The Drop: New Releases for the Week of January 8th, 2013

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The Drop: New Releases for the Week of January 8th, 2013

This week, the fan-favorite franchise Earth Defense Force goes portable with EDF2017 Portable on PS Vita. The notoriously unforgiving Demon’s Souls comes to PSN, so you can download it straight to your PS3. Platinum Games’ Anarchy Reigns hits PS3 at retail (for just $29.99). A number of Dora the Explorer PS2 Classics make their way to PlayStation Store, and a few other gems round out this week’s update.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop.

Anarchy Reigns on PS3


  • Anarchy Reigns ($29.99 retail)

Demon's Souls on PSN


  • Demon’s Souls
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • Lord of the Rings: War in the North
  • Dance Magic
Dora Saves the Snow Princess on PS2

PS2 Classics

  • Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom
  • Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Mermaids
  • Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Snow Princess
  • Go Diego Go! Great Dinosaur Rescue
  • Go Diego Go! Safari Rescue

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for PS Vita - Pale Wing

PS Vita

  • Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable

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  • YEA!!!!!!! DORA!!!!! WOOOTS!!!!!!! Totally prefer Dora and Diego to Star Ocean till the end of time and Kingdom hearts….

  • btw seriously… those who havent played demons souls yet…. seriously… W.T.F…. got my copy day one… at full price and its sooooo worth it…. yet ive seen ppl complaining that it should be cheaper…. a full game. Go and support this awesome game.

  • Should I play Demon’s Souls before Dark Souls? Are they connected in any way?

  • I kinda don’t mind that EDF is digital only. Its a game that I would always want on my vita and its like under 700mb. That price is a bit painful but I got some giftcards from christmas so its a non-issue.


  • @52 believe it or not, some people don’t like spending $20 on an intentionally difficult game with ugly ps2 era graphics and clunking looking combat.

    If Sony wants to give it out free for Plus thats fine, but not spending my own money on it.

  • Wow what an ugly post with next to no information.

    Hopefully this isn’t a new layout but is just yet another mistake from the blog staff.

    At least they’re consistant in one thing… they’re consistantly lowering the bar for expectations from Sony staff.

    Between the blog staff and whoever is running the Plus program, Sony really has let some braindead fools slip into important jobs. Guess that happens at some point in every company.

  • btw, i really enjoyed the Rise of the guardians movie. I’m hoping the game has a demo and $14.99 or lower price tag. I can’t imagine spending more than that on a movie tie-in game.

  • @53 No, the games are not really connected.

    @56 If you don’t want to spend US$20 in one of the best games of the PS3 is your problem… the game really worth it.

  • Just Curious, is EDF Custom Soundtrack enabled? I shouldn’t really have to ask, but my experience with it locked in certain vita games has made me,

  • @ryumoamu

    20 bucks for a Game that its a Gem of this Gen, Made with a difficulty that only Real Gamers can play and a control scheme which is awesome and works as intended making it not clunky ( its funny u are saying it has clunky controls yet u havent played the game? LMAO!) and the graphics are great for what they are.

    anyways kid… u are not a real gamer i understand and u prefer playing rise of the guardian than Demons Souls… Nuff said about u LMAO.

  • I am not hear to get a reaction or response from Sony Playstation even though it does sound like it i just want to know what there strategy is when it comes to putting out games on PSN like for example is there a good time or a bad time to do sales and when is it the best time to do price cuts on games. Im always interested in the business of gaming im going to be running my own business soon thats why i ask but anyways cant wait to see what content is coming out for plus this week!

  • OK let me get this straight. We ask for ps2 classics like kingdom hearts, final fantasy, fatal frame,silent hill and you chose Dora? We ask for more ps1 and psp for the vita and we get, well nothing. Are you ignoring us openly to our face now? I would think you have lost enough gamers and profits in the last few years without trying to make more mad and watch them leave also to go to other devices by companies that do listen to there customers. Sony, I have been with you a long time now. But I am getting real tired of asking over and over for things that you are obviously ignoring on purpose. We are starting to mean that little to you? No wonder your not #1 any more. Please start listening to us.

  • I read these every sunday or monday and honestly I never complain, but these last few weeks have been horrible updates!!! We should boycott sony until they listen to us! We get junk games all the time. I sometimes wonder if sony randomly ask’s people walking down the street if they want to make a game!!! Sorry Rey but I think you aren’t doing your job correctly. Nothing personal but it’s time for you to back away from the blog… Were you still drunk when you posted this?… And Dora a “classic”???????? Do we have to sign a petition to either get you fired or make you actually listen to us? If so I will… and I’m certain others will too!

  • Dora the Explorer? Agh, come on, guys. I’m all for providing entertainment for kids, but we haven’t received a good adult or all-ages game in months. The least you could do is release another game /along/ with these.

    Well, atleast more people will get to play Demon’s Souls… and I’ll look up whether Earth Defense Force is any good.

  • I like this new format. Gives me the only information I care about: the actual games being released, without a lot of prose around them.

    I do wish that all the games, not just in The Drop but in the Store Update and elsewhere, would have links to more info about the games, either on Sony’s site or an external site. But I suppose Google is good enough.

  • I agree the content seems to be getting worse every week? when are we going to get somthing worth playing?

  • I do agree that the formatting needs work (it’s “ugly”). But to say it has “next to no information” is silly. Yes, most such posts give many details, but none of those really add anything that a link to the game couldn’t give you, and better, unless there’s details unique to this particular (re-)release.

    Example from a few weeks ago: “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2 Classic) – The follow-up to Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This time around. …”

    How is that any more informative than simply saying “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2 Classic)”? The extra words give us nothing if we know about the game, and if we don’t know about the game than those extra words don’t help us figure it out.

    Similar thing here: “Far Cry 3 (Also on PSN) – Beyond the limits of civilization lies an island, a lawless place ruled by piracy and human misery …”

    It’s just the same marketing speak about the game we’ve all seen before.

    I say, better to leave it out and just list the games, maybe with links for more information. Really, every PS* game should have its own page on Sony’s site anyway, so just link to that.

  • EDF and Max Anarchy both look really good! Hopefully they both get demos.

  • I guess classics just aren’t classics anymore with games like Dora the Explorer making the cut. I mean what about ps2’s URBAN REIGN, or ps1 classics such as GEKIDO, and Tenchu 1 and 2. Everytime i tune in for one of these updates i wonder why, of all the rare buried treasures of the ps1 and ps2 era’s they come up with a pick like this. Not to say that sony hasn’t given us some good ones, and i understand catering to all audiences but don’t call a turd a gold nugget.

  • This is why I don’t want another Playstation machine any time soon.

    Can’t get Sony games like Dark Cloud or Champions of Norrath. Can’t even get Suikoden 2 after 5 years of waiting.

    But we can get every Dora game all at once.

  • Dora the Explorer, a “PS2 Classic”? Really!?

    Looks like I’ll be hanging on to my money for yet another week while I wait for some real PS2 classics to show up on the PS Store. (For example: Crash Nitro Kart or Kingdom Hearts)

  • If I didn’t already own Demon Souls, and Dark Souls I would definitely be picking Demon Souls up. But Dark souls 2 has me seriously hyped. Damn, i’d better hurry up and beat Dark Souls!

  • Can we have WWE 13 for the Vita or any other WWE especially made for PS Vita.

  • so Anarchy Reigns is going to be on psn tuesday as a buy?

  • Let me guess…War in the North will be triple the price of what I can find it in store, which is $10…

  • @broomstickbhg (#57)

    I agree completely. Whoever is running these departments at SCEA needs to go.

    Everything Sony does these days smacks of laziness and incompetance.

    Giving fans what nobody asks for-
    bargain bin Plus content
    Recycling the same sales over and over
    Freakin Dora “classics”
    Broken youtube app
    BROKEN Store

    And nothing we’ve been asking months for-
    Retail Plus games
    New sales
    DLC sales
    Sortable Download History
    Sortable Game Files

    If I made errors and displyed this much lethargy and neglect in my job, I’d have been fired many times over. Yet at SCEA, it happens every week.

    LMAO Mr Gates just buy this company already. Your corporate saboteurs couldn’t sink this boat as fast as is currently being done.

  • There has been talk about ps4 lately. The way they screwed people on backward compatible on ps3 not long after it come out and messed up on the production of the vita for the last year and now the poor ps1,ps2 support after killing backward compatible there will be no buying of a ps4 for at lest a year or more after it comes out. Just to see if sony screws it up to. If I buy one at all. It will be the only sony gaming system I have not bought at or around launch. Can you hear me now sony. Are you listening.

  • I had Earth Defense Force 2017 a few years back, but for some reason this Vita version sounds like a lot more fun to me than the original game. I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s because it’ll be on a handheld, or maybe I feel like I didn’t give the game enough of a chance when it originally came out. I might have to see what other people say on the forums about it.

  • Good God, people! Really? I’m sure Nickelodeon (or Paramount, to be more specific) is paying Sony a lot of money to put 5 Dora games on the PS-Store. I’m not too happy about it, either, but this is just business as usual. Also, you all need to realize that us geeks, nerds, and hardcore gamers are not the only people who use a freaking PS3. There are families out there that use them as well. There will be parents who shell out money for these games so their kids can be… err…… entertained? My mom did the same thing for me… except, the games she bought were based off whatever Disney movie came out at the time. For example, she got me Monster’s, Inc. Scream Team when I was 7.

  • My first post and i have to ask, what are people smoking?

  • Though, if Nickelodeon really wanted some CLASSICS on the PS-Store, they should put Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom, and the Spongebob movie game on there. I loved those games as a kid. I’d gladly pay $20 to play those again. They were more than just above average licensed games. They were great platformers. I’ve heard they had the movie game on here at one point, but they took it down. Was there a problem with it? Because I’d sure like to able to play Psychonauts without desynced audio in cutscenes, and/or without waiting until I can get a better PC.

  • TylerTheDestroye I would understand if these games sold good when the came out. But I was around when they did and little to no one bought them then nether. The whole deal is that we ask month after month and they do nothing. They can not help but hear us. They just could care less about what we are asking. Not to be smart or anything but paramount is not the ones buying there five different gaming machines and ps+ we are. If we the majority stop buying, paramount want have games on there nether. They need to listen and do.

  • **************************************************************************************************************
    * *
    Well i could understand why many people are upset but think about this

    1) The holidays just passed. Many people might be broke from spending a lot of money. so it’s pretty good the update sucks.

    2) If there’s nothing good for you then great! SAVE YOUR MONEY! why spend more than $20 every week!

    3) As for PS Classics wouldn’t be better if you wait for the HD remake? -_-?

    4) For the people asking about requesting video games for the PSN check out the link above hopefully it will great more support.

  • what are you guys thinking? Dora? I want crash bandicoot on PS vita!!!!

  • I wish we’d get Sid Meier’s Pirates for PSP/Vita. It’s a fantastic game worth getting on PSN.

  • It’s all about Demon’s Souls!!!!

  • I seriously just read people in Europe complaining about how they only get Mortal Kombat and Bioshock 2 for free this month…they are seriously spoiled in Europe, man. I wasn’t one of those complaining about how Europe gets all the good stuff until I read that!

  • Now I hope they get 3 minis a month and a PS1 Classic for the rest of the year!

  • Would really like to see Final Fantasy 10 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on PS2 Classics Roster. Any chance of that happening?

  • Well, Final Fantasy X HD for PSN is supposedly in the works…so unless ya wanna be double dipping on it…

  • Not much for me this week but I don’t care. I’m still playing Jetpack Joyride. What a great game and it was free.

  • Definitely interested in Demon Souls. Does anyone know if Ni No Kuni will be a day one digital release?

  • greatest hits dora the explorer hd collection 4 in 1 special edition lol

  • Aside from Anarchy Reigns it’s a pretty dead week. Oh, and the new format of the drop is just plain lazy.

  • Sony cannot force anyone to make their game a downloadable PS2 classic for PS3. Some game publishers don’t think it’s a worthwhile investment or simply don’t want to. 2K Games and 2K Play apparently think it’s a good idea to re-release these Dora games as PS2 classics and have done such. Go bug the game publisher if you want to see a certain PS2 game become a PS2 classic.

  • Happy New Year!! How about some new PSone classics. Let’s have ps2 classics playable on the Vita…even Dora!!

  • They won’t release kingdom hearts because the HD remake is on the way, you can look up the trailer for ”kingdom hearts 1.5 remix hd” or something like that. as for dora the franchise exploder, it sucks that the selection is clearly not about the popularity of games but rather what each game developer is willing to pay to put their game on the store. and regarding the whole vita thing: sony america, pull it together. psp is still huge in japan and vita is pretty neat too, localize that stuff! and you really need to step up the ps+ service because it’s nowhere near as good as the european version. for what it’s worth, i prefer psp and ps1 classics over disappointing ”bigger” titles such as retro city rampage or nba jam.

  • I would like it if the released KH 1.5 remix hd for the vita I think it would be nice, or maybe a entirely new game.

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