Introducing EPIX For PS3 and PS Vita: Movies, Concerts, Sports and More

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Introducing EPIX For PS3 and PS Vita: Movies, Concerts, Sports and More


At PlayStation, we’re always looking for new opportunities to give our fans the best entertainment options on our devices. Today we’re proud to share that EPIX, the premium entertainment network, will bring its library of more than 3,000 new release and classic feature films, world-class concerts, comedy specials, sports, and other original programming to PS3 and PS Vita owners across the U.S. this year.

In case you’re not familiar, EPIX is currently available through cable, satellite, and telco TV providers, online, and via other devices. The application will be free to download on PSN, and EPIX subscribers will be able to instantly stream a broad range of movies and entertainment content, including many new and popular releases like Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, The Hunger Games, Thor, and much more.

The EPIX app for PS3 will launch this quarter, with the app for PS Vita to follow later in the spring. Look for more news about EPIX here on the PlayStation.Blog as we get closer to launch!

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  • @mainkster – yes its free to download, free if you have a subscription but you have to pay for a subscription regardless. So no not completely free.

  • I just want Crunchyroll on my damn Vita already. Also would like the PS3 version to finally stop freezing up or shutting down at random.

  • Surprise no one mention that EPIX has a free 14 day trial, that doesn’t require cable subscription or you to put a credit card. Went i first saw the news at engaget earlier today y look then up on google and found their free trial after choosing your email and password, just choose EPIX as your provider. Also while trying to watch the hunger game i notice they have about 5 videos detailing: pled, rating, preview.. Why? Who knows but it work.

  • Bring NBA League Pass to PS3 and PS Vita!

  • Forgive my grammar error I’m eating a cake : )

  • soulds interesting as long as i can try a free trial of it first and i don’t need to have a cable provider involved. It will hopefully be a standalone subscription thing like netflix.

  • I rather have a better youtube app.

  • “Free to download” == “the content will cost money and probably be a lot more expensive than other services”


    You can sign up for a 7 day trial and link it to your account. For whatever reason the trial will last about 3 months minimum lol. Activate your device with the code they give you. No CC needed. My Xbox still has it running and I think it’s been about 6 months. If it stops. Just grab another trial with a different email. Shady? Perhaps, but it works. Not my fault EPIX is lazy. :D

  • I guess this is good for those who have cable and subscribe to Epix but Amazon Prime Instant Video already lets you watch the entire Epix catalog already. I’m waiting on HBOGO or one of the other Premium channels on demand to be added.

  • Good news, the Vita is quickly becoming a great on the go multimedia device as well as the best gaming device out there. Hopefully Sony keeps adding more apps and please get the PS mobile thing going, if the Vita had the ability to get android apps, it would most definitely be THE handheld to own as you wouldn’t need an expensive phone plan.

  • Good news. Variety is the spice of life.

    Sort of on topic, I’d love to see a ESPN. BEIN, or FSC subscription. Like a few on here I’m all but with cable and/or satelite TV. On demand is the way to go for kids and their parents.

  • I need help:
    if I buy all star battle royale playstation ps3 playstation Store
      even comes with cross bu for the PS Vita

  • Just waiting for the Hulu Plus Vita app, myself… unless I missed it?

  • @48 shb23
    Actually “America” in SCEA refers to North and Latin America (SCEA’s own interpretation of themselves) not exclusively the United States of America.

  • I have EPIX”s 2 channels EPIC & EPIC 2 since I have FIOS. As far as the movies are AWESOME, NO BS. the movies they show are all KICK ASS & CLASSIC MOVIES! Like M.I.mpossible: Ghost Protocal, THOR and more!

    The Hunger Games debuts this Saturday night at 8pm. Right before that at 6pm is a 2hr SPECIAL called, “The World Is Watching” Making of the Hunger Games”

    Here is a list of MORE MOVIES on EPIX, Now this is what is on JUST THIS WEEKEND! OK!.Super 8, The Warriors,2010’S Zombies of Mass Desruction, 1988’s She’s Having a Baby, Jennifer 8, Capt. America, Like Crazy, Safe, , Adventures of Tin Tin, Death Wish, Footnloose, Devil Inside, Paranormal 3 nad #2, Coldplay concert from 2011, Hugo, the Expendables, and the 90 minute documentary called,
    “Inferno: Making of the Expendables”(Let me say, this documentary is frikken AMAZING! I learned so much stuff about filming, being a director ETC.,and seeing Stallone get injrued again and again during filming and he kept going, ruputred shoulder, tore a tendon off the side of his foot and more. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  • @Haskell420 – yeah most of those movies aren’t really popular, besides The Warriors which was a snooze fest, I loved the video game but when i actually watched the movie, well the game felt like the movie you’d rather watch and the movie felt like the book you didn’t want to read. The Expendables was amazing but that could of been recorded on DVR numerous times already if it was that great. Capt. A. heard the beginning was cool rest was snoozer. Watched the older version w/ my pops, it was amazingly silly. Paranormal, don’t get me started… DUMB. and they keep making more of the same exact thing basically. doc on expendables though, Yawn… These movies sounds like it came from crackle C’mon now lol. Really?

  • @Lukather77

    Hey we are still waiting for PlayTV man. :)

  • you know how europe gets all the good stuff, and we don’t get it. i just realized that this is the kind of thing we get. they get cheaper games, we get… um… apps. thank you sony america. *sigh*

  • How much will epix subscription cost?

  • Still waiting for Crackle on the Vita

  • Epix is a movie channel, similar to HBO and Stars, that requires an existing cable subscription to this channel. The app will only allow those subscribers to stream movies in an on-demand format from their huge catalog. It’s NOT astand alone video service. So if you’ve never heard of EPIX, your cable provider probably doesn’t offer it and the app will not be of any use to you.


  • A) Being in Canada, I couldn’t care less about these services – especially ones that I have to pay monthly fees for. What I would like is a %*^*(#$^*$#^* HTML5-capable browser for vita so I could actually stream stuff!!

  • B) There is no B.

    (OR at least, none big enough that I would want to detract from point “A”)

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