God of War Ascension Multiplayer Beta Begins Today for PlayStation Plus

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God of War Ascension Multiplayer Beta Begins Today for PlayStation Plus

Warriors of PlayStation Plus, our God of War development team here at Sony Santa Monica is proud to break open the arena gates to our God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta for you later this afternoon. What does this mean?

  • All PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the Beta software from PSN. If you have opted in for auto-download direct to your console, the Beta will be waiting for you later today on the XMB under the “Games” tab. Just click it to instantly boot up and get to the action!
  • If you have a PlayStation Plus 30-day trial promo code from the God of War: Saga Collection or a contest prize, redeem it today. You will have instant access to the Beta software — as well as all the other benefits of being a Plus member — for 30 days.

Be sure to visit our official GodofWar.com website where we’ve just launched a suite of new Beta strategy sections: God Profiles, Basic and Intermediate Tips you won’t find in-game, and your keys to victory in each mode.


Our Multiplayer Beta is a taste of the full-game experience, here’s what you’ll see featured:

  • God Allegiances: Zeus and Ares (2 of 4)
  • Modes: 8-player – Team Favor of the Gods or Capture The Flag, 4-player – Free For All

Favor of the Gods (Deathmatch)

  • Maps: Desert of Lost Souls (large map) & Forum of Hercules (arena)
  • Vast amount of weapons, armors, magic, relics, and God items to customize and earn
  • Ascend to Level 30 – can you do it during the short Beta period?!
  • VoIP – bust out those headphones and mics, team strategies are crucial (especially in CTF)

This being God of War, one does not simply walk into the Ascension Multiplayer Beta and think it ends there. Here are a few things not in the Beta that will be in the final game March 12th:

  • God Allegiances Hades and Poseidon
  • Third In-Game Weapon Class – To Be Announced Soon
  • More Large and Small maps created from signature God of War locations
  • Ability to customize your Warrior as you unlock all the weapons, magics, armors, relics, and God items from the four allegiances — and level them up!
  • Team Up With Friends – this is a heavy team-multiplayer game, you will have such abilities to join your friends and dominate the competition. More on this closer to launch.
  • An unannounced fourth multiplayer mode. We don’t screw around here (well, we do have fun)!

Our development team has been burning the midnight oil, pouring every last ounce of passion into creating a Multiplayer experience worthy of the God of War pedigree. This has been no ordinary journey for our team. Epic in every way, it has been a new beginning. Whether or not you have been following our transparent making-the-game series, Unchained, here is the five-minute story of what’s been a three-year journey in creating something once thought impossible. Enjoy our latest episode, A New Beginning.

By the way, if you made it this far and you love God of War’s single-player experience, fear not: a wealth of new information is coming sooner than you think.

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  • This is the ONE thing that pisses me off with SONY! I’m a die-hard fan of GOW. Have each game and paid in full the collectors edition for Ascension. Why on earth hasn’t SONY made dynamic themes or avatars of GOW?!?!?! Instead we get tons of POKEMON!?!?! WTF?!?!?!?

  • I know I will be trying this GoWA MP out! Cannot wait!

  • Just a heads up. We are temporarily turning Capture The Flag off while we sort out a couple issues preventing full 8-player games. We will turn it back on just as soon as we have sorted this out.

    In the meantime, enjoy Team Favor of the Gods, especially if this is your first time.

    We strongly recommend you complete the tutorial and revisit to continue honing your skills.

    Remember the following, if you see a Warrior glowing this color:

    Red = if you or your opponent are glowing red, you are currently performing an unblockable attack, so EVADE!

    Blue = if you or your opponent are glowing blue, you are in a state of “about to get brutally kicked in the ****”, so get away from the pack

    White = if you or your opponent are glowing white, you are invincible. This occurs when you use your [R2] item which is your “get out of jail free card”.

    Have fun!

  • Whats up i aint get it yet and its 3:31 Central Time?

  • Love the Team and your work …GOW is one of the only franchises i still have every game and would never sell.

    But i have to be honest …there is Zero hype for this game. And multiplayer seems to be rammed down our throat non stop….To boot prior to announcing multiplayer i NEVER seen anyone ask for it.

    Please, please release/promote single player info more.

    I have a sad feeling the team has fallen into the every game needs multiplayer to be on top idea.

    • We have been fairly quiet on purpose for the last few months regarding single-player. Expect our Ascension to rise shortly. You will remember the marketing & community campaign for God of War: Ascension by the time March 12 hits, you will…remember it.



  • Please tell me that the last mode is something co-operative instead of competitive… I’ve played the beta a bit but I don’t see myself playing MP unless the last mode is co-op versus AI.

  • @Aaron Kaufman

    I’ll give you guys the benefit of the doubt ..as the team have not let down before.

    +1 for the immediate response…appreciate it

  • Sounds great, now update the store Sony!

  • This is great! I have always liked God of War and now I get to taste the multiplayer side of this game! PlayStation Plus rocks!

  • I have to say I was not sure about the mutiplayer I got into the closed beta and thats all I’ve been playing. Its fun as hell and I’m really enjoying it. Good work Santa Monica!! I should have never doubted you guys.

  • Just a heads up…..the Beta is now on playstation plus! Downloading it now.My curiosity is peaked. Now if we can only get a look at the collector’s edition statue (final version) and some single player updates my week would be made.

  • Hey off topic but in the store it says Infamous festival of blood $6:99 on sale but when I click on it it says $9:99? Thanks.

  • Where can I locate the download it isn’t in betas, or exclusives on PS+ page!?!?!?!

  • How far to the beta

  • Will my progress in the beta pass on to the final version?

  • Don’t know if this has been asked, but how long is the beta?

  • Can you tell us if the full game has co-op? :D I hope it does

  • hopefully this will be good I know the single player will be good. I agree with others that multiplayer is just a gimmick but it might just bring in some new fans.

  • This video does not inspire much faith…

    “We don’t know what we’re doing (lol)”

    “God of War has always been a single player game…the mandate on this one is that it’s a multiplayer game”

    While the SM studio has no previous history with delivering anything less than perfect games, this level of amateur attitude and complete change of focus has me extremely worried.

    Todd’s job is probably one of the most stressful considering the rapid change in direction, and not to add more pressure, but if this game fails in the single player, the GoW franchise is toast, and Todd’s reputation with it. Seems like a big gamble to play with the single biggest Playstation franchise.

  • Kind of bummed that there is no playable female characters:(

    Otherwise excited.

  • My older cousins say that I’m hyping myself up for nothing but I have a lot of faith in this and from the beta footage I watch I can see this will be an amazing MP. Too bad I can’t get plus to play the beta.

  • Still angry that something happened with my Rise of the Warrior character and I could not log back in. I contacted “them” via Facebook and received one reply with no follow up reply. I played RotW in time for the beta invite and not only did I not get a beta invite but I’m not going to get my early unlocks and other stuff. I’m disappointed :(

  • played it an its gud an very kool but need sum fixing an more weapons an armors

  • So are we going to have to buy female characters as DLC, or what?

  • I am Really Disappointed with the way that Sony has handled the release of the god of war ascension beta for plus members. I am in Australia and have been waiting 3 days non stop for this game to appear on the Playstation plus store. I have also been on the web trying to get stupid Beta keys just to play g.o.w. A.
    I have still failed to download the beta version because i can not find it . and there is nothing by Sony or anyone saying were or how to get IT ! REALLY DISAPPOINTING AND FRUSTRATING !. . .

  • some one please help. i really wanna play this game

  • @sick_ratz_21
    Have you tried typing in the search? If you don’t know where it is then its at the top beside the cart then just select the letters and should appear on screen

  • YAWN

    Like other people have said, MP is being force fed to us when most people really don’t care compared to the SP campaign. How about a co-op mode that players would have to work together to get through areas of an extended SP campaign? Running around and shooting (oh sorry, I guess slicing and dicing) is boring. I cant understand why MP gets so much attention on COD and MOH when there is really no challenge except to kill quicker.

    I will not pre-order until I know what the SP is and if it is short to make room for the MP (I still think this will be the case since nobody gives us actual facts).

    I love the GOW series and had every one of the games for PS2 and PSP. I also have every one for the PS3 (thanx Sony for taking away PS2 play an ripping us off for more money to buy games again) but wit the MP being force fed when it should be an afterthought, I am really not looking forward to this one. It’s a shame, Kratos deserves better.

  • i’m in greece and i beta is not in the store? when will it be?

  • In Russia, too, is not a beta. Who knows the time or date of access to it?

  • Welcome to all the new plus members – been in the beta for a while and am looking forward to playing with some more people.

    AMRY OF ARES… UNITE!!!!!!!!

  • Played a few rounds of this last night. Man, what a blast. I didn’t really understand why there would be a MP mode added but now I’m glad there is. Of course I’m still more excited about SP than anything else. Can’t wait!

  • Compared to Europe I still think this is a fine PS+ release amount. I excited to put more time into the God of War Beta this weekend when I am done with the work week.
    We hear about Europe a lot. Does anybody know how great the Japanese/Asian East PS+ store releases are??

  • @Aram
    So you said “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE ZEUS.”

    Your right there can only be one. So why isn’t it me? -_-

  • So….I have FINALLY downloaded the beta. I do like it(even though I thought I would hate it). I do have a question. In the olympus arena I notice there is a spot for another god……perhaps Kratos as the god of war?

  • Finally a original game with a new concept on multiplayer.See FPS shooters gamers there’s life outside of your traditional FPS,show them how it’s done go Sony SAnta Monica Studios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I speak for every person that doesnt hAVE playstation plus WHEN DO WE GET THE BETA!

  • It reset…. everything. So I gotta start back from fresh. I appreciate the challenge of getting back to where I was and the notion of everyone starting on the same page, but still…. I got so far :/

  • So a MAJOR bug I encountered . I was playing team favor of the gods and all of a sudden it booted me out. I had about 3:00 minutes remaining. My system froze(no xmb,controller would not respond, nothing. Then I powered doen, waited for the system(160 gig slim) to power on. When it did a message appeared saying the system shut down due to a corrupt hard drive file. Any thoughts? I reported it to sony , but it has never happened with any other games but god of war 3 (santa monica thing?)

  • One more question aram….wilgraphics of the single player match the multi player? The multiplayer looks better than the graphics of gow3…..single player of acension looks dull comparitively to the multi portion.

  • How many time we have to wait for a GoW game for the PS Vuta System an more free games to the vita obviously for plus members thank you if you answer take care :3

  • PS Vita :3

  • I like the MP for ascension. more slow kills. the block doesn’t work very well. more magic attacks needed. the comments made by the announcer is repetitive. (will need more) dont want a game that people turn down the volume while playing. I would like to see what skills the other GODS give to champions. you are doing well. take 10 second happy dance, then get back to work.

  • I am enjoying the beta and pre-ordered the collectors edition of the game. Question though, anything on the Vita front for GoW?

  • I am interested in the new God of War online Beta. Since I am not a playstation plus member I can’t try it out. This means two things. 1, I can’t try it to see if I want to purchase the game, 2, I don’t want to purchase any game without the ability to see if I like it. If you want to generate interest and feedback you should make all beta’s available to all online users, not just a few. Why make any demo or beta playstation plus available only?

  • Yea this game is very good can’t wait for the full version so I can try out the Hades alignment

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