Angry Birds Trilogy: Anger Management Pack Hits PSN Today

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Angry Birds Trilogy: Anger Management Pack Hits PSN Today

Greetings, PlayStationeers! The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll have a bit of free time on your hands to relax on the couch and curl up with a nice video game. That’s why we’re flinging you all the details for the first DLC for Angry Birds Trilogy, landing on the PlayStation Network on December 18th. The Anger Management pack lets you pop the pigs across 130 additional levels from some of our favorite Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons episodes, including Birdday Party, Ham ‘O’ Ween, Wreck the Halls, Year of the Dragon, Cherry Blossom, and Piglantis. It also features full PlayStation Move support and, yes, adds new trophies to the game.

A new playable character joins your flock in this collection, as well – the Orange Bird. Don’t judge this small bird by its feathers, because Orange Bird packs a walloping surprise. His special power lets him rapidly expand up to a massive size, shoving aside nearby enemies and obstacles!

All of this is in addition to the new cutscenes, unique animated backgrounds, and hundreds of levels and hours of gameplay already caged within Angry Birds Trilogy. So if you’ve already managed to conquer the huge amount of content in the original game, we’ve got you covered.

Want an early look? Take a gander at this exclusive new gameplay trailer, showing off the variety of stages you’ll be able to experience in beautiful, high-definition detail later this month:

You can pick up Anger Management when it drops onto the PlayStation Network in North America on December 18 for $4.99. And if you still haven’t experienced the original Angry Birds Trilogy, you can download it directly from the PlayStation Store on January 8.

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3 Author Replies

  • yessss, im so angryyy

  • 130 levels seems good for 5$. even though i dont got this game. yet…

    • Thanks! For those interested, it equates to about 20 hours of additional content. My favorite new episodes are Piglantis which introduces water buoyancy mechanics, and Year of the Dragon with the new Mighty Dragon ability.

  • why cant the game be on vita

  • Why would I want to play this on my ps3? It would have been much better suited for the vita.

    Or better yet, cross-buy/cross-play.

    With something as simple as angry birds, it shouldn’t be too hard to ask for that much.

  • Crazy that this is not on Vita… it’s the perfect platform for it. Crazy how much it costs too considering they are free on mobile devices and tablets.

  • Why pay that much for DLC when the game is readily available for free on almost all cell phone services? Heck, the PSmini version is almost that cost.

    And I have to also ask, why no offer on Vita? The 3DS retail verison is one of the biggest sellers this season, and Vita is missing a possible chance to ride on the hype.

  • Totally insane that its not on Vita.

  • lol i remember when you guys had the nerve to release these games on retail disk for $40. I hope to god no one was stupid enough to pay that much for $0.99 iphone games.

    $5 is still too much to be honest (considering its not even for Vita), but its more reasonable than before.

  • wheres the vita version with touch controls like 3DS Andriod and iOS? whats with the discrimination?

  • LOL this should be FREE after the Rip-off price you made people pay who bught the full game.

  • So you pay $40 for the game and then $5 for DLC. While on iOS and Android, I pay 0.99 cents and get free DLC.

  • Agreed there’s really no good reason why this can’t be on Vita….and if there is, I believe we as consumers who buy your product are entitled to know. I refuse to believe that you posted something on the Sony Blog without KNOWING that you would have to answer is specific question regarding angry birds and the Vita. We appreciate the explanation.

    • It’s great to see so many passionate Vita fans on here. We are also a big fan of the platform, and have been exploring it as an opportunity for a new Angry Birds experience. As many of you are already aware, there are tons of cool ways to incorporate the many Vita input options with an Angry Birds experience. With that said, we don’t have anything official to announce yet.

  • @10 – they didn’t make you buy it. Grow up.

  • 13# I did not buy it. It’s just sad to see a company rip-off console/handheld gamers this much when you compare the price to the Ios/android version.(they even got more content!!!)

  • The issues are with Activision not the makers of angry birds. Baffling this is not on the vita. This is Activision we are talking here, profits or nothing. That is the truth.

  • @13 are you really that stupid? Whether he bought it or not, charging $40 for 3 Angry Bird games that are $1 each on Iphone is a rip off, plain and simple.

  • Please bring this to the Ps Vita and i will gladly give you my money!!!

  • @16 – You don’t need to buy it. It should have no effect on your pathetic life. Just move on. Besides, you’re king of the rentals anyway and you never buy anything. All you do is complain about how expensive everything is. Get a job or get a different hobby.

  • I have to agree with everyone here. Angry Birds is (no matter how many levels) is not worth $40. I can’t see many people picking this up, so hopefully it will have a rapid price drop. It would however make a great Vita game at no more than $9.99. Angry Birds was made for a touch screen and probably needs to stay on one. But $40? Hey, if people buy it, great for you.

  • @16

    Yes, and since noone is forcing you to buy it, his point stands. Yes their asking price is insane, thank goodness nobody has a gun to your head demanding you purchase it.

  • I remember purchasing the Mini for my PSP & it had serious lag issues. No patch but it WAS rereleased as a Mini bearing the same title… leaving the 1st adopters w/ a broken game.

  • Bring Angry Birds to the Vita!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My family loves this games, as millions of others do. Is the main game available on PSN, or only on disc?
    One more vote for an Angry Birds Vita release, please!

    • Great to hear! Right now the full trilogy is only available at retail, but it will be available via PSN on January 8th in North America.

  • Where is the $40 dollar price point you guys are mentioning? All I see is $5 bucks which would be appropriate for this trilogy were it to be cross play vita compatible. Since it isn’t I don’t see any value here even at $5. If the $40 pricing is correct that’s insane.

  • @21: When originally announced, PSminis were one-off releases, not slated to be patched. They were originally meant to be quick, easily built games to be under a certain size limit and be inexpensive.

    Sadly, half of the minis are iPhone/Android games with inflated (at the time) prices. There are good games, no question. I personally like the scores of classic SNK games (and A Space Shooter For Two Bucks. :-D).

    Sadly, if the game has glitches or issues (Zenonia is a good example of this), there will be no fixes.

    On a brighter note (or bad, depending), looks like minis are falling by the wayside, as most developers are either going from minis to PSMobile or Vita/PS3. Here is hoping for more greatness.

    And again, Activision! Show some Vita love! Angry Birds would be a great push with the Bird Fever (er, Bird Frenzy?) right now. And wouldn’t mind seeing some classic Activision collections making it to Vita (more than the already awesome PSP game…).

  • @24: The game is MSRP US$39.99, and the DLC is US$4.99. Note that the full retail PS3/XB360 is MSRP US$39.99, with the 3DS variant running MSRP US$29.99.

    Keep in mind that the normal iPhone/Droid games run for free (though those versions do tend to track your phone, so be wary when “buying.”).

  • Hey activision, can we have crash and spyro for plastation allstars now? Please :)

  • yea, unfortunately i wont be picking this up. i bought it and its fun and all (the full game on ps3) but the fact that its not playable on my vita and your reply doesn’t even suggest you have Vitas dev kit is not promising.

    i hate any dev that pick and choose consoles insted of just bringing it across all specially if you already have other games on with this company.

    no of my friends like Angry Birds on PS3, my lil girls say “its not the same”

  • **i have the minis version**

  • Activision and rehashed iphone trash in one post. What an insult.

  • ^^^ You don’t have to take it so hard… ha ha…

    You people on this blog are freakin’ ridiculous, I gotta tell ya…

    It’s the end of the world, apparently.

  • @30 yeah, i just realeased it was Activision publishing this game lol. Now the ripping off customers makes more sense.

  • It can’t be a rip-off. Your hand isn’t forced. They’re not reaching into your pocket. There’s no deceit. Everything is out in the open.

    You dorks don’t seem to know what terms fit where. You can call it over-priced, but there’s not a single shred of evidence of a rip-off here.

  • I agree with the others that it’s insane that it’s not on Vita. But, seriously an MSRP of $39.99? For Angry Birds? When the Vita version comes out, will we have a $40 price point to look forward to there, too?

  • Where the hell is the vita version? And no, I won’t pay more than $5 for angry birds anywhere, it’s that price on iOS and android, why $40 here, are you kidding me?

  • @37 just greed, plain and simple.

  • @PrimeroIncognito, You can’t be that ignorant, can you? Well i guess YOU can. If you really think $40 for a simple Angry Birds game with nothing to justify the price tag and you still think “it’s worth it” there is no convincing you.

    You’re what we smart people call “sheep” Can you say “Baaaaa” for me?

  • @SikoSn1P4

    Are you sure you really wanna get into a battle with me? Really? Smart? You?

    Don’t make me…

  • @PrimeroIncognito Baaaaa

  • You’ve already died in this debate, son.

    You put words in my mouth that I never said, and never would say. That killed it for you right there. When you have to resort to blatant fabrications, it only shows that you have no real counters to any points I made.

    I never said it was “worth it”… I can’t believe you even put that in quotes as if I ever stated such nonsense…

    You must have skimmed right over the part where I said, “You can call it over-priced”.

    Don’t get your diaper all dirty and start flinging your crap at me just because I make you little poser turds look bad every single day. :)

  • 1. You have the CHOICE to purchase the product, or not purchase it. There is no penalty for not purchasing the product.

    2. Everything that is announced as being included in the product, really is included. No deception. No sleight of hand tactics.

    Thus, there is no “rip-off”.

    If you can’t comprehend such a simple concept, you must be the sheep… or even worse, a parrot… repeating the same nonsense all the other witless turds spilled out of their mouths before thinking.

  • @39 just ignore Primer. Hes already been exposed as a Sony employee. Anytime i see that idiotic megaman reject character avatar i know too look past the post because it will offer nothing of actual substance.

    Though it does kinda amuse me why a Sony employee is defending Activision’s dishonest business practices. Could be hes either incredibly stupid or just a terribly boring troll.

  • ^^^This dude is just too dumb to realize how he shoots himself in the foot with every post.

    Yep, a Sony employee who encouraged you to buy a game from Amazon instead of the PlayStation Store.

    Oh crap, now you’ll have to say I’m an Amazon employee! :O

    When will it end… when will it sink in… Probably never. But that’s cool with me. I can keep assisting you with making an ass of yourself if that’s what you really want… ;)

  • I think that in total, that is $45 overpriced. Angry Birds is most definitely not worth spending money on. All you losers arguing and not understanding that you are making the same point need to shut your mouths and learn a little bit about reading comprehension. You and every other person on this blog are saying don’t buy a game when it is free on another platform. The people have come to this conconclusion: Activision is just trying to rape people out of hard earned money. We all still have free will and common sense. We the people will not buy your rubbish that should be free.

  • You guys lost money because i would have totally bought this for my vita.

  • I paid $30 for the retail disc (on sale) and I do not feel ripped off. I also own the trilogy on iPhone (as well as Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Bad Piggies)… So I knew exactly what I was paying for. These games are seriously addictive and have incredible replay value. They look great on a large TV in 1080p. I don’t have to squint my eyes to play, and I enjoy the dual shock controls. Yes, the PS3 version is overpriced compared to the mobile versions, but it is most certainly not without value. Seriously, how many games these days give you 100+ hours of gameplay? And how many DLC packs give you 20+ hours?

    Any chance we might see Angry Birds Space as DLC at some point?

  • I would consider the game on Vita, the perfect handheld for it.

    Posted from my Vita browser.

  • the problem is, the retail game is something in the $30-$40 range, and for iphone, and other devices it is $1-$2, or it’s free, no way in the world am I spending $28 more just to play it on my ps3. it will hit the $10 bargain bin soon enough

  • @Mikaa1701
    Zenonia got a patch (new build) that fixed pretty much all of the laggyness. All you have to do is redownload it offthe PSN Store.

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