Start Your Morning With Wake-up Club For PS Vita Next Week

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Start Your Morning With Wake-up Club For PS Vita Next Week
Wake Up Club for PS Vita

Back in April, we unveiled a host of new applications coming to PS Vita, including Wake-up Club, a new interactive way to start your day with other PS Vita owners. Next Tuesday, the application will be available to download for free on the PS Vita PlayStation Store in North America!

Let’s face it: getting up in the morning isn’t something we usually look forward to, but Wake-up Club adds some social fun into the mix to make getting out of bed more bearable. In addition to adding alarm clock functionality to PS Vita for the first time, including the ability to personalize your alarm tone and background theme, Wake-up Club matches 12 randomly selected players who set their alarm clock at the same time into a—you guessed it—wake-up club!

Wake Up Club for PS Vita

As soon as your alarm goes off, your avatar will begin bouncing around the PS Vita touchscreen. Tapping your avatar lets other players know you’re now awake. Once in the virtual club room, you can see other players’ avatars, as well as who’s awake and who’s still sleeping. Tapping the sleeping players’ avatars will “cheer” them on. If you happen to keep snoozing though, you’ll notice that the rest of the Wake-up Club players will begin appearing on your screen. Swipe them away and tap your avatar to join the rest of the group. Additionally, you can send friend requests and find out more information about each player by tapping their avatar. Make sure to check out your club records to see how many times you’ve managed to wake up within five minutes, how many consecutive successes you’ve managed, and the average time it takes you to wake up.

Wake Up Club for PS VitaWake Up Club for PS Vita

To get set up with Wake-up Club, access your PS Vita system’s Settings menu, choose Date & Time, then Date & Time Settings. Ensure that Set Automatically is ticked. Then you’re good to go! Be sure to check out Wake-up Club when it launches on the PS Vita PlayStation Store next Tuesday, January 15th. Happy snoozing!

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  • @41,

    The Vita only charges to 100%, then stops charging even while still plugged in. The light will automatically switch from orange for charging to blinking blue for standby. Very impressive feature in a handheld system. I charge while I’m asleep, then it’s always ready to follow me to work for break time fun, even though my stupid job has an encrypted wifi system. :(

  • a few question and suggestions…

    how does this work for people with different timezone?
    the vita battery lif is not so great.. making the vita as alarm in sleep mode wont drain battery considering this app will use wifi?

  • a few suggestions abt vita in general.
    1 improved twitter app to allow the use backtouch and make it faster
    2 revamp the facebook app.. its serioulsy lacking and so slow… the iphone facebook app implements good touchscreen with swipe feature to access groups and online contacts.
    3 make app launch faster… from clicking on a bubble and time it takes to spin and launch is kinda slow… i would prefer some kind of option to immediately launch an app unless there is something new in the livescreen(updated, patch) asking our attention

  • 4 allow a battery % indicator on top or a setting to check current state of battery in percentage…
    5 combine friends , messaging app , party into a single app…
    6 make near finally useful
    7 incremental firmware patch for vita…. eg if a firmware is 100mb and only a few minor changes happ in next firmware… just update the few megabites patch instead of a full firmware update….
    8 automatic download of things we buy from ps store website…. for vita and ps3… it would be awesome…

  • 9 remove the 10 pages limit in homescreen….
    10 ability to group categories of apps…
    11 swype keyboard
    12 full 1080p video playbacl with support for subtitles file srt etc
    13 finally text chat support for skype app
    14 realtime delivery of messages for vita..
    15 push notification for email app in realtime
    16 make transfer of files from pc to vita faster… its sooo slowww…..
    17 ability to hide bubbles on vita.. (welcome park.. and other useless apps)
    18 revamp ps vita PSN store
    19 group / filter download list(demo, apps, games, ps1, psp)

  • 20 ability to switch/ create/use multiple account on the viat without switching memory card. maybe create profiles that we can switch back and forth from US and EU account on the fly… its a pain to change this at the moment.. i am a ps plus memmeber for both US and EU and right now for the vita its no easy tasks

  • It sounds like this App does not allow your own Music for Alarms or your own pictures for Backgrounds. Why would you leave out these two key customisaable features for a modern day Alarm Clock? I’ll continue using my phone alarm, thanks.

    On a seperate note, any Developers out there planning on releasing a DECENT GAME for the Vita? I’ts getting to the point now where I’m starting to wonder if the Vita will survive another 12 months.

  • Can’t wait for this. But I’m afraid I’m never going to be the first to wake up :/ Damn you comfortable bed!!!

  • nice an alarm clock! Now I’ll now be able to wake up!! lol

  • how about instead of trying to fix the internet store which needs a ton of work and needs to actually work, put up a wishlist on the ps store when i look at it on my vita tied to my account so i dont have to keep searching through games when i decide to buy a points card and can quickly get the game i was going to keep without all the hassle and how about a seperate column ps plus members can click that shows the free games, whats on sale, and ur own plus page that shows ur stats, what saves, and what games you’ve have downloaded that are linked to ur account and which games u can redownload when needed.

  • Sounds interesting. I will give it a go. Due to losing my prior gym (I lost it when I lost my work :( ) I have to get up at 5:45 to go to the new gym otherwise no workout for me. It is going to suck, maybe this will make it suck less?

    So yay, when I have to start waking up early it will likely be a more pleasant experience!

  • I want to see some facebook game apps for the Vita. Like, scramble with friends so we can play with people on IOS and Driod.

  • Yay, finally. Maybe this means Ecolibrium still has a small chance of coming to NA, I never thought we were going to get this either.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this app: Here’s my two cents on it, and other aspects of the Vita:
    – Don’t make this an app, just include it in the Vita software via a patch. It might not take up much space, and I’d rather it didn’t take up another bubble in the interface.
    – I agree with the others. Allow the Vita interface to allow us to group apps, especially so I can group this, Frobisher Says, Treasure Park, Paint Park, and Welcome Park into one section.
    – Patch Welcome Park to allow for in-game challenges. There’s some fun mini games with timed challenges that appear on the LiveArea. I’d like to challenge my friends (like MotorStorm RC), since we all have the app.
    – Bring trophies to Paint Park and Treasure Park, online multiplayer of some sort to Paint Park, and showcase each Park game (along with Frobisher Says) in an introductory section of the Vita PS Store.
    – Can the Vita get the cool panels available in PlayStation All-Stars to use for our profiles? Even half would be great. Better yet, allow Plus users to display our Vita PSN profile panels on our PS3 PSN profiles.

  • Wow I’m the snooze king, for people to be able to “cheer” me to wake up is unbelievable! Trophies for getting out of bed? I might actually wake up on time! EASILY the best alarm clock ever made

  • Is there different alarm types? Like my old phone had one that started out quiet and gradually got louder and louder.

  • Fracking FINALLY!

    Also waiting for everything @43 mentioned. Why does it take so long to bring these things to North America compared to Europe and Japan?

  • When is this coming for UK?

  • Great, now I need to go out and buy the dock. Well played Sony.. well played.

  • I just want a plain digital clock app… is that too much to ask for? The App Store model for the Vita obviously doesn’t work, because after a year on the market there are only a dozen apps. I have no idea how things work behind the scenes, but they really need to open things up, or start developing basic apps in-house. I do love my Vita though, I just think some potential is bing missed.

  • is there an age limit ?

  • What is this I don’t even…

  • so this starts next week?? AWESOME

    sony you should make minecraft on the vita

  • How about a Hatsune Miku theme for this?

    And maybe get onto someone about never bringing a Project Diva game to the states.

  • Is this app avaible in United States?

  • i would like if we can creat a “play list” for the week or something like it
    but im more interested about the picotto knights release date?

  • is it going to be on psvita exactly midnight

  • i think that there should be a social media type thing, like a chatroom, i think this is an awesome idea because
    it will give you something to do as soon as you wake up (and it will keep you awake!!) and it will pretty much guarantee that the person youwill talk to can talk the same lingo as you,
    PLEASE make this happen
    adding them on psn is too much of a stress for a quick convo

  • what time is it suposed to come out today anyone know??

  • when I can download it??
    today is not yet in the store…

  • In response to my earlier post, #120, this can be used as a plain old digital clock app. It works great, looks great and has quite a few fun themes. Glad this app is finally here.

  • This is amazing… just what I wanted on my PSV… and this makes my PSV cradle purchase that much more worth it.

  • any idea about UK release date?

  • Would work if it didn’t ask “Time up. Launch Wake Up Club?”
    And yes, my settings are both (time and launch) on automatic.

  • Also having the “Time up. Launch Wake Up Club?” issue. No idea what is going on here

  • When will this come out in europe!?!

    I find this app of mega much value for my life style, so sad we had to wait so long for a clock/alarm app. But im happy now.

  • Because we have yet to get a reply from anyone regarding this, I will post it whenever and wherever:
    “On an off note, please pass the word to add an OFF option to the Auto-Standby in the PS Vita’s Power Save Settings. It’s really annoying when you play something like Assassin’s Creed Liberation where you set your trade ships hauling cargo and turn back to the TV, but the damn thing went in standby ten minutes later (pausing the game and your ships). There’s no reason not to have an off option when it’s PLUGGED IN (or ON your charging stand). That would also make the wake up club app actually USEFUL. Having the clock on that is POINTLESS when it goes blank in ten minutes………” – DragonIrons ( A Playstation User)

  • Okay, so I go into my setings and navigate to auto-start settings but Wake Up club isnt there! is that a problem? any way to fix thia? also! i dont know that anyone else is asking for it, but i think it would be very nice to have a native calendar app and a note taking app. things are starting to get real nice on my vita with the new apps and such! keep it up.

  • I got this yesterday and turned on the alarm to that time i should wake up. But it didn’t wake me up at all. So i tried to figure it out what the problem was, it was because of PSVita was on sleepmode or standbymode. Oh well nice, but i don’t want to drain the batteries to much because i’m sleeping, and i don’t want the screen light up the whole room. But what i do get is a message on PSVita that asking me to turn on the app, but i’m sleeping so how should i do that? Well there’s beeps that beeping when the message comes, but in some secs the beep stops and it’s not loud enough, and it was nothing from the app’s ringtunes. I have a 3DS that have a Super Mario alarmclock, and that app does control the system to make the volume loud, even the volume is low, and it does alarm you with Super Mario songs even if the top screen is closed.
    I would like to see this app do the same, because that’s really usable.

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