The Drop: Week of December 10th 2012 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of December 10th 2012 New Releases

Fast-paced twin-stick shooter Big Sky: Infinity delivers insanely intense and unique experiences designed to push you to the edge of your abilities and the edge of your seat on PS3 and PS Vita. And from the twisted and brilliant mind of Suda 51 comes Black Knight Sword, a platforming adventure with an unprecedented visual style. Then travel back in time to a medieval Chinese city in the adventure game Judge Dee: The City God Case.

Enjoy this week The Drop.

Big Sky: Infinity (PS3/PS Vita) — This twin-stick shooter features randomly generated, dynamic gameplay that adapts based on your performance — the better you play, the more extreme Big Sky Infinity becomes! With 12 energetic game modes to choose from, get ready to transform your ship into an unstoppable drilling machine, so powerful it can blast through entire planets!

Black Knight Sword — Black Knight Sword is a retro side-scrolling adventure featuring surreal, dream-like graphics with a look and feel unlike anything else. In this fresh, modern and interactive take on the classic fairy tale, The Black Knight treks through a dark and mysterious world filled with whimsical and memorable creatures to kill the dark princess and ending her reign of terror.Slash, platform and puzzle your way through this unique title with each level more bizarre and intriguing than the last.

Ben 10: Omniverse — In Ben 10: Omniverse, players can play as both Young and Teen Ben, switch forms between 13 playable alien heroes, including new aliens like Bloxx and Gravattack, and fight in an assortment of action-packed levels throughout the subterranean alien city of Undertown and other show-inspired locales. In Ben: 10 Omniverse, Rook will also star in the game come equipped with a Proto-Tool, a swiss army knife of the future, that can transform into a variety of weapons that will bring a whole new dimension to combat.

Judge Dee: The City of God Case — Judge Dee, the newly appointed magistrate of Yiwang prefect, travels to an isolated town in his new jurisdiction to find that the mayor’s son has fallen unconscious and became deathly ill. Suspecting foul play, Judge Dee starts investigating. Help him uncover the truth behind the town’s dark secret, its corrupt officials and the true cause of the mysterious illness in this beautiful Hidden Object Adventure game.

Mix Superstar — Think you can be the next big music star? Well now you’ve got all the tools right at your fingertips with Mix Superstar. Create, mix and record your own royalty-free musical masterpieces right on your PS3. There are over 1,000 Dance, Hip Hop and Techno loops included across multiple instruments like Drum, Bass, Synth, Guitar and even voice tracks.


  • Big Sky: Infinity
  • Black Knight Sword
  • Mix Superstar

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2 Classic) — The follow-up to Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This time around, developer Rockstar North and publisher Rockstar take players to the state of San Andreas.

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  • @BuM87 Whichever real rpg u wanna throw up there. Everyone likes a diffrent FF. I actually am not a fan of 8 as much as others. My point is we need more actual RPG’s , I agree totally with your suggestions as well. Still i do look forward to a KH collection, Beyond the Beyond sequel, Would also love a new LUNAR.

  • Nice to see GTA San Andreas being ported. I never played it before and was considering picking up a PS2 version, but all my PS2 controllers are broken, so it’s easier to play this classic edition.

    I would like to see Red Dead Revolver being ported as well. Way of the Samurai, Soul of Samurai and Tenchu are on my list of classics too.

  • i wish they bring plenty game for psvita

  • @45 Because that’s literally not possible. If it’s that easy, why doesn’t Amazon or iTunes have a global store? They can’t, that’s why. There’s way too many licensing and region related issues for that to ever work. To even comprehend doing something like that would cost much, much more money than any regional store, and would be an absolute technical nightmare.

  • Also, personally, I’ve really loved the PS+ updates the last few months. I don’t give a care what EU is getting. I’m not in the EU, and if I want those games, many of which are actually crap (like Vanquish) or way over hyped (like Arkham City), I’ll get an EU account. But I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to play a bunch of fun, good games I never would’ve otherwise gotten the chance to, or replaying and getting back into some old favourites like King of Fighters and BioShock 2.

    Are people even trying the games they get with Plus? Because most of them are quite good. Or are they just going “Oh, it’s not RDR or Batman, so it must be crap. TIME TO COMPLAIN!”? Because that’s what it seems like is happening.

  • @102 ahh you beat me to it.. my age is catching up with me i suppose :(.. yes it too expensive for one and you nailed everything in a shorter post.. . :)

    vp -psn legionairre group

  • Any chance you can start posting the prices of games too? It would nice to know how much I need in PSN cards each week.

  • @95 lol if you seriously believe that Final Fantasy 13 is better than Mass Effect 2 (heck even 3) you have terrible taste in gaming.

  • @104 actualy i have re5 gold and bioshok2 in a shelve covered in dust since 2010

  • I hope at least one of the free Plus games is the Black Knight game, if we have to have a psn game and not retail.

  • Dear playstation. I would very much like to share some ideas for the vita. First off, i think that sony should try a little harder to sign up with more phone companies in other parts of the world Ex: Canada. I would also like to see improvement inthe web browser. Flash player kaybe? ;D Secondly, I’m interested in the thought of ps2 classics running on the vita. Thirdly, black ops declassified was an awesome release forthe vita. love the controls and online gameplay, but…. Deffinately consider maybe having zombies for an add-on in the near future? Also, facebook has sooo many bugs to work out. The wholeviewing photo posts by people crashes my facebook on the vita consistantly. That and the overall layout tends to lag and it’s deffinately not my internet :P I would just like to shout out that the new youtube is brilliant! Everyhing i expected it to be! Very happyy with channels being surfable :P In overall, keep up the updates! And keep us gamers informed!

  • :( where did it go…

  • I am going to guess that we aren’t getting anything on PSN+ in the US tomorrow outside of one or two cheaply made PSN shovelware games for the PS3 and Vita. At least the Sony “Just wait until next week, you won’t be sorry!” guy hasn’t done that lately to falsely get everyone’s hopes up.

  • Don’t forget Z.H.P. and Cladun x2 going on sale.

  • @112 no one cares about those old psp games.

  • @57 tell me where the logic is at, how is it impatient to be waiting almost a year for some of the most important psone games to work on Vita, especially when in EU it was working MONTHS ago. Also like you said you don’t know about the behind the scenes so don’t come on here blindly defending Sony. It IS apart of Sony’s job to make these games compatible! Also games being put on PSN, People bother Sony cause Sony should have interest in these things like getting GTA was a big interest, but they don’t show any interest in Kingdom Hearts for PSP which people consistently asked for, I know SE didn’t wanna put on at first but I bet Sony can get it on PSN if they actually try. Me I understand the business and I’ll tell you it’s alot of work, but it’s not the customers work it’s Sony’s work, and them showing no interest in fixing these issues make the future look bad

  • San Andreas is a hugeeeeee steal at 10 $ , you ppl better get to it tommorow ASAP

  • San Andreas, my favorite GTA game of all time. 1000/1000 from me.

  • Big Sky Infinity looks a bit like Aegis Wing on XBLA, and that was a pretty fun game, so this one might be decent. Suda51’s new game sounds interesting.

  • hey i been hearing alot about the
    tag app is it coming to us and. e3 seem more right about puying a tablet then vita like it but not much coming for it and the lbp cross contoller sony get back on the ball

  • and the last few drops been weak too for vita

  • finally black knight sword. I hope its 10 bucks. If so buying it right away.

  • Anyone knows if GTA San Andreas will be playable on widescreen? That’s the only thing that keeps me from playing the 360 version

  • Wow! Definitely getting GTA: SA. One thing though, i would very much love it if the GT5 Course Pack is made available again in the US PS Store. Any idea when this will happen?

  • Okay, first of all, where are all the PS Vita games? I’d like to see games like classic Genesis and Dreamcast games ported over to it (Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic 3, Toe Jam & Earl, Nights into Dreams…, etc.), more PS one Classics like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, maybe some more PSP games and some more new games as well. COme on, PS3 had the spotlight for 6 years now, give the PS Vita some attention too.

  • @106 I respect your opinion even if i disagree with it. No reason to insult me. If you enjoy those games fine. I just don’t consider them RPGS. That’s what makes gaming great we can all like something different. Just don’t make a Third person shooter and try to feed it to me as an RPG.

  • aww man, I just recently replayed SA on my roommates PS2. Now I’m going to have to do all of that again!!! ooh woe is me.

  • Oh cool san andreas coming to ps3 now we need vice city and get ps2 classics on the ps vita! :P

  • I wish I could play PS2 Classics on my Vita! :-[ I’ve got my PS2 discs still, but would definitely pay to take them on-the-go. I distinctly remember this being mentioned at some point as a feature Vita would have… any word on when that would be?

  • was im right or was im right? big sky infinity only for eu lol

  • San Andreas wut!

  • More of a interesting drop this time. Unique stuff i’ll have to look into. But, i’m more curious about FUTURE drops.

    Will we get THE LAST OF US as a day one digital? I’d assume so…but if so, can we expect PSN preorder bonuses to combat getting it elsewhere? Just an example game, it’s one i will be buying but the concept goes for every new game coming out. So if Sony wants the sale they need to offer SOMETHING. I ask for nothing amazing, maybe even just the 7 or 8 dollar discount they did awhile back for a preorder digital game. Just, something otherwise he bonuses other places offer make it hard to pass by even though i would prefer a digital copy.

  • GTA SAN ANDREAS have trophy and how must his gonna be?

  • @116: Licensing issues are the fault of the publishers and rights holders, in KH BBS’ case, Square Enix and Disney. Not Sony.

    All issues with BBS and Crisis Core for that matter aren’t Sony’s business. And we all know SE would have shoved them up on PSN if they could have. Accept it, buy a PSP and/or keep your PSP and UMDs. Or give up the games,

  • we need Yakuza games for the vita…

    Yakuza black panther emulated on the vita would be nice

    Yakuza 1 and 2 HD ported for the vita would be better

    thank you

  • at what time does psn relesase the new games on tuesday

  • Rey, I read somewhere that a Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demo was coming out this week or am I mistaken?

  • O.K. I love how they brought back Grand Theft Auto III & San Andreas… But bring back Vice City too!!!!

  • I was wondering if anyone knows if it sony would actually put a few games up.

    These games are Sims 2, URBZ: Sims in the city, and Sims: Bustin out..

    haven’t played these in a long time..


  • Please bring Dragon Quest 8 to PSN

  • I will be so glad when they bring back C.J. from GTA Liberty City plz!!!!??????

  • I smoke cuz it gives me knowledge!!! I need SanAndreas.

  • GTA SA! The Cult Of Personality!

  • Can we have GTA V for the Vita?

  • what about adding grand theft auto: vice city as a ps2 classic?

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