PlayStation All-Stars: The Battle Royale Begins Today!

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PlayStation All-Stars: The Battle Royale Begins Today!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PS3 and PS VitaPlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for PS3 and PS Vita

Throughout its almost 20-year history, PlayStation has allowed us as players to explore new worlds, triumph over adversaries, and realize our dreams of rapping superstardom. Three years ago, SuperBot Entertainment, BluePoint Games, and Sony Santa Monica Studio set out to create a game that pays tribute to the amazing memories we as PlayStation fans have all experienced together. Today is the day that we’re able to share that game with you. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale has arrived!

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is a celebration of the PlayStation history: its characters, its universes, and most importantly, its fans. And what better way to celebrate that with some good old-fashioned butt-kicking! In PlayStation All-Stars, up to four players can simultaneously control any of the 20 great PlayStation characters featured on our roster, including Kratos from God of War, Nathan Drake from UNCHARTED, Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet, Big Daddy from BioShock, and Dante from DmC Devil May Cry, and fight it out brawler-style on one of our 14 levels, each one created by mashing up two PlayStation worlds — like the topsy-turvy world of LocoRoco mixed with the war-torn battlefields of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

While our Versus Mode, which pits player against player (against player, against player) will undoubtedly provide endless memorable experiences, venture into Arcade Mode to find out what brings all of these great characters together into one crazy world. And if you’re strong enough, discover what it’s like to face the oldest and most powerful PlayStation All-Star, Polygon Man. Or, head over into the Combat Trials Mode to learn the ins and outs of the Battle Royale combat system. Insight into the various fight mechanics and individual character instructions come together in the form of a fun yet educational mode. And when you’re ready, jump online to challenge the world in either our Tournament or Quick Match Modes, which offer what we feel is an online multiplayer experience virtually indistinguishable from offline play.

Available on both PS3 and PS Vita (digital and retail), PlayStation All-Stars takes full advantage of the interconnectivity between the two platforms via Cross Play, allowing players to battle it out against one another on either device. Owners of both a PS3 and PS Vita can even transfer their saves from one machine to the other, allowing PlayStation All-Stars to be played wherever the fans want to play it. And best of all, if you purchase the PS3 version of the game, you get the PS Vita version at no extra cost! There’s no reason not to take advantage of such a great deal. As a friendly reminder, in order to redeem your digital PS Vita copy form the PS3 on-disc benefit, you’ll need to ensure your PS3 system is updated to the latest firmware, version 4.31.

Today marks the start of a great adventure for us – one in which we as developers get to celebrate with you as the fans. We couldn’t have made this game without you, and I hope you all enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed making it. See you online!

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  • A thanks to Omar, for contributing to making a great game, my main gripe is the writing for the Arcade Mode….it’s just…..awkward….is some parts, other than that, hot damm it’s a hell of a good time.

  • im so glad i bought this game today!

  • I should have read what Omar wrote. You need to update to 4.31 for the Disc Benefits to work.

  • Congrats on the great reviews, the game deserves it . I can’t wait to play today on my PS3 and VITA ,great day is today for PlayStation fans.

  • I got the game last night in a release event tournament. I’m loving it!
    But I have a problem. The disc benefits section in the says there’s an error (80025A30) and doesn’t show anything. I guess that’s where I should get the vita version, but I can’t. Help please…

  • @54….read what Omar wrote…i missed it as well. You need to update the firmware to 4.31.

  • So I just bought PS3 version and got all codes entered on PS Store–how do I download Vita version?

  • Oh derp sorry just read

  • I downloaded it last night and love it! Great job, guys!

  • Im missing the preorder costumes… and it looks like im not alone… Has anyone gotten them yet?? Omar… please say something… :D

  • cant download additional costumes on Vita and I dont own a PS3. is there any fix for this yet

  • The critics are being total asses with this game. But don’t pay attention to that, get this game is awesome!!!

  • I pre-ordered for a digital PS3 copy, but do I need to download my PS3 copy first before my Vita version? I would like to play during my commute home today but I don’t have access to my PS3. =(

  • I pre-ordered the PS Vita version of the game and recieved my code for the costume pack. However, when I enter it into the PSN Store, it tells me that I can’t download the content on the PS Vita. Did I get a bad code that was ment for only PS3, or did something else happen?

  • update the store now plz

  • can’t believe the Gamespot review. No way does it deserve that kind of score.

  • SuperBot, you guys have outdone yourselves. The first three hours I played I was so engaged in the game. I feel bad for my wife as I must have ignored her a few times. I’m loving Dante’s combat system. His cancelling is very stylish and can provide good meter gain. So far within my few hours of playing I’ve gotten my highest AP combo to 100 AP with Dante. Drake has some really cool combos where you can hit square one or two times, hit down square, then throw out a barrel. Depending if you are near a wall, the barrel can set up for a nice frame trap. Raiden has some great stuff and I love his Lv. 3

    The combat system is very well done and seems to be pretty balanced depending on the stage (time will tell with this). I love playing the meter game! I love throwing AP out of my enemies when I notice they are getting close to Lv. 1/2/3.

    I can’t wait to finish playing the rest of the characters! I really hope the FGC picks up on this game; there better be a Shoryuken sub-forum! If not please direct me to a forum where I can discuss some strategies! I wanna say more but I’m quite busy and don’t want to enter a wall of text. Thanks again SuperBot!

  • @ProjectSeoul

    Can you give me a run down on the mp options.

    Can I create a room,with custom rules,and can randoms join in that room.Is it all match making.I really can’t find any info on this sort of stuff.

  • Gah! My pre-order through Amazon means I’ll be waiting another week before I can play. Oh well. Have fun, guys!

  • I pre-ordered my PS3 copy (and will get my VITA version too) and hopefully will play it today! :D

  • @ vonhammer

    It seems you can do standard Ranked matches but you can also create/find “Quick Matches”.

    From here you can select…
    Gametype: Any/FFA/2v2
    Match Limit: Any/Time Limited/Stock Limited/Kill Limited
    Items: Any/Enabled/Disabled

    I literally downloaded the game right when it was available and noone was available to challenge so I’m not sure if you can define the items you’d like to use and/or define the Stock Limit you would like.

  • Btw, I did not receive my pre-order costumes when I downloaded it last night. However when my friend downloaded his at work his order included the pre-order costumes. I’m the one who convinced him to get the game! I’m guess I have to deal with Sony’s CS now huh? :( :(

  • Hey superbot and Sony.

    A couple of things:

    1. I did not get the pre-order bonus costume set despite pre ordering on the NA PSN. The costume set download does not appear on my download list for neither Vita nor PS3.

    2. I played a bit on the Vita, and was surprised at how seamless the save data synchronization to the ps3 was, however I am sad to say that the trophies I had gained on Vita (a few of them) did not unlock for the PS3 after syncing my save.

    Is this intentional? Will I have to repeat every trophy related task twice?

    On that note, I also have a couple of UI change requests:

    1. Could you add a section in the menu to indicate when was the last time you synced your game save to the server?


    2. Could you unlock the Rivalry / final boss stage for vs mode usage?

  • @ ProjectSeoul

    Your a star.

    I can feel happy buying it now.Just hope the UK preload works as it should,not pre-ordered on PSN before.

  • Does this game still support cross-controller? I start the cross controller app on my vita and start the game on my PS3 and nothing happens. Am I doing it wrong or did that feature not get put into the game?

  • why taking so long to update the store -=-

  • The game really needs to have dedicated forums and not just an off branch off of the PSN community forums. Please don’t just shove the game out the door and forget about it. Characters need balancing and there should be a forum section for each character/general discussion/bug/ suggestion

  • @ Anyone having problems getting their pre-order costumes via digital pre-order.

    Go to the store, find the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal Pre-Order page. Click Add to Cart. Select the version that is “Free” so that you can add to your cart again. From there go through the purchase flow and you will see the costumes in your download list!

  • @77

    Thanks that worked, I just came on here to see if anyone had a solution for the psn pre order issue.

  • fantastic game ! really loving the finished product … I have my Vita copy downloading to the PS3 … got the error message at first, but accepted the 4.31 update, & now it’s coming my way …. wonder if I will have to transfer from the PS3, or if it will show on my DL list from the Vita store ? either way, I made room on the memory card for it & can hardly wait to get it organized on my Vita too … my FFA ranked matches have been pretty challenging – someone was already a level 382 ! wow, must not sleep … lol thrilled with All Stars thus far – thanks Super Bot / Sony …. :-) let the battles begin !

  • Pre-ordered this a week ago! Waiting for my copy in the mail !

  • Wow. I should have just came straight here. Instead I choose to call up customer service it I end up wasting 30 minutes of my life. What is more sad is the fact that I figured it out with no help from the customer rep what so ever. SMH!!!

  • @vonhammer no problem man I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have been! Too bad you are in UK or else i’d say lets battle some! In fact we should try just to see how the latency is.

    @aznant293, yes the solution for the costume issue is not very obvious.

    And oh my god, the combos out there are amazing!

  • yo could use a liitle help so i want to download the game for the ps3 does that mean ill get the vita version too for free.I know that sony is doing the hole cross buy thing and when u buy the actual disk you’ll be able to get it but when i go on psn it doesnt say that i will get the vita version free?

  • @bloodlust20, if you look at the shop page, it should say Full Game|PS3|PS Vita or something like that. I got my PS3 pre-order and it came with a Vita version. I’m pretty sure it applies to non pre-orders as well.

  • I love this game so dam cool^^ ADD ME :3 add sora or cloud ^^

  • did Omar really ignore my pre-order issues.
    I can’t use my PS3 and I have bought the PS Vita version of PlayStation All-Stars and it will not allow me to even accept the add-on. Can this be fixed immediately and please acknowledge that Superbot/or Sony is aware of this and is in the process of fixing this issue

  • @Ryumoau…2 more characters have already been added, so Its at 22 characters as of launch. Thats pretty solid for any fighter. Just enjoy the characters and pick a fovarite. If you cant pick a favorite caracter from a 22 man roster, then I dont know what to say to you.

  • @Projectseoul yea ur right just purchased and i got the vita version to thank u

  • I’m having a problem with the Alt. Skins DLC. I preordered my game through the PSN Store and I don’t how to receive my skins. Please help :(.

  • So, no unlockable characters? No Crash? No Cloud? Will they (new characters) come only as DLCs? That kind of sucks right? I already pre-ordered the game and I really love what SuperBot did but no unlockable characters are really bad. You should think about that on the next PS All-Stars and don’t take off any character that is already on it, just include new ones. Still, it’s a great job thank you for the opportunity of playing one of the best games I have already played.

  • I do not own a PS3 and I cannot download my pre-order costumes from my PS Vita.
    What can I do Superbot/Sony/Omar D:

    wait for updates?

  • This game needs some Atlus characters also. Then it’ll be perfect.
    Oh, and doesn’t SCEI own Demon’s Souls?
    Get the Maiden in Black or “Knight from the box art”

    That’d be amazing.

  • I just bought the game and went home. When I tried to redeem the Online Pass it told me it was already redeemed. Any suggestions?

  • Just got this in the mail, can’t wait to play it! Saw a couple of very good reviews here and there, congratulations guys, glad to know it’s all working out great.

  • Very excited for this game. Gonna try and pick it up this weekend. Congrats on the release SuperBot! It’s been a long time coming!! :)

  • Can we please get the real Dante….Not this fake one!


  • Is it available in Canada?

  • Where’s the Vita preorder costume? I preordered it from the PS3 and the costumes aren’t in my Vita download list. A lot of people seem to have this problem. Don’t tell us the preorder costume is for PS3 only…

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