Velocity Getting Remade for PS Vita as Velocity Ultra

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Velocity Getting Remade for PS Vita as Velocity Ultra

Velocity Ultra on PS Vita

Hello again! It feels great to be back on PS.Blog — especially now that we’re able to reveal a project that so many people have asked for: a native PS Vita version of our multiple award-winning PS minis game Velocity!

It’s called Velocity Ultra, and it features Trophies, online high scores and a completely overhauled visual style at native PS Vita resolution. We’re reworking all the art in the game, so the cut scene stills have been recreated at a much higher standard than before.

Velocity Ultra on PS Vita
Velocity Ultra on PS Vita

We’re also unifying the art style throughout the game by ditching pixel art in favor of the edgy cartoon style.

Velocity Ultra on PS Vita

The dinky (and rather pathetic) Quarp Jet now looks less dinky (and rather bad-ass)…

Velocity Ultra on PS Vita

We’re also adding lots of visual effects. Here’s what Velocity Ultra looks like at the moment. Note that the graphics look considerably cleaner when running live on PS Vita’s screen.

Velocity Ultra on PS Vita
Velocity Ultra on PS Vita

The dark shading at each side of the screen focuses the action whilst explosions illuminate the environment to create a more dramatic experience. The PS Vita is a lot more powerful than the PSP, so we’re able to add these lighting effects whilst still running at a solid 60FPS – just like the original!

You can think of Velocity Ultra as the director’s cut; everything we would have done the first time around if we’d had the budget. Our goal now is to create a perfectly formed piece of interactive art that will do your shiny PS Vita justice!

We don’t have a solid release date yet, but we’re on track to submit to Sony at the beginning of April, so we are guesstimating a release date in May. We are extremely excited!

We know that some of you might be a little disappointed, because you were expecting to see a sequel, not an HD rework. Well, don’t be too sad…

Velocity Ultra is a way for us to establish the Velocity franchise for a wider audience, and we’ve got plenty more Velocity in the works.

In fact, we’ve just published a Velocity Sequel Questionnaire to find out what you want to see in a sequel. If you fill it out, you could win a copy of Velocity Ultra!

If you’d like more information more frequently, just subscribe to our website and you’ll never miss an update! We hope you like the look of Velocity Ultra, and we can’t wait to put it in your hands!

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  • Totally agree with Spoonman…
    I haven’t been able to log in from my iphone for quite awhile now, and that’s my primary source for reading this blog.


  • any over seas news on phantacy staronline 2 for psvita

    Oh and i know there wont be no gundam games for psvita over seas

  • hello guys playstation, I express myself so very sad, I played the psx since then ps2 then psp 1000, psp 2000, psp 3000, psp go and finally PSVita, I am disappointed with portable, little quality games and exclusive , lack of classics from 3r party, most games are mini games and disappointing, creator of the blog I am very famous playstation portable, I always support him, comes over with the PSVita, I’m not excited, we have a powerful hardware, more without life, we have a wonderful device for just a few moments, many of my friends who has PSVita, estam quardados with their devices, unwilling to play, it says very sad, vcs estam losing more until your biggest fans please wake , do more quality games for the PSVita and exclusive partnerships with cade 3r party, stop launches this ridiculous game, please wake up!!, until I stopped updating my blog cuz I put the entire contents PSVita and very sad . sorry for the rant. falows

  • IMO this game sucks!

  • Looks great.

    Thanks for you continued support on PlayStation devices. <3

  • The game is very nice! Unique mechanics, like teleporting, ammo-limited weapon upgrades, bomb-flinging (which seems to never run out!) and the Warp Gates for long distance teleportation. I know I forgot to mention this in the questionaire but, how about adding a hard mode in all the main stages that can limit the amount of bombs throughout the stage? Say, maybe even make it the only weapon in other stages! Bomb power-up drops would be a nice addition, too! Heck, why not start to add a couple in Velocity Ultra, Futurlab? They can be as limited in its constant use as the main gun power-up drops! Like a one-time use, screen-wide explosive or a Smart Bomb variant. Oh, and Co-op Missions! If doing things alone can be hard enough, doing missions can also be just as hard, and with the added challenge that the 3 lives limit is shared between partners!

    One more thing I want to ask, Futurlabs. Will the number of Main Stages double? Or at least, will there be more Challenge Missions and Mini-game-like stages from the Flight Computer? And how about some Boss Battle stages, just for fun? OK, maybe I might be asking for too much, but thanks in advance if you do put most or half of what I said into this game!

    • Velocity Ultra will remain the same game as Velocity, but let loose with trophies and leaderboards.

      However, all of your ideas could be considered for a sequel, so please include them in the questionnaire!


  • Heh, I feel like Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures. One more thing, Futurelabs! Will there be even more Easter Eggs in the game?

  • Now here is a remake I am looking forward to.

  • Their are only 2 minis I can honestly say I loved. Those two are A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks and Velocity so I’m pretty happy to see this news. Looking forward to it.

  • I have heard good things about the original mini, mostly along the lines of Trophy discussion. As in Velocity may be the best mini, why not make it better with Trophy support. Which leads to Sony’s policy on minis not having Trophies. Which leads to this Vita HD remake.

    I like the approach of going straight to a HD Vita remake/port. Fully plan to get this Day One, and really hope for a PS+ discount to boot!

  • Teleport with the rear touch. that way you don;t have to take fingers away from the buttons!

  • I feel real embarrassed. It’s been a while since I’ve touched Velocity (I’m not very versed with shooters of all walks), so I sent in my survey before I rediscovered the “speed up” button.

    But, woot, minis don’t get much respect, I wager, and Velocity was novel enough, stylish enough, and mechanically sound enough, even what little I’ve played, to warrant a more appealing form.

  • i never tried the original because i thought all PS Minis were terrible. Now thats its been remade for Vita with trophies, i’ll try it if the price is right.

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