PlayStation Plus Update

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PlayStation Plus Update

Happy (almost) New Year! The PlayStation Plus team is gearing up for another banner year in 2013 as we continue to deliver free games, discounts, and access to events, betas and more to give PlayStation fans the edge when it comes to their gaming lifestyle. This week, we welcome PS3 Game NBA JAM On Fire Edition and PS Vita Game Chronovolt to the Instant Game Collection. You’ll also find deeper discounts with the last week of the PSN Holiday Sale.

Important note: We’ll be updating the PlayStation Store today (Monday, 12/31) due to the New Year holiday. Therefore, this Plus update will be live later today when the update has published.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

December 31st PlayStation Plus Update

NBA JAM On Fire Edition (PS3)

Free for Plus members

You don’t have to be a basketball nut to have a blast with this one. If you’ve played NBA JAM before, you know it’s all about fast-paced arcade-style basketball action. Of course it features all your favorite NBA players and legends, but with all the fun and irreverence that has hooked countless gamers and tons of trash-talking multiplayer sessions. Crazy modes, secret teams, and rock-solid online play make this a great addition to your collection. Take a look at the video above to check out a match up in the game in the classic ‘big head’ mode, and play it yourself to see why gave it a 9 out 10.

Chronovolt (PS Vita)

Free for Plus members

Chronovolt is a puzzle-platformer with steampunk influences where players control the Chronosphere, a discovery that contains the energy that powers time. You’ll guide it through levels using all of the PS Vita’s controls including tilt, the analog sticks, and rear-touch to have a completely unique experience. Not to mention that by collecting power-ups known as Chronovolts, players are able to manipulate time, such as rewinding the game to save yourself from a fall that would have otherwise resulted in death. Set in three distinct worlds including a lush Mayan world, a snow-covered Chinese landscape, and a futuristic setting; PS Vita gamers will find plenty to love with Chronovolt.
PSN Holiday Essentials Sale (Week 3)

Various discounts for Plus members

The PSN Holiday Essentials wraps up this week with great deals on games you might have missed out on. Notables include the unique and completely charming Tokyo Jungle, Sound Shapes, and the remastered HD version of Shadow of the Colossus. Take a look at the full breakdown below:


Normal Price

PSN Sale Price

Plus Sale Price

Batman: Arkham City




inFAMOUS Festival of Blood







Free in Plus

Assassin’s Creed 2 Deluxe Edition




Shadow of the Colossus








Sound Shapes (PS3 and PS Vita Cross Buy)




Sound Shapes (PS Vita only)












Touch My Katamari




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As the last Plus post from 2012, I also want to extend a sincere thank you to all those who leave their feedback week to week. Whether you’re excited about an update, or giving your feedback about what you prefer, it’s always great to chat with you all. With PlayStation fans like you guys, I’m looking forward to an awesome 2013, and I hope you all will continue to bring the feedback; positive or critical.

We’ll be back next week as usual, but make sure you make your voice heard in the comments below, and also make sure to vote in the polls. You can also delve into the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to continue chatting about Plus, or find other great sub-forums to participate in and build your PlayStation community cred. See you in the comments!

PlayStation Plus Update: 12-31-2012

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7 Author Replies

  • Disappointed.

  • Sweet new PS Vita game! Thanks.

  • Where’s that kid that always complains “WHERE’S KINGDOM HEARTS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

  • I’m always happy as a PS+ member to see another free game added, but Christmas week and New Year’s, I was expecting something a bit better. Regardless, I will be playing NBA Jam! Happy Holidays!

  • Post rating, 2.08 / 5.00
    Sounds about right.
    The continual proverbial blue-balling of US PS+ members is getting pretty sad. You keep saying next week will be better, why don’t you try the truth. People will just hate you more when you let them down rather than saying “We will not compete with what EU/JP is giving out this month.”
    I am personally content with PS+ overall, but I do feel for the continual complaints of people on here when they’re promised goodies and get a carrot–so to speak.

    A professor in college used to say “There is no Try.” Granted I hated this professor, but she had a point. You either succeed, or fail, there is no middle ground. So if PS+ looks like slim pickings for Jan 2013, why don’t you tell us now, and not promise the world to us.
    I run a business, and my employees love me because I tell them the truth, you could learn a few things from that.

  • @ yellow_menace86 “Great” and “Better” is a matter of opinion. I actually really enjoyed Bioshock 2 and Retro City Rampage so far, and I picked up quite a few of the games in the holiday essential sales. Obviously I and everyone else here see that no we are not getting the exact same games as EU PS Plus, but nowhere (that I’ve seen) said we are even supposed to. And yes there are some games EU gets that I would like to get free like Red Dead and Vanquish, but if I wanted them THAT BADLY I would just buy them. Just my two cents

    @ MatheusRuggeri Bulletstorm is going on sale today when the store updates

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  • I just bought PS+ the other day… At least I have the Vita IGC to keep me busy.

    I’d really love to see some good games in 2013. No more crappy PSN games please.

  • i got bulletstorm for 5 dollars at best buy like 6 months ago. Mine is still in the package might open it up sometime next year.

  • Another thing, I wish I had seen the Sound Shapes Cross Buy was on sale this week for$7.50. I’d have waited the few extra days before buying it.

  • Morgan deleted a few comments or something so my reply earlier responding to post #40 should be directed at 39. I will be playing some JAM regardless!! :D

  • Dangit! He put the comment back! NVM! Sneaky ninja! :P

  • @ ArchAngelMai Obviously people are setting there expectations WAY too high. I’m pretty sure Morgan has been saying next week’s update is going to be great almost every for a couple months now, but yet week after week people still bring up his same quote. People have had a while now to get the general idea of how US Plus operates. And I respect your opinion that it all of this is sounding like a broken record now, but what do you want him to say? “Yeah, the updates for the coming month pretty much suck, so you guys don’t really need to even come check the blog till February.” (Or something along those lines)

  • Not bad for how bad this month has been for us . At least they put Batman on sale @ $14.70 , after they gave it to EU for free !

  • …… 2 letters…. B …. S….

  • fix motorstorm vita install problem

  • I’m almost happy my plus runs out in January…

  • I definitely don’t like complaining or anything but…who honestly likes sports games? Not most hardcore gamers who make up the audience of the PSN+ subscribers, but maybe that’s just me. At least I get a game for my new Vita but… *sigh* still disappointing…

  • Another week of disappointment. Here’s hoping next year will get better. Happy New Year everyone!

  • Not a great update, but I think I’ll finally pick up Sound Shapes with the PS Plus discount. So its a win for me.

  • Another bad update, subscription runs out soon and I’m glad

  • free avatars and themes please

  • Happy New Year everyone!!!

    I think its a good idea (+mestrejuca) to have both accounts, one in NorthAmerica and one European. Just remember that better games means a higher price.

    Plus NA is cheaper, European Plus is a little more expensive, but the selection of games is superior (Mortal Kombat is free for Vita and Batman Arkham City is also free – just as an example). I will recommend have the two memberships.

  • Does Arkham City come with the Catwoman DLC since it comes with a new copy of the game at retail?

  • I agree that the problem is in presentation. Most commenters want big title games every update, and since that’s virtually impossible on a weekly basis, it’s like the NA team is setting up for big complaints. I know people said they wanted a weekly update, but people often don’t know what they want.

    My work involves long hours and high stress. Ps plus has been perfect for me because I can spend about $10 a week and always sit down to a new experience. I imagine people like me are the main demographic for plus, and I couldn’t be happier with the service.

    Happy New Years, everyone. I hope to see you complainers back here next year ;)

  • Morgan,

    I looked through the comments and didn’t see this anywhere so I thought I’d seek clarification. Is it JUST Shadow of Colossus that’s on sale or the collection? You can buy the collection for $19.99 which is what you state is the retail price so I didn’t know if it’s both games.

    Thanks Morgan. Great update. Happy New Year.

  • This Sucks-Rorschach

  • Will this update include the fix for Motorstorm RC complete vita error C2-12383-7? Thanks

  • Can you guys please fix the issues with the Motorstorm Complete Bundle, it errors for everyone trying to install it. Sony customer service has been unable to assist anyone with the issue, you have to upload a new build of the game to the store. All 10 of us who bought the bundle really want to play it, and refuse to buy anything else until this issue gets fixed. It’s inexcusable for a digital download service. Thanks!

  • as always I’m happy PLUS, NBA jam demo was fun :)

    Is there ever going to be some fun addition to those that have subscriptions from the start like mircosoft did with its live members????

  • So for 2013 we get a 20 year SNES title? Your on fire sony, like i ate to much hot sauce and my toilet is on fire. What a huge load of burning crap!!!!!

  • I have a really hard time finding time to play all of these free games. Hitman blew my mind!!!! Oh and I finally beat Journey last week :)

  • Was there seriously a team of people who sat around and thought “gosh, what can we do this new years for our plus subscribers, OH I KNOW, NBA JAM!!!!!! BOOOOM SHAKALAKA!!!!!!”?

  • I enjoy having PS+ but I do miss getting some of the psone classics. Since the psone classics are playable on vita/ps3/psp it would give everyone something new to play. I would also like to suggest the addition of ps2 classics added to the instant game collection and are priced the same as the games we have been getting recently.

  • Let me get this, if you buy Sound Shapes on Cross-Buy (for PS3 & VITA) it costs exactly the same as Sound shapes for VITA-only?

  • I just bought Sound Shapes on Thursday… D:

  • A sports game? Ugh.

  • Happy New Year to the Ps Blog staff and everyone at Playstation… and to all the gamers(that don’t complain about everything..: )

    looking forward to more great games on the PS3 and Vita in 2013…

    just a thought… i think Playstation Plus should start including some free movies from the store… maybe one free movie a week or something… and not some movie from 1989, a new release one or something…

    anyhow, party safe, don’t drink and drive and feed your gaming habits regularly…

  • The problem is that something like Instant Game Collection is fundamentally flawed from the start. If someone is interested in a game, they likely would have already bought it in the year or two before it appears on ICG. And if they aren’t interested in a game, they wouldn’t have bought it. Now IGC is filled with games you already have or games you aren’t interested in.

    I view it as little more than a way to experiment games I don’t really have much interest in, nothing more. I’d be a lot more interested in 50% sales year round than these rentals.

  • Definitely not a thrilling update but the intensity of whining in this thread about a $50 service which has already given us TONS of awesome stuff in crazy.

    Every week isn’t going to be some huge game. In fact most weeks won’t be. If it were a year of plus would have to cost $500.

  • I used to play NBA Jam a lot on Arcades and SNES many years ago.
    I wouldn’t really spend money on a basketball game nowadays, but since I’m getting it for free will take the chance and see how the franchise is doing.
    Just hope I don’t get too addicted. lol
    Thanks, Sony. Happy New Year!

  • I still have many months from my 1 year subscription, and I was calculating what others did: PS Plus Price Versus Buying the games I actually play and enjoy, also because those would be mine forever.

    Please, give me a Dynasty Warriors Game, Warriors Orochi, and you will make me happy for 2 or 3 months…

    Why those sports games? Few people like those, they’re no fun at all.

    There just too much time yet for me to think about renewing, but im really not satisfied. Also, why cant you guys at least give DISCOUNT ON PSP GAMES, I really want to get Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Gods Eater Burst, Patapon 1 and 2, where is the 3 also?


  • NBA Jam is being taken offline January 11th. Thank you again psn EU, thank you.

  • @ 187 That is really one of the reasons as a gamer I love the plus service. There are games that they put on the IGC that I would have never even thought to try out and end up loving them. :D

  • Disappointing update, could we please get more PSN titles that were released a few years ago and have horrible reviews or at least get some discounts on games that were already offered to us for free less than a half year ago? Thanks!

  • @Morgan

    I’m confused now. Are you saying the Plus discount on Lumines isn’t real? I was kinda excited for the reasonable $18 price tag. It was the only good sale in the entire 3 week holiday thing. :/

  • @ryansaotome To play devil’s advocate, the error in your logic is it assumes that everyone has the money to buy every game that they are interested in. I know that many times PS+ has given away a game that I was already interested in but didn’t pull the trigger on, and I’m sure this happens even more often for people with less money than me.

  • For my huge payment of $50, I would like everything on the PSstore to be free please? If this doesn’t happen, l’ll leave another complaint on next weeks ps update post and rate the post down. Givez me what I want…or else.
    -subber of the super expensive psplus

  • @ UnholyBahamut No, what I understand is, there is no separate “Cross-buy” version and “vita” version. If you buy either the vita or PS3 version, you check your download list and the other version should be in there too free of charge. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  • I very much wish I could shop PSN in a web browser, while my PS3 is bwohken. :’-(

  • Have to agree with most others. Not really very good the last couple weeks. I wouldn’t mind a discount on the gravity rush dlc. Also, Journey or Heavy Rain would be nice to be added to instant collection.

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