Happy Holidays from SuperBot Entertainment

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Happy Holidays from SuperBot Entertainment

Hello everyone! I can’t believe the end of the year is here already. Needless to say, this was quite a momentous year for us at SuperBot with shipping our first title, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, and announcing our game’s first DLC pack with incredible new characters Kat and Emmett, and a super awesome Heavenly Sword/Wipeout level.

We have been thrilled with all of the positive response the game has been getting, especially from the fans, as this love letter we call PlayStation All-Stars was ultimately crafted just for them. We are so proud that we are able to work on, and deliver, such a cool and long awaited title for you all.

As a special thank you to all of our supporters and fans of PlayStation, we wanted to send out our holiday card to wish you all a most wonderful Happy Holidays!

We look forward to bringing you more great content in the years to come, and continue the celebration of all of the incredible characters and worlds that are a part of the magical world of PlayStation.

With much holiday cheer,

Chan Park

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  • This game isn’t “PlayStation” All Stars, it’s “Modern Games and/or Popular Games and/or New Games” All Stars just for marketing appeal and not caring about the long time PlayStation fans, not keeping true to the “celebration of PS history” and is a sell out, there are games included that aren’t iconic to PS but there are many games that are actually iconic to PS missing; Sony games that are new or not as iconic like Gravity Rush, Starhawk and Fat Princess before more iconic games and hints of no iconic games coming and instead games that are completely non iconic to PS like Assassins Creed, Mortal Kombat and ridiculous games like that.

  • awesome cant wait to buy it =)

  • @50 & @51


    You just added what I said at @23!

    So Fat Princess, Emmet Graves, Kat, Parappa and Big Daddy are more STARS than Snake, Gabe Logan, Crash, Spyro, Lara Croft? Apparently, to SuperBot, they are!

    This game should be called PlayStation NON Stars Battle Royale.

    I can understand Crash, Spyro, Snake and other being difficult to be in the game ’cause their not Sony’s owned characters, but choosing Emmet Graves and Kat as first DLC characters instead of others more iconic and Sony’s owned characters are…stupid, not to say worst.

    Think about it, Sony and SuperBot!

    Think about it!

  • PS:

    I won’t buy until I see truly ALL STARS in the game.

  • Cloud and Snake DLC PLIZZ!! you know those two have a more special place in the Playstation history than Big Daddy, don’t take me wrong I love PS All Stars, but I’m not seeing what made Big Daddy a Playstation All Star when his first game was Xbox exclusive and that makes the fact that PS All Stars is so good hurt when you have a character like that over more iconic ones.

  • @53/54

    I won’t buy it until it happens either.

    Also, it’s such a shame and so many more thing i don’t feel like mentioning that some people here are actually asking for non PlayStation icons and/or important characters like an Assassins Creed rep. If Sony/Superbot listens to those type of things this game will COMPLETELY FAIL and not be PlayStation All Stars and instead be Video Game All Stars Battle Royale.

  • I am not getting PlayStation All Stars until it comes with Crash: THE PlayStation All Star.

  • love the game:3

    hoping for

    Kazuma from yakuza
    aya brea from parasite eve
    pyramid head from silent hill
    ty from ty the tasmanian tiger
    Etna from Disgaea
    and Sora from kingdom hearts

    Any of these making it in would be a dream come true :D thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into the game, its the game i’ve always wanted.

  • I’m happy to see my favorite characters in here like Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Spike, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Nathan Drake, Cole Mcgrath and Kat but can we have some more old school characters please? Like Abe, Tomba, Gex, Ty and some stages of characters already represented like a stage based of medievil or a stage based off Gravity rush? also this game is the most fun I have had on my ps3 ever! :)

  • Had a blast playing 4-player for the first time tonight. Everyone I had there looks forward to new roster additions.
    (mostly on the Atlus front!)

  • Oh, and SquareEnix.

  • Happy holidays to you guys! Playstation All-Stars has been a favorite of mine after getting it for Christmas. I expect nothing but great games and free DLC. This was a great first year as a playstation fan.
    @46: You mean Super Smash Bros? Great game…

  • Would you guys be mad at me if I called your game Sony Smash? Because I do, and it rolls off the tongue sooooo nicely lol. I love the game btw and hope you continue to support the franchise with many dlc’s of substance and sequels to come… Thank you guys for an awesome game and providing great times for my buddies and I.

    I also call it PBR occasionally; as reference to the the brew lol…. out of respect ofcourse

  • Excellent game, guys, and one I’ve spent the most on this year along with Resistance 3 and Starhawk. I look forward to the upcoming DLC, and even more good things!
    Hey, how’s about some avatars of all the characters?

  • Thank you Superbot for making All Stars and giving us Kat and Emmet as DLC im sure I will like them. Personally as DLC I would like to see Aveline De Grandpre from Assasins Creed Liberations (she can go with Kat as a recongnizable Vita character and is a female in a roster of mostly males) in All stars and If you can get Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Crash Bandacoot, Cloud amd Lightning from Final Fantasy, Solid Snake from MGS and Spyro as DLC fighters and add more costumes for all the characters

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