PlayStation Plus Update

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PlayStation Plus Update

PlayStation Plus Update: 12-24-2012

While we’re smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season, we thought we’d drop in and deliver some new content for PlayStation Plus members. Don’t forget that you still have time to make Plus a great stocking stuffer for the PlayStation gamers in your life. You can buy online, get the voucher code, and then give that voucher code to your friends and family.

Now, to business! Plus members will be getting the wonderfully hilarious 8-bit styling of Retro City Rampage free, as well as extra savings on the continuation of the PSN Holiday Sale.

Important note: We’ll be updating the PlayStation Store today (Monday, 12/24) due to the Christmas holiday. Therefore, this Plus update will be live later today when the update has published.

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or PS Vita or click here to get access.

December 24th PlayStation Plus Update

Retro City Rampage (PS3 and PS Vita)

Free for Plus members

Retro City Rampage pays tribute to games from days gone by, while adopting the open-world gameplay of modern day titles. Crafted by a small team led by Brian Provinciano, the game features an 8-bit art style, complete with amazing chiptunes. Since this a Cross-Buy game, this Plus deal is available for both PS3 and PS Vita Plus members. Check out all the great coverage from this game from the PlayStation Blog and find out why called it “…the perfect game for gamers…”.
PSN Holiday Essentials Sale (Week 2)

Various discounts for Plus members

The PSN Holiday Essentials sale continues with great deals on a number of amazing titles. Titles that you might be interested include Journey, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and many more. Take a look at the list below:


Normal Price

PSN Sale Price

Plus Sale Price

Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty




Galaga Legions DX




Mortal Kombat




Duke Nukem Forever




Simpsons The Arcade Game




Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Vita




Mafia II




Killzone 3 Multiplayer




Unit 13








Papo & Yo




Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS3




Metal Gear Solid :3 Snake Eater – HD Edition PS3








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We’ll be back next week with more Plus goodness, but make sure you make your voice heard in the comments below, and also make sure to vote in the polls. Please remember that while we closely look at the results from polls, they are but one of many factors we use when deciding how we move forward or make any changes, if any are made. You can also delve into the PlayStation Community Forums in the PS Plus space to chat more about Plus, find other like-minded gamers, and make friends! Thanks, and see you in the comments.

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7 Author Replies

  • lol so the MGS collection isn’t even the Vita version? Geez, that was the ONLY interesting thing in the deal. i thought i could get the collection on Vita for that low price, but its saying its the ps3 version here. So lame. :/

  • No edit function? Oh well. To the above I already own Retro City Rampage. I’ll stop buying games on PSN now and wait for them to become freebies. RCR is free way too early.

  • False advertising! The store update has the Vita version of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for sale, NOT the PS3 version. I’m so bummed. Any chance the store is wrong or the price for the PS3 version just hasn’t flipped yet?

  • Someone said “Who cares what they (EU) get. This is NA and deal with it.”

    I am going to deal with it. My sub runs out tomorrow and I have no intention of renewing. Not enough bang for the buck from my point of view. All this “free” stuff is just game rentals any way. And much of it is old that I can pick up for very little $$.

  • You know, this wouldn’t be as big of a dissapointment if Morgan didn’t say things like “just wait, we will have content to match EU” all the time. Last week was a port of an iOS game and this week is a middle-of-the-review-road novelty game. Neither of those is even close to game of the year material like Batman and in no way matches the EU content wise. I don’t necessarily want what EU gets but if you promise a parity in quality, it is only going to be a let down when that doesn’t happen. Playstation Plus is a great service. I reccomend it to everyone. And if I wasn’t paying attention to what is being promised, I wouldn’t be disappointed in the least… But I am.

  • @32 i think they should concentrate more on day 1 release game discounts. That way we can get them cheaper and not feel so upset if they decide to give them free later on.

  • Please fix the Unit 13 price so that I can get it with HSG :)

  • Really loving these holiday sales, can’t wait to see what’s up for grabs next week!

  • I so would’ve bought Mafia II and Mortal Kombat if they were the complete editions. Oh well. Love Retro City Rampage for free though.

  • I think SCEA needs to come up with a solution to compensate those who already own PS Plus free games. Like a 50 percent voucher for a future PSN Store purchase. At the moment, all PS Plus is doing is training me to not buy games off the Playstation Store.

  • Nothing for me this week.

    I like how Morgan says the Polls are importaint but than states.

    Please remember that while we closely look at the results from polls, they are but one of many factors we use when deciding how we move forward or make any changes, if any are made.

    Key words: if any are made.

    So there are no real plans to improve Plus anytime soon for the USA I take it….

    • We’re always looking at how to improve Plus; but just like any major choice that you would make (let’s say, buying a car) there are a number of factors you’d need to look at. So it’s the same way to how we take in feedback on Plus; polls are a strong piece of data from this section of the community that we use when reviewing the big picture, but they’re not THE big picture. Just want to be upfront with how the polls are used, that’s all. Hope that makes sense! =)

  • Is MGS HD for Vita or PS3? The previous post (specifically for the holiday sale) said it was the Vita version, but this post says it’s the PS3 version. I already have the PS3 version but I’d buy it for Vita if it were on sale.

  • US: Retro City Rampage
    EU: Mortal Kombat

    Seriously, I would like to change my subscription for the EU one.

  • @Vitacat-P , You’re friend will still have access to the instant collection which still includes great games.

    People, you need to stop complaining and be realistic. We can’t always expect triple A games. PS Plus is a yearly subscription so it needs to be judge on a the full year. And that really a great year.

    Also, I would be surprised how many of you actually beat the free games you didn’t have before. Honestly, I’ve been overwelm and I don’t have time for all of them.

  • >Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS3

    it’s actually not, the collection is the Vita one, only 3 is on sale for the PS3. Dissapointing, the Vita version doesn’t have PW.

    Still though, great update and sales, D/L’ing Journey, Papa & Yo, RCR, & Unit 13.

  • People need to stop crying. If you can pick up 1 or 2 things this week that you like, it’s a success. You can’t expect everything to be awesome. Different strokes for different folks. What I want is 50% off Escape Plan DLC, I hope that its coming!!!

  • I’ll be getting Journey and Unit 13, and of course RCR. 3 games this week = Success!!!!

    • That sounds like some awesome gaming there. Loved Retro City Rampage quite a bit, and it’s definitely not just ‘an 8 bit game’. Super fun.

  • 64 gb vita cards coming soon? Please I’m filling up

  • MadMartigan, then why doesn’t SCEA put nearly everything on sale like Steam? Why choose only a handful of titles? How do you make everyone happy when your selection sample is so tiny. Blow everything out. It’s Christmas.

  • Hope you guys discount Metal Gear 1 next week to complete the collection. Also, no invizimals for psn?

  • Sound Shapes and LAST GUARDIAN!!!

  • This is fantastic! A new PS3/Vita game like this is just what I wanted!
    And not to mention all of those great discounts! Hot shots golf and Unit 13 look VERY appealing.

  • @ Morgan Haro

    Have to say, the update this week is pretty sweet. I just got a Vita, and had been looking at both RCR & Hot Shots: World Invitational Vita, but was holding back to see what was on sale this week. Glad I did, as now I’ll get both for $8.74…now I just gotta get a larger vita card.

    Also, I’m wondering when more PS3 games will be accessible viz Remote Play? I think I have maybe 1 that works (Tokyo Jungle) and that’s it. Is the issue that it’s currently up to the game devs to decide if they want it played remotely, meaning Sony has to lobby each game publisher asking “pretty please”, or is it that Sony needs to release a Vita patch which will allow more PS3/PSN titles to be played remotely…..have to say, I thought Journey would have looked incredible on the Vita, even viaa Remote Play, but it didn’t work. It was kinda disappointing one of Sony’s top 1st Party studios (Santa Monica & Thatgamecompany at the time) didn’t have Journey set to work with Remote Play.

    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying the update! I’m afraid I have no insight into remote play functionality though; or various games plans for it.

  • Well, I’M happy with this week’s sales and free game. Retro City Rampage certainly intrigued me when it came out, but not enough to buy it. Glad to add it to my collection :). And I’m definitely picking up R&C: QfB. I’ll possibly get Metal Gear Solid HD for PS Vita too.

  • metal gear is vita version but blog shows it for ps3 such false avertising! i mean if you had said it was vita version i wouldn’t have mind.

  • This update makes me feel like I’m seven years old on Christmas morning. Excitedly I reach underneath the tree to open my first present. I tear through the wrapping and instead of that awesome toy I really wanted I find a sweater. Sure I’m thankful for the gift and I have no doubt it will be useful but, its a sweater.

    That being said enjoy the holiday.

  • It’s say Metal Gear Solid HD Collection PS3 but when i check PSN store, it’s only for VITA!

  • @morgan are we getting vita games for ps plus next week? hopefully something better… not an 8bit NES game.. more like a real good vita game??

  • So it’s Christmas and THIS is what we get?

    Brilliant. is Morgan a bot?

  • Well one word for this holiday season of NA sales so far


    Why no 12 days of gaming? Why was the weekend flash sale only 2 games when Ubisoft said there would be ‘much more’?

    Why does the EU get tons of full PS3 games, including a bunch of NEW games for 50% or eve more (with plus) off and we get sales that are mostly on games that have been on sale before.

    Once again anyone with Plus will have had the chance to buy most of the sale stuff at similar prices over the last year or two…

    I guess comparing regions isn’t good since the blog staff dont’ like it, but come on. The difference between plus services is one thing, but even their holiday sale is 100 times better than this, and they’re not updating the store again until January. And you’re still far far behind them…

  • I’m really happy to see something I’m interested in this week. Lately a lot of the games have either been something I already own or something I don’t care for. I still love the other services and don’t complain, but it still sucked not seeing anything I wanted to play. Retro City has been on my watch list for awhile, I just couldn’t justify $15 for it. Thanks!

  • Hey Morgan,

    Quick question. I know some others have pointed out there’s a difference between the price of Unit 13 that you’ve listed for $12.94 and the PSN store which is saying the Plus price is $17.49. Do you know which one is incorrect? Is it a typo in the listing or is it wrong in the store?

  • Let’s be honest here just a bit.

    First and foremost, I do like the idea of Retro City Rampage being free for Plus member (I tried the demo and loved it). But lately, I have been craving a lot of JRPGs and Japanese-themed games. And with the exception of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, I have seen very little of either genre. Could we add some more to PS Plus in the future? It would make this gamer REALLY happy.

    And that is all I want for Christmas this year. And I don’t care if my present comes late :D

  • What time will the store be updating? I wanted to open my Playstation Vita and use Plus to download Mutant Blobs Attack before it expires for Retro City Rampage. Please answer, I really need to know.

  • This is why I let my plus sub cancel.!

    Nothing for me AGAIN this week. I’m sure I’ll be getting a plus card for X-mas. Guess when I return it I’ll give Gamestop my money.

    Last few weeks you could have gave me, sorry rented me, OLD games like Heavenly Sword or even Lair, and I would’ve been happy.

    Very disappointed… as I’m sure many are.

    Bah Hum Bug…

  • Man, I really need to stop purchasing things from PSN on launch. This has only been out a couple months and it’s already on PS Plus. Could of saved me some money.

    How about giving a few bucks in credit to those who already own titles that are PS Plus members?

  • A good update, although if RCR is taking a spot for both PS3 and PS Vita ICG then it feels a bit of a cheap move. However, these sales are great… really wish that these would be the standard for Plus sales.

  • I have RCR on Steam all ready and am glad to be able to add this to my PS library!

  • Retro City Rampage is hot garbage, but I at least appreciate that it is a relatively recent PSN title.

  • I’ll be getting RCR and Journey. Can’t wait till next week.

    @DaGimp13 I’m pretty sure Retro Grade (which was on sale last week) is also playable via Remote Play. At least I know the demo is (I tried it) so I’d assume the full game would be as well.

    @Morgan will we ever be able to buy games that are already free for Plus mebers? Like if they go on sale (like little big planet 2 last week) for non-plus users. I prefer to be able to keep my games. Better yet, could you guys maybe look into giving the option of either a plus discount or getting said game for free?

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Oh and for those wondering, it is the vita version of MGS HD collection that is on sale

  • Please fix the live area for LBP Vita… there are now logos for Smart As and Hustle Kings that were quickly done on photoshop as you can see a ton of white pixels around them.

  • HeyMorgan thanks for always being nice when responding to all the hateful comments posted about the disapproval of plus content. Now onto the pressing matter I just got off the phone with customer service about unit 13 being mispriced in the store on your blog and the holiday sale post unit 13 is priced at 12.94 for plus members and when I brought into there attention I was told whoops tough for you and that’s wasn’t getting it for that price so can you let me know if they’re wrong or is two different blog posts wrong.

  • For 2013, I really hope that PS Plus finally gets advertised and that we finally can stream full game trials. Moreover, I know that it may not happen but please add the option to either upgrade a secondary account to a master account… I am unable to use PSN cards or PS Plus along with not being able to use various trials. I began with a secondary account when I was probably 14 and now I am 20.

  • Happy Holidays and I am looking forward to how PS Plus goes forward in 2013!

  • Oh and update the Share portion of the blog unless you guys are either discontinuing it or planning an overhaul for it… about 3-4 months since it has seen an update.

  • @Morgan, first I want to say merry Christmas. but I also want to ask about what you’ve been saying the past few weeks in these posts that there was supposed to be some mind blowing update by the end of the month, I can’t remember if it was just for Vita owners or all plus members, but I’m kinda curious if this was supposed to be it? Unless you guys are doing the update on monday again next week, this is the last update of the month. I’m not so much on the angry side like a lot of people that post in here, yes I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get some of the cool stuff that EU got, but such is life. I was just curious about this big update by the end of this month and when it will be coming.

    • There’s another update next Monday as well, but I’m not sure what statements you’re referring to where I hyped up some sort of ‘mind-blowing’ update this month. I only ever mentioned that we’ll have more on the way next week (as is the case every week)

  • Hey Morgan, I voted “nothing for me this week”, not because I don’t like RCR, but because I already have it. I would have been stoked to get it for free. And the sales didn’t do it for me either b/c I already have the few I’m interested in. But it’s a good list with good variety. Hopefully next week has some stuff I can spend my PSN cards on.

    But here’s the idea I just got for PS+. Hopefully you can pass this along, Morgan. I think the biggest underlying issue with PS+ is the fear of a game being given away for free after you buy it. Not only does it force some to hesitate when buying content, but it also makes for a disappointing update when you already own it, even if you bought it a while back. Obviously getting something in return for already owning the game would be the best solution for this, and it would even be enough for me if it was something as simple as an exclusive avatar for that game letting it be known that you supported it before it was free.

    Happy Holidays!

  • So After the wait we get Retro City Rampage… L O L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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