God of War: Ascension Beta Rewards, Penny Arcade’s Book of Divine Wisdom

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God of War: Ascension Beta Rewards, Penny Arcade’s Book of Divine Wisdom

If you’ve been participating in our God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta, we hope you are fulfilling your destiny and ascending as a Champion of Olympus. Our development team greatly appreciates your efforts, and is watching your every move. Your rise truly begins on March 12th, when God of War: Ascension arrives in stores.

Here at Sony Santa Monica, with this being the first time we are bringing multiplayer to the God of War franchise, we knew creating an epic multiplayer mode worthy of standing next to our treasured single-player campaign (more on that coming soon) could qualify as the “13th Labor of Hercules.” Your feedback, participation, and excitement for the Ascension Multiplayer Beta is met with the utmost gratification, and gives us the extra push needed to drive this home for you, our fans.

With that, we’d like to bestow upon all God of War: Ascension Beta participants a “Gift from the Gods.”
Anyone who participates in the Beta will receive the following two exclusive Beta rewards to adorn and equip your Champion with at launch:

God of War: Ascension on PS3

God of War: Ascension - Penny Arcade's Book of Divine Wisdom

This gift from the Gods will be provided to every person who has participated in our Multiplayer Beta. In other words, if you want these bad-ass gifts, you need to join the Beta right now. You’ll need to be a PlayStation Plus member, but that alone provides you with more gifts from the PlayStation Gods then one could ever hope for. So why not some just for God of War: Ascension?!

The master humorists at Penny Arcade have honored us with what can only be described as “the most informative Ascension Multiplayer Guide of all-time… in good fun.” We don’t take that statement lightly, and neither should you. They mean business, and not just funny business — at least 10% serious business. The first two pages from their Ascension strategy guide epic, “Book of Divine Wisdom,” have already been released and are available on the official site. Head on over to check them out, and be sure to keep checking back, as more pages are coming soon!

Finally, we recently opened our studio’s gates to Press Warriors from many of your favorite sites, including this one right here, PlayStation.Blog (bet you didn’t see that coming!). PS.Blog videographer Rey Gutierrez cut a killer video of the event that went down here. You’ve been served! Watch it now, then get back to the Ascension Beta!

God of War: Ascension Beta Rewards, Penny Arcade’s Book of Divine Wisdom

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  • It is going to be VERY radical

  • BY THE GODS!!!

  • The Gods appreciate our fans, they understand bestowing gifts upon them is the right thing to do.

  • Hi,

    Is God of War Ascension a multiplayer only game, or is there a single player campaign as well?


    • I can’t be certain, but I am PRETTY CERTAIN we have a single-player campaign as well, don’t quote me on that though! By the Gods, Kratos may turn his revenge to me.

  • Already got the Collector’s Edition pre-ordered. :D

  • @5 Dang is that how bad they’ve been marketing this game? That some people don’t even know there’s a sing player campaign as well as the multiplayer?

    You guys better step your game up Santa Monica!

  • Sounds good!
    I have a question though. Will the Blade & Armor be rewarded to ‘Rise of The Warrior’ Beta participates too?
    thank you in advance

    • No it will not, HOWEVER, Rise of the Warrior participants are going to get (3) EXCLUSIVE DLC items for all participants, that will be revealed very shortly.

      We’re putting our passion and heart into crafting unique weapons and armors for our community programs.

  • man i’m loving the game. At first i wasn’t going to get it but i change my mind now because of the beta XD but one important question!


  • love the game im already climbing as a warrior in #gow #multiplayer great job santa monica

  • Wow! Excellent. Thanks, guys. Been loving the beta.


  • I have a few friends that don’t have ps+ so, will all psn users get to play the beta eventually ??

  • @13 jan 28th

  • I hope the single player is getting as much respect and attention as the multiplayer and it is in no way shape or form a lesser experience than it could of potentially been if it wasn’t because of the multiplayer. At this rate it feels like the multiplayer is precluding the single player.

    • This couldn’t be further from the truth, but we can understand why some may have this perception given our focus on Multiplayer.

      Our development team is massive, working in the same house, under the same roof on both Multiplayer, and to a much larger extent, Single-Player. Neither is getting short changed, both have the amount of resources needed to make them truly God of War “epic”. The same amount of people are working on the Ascension single-player campaign, as did for God of War 3, so you can imagine how much is being poured into it.

      You should check out our latest Unchained video, “A Long Tech Journey” to fully understand the multiplayer team. It should give you reassurance Single-Player is getting every ounce of love and then some, we just haven’t unveiled it yet!


  • Personally, I’m not worried about the single-player campaign at all. You KNOW it’s going to be good, and I have all the confidence in that. I think they listened to feedback, and what we’re going to get in the campaign is more along the lines of GoW2 in terms of more Boss fights than GoW3, but with the more varied gameplay like GoW3 has over GoW 1 and 2 in which there were only a couple fun and usefull weapons. In GoW3, everything was fun and usefull, and GOW:A looks even more varied than GoW3 in that way. For campaign as long as they come through with lots of epic Boss fights, it’s all gravy.

    What I was skeptical about was multi-player, and from the impressions I’m reading in articles it sounds REALLY good. I’ll start playing myself sometime this weekend. Looking forward to it.

  • @15 ImaFREEZEtheRoom
    I be like you. I am afraid that due to so much attention paid to Online Multi-player, the single player campaign might not be very intriguing.
    I hope I am wrong though. :-/

  • Great reward, but what about the SP? Hope you don’t let that aside.

    • The campaign itself will be the reward!

      As is traditional with every God of War game, do expect some surprises in the single-player campaign, but you already knew that.

  • So I’m guessing that we’ll be receiving a code in our emails for that skin closer to launch?

    • Nope, no code at all.

      All you’ll need to do is go directly to where we say on the PSN Store, it will be that easy for the Beta Reward specifically.

      The Pre-Order Mythological Heroes Pack, King Leonidas Armor & Spear, and other such awards we have coming, will be via a promotional code. Some of these you’ll receive in the packaging if you pre-order, otherwise that are online promotional based will be emailed to you.

  • @17, I hope WE are wrong.

  • BTW I love the MP and it’s pretty fun reminds a lot like Power Stone ….God of War style!

    But could we get some kind of a SP trailers or story trailer? With the exception of that brief demo we haven’t seen ANYTHING on the SP.

    • We’re as anxious as you are. Though we keep saying it, we do mean it, we’re close to being ready to unveil it more shortly.

  • Counting down the days until release.

  • So you have to be a PS+ member to get the new armor and blade? Hmmm…will you have any special offers for those who are participants in the MP version who are NOT PS+ members?

  • The great Adam Sessler praises us with his presence!!

  • My mind is at peace now.

  • I was worried when multiplayer was announced but I have to admit it, I was wrong. A lot of hard work, care and attention had went into this aspect of the game and I’m having a great time.

    I’m of course mostly excited about the single player which I have little doubt will be phenomenal. Well done gentlemen, I cant wait to try the shield and spear.

    One quick question, will there be collectors or special edition of the GoW: Ascension? And what goodies will it bring?
    Keep up the great work, I have all GOW games and loves them (yes, that includes the PS2 versions lol)

  • Hello from Greece!

    No joke. I’m a Greek here. :)

    I’d like to ask a question.

    I attended the beta testing, but I’m a silver member(not a plus), is it OK like this, or is it fine to take the reward just by signing in the beta testing? :)

    I’m so happy to participate in the beta testing, and also providing some ideas and feedbacks to help Santa Monica improve its great game based in our ancient Greece. :)

    Thank you.
    Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!

    Θάνος(Thanos from the ancient name Athanasios, which in ancient greek means undead). :)

  • Since downloading and playing the beta, I can say one thing for certain: if the final game is one the same level of quality as the MP, we are in serious trouble.

    The MP is broken from the get go, with laggy combat with hits not registering properly, all out freezes and restarts, poor menu/notification system, and a final objective (at least in TFotG) that is achieved based purely on luck, and not skill. I have been the first to the spear at least 5 separate times, and have not once been able to pull it out, yet someone else walks along, and its out in mere seconds. The combo system no longer works, and being able to block and parry means nothing when everyone in the game learns a spell that prevents blocking and parrying at level 5. The list goes on, but it would be dead horse stomping.

    I am sincerely worried about this franchise, and frankly, you are not doing yourself any favours with this beta release. Just announce the SP portion, so we can see the part of the game we actually wanted to see in the first place.

  • Apparently the gods only hear you if you pay 50 dollars to play a free beta! Thats real just! Forget about the ones who are also willing to play the game, the ones who opted to pay the 60 dollars on the game and not the Plus. Oh praise “the mighty god” who threw everyone not paying to playing the beta to the hydra!!!!

  • @5, was that sarcasm? I hope so. I mean did you watch E3 when they showed the singleplayer demo? Multiple times they’ve said they’ve got singleplayer info coming. There was a trailer for Megeara, one of the three Furies and main antagonists in the game. They’ve mentioned Rise of the Warrior ties into the singleplayer. That was a question a simple Google search or Wikipedia would have answered you, or if you’ve ever played a God of War game before, common sense.

    As for others complaining about them not revealing much singleplayer info, do you want them to spoil the game for you? They’ve mentioned multiple times they have two teams working on the game: one for multiplayer and the other for singleplayer. And they’ve mentioned, for the reason I just stated, the focus of singleplayer has not been reduced because of multiplayer.

    @8, yes and no. If you participated in Rise of the Warrior in time to get access to the beta, then yes, but if you registered after the Spartan’s had won, then no.

    @26 last three paragraphs.

  • @28, you could have gotten the beta for free if you registered in time for Rise of the Warrior. It’s not just Plus members getting the beta. People who’ve been registered on Rise of the Warrior since before the second week of December got access to the beta. Other people have gotten access through other sites too, like IGN, who just this past week were giving out beta codes during their live stream of the beta.

  • i registered be for months didnt get a code

  • @31, did you actually play through the story? When the codes became available, you had to go onto Rise of the Warrior, enable your PSN, and the code was sent to your email.

  • yea i answered all the riddles and found everything

  • @33, Did you return on around the correct date and enable your PSN? December 12 for Spartans, December 17 for Trojans. If you did all the above, and you still didn’t get a code, you should have contacted Santa Monica. I had an issue with mine and I contacted them and got my code.

  • i shall do that thank you

  • I feel truely grateful for being part of the Beta process since the beginning with the early beta access! Kinda sad us Early Beta Access people (The Spartans) won’t be getting the armor unless you are a Playstation Plus Member because I really want that armor.

    As for the single-player, don’t release anything more please. I want to be utterly surprised!

  • Best multiplayer experience I’ve had since I played Golden Eye with my friends. I’ve been waiting for someone to pull off the third person fighting multiplayer, and based on playing GoW the last week, you guys have done it. Can’t wait to see the other MP arenas. Of course also can’t wait for the proper reveal of the SP campaign.

  • Great!! multiplayer is awesome. btw can’t wait for the new SP info and hope that means a new trailer.

  • I found the multiplayer beta to be OK.. but not GREAT/must play.. will there be any dramatic changes between it and the final releases aside from a few tweaks and new modes? In otherwords if ppl didnt like the multiplayer beta much will the final release have changed significantly enough that it may change their mind?

  • i really hope they fix the online servers for multiplayer the lag is bad
    don’t get me wrong really fun but the lag you guys really need work on
    example 1: my last game my team was 7100 the other team was 7600 i got the spear of zeus or olympus whatever its called ( with some help of course ) got the cyclops finish where you cut the mouth open and stab him in his eye yea the cutscene stared when i cut his mouth an when my guy ran in to hold him the camera went back to normal i stabbed the cyclops in the eye and match finished with my team losing 7100 to 7600 where is the cyclops kill bonus

    example 2: i land the ares sword slam( L1 and triangle)nothing happen the get a whole combo off the they pop up nobody hit them no one around

    example 3: i popped and guy up kill him his body turns to black dust and turn around to run my guy turns to black dust no fire no shock dead guy killed me

    i hope you fix this i am really looking forward to this game i also hope for a digital copy i have to many disc to keep track of digital is saving me over 100+ games i have 115 disc and a few digital

  • @36 xKenKan

    You will get the rewards. Read the post carefully, it says “If you’ve been participating in our God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta,”


    “we’d like to bestow upon all God of War: Ascension Beta participants a “Gift from the Gods.””


    “Anyone who participates in the Beta will receive the following two exclusive Beta rewards to adorn and equip your Champion with at launch:”

    Notice it says anyone who’s been participating and all participants? That includes you. The only reason it says “You’ll need to be a PlayStation Plus member” is because right now, being a Plus member is the only way people can download the beta, unless beta codes are given out by like IGN, or like you and I, we got in because of Rise of the Warrior, which people who registered after the Spartans won can’t get anymore.

  • Indeed this game will be epic due to an awesome team at Santa Monica Studios. I have a question though, I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition and was wondering if this DLC or any from Rise of The Warrior will be included.


  • The beta is more fun then I thought it would be. I know the full mp experience will kick a** and I’ll wear that armor proudly on launch day.

  • Will I be able to preorder on PS Store and download day one? Will there be any preorder bonuses if I do? Sorry if this has been answered before

  • i am very big fan of god of war all series i complete all god of war now i get my god of war assension but they have to improve multiplayer and game also they have some bugs and missing of good graphic but it is not finial version of god of war assension they will improve it they have 3 months i get 50 euro for god of war assension add on and prorder my god of war assension kratos edition

  • The multiplayer is satisfying and addicting! You guys captured the GoW universe and made one hell of a multiplayer mode.

    I really enjoy that this multiplayer plays differently from pretty much every other multiplayer game out there this gen. It is so refreshing.

    While many people say multiplayer wasn’t needed, I am glad it will be included. After finishing a GoW game and doing the challenges, there really is not much else to do.

    After performing my first brutal kill online, I was hooked…….he was split in half.

    See ya on the 12th!

  • Sony Santa Monica, please make good looking PSN trophies. Especially the glorious Platinum, the baddest looking one!

  • about the gift, do i need to be at any level or full fill any requirement to receive that, or you simple need to creat a character and play a match or two, i don’t like to play demo game or alpha test, so even when my system auto download this alpha test i still don’t play it, i just wait for the full game to come out

    • The Beta Reward is not tied to your Champion’s Level, so it does not matter what level you are. You will be able to use it instantly.

      You will download the Champions’ Armor and Blade from the PSN Store at launch, no promo code required, you’ll just have instant access to it.

      Directions at launch, so no worries, we are making this easy as pie.


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