PlayStation Plus Update: 50% off Select PSN Titles

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PlayStation Plus Update: 50% off Select PSN Titles

With Thanksgiving over and the holiday season upon us, our friends over at Sony Online Entertainment and Farsight Studios are offering up some amazing deals on games that everyone in the family can enjoy. Cash Guns Chaos might be a bit much for the kids, but the rest are great for all. So let’s wrap up an amazing November with these great deals!

Don’t have PlayStation Plus? Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS3 or click here for access.

November 27th PlayStation Plus Update

Bejeweled 2 (PS3 PSP)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Match sparkling gems three at a time to make them burst in showers of color and points. Match four or more to create flashy power gems that boost your score and your mood with brilliant cascades and combos. For even more dazzling fun, bump up your brainwaves with multi-faceted Puzzles, or enter the Zen state of Endless play.
Cash Guns Chaos (PS3)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $2.49, PS Plus Price: $1.25)

A fast-paced top-down shooter featuring intense run and gun arcade-action across more than 15 levels as you battle a never-ending onslaught of relentless enemies.
Peggle (PS3 and PSP versions)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Peggle features everything you’ll need for the ultimate pinballesque adventure! Take aim and shoot metal balls from the cannon to clear mazes of brightly colored pegs. Indulge your love for bouncing balls and amazing firework effects by becoming a Peggle Master through 55 levels and 75 challenges.
Sideway NY (PS3)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Battle your way through a twisted graffiti world where your prowess in puzzle solving makes the difference between life and death! Jump into one of the most unique and visually compelling 3D game worlds ever created. Follow the twisted journey of Nox, through a fast-paced 2D adventure set in a 3D world.
Slam Bolt Scrappers (PS3)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Build and brawl in this fast and frantic mash-up! Race your opponents to build the most powerful towers in Slam Bolt City while defending against deceptively adorable baddies and hugely epic bosses. Create weapons that shoot lasers, drills, missiles, and more to annihilate your adversary. Battle in four-player co-op campaign mode, or go head-to-head for more brawling and block-building awesomeness.
Swords & Soldiers (PS3)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Blend ninja monkeys, attacking Aztecs and brutal Vikings with everything you love about real time strategy games and you’ve got Swords and Soldiers! Acquire resources, assemble your army, thwart enemies and dominate your opponents in single and multiplayer local and online modes. Choose from the Aztec, Viking and Chinese factions, each with their own missions, campaigns and abilities.
TerRover (PS3)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $4.99, PS Plus Price: $2.50)

Launch yourself into the surreal mash-up of unique cartoon graphics and 2-D physics universe that is TerRover. Navigate through over forty stages of puzzling arcade levels in five different vivid art styles including the icy vistas of Congelata, all-tech surfaces of Mechanica, strange vegetation and terrains of Acor and Aura, and the treacherous volcanoes and lava of Volcanus!
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade (PS3PSP)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $7.49, PS Plus Price: $3.75)

Choose from among four unique character classes and journey to the fantasy world of Aven. Experience on-the-go hack ‘n slash combat or join cooperative multi-player battles via wireless gameplay. Venture through dynamic 3D environments, discover rich treasures and unravel the mystery of an ancient planet.
Untold Legends: The Warriors Code (PSP)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $7.49, PS Plus Price: $3.75)

Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code features an epic storyline brought to life through dramatic in-game cinematics, along with a completely new combat experience and enhanced 3D graphics. Players can now experience this action-RPG genre through an upgraded combat engine designed for strategic combat, a wider variety of combat moves and special abilities, and interactive boss battles with unique AI.
Pinball Arcade (PS3 and PS Vita)

50% off for Plus members (Regular price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $5.00)

Pick up the core game at a great price, and watch for the monthly updates to get even more tables to play online tournaments and additional modes on.

We’ll be back next week with an all new free game to play. Until then, we hope you’ve enjoyed the content this month. To give us a good look back on November, let us know what you felt was the best update this month. As always, thanks for your feedback and we’ll see you next week!

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19 Author Replies

  • nothing for me already have most

  • Keep up the good work with PS+. I love it

  • Those are a lot of quality games right there. /sarcasm

  • RE GE, give us more games like this

  • Can we get some feedback about the Sonic Classic Bundle that can’t be installed for those of us who have Sonic 2 from previous plus offers? Pretty sure those of us affected are feeling rather ignored.

  • No discount on PS VITA games?


    Sooooooooo sad ;(

  • WTF? A lot of games but nothing good u.u

  • There is a huge problem, it is with the manuals, we buy and download the Disc Based games for the same price of physical game but we don’t get the game manual with them, can you please fix it? because it makes digital buyers feel like they are left out.

  • Yup, Dec 28th when + expires, see ya later, this is just sad. No I’m not being greedy, I know what I bought in to and this is a joke.

  • In for Beweled!! :)

  • I hope there is more then this tomorrow for plus… pretty weak sales.

  • Please psn would love to get

    infamous 1
    dead space 1
    dante inferno
    rayman origins

    with discounted because they are old games and increase my digital collection

  • Let me understand something my good fellows!!

    You gave us Sideways FREE on PS+ a while back, the game expired and NOW a couple os weeks later put him os discount sale?

    Or you guys really don’t pay attention or you don’t care at all…

    Answering the poll, for me the only thing nice was sonic, i love that blue son of a ……….
    And thats that…

    • Sure, but what about the new PLus members who didn’t get a chance to play Sideway NY? Offering the discount here doesn’t take away from our ability to do other deals. Better a discount I say than nothing at all, right?

  • PlayStation Plus Update: 50% off Select Older than Dirt PSN Titles that no one will buy.

    Fixed that header title for you hoss.

    Seriously who picked these games for this promotion? That person needs to be demoted to getting coffee for the rest of the staff.

  • Is there any update on the problem with the Alice Madness Returns Ultimate Edition issue?

    We still aren’t able to purchase it at the Playstation Plus price of $15.99 and it apparently doesn’t have the American Mcgee Alice DLC either.

    I want to purchase it before the ‘Buy $60 get $10 back’ promotion expires.

  • Horrible Horrible Horrible update. You can do better Sony. Lets get some new RETAIL games in the mix.

  • Does the Vita not get updates on Tuesdays also?

  • Does the Vita not get updates on Tuesdays also?

  • We want avatars and PSOne/2 Classics

  • Well first an foremost, I am disappointed in the lack of nothing new this week but I guess that’s how plus does it the last week of the month? Discounts look good though I guess, thanks for that. I did however voted that nothing was the best for me this month on Plus because in all honestly, Sonic – Loved those games back when I had a Sega but now I have a HDTV and playing 2D games on it are not that great on it, Meanwhile I have picked up Black Ops 2, not an total disappointing game, I like the story-line although online needs some tweaks. Quantum game was okay but then again it had quite a few bugs during the game where I did the objective correct but for some reason he did not execute it right which caused me to keep dying and restarting doing everything else all over again.

  • Wow you guys are whiners! Plus has been nothing but amazing with every update! One week when there isn’t something for you, you start complaining! Wow! Keep it up Sony! Plus is always amazing and I am a subscriber for life!

  • The Vita releases however looked awesome but seeing how I can’t afford a Vita at the moment I had to put those games in my instant collection to sit and collect Digital dust. Meanwhile RE5, not my cup of tea what so ever, I can’t even get past the first part of the first mission where all the zombies are attacking. It’s the gameplay and the third-person that’s not slick at all for me. Might try that again soon but for now I’m just going to stick with Black Ops 2 and War Fighter meanwhile playing the little arcade games I downloaded from plus. Also to add on to 14’s comment, THEY ALSO HAD THAT TERRIBLE GAME SWORDS AND SOLDIERS FOR PLUS EARLIER THIS YEAR!!!!! tsk tsk. now it’s half off.

  • @10 I hear ya.

    This will be the last update of my yearly subscription and I have zero plans to renew it. Looking through my list, I have only purchased two discounted items since July from PS+, and vast majority of the IGC I had already played. The rest was bargain bin junk.
    That’s not worth it to me.

    You need 50% discounts ACROSS THE BOARD on weeks like this, not the same garbage you keep re-hashing over and over again.

    Tell us again about your Hydrophobia Prophecy sale Sony.

  • @Zidan03

    Being a discbased consumer, I can assure you that you’re not getting ripped off. There are NO game manuals in the hard disc versions either. Only a slip of paper with an access code. Hopefully they stopped wasting paper making those stupid manuals. They aren’t necessary, they only describe the controls that EVERY game does for you anyway. I think you’ll live…

  • @ #14

    Yeah it’s called a business… get over it you baby. For people who didn’t get the free copy, now that have a chance to purchase it still. They can’t keep ALL their games for free. It’s a business… I don’t even understand your argument… Sideways is a terrible terrible game anyway. I didn’t even have a desire to finish it. So boring.

  • I love sales. Only game I don’t have and am interested in is the TerRover.

    I voted on the Poll for Music Plus. It’s nice to get a deal on Music when it’s typically so over priced.

    My second vote, if I was allowed would be the RE 5. Third would be the SEGA sale.

  • Haha Superstone, 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

  • No games for FREE this week…kinda disappointed,because the only 2 games that interest me there which is Sideway and Swords e Soldiers I already got them for FREE.But that’s some good discounts anyway.Also please bring back all the 3 Crash games for FREE like you guys did last december.

  • Morgan, can you tell us what is going away on Tuesday? Just So I don’t miss out on anything before tomorrow.

    • You can check out the PS Store Update blog posts from the week before to always get the latest information on what’s leaving Plus.

  • Looks like another bad week. The way Haro was talking in October about this being an amazing month you wold have though we would have had at least two free good games… RE5 was nice and Quantum was ok…but don’t get everyone excited for a great month and have it be so mediocre

    • I may be biased, but for Vita owners, the PS Plus reveal in November was huge news; so I’d say Nov was a pretty strong month for Plus =)

  • I agree that it would be good to get a digital manual with downloaded disc-based games (like the manuals included with digital Vita games), but usually you can find pdf copies of game manuals online if you need them. I did that for Resident Evil 6 a few weeks ago. It was more than just a 2 page slip like the Call of Duty manuals usually are.

    I think Plus is starting to look good for people who aren’t playing all the time. I don’t have time to get all the new releases as soon as they come out, so I’ve been very happy with some of the recent stuff that I didn’t buy yet. Really happy to get Gravity Rush!

  • Mr. Haro,

    I’m hoping that you can clear something up for those of us that are interested in this game.
    Please read on.

    + PhillyTheCat on November 25th, 2012 at 5:28 pm said:

    *****@Rey Gutierrez-

    Last Tuesday, the PS store hit a plethora of Ultimate Bundles. These were discounted for all Plus members nicely. Many PSN users have stated the fact that Alice Madness Returns Is not displaying the Plus Discount when clicking on the picture. It only shows the Sale price @19.99 & the Plus price @15.99 on The Ultimate bundles page. This is not acceptable business practice. People get charged incorrectly all of the tine as of late due to errors Such as this. Please alert the PS Store Team…this has been the situation For almost a week now. I want to buy @ the Plus price. I have a code but Will not use it unless I have a legit reason. Thanks in advance!

  • Morgan said before that would be a free game every week for the rest of this month and as we can see that was a lie:-( hopefully will be pleasantly surprise for next week?

    • I said that’d be the goal, but there may a time when the schedules don’t line up to deliver every week. Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of great stuff to look forward to in December!

  • Music Unlimited for $12 for 1 year was the highlight for me and some others. Already have a majority of the stuff being offered for Free on PSN. But when I saw Music Unlimited 1 year Premium membership was on sale for $12 bucks, I jumped on the offer. It’s better than Pandora in my opinion, and really worth the price. Listening to it on my home theater surround sound is great.

  • Hi Morgan
    I spent 65 $ in November So I wanna know when I can get my 10$ back? :D

  • 33 – Ever occured to you it wouldn’t show up at plus price bc your not an active member of plus?

  • I agree though, they have bugs on the store that need fixed!

  • “Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade (PS3)”


    This games is for the PSP:

  • Don’t hate, guys. Sideway is pretty tight

  • One more thing…

    I just bought the Assassin’s Creed Vita bundle from Amazon
    @179.99 I couldn’t resist! I’ll be playing Playstation All Stars
    Battle Royal(digital code) compliments of Sony as soon as my
    New Hot Machine gets here!
    I’m STOKED!!

  • As far as Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals go, these have all been pretty silly. It’s like you’re trying to clear out old stock, not sell things that people really want to buy.

    I hope you’ve got something big planned for post-christmas, because you guys are getting trounced by retail.

  • @Morgan

    I can’t get the sonic bundle. It says it is unavaiable and the reason is that I already own Sonic 2, which I got from the free plus month an year ago. However the bundle also comes with Sonic 1, which I don’t have. What I’m asking is if it is a bug, an error or is that really it, I can’t get the bundle because I already have Sonic 2?

    Can you guys please fix it? Or maybe just offer Sonic 1 for free along with the bundle since I’ve seen a lot of people with the same problem last week and I’ve waited for it to be fixed and nothing.

  • Fail,just look at steam.

  • One free game a month, although at times a bit disappointing, still more than pays for a year subscription of Playstation Plus. However, here are a few things that are a bit frustrating:

    1. I don’t have a Vita, so to include this in the console’s Playstation Plus updates is taking away from my subscription. Say what you will, but I grew out of handhelds when I was ten.

    2. Discounts are more significant when they actually make an impact on the original price, or on popular games. The Halloween Sale was brilliant, but I haven’t seen much more than second rate PSN titles since.

    3. I understand the desire to appeal to the masses (or follow the restrictions already in place), but I play adult, M-rated titles more than other games, though, as a gamer, I’ll still try anything (Dungeon Defenders is surprisingly fun). I snatched up the discounted Dead Space 2, the free INfamous 2, and have added the Naughty Bear collection to my digital catalog. On a system that seems much more mature than its competitors, where are the goods?

  • I voted for the PS Vita Instant Game Collection, it totally surprised me how good the selection was! Even though I own more than half of the games I am very happy to see the offering. I am also impressed with the Music Unlimited – $12.00 for 1 Year offer. I signed up right away, thank you! There is an issue though on the Vita where 3 of the 70 songs in an offline enabled playlist will not download and it keeps coming up with a could not connect error or something and the sync icon turns orange with an error symbol. I tried everything and couldn’t get it to work. I also enjoyed the October and November spend $X.XX of money on PSN get $X.XX free PSN credit deals. I took advantage of both.

  • @DonkeyKongKilla-Hi…nice inquiry.
    But, all of the other game bundles
    Do show the plus information on
    Both-the main page and after clicking
    On each individual game. It really has
    absolutely nothing to do with being a
    Plus member at present time.

  • Some actual Vita (not psp) games on sale would be nice. I’d hoped plus coming to vita would open the dorr to vita software sales.

  • I like How on Oct 29th Mogan said “Good news is that from here on, we’re making a very concerted effort to have 1 game every week.” Guess they didnt want to put in the effort this week. I am just dissapointed with this update and dont plan on getting any of these. Very Weak.

  • I gotta say I too voted for the PS Vita Instant Game Collection. I didn’t even think I would get a Vita for a long time, but then I picked up the AC III Liberation bundle from Amazon on Black Friday. WOW what a deal: an awesome looking white Vita, a free game, a memory card (albeit small), 3 months of PS+ free AND a download of PlayStation All-Stars too. If this doesn’t help the Vita install base, I don’t know what will. Thanks Sony for the great deal and great hardware. I’m really impressed with both.

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