decision wouldn’t be mine.

  • Can get on black ops 2 for about 5 to ten minutes. Unbearable lag, then kicks me out or screen freezes and have to reset ps3. WTF PS? Wheres the status update? You guys blogged 4 days ago now. Let the people that pay for your meals know what’s going on please.

  • Come on PS…. first we couldn’t log on to PSN… now we can’t play Black Ops 2….. WE NEED UPDATES!!!

  • Anybody know what is going on, and any from the PSN team who can tell when this will be over?

  • AHHHHH!!!! WTF. Let us on! 10,000 are switching to X Box at 11pm tonight if you guys keep this stuff up!

  • Okay so I just got disconnect from the black ops 2 servers. No problem. I then go to the status site to check it out and it says to come here. Well you guys are saying that psn is down for maintence and will last from 8 am to 8 pm january 17th. Well today is the 22nd. I’m not mad just amazed at how well you and treyarch are keeping each other informed.

  • Pero que pasa que no vamos a poder entrar nunca? Estamos a dia 23 de enero y el servidor sigue sin funcionar. Cuando estara arreglado?. Que tenemos que hacer? Para eso hemos gastado 70 €? SOLUCIONES YA!!!!

  • will we get free games or will we get anything?

  • please respond?!??!?!?!?

  • @146 NO.
    @Everyone Crying Cause Of Black Ops 2 Lag
    Treyarch and Sony Have Nothing To Do With Each Other.
    Me And My Friend Have Non Of The Thing You Guys Have Been Talking About Nor Have I Heard Anything Of It Until Now.

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