PlayStation Plus Update: Return To Rapture Free in BioShock 2

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PlayStation Plus Update: Return To Rapture Free in BioShock 2

It may be gift-giving season, but PlayStation Plus delivers gaming gifts all year round, and this week is no exception. While many of you might still be getting acquainted with the PS Vita Plus games, PS3 gamers can welcome BioShock 2 into their Instant Game Collection. Download it for free if you’re a Plus member when the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday.

Don’t forget that the Music Unlimited offer is still on as well. You can pick up the 1 year subscription for only $12! If you have questions on the service, you may want to check out this handy FAQ. To take advantage of the offer, you’ll need to subscribe from your PS3 or PS Vita Plus enabled account.

Music Unlimited

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December 4th PlayStation Plus Update

BioShock 2 (PS3)
Free for Plus members
Years after the events of the original BioShock, a monster has begun snatching little girls and bringing them back to the undersea city of Rapture. Players step into the boots of the most iconic denizen of Rapture (and recent star of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale), the Big Daddy, as they travel through the decrepit and beautiful fallen city, chasing an unseen foe in search of answers.
Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 (PS3)
10% off for PlayStation Plus members (Regular price: $59.99, PS Plus Price: $53.99)
An amazing value, this collection features Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, L.A. Noire, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition. Plus members can enjoy a 10% discount on this new release to PSN.

Puddle (PS3 and PS Vita Versions)
50% off for PlayStation Plus members (PS3 Plus Price: $3.50 $5.00; PS Vita Plus Price: $2.80 $4.00)
Experience a brilliantly designed physics-based puzzle/platform game where you must guide a puddle of fluid to its target destination, not by moving the fluid, but by tilting the game world. It’s a unique twist on the puzzle genre and both PS3 and PS Vita versions are 50% off. Please note, this game is not cross-buy or cross-play enabled; so choose the best version for you, or if you’re a big fan, buy both!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s update. Tune in next week where we’ll have another fantastic title to keep you gaming with PlayStation Plus. Head to the PlayStation Plus forums to continue the conversation and find other Plus fans, and make sure you make your voice heard in the comments below. As always, thanks for your feedback and we’ll see you next week!

PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2012PlayStation Plus Update 12-3-2012

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  • That’s awesome. I hope people finally give BioShock 2 a chance now that it’s free. I really liked it. A game all about me and my drill. <3

    • Yeah I thought it was a great game. There’s no getting that ‘first time in Rapture’ feeling again, but it’s a great story in that world that I thought in some ways was more powerful than the first game.

  • Looks like I’ll be giving Bioshock another play through.

  • Cool, next week we will have something for Vita?

  • ohh man, bioshock is good, but I was hoping that batman AC could be coming too =(

  • Nice but i was hoping a free ps vita game

  • I love ps+! Not wanting to nitpick but how is it EU gets an amazing title like Arkham City w/ Catwoman DLC and we’re getting stuff like Bioshock 2 a $1 bin type of game lol.

    I hope we get something as suitably epic in the next few weeks! :D

    • Stay tuned to these updates throughout the month, and I think you’ll find that we’ll have plenty of content to match EU this December!

  • Nice update. Getting plenty of use out of my Music Unlimited subscription. I just wish it had more of my favourite artists!

  • Just to clarify, does Puddle (for PS3) cost $5 or $3.50 for PS+ members? The article says $3.50, but the image underneath says $5.

  • Honestly, I liked the first Bioshock better but I can’t deny this is a great free game. Thanks for listening to our requests.

  • Kinda depressed not seeing a new free game for vita (PSP and PSX are fine too! Well for me anyway.) but Bioshock is very nice as I just beat the first one two days ago. Will also be picking up Puddle for vita. Thanks a bunch!

  • Didn’t announcing the whole month ahead of time with weekly updates win that poll?

    Won’t complain about Bioshock 2, but if you can snag anything from Europe’s PS+ this month Vanquish would be fantastic.

  • Another exciting week for PS+. This will go great with the free copy of Bioshock 1 included with Infinite.

    Morgan, on a side note. Could you express to the store team that it would be nice to get a heads upon new full retail titles that will be on the PS Store in digital form. The latest example is Far Cry 3, pre-order had already shipped from Amazon before Sundays “Drop” blog post saying hey it’s also on PSN. For someone that prefers the digital version a heads up would be nice. Thanks.

  • How come you don’t do a monthly post about whats coming to PS+? Rather than a post each week?

  • meh…couldn’t care less about bioshock 2. way too boring compared to the first one. but at least its a retail ps3 game for a change (though you can get it for around $10 at a gamestop).

    i was really hoping for some good Vita content but i guess not. :(




  • Eu got way better drop again. Come on batman and mortal combat and a few others vs bioshock 2 and a discount. Come on now.

    • EU shows their content monthly; so naturally it’ll appear to be more than how we show it via weekly updates. We’re also looking at monthly updates as well, but there are a number of considerations to review before moving forward with that outlook too. Thanks for the feedback to everyone on that note!

  • i hope we reach parity with eu offerings at some point. i love this service but they do get better games. bioshock is good but like 3 years old and they got arkham city which came out last year, deus ex like a year after etc…. by this time you guys should have noticed what people really want.

  • And are we going to get Mortal Kombat for Vita like EU is?

  • yeah bioshock is cool and all but…. Europe is getting a badass PS Plus deal
    5th December: Batman: Arkham City (PS3)
    5th December: LIMBO (PS3)
    5th December: Vanquish (PS3)
    12th December: Big Sky Infinity (PS Vita and PS3)
    19th December: Mortal Kombat (PS Vita)
    21st December: Knytt Underground (PS Vita and PS3)
    please please please do something similar

  • I agree with #16. BioShock 2 does not compare to Arkham City/Mortal Kombat. I try not to be a complainer about Plus, but this discrepancy is extreme.

  • Ooh, I haven’t played Bioshock 2 yet! A good start for December! Any chance there will be a fighting game or brawler free this month for PS3? Like Arcana Heart 3 or a Dynasty Warriors game for example? Or next month even. XD

  • Yay Finally a game that i don’t have for ps3 comes to ps plus! took a while to finally get something out of plus for my ps3 because all the games they give away i already have ! LOL but i have this for xbox!

  • Couldn’t have asked for better timing, I’ve been wanting to play through Bioshock 2 before Infinite came out.

  • Europe gets free games like Batman: Arkham City, Vanquish, and Red Dead Redemption. We get free games like BioShock 2. SCEA continues to give us the scraps that SCEE deems not worthy. :(

  • That’s all very well.. and i am a huge bioshock fan too… But can you PLEASE explain to me why is europe getting 3 GAMES (Arkham City, Limbo and MK) and we get just this one? It’s an OLDER game too… C’mon sony, you can do much better than this….

  • Eh bioshock 2 is not nearly as good as the first one. But still a fun game. Not planning on downloading it though. I own it on PC and enjoyed the high resolution graphics. Bioshock 1 looked piss poor on the PS3 from what I remember so I doubt Bioshock 2 made any significant improvement. The textures are too low resolution.

    But if you haven’t played it, go ahead, it’s a great game in itself. I’ll be busy playing Far Cry 3 though :)

  • No 12 deals of Christmas for us like EU? I like their psplus discount!

  • SCEE wins again. Wish we could access SCEE Playstation Plus content instead in the USA.

  • at least i am getting batman arkham city for free w my eu ps plus

  • Any to people complaining about not getting enough PS Vita free games…

    are you SERIOUS?!?! We just got 6!!! Get over yourselves!

  • @25 those are all the games they are getting all month long. They drip feed them to EU throughout the month just like us. We get to wait on a week to week basis to find out what is coming(which I prefer to be honest.)

  • I’m surprised it was Bioshock 2. EU got Arkham City and Vanquish (already played both of them).

    So I’m actually pleased with this months game, despite it being in the bargain bin for $15 for a year now. Saved me $15, and this gives me more reason to pick up bioshock infinite since it comes with bioshock 1. I’ll have the full collection in a month!

  • LOL At #19

    I need to move to Europe to get better things out of ps plus! Cause all the things they give here in the US I already have!

  • Okay, signed in to say my faith has been restored, to a degree. Thanks PS+, hope the IGC gets even better as December rolls on.

  • While I did hold off till it was announced and am getting Far Cry 3 off psn. But like 12 said it would’ve been much better if we got a heads up at least a week in advance. Anyways hopefully people still play Bioshock 2s MP its the only part I never tried, either way worth another run through.

  • 5th December: Batman: Arkham City (PS3)
    5th December: LIMBO (PS3)
    5th December: Vanquish (PS3)
    12th December: Big Sky Infinity (PS Vita and PS3)
    19th December: Mortal Kombat (PS Vita)
    21st December: Knytt Underground (PS Vita and PS3)


  • what’s the total hard drive space “Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1” take?
    knowing that midnight club, ~5.2gb
    LA NOIRE, 13gb without dlc’s
    GTA4, 7.2gb
    red dead redemption 8.2gb

  • I’m a little disappointed with the difference in substantial content when you compare the NA and EU PS+ updates. Especially considering this is such a big spending month. Hopefully January will have better content, since many people will likely have shiny new PSN cards they’re looking to spend.

    Also, 10% off a collection of Rockstar games that most people have played already doesn’t seem worth it to me. Again, EU already got Red Dead as a free game — that would have been a much better deal.

  • Hi from Europe.I’d take BS 2 if we got it.

    “i hope we reach parity with eu offerings at some point.”

    Dont worry dude,we pay more for our stuff as Sony like the UK/EU tax.Plus we get shafted with release dates.

  • Oh, and this game costs like ten bucks at any retailer… C’mon people…

  • Awesome update. Far Cry 3 or Battlefield 3 Premium?

  • Everyone in here has ps+… but me and someone else…

  • oh cool, we’re way behind the EU Plus, for probably the 8th month in a row. great job guys

  • KOF XIII is by far the best game to download free from PS Plus.

    Can you guys sell PSN Cards online plz? I’m tired of paying high commissions to third parties.

  • The Bioshock series is pure art. If you don’t like it, your gamer card needs to be audited. Great redemption from the previous weeks. Hopefully, the rest of December will follow suit. On a final note, I played, and cleared (100%) both Bioshocks on Xbox 360 and am STILL pumped to pick it up again for another run through. Cheers. \m/

  • Sweet a bargain bin game you can get for less than 10 bucks while Europe gets arkham city….yeah I’m done with plus until they get their act together stateside

  • ERROR: In Puddle’s pricing: the image shows 50% off $8 at $4, which is accurate, while the text says $2.80. Same for the PS3 version, which says $3.50 in the text, but $5 in the image.

    Also, when will the Vita Instant Game Collection be updated?

  • Where’s the crackle, hulu plus, and all other apps for vita that was promised at E32012?

    Bioshock 2 is fantastic guys, get it.

  • I just renewed my PS Plus for another year and I’m already regretting it. Stop giving games I already own please!

  • @pikoeri sad, but true :C

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