Persona 4 Golden Out Today: ATLUS’ 9 Favorite NPCs

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Persona 4 Golden Out Today: ATLUS’ 9 Favorite NPCs

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden: Ai Ebihara
Persona 4 Golden: Kinshiro Morooka
Persona 4 Golden: Yumi Ozawa
Persona 4 Golden: Noriko Kashiwagi
Persona 4 Golden: Nanako Dojima
Persona 4 Golden: Fox

Hello again, readers! Today marks the official launch of Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita. The team at ATLUS has been very hard at work preparing this title, chock-full of new content and maximized for the beautiful PS Vita hardware, and we’re super-excited to be able to bring this game to all of you.

While we don’t want to spoil anything, it’s really difficult to keep this level of enthusiasm up without sharing any of it with people who would like to listen. There’s been quite a bit of attention paid to the characters of Persona 4 Golden, and with that in mind we’ve asked some of the staff here at ATLUS about some of their favorite NPCs. We might even share some strategies and insights into the game!

Nich Maragos, Editor

“I’m fond of the twins who rope you into the telepathy experiments they perform. Helping them out with their trial and error over the course of the game is one of my favorite examples of how many small, quirky stories P4 has going on in the background throughout your year in Inaba.”

Mai Namba, Translator

“Kanji’s mother was my most favorite NPC in the game because not only is she accepting of Kanji’s hobbies, she sees nothing wrong with them and even encourages him to pursue said hobbies. How could you not like a mom like that!?”

Christian La Monte, QA Tester

“At first glance Ai Ebihara seems to be everything that not only the player, but the rest of Yasogami, should despise. She is actively vapid, materialistic, and heartless. Until, like all others, she becomes aware of her true self. Ai is afraid of showing emotion or weakness, and this manifests itself as an Ice Queen exterior. If the protagonist can see beyond this, he can unlock the doors that she has closed her entire life. It’s a great feeling when the greeting she gives is no longer a disdainful ‘Of course you’d want to hang out with me’ and instead becomes ‘I’m so happy to see you,’ after her fury cools. Although she treated a lot of my party members disdainfully, I think she eventually gets over that.”

Mike Meeker, Editor

“I really like the ailurophobe’s journey of discovery. But, out of anybody, I think Morooka gets a bad rap. I get the feeling that he used to be an optimistic and hopeful teacher, but years of disappointment in the educational system have worn him down into the cynical, hateful shell you see in the game. There are occasional glimpses showing that he actually cares about his students’ well-being and is more than just an angry guy doing a job he hates.”

Scott Williams, QA Lead

“Yumi Ozawa is one of the more focused, intense, and talented characters in the game. A little melodramatic and manic at times, she wears her heart on her sleeve and is one of the most cheerful people the protagonist will encounter, when the mood strikes her. She also has my favorite line in the game.”

Elwood Cruz, QA Tester

“Ms. Kashiwagi was probably one of my favorites (especially when teamed with Hanako). I thought she was hilarious right from the start. Plus she’s always ready for a bikini competition. I have a soft spot for Hisano, though. I really enjoyed her S. Link. Her perspective was an interesting change of pace from all the other characters.”

Clayton Chan, Editor

“It was really tough to localize all of Wallet Misplacer’s poetry so it fit into the space constraints, so she’ll always have a special place in my heart, along with Spacy Girl and Errand Boy. (Atlus needs to continue their stories as grown up protagonists in a game at some point.) If I have to pick a favorite, I gotta go with Funky Student. I like characters that are unusual blends of archetypes, and the Venn diagram intersection that Funky Student lives in is quite small. I learned this firsthand by growing up as a kid who was also really into hip-hop and riddles. He’s kind of a bizarro, more outgoing version of 6th grade me, so Funky Student’s my bro fo’ sho! (Did you spot him in P4A?)”

Rob Stone, QA Lead

“The fox at the shrine. *yip* That SP recovery in the TV World…”

Allie Doyon, QA Tester

“This is a nearly impossible decision, as every character big and small seems to charm me in one way or another, but I think I’ve made my choice. Melting hearts far and wide with the purest love for her local department store, it’s The Inspiring 6-Year-Old Role Model, Nanako! She’s always so kind and sweet, even when she’s home alone and has to do all the chores and cooking by herself. What a trooper! Hang in there, Nanako!”

There you have it! Hopefully you’ll all get the chance to find a character that you’ll grow fond of when you’re playing the game. Who’s your favorite NPC? Leave us a comment! Don’t forget, P4G is out today, so run out and grab your copy. And those of you who pre-ordered we hope you enjoy your DezaEgg skin (it really does look quite awesome with the P4G wallpaper).

As another ‘thank you’ to the fans, we are also excited to offer a chance for 20 lucky PS Vita owners in North America to win a copy of the game — keep your eye on @PlayStation on Twitter today for more details!

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26 Author Replies

  • Hi Mike, I’m a big fan of Persona 4, my all time favorite rpg. Just want to ask a couple of questions:
    – will P4G have game goods for Near
    – are there going to be any game add-ons coming to the ps store like a yasogami high outfit for Naoto?

  • Well, I picked up the Solid Gold Edition yesterday from Game Stop. The Hard Pouch is really nice. I noticed that at the start page for the game, you got three links (one to a news letter sign up, another the atlus home page, and then finally a third to the P4G home page). Only problem, the PS Vita web browser can’t really progress further into the P4G webpage; its just a blob of blackness “Enter Your Date of Birth” that can’t be entered. That’s a little disappointing.

    • We’ve confirmed that it’s fixed now; there was an issue with the mobile site not displaying automatically on the Vita. If it’s still showing up as a black box for you now, please refresh your cache and try again.

  • Got my copy today. Loving the skin on my vita. :3

  • no updates on Playstation twitter account for the 20 lucky winners !!!

  • persona4! The best game for me.. been looking forward to this for ages! Sadly i got a long exam period coming but right after it’s vacation with ps4 <3. Thanks to everyone for creating the previous persona games and this one as well and thank u Mike!

  • Man! I can’t wait to get this game in the mail now! XD And I hope we get the the enhanced remake of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for PSP too. *cough* hint, hint, wink, wink.

  • Hey, Mike!

    First, I’d like to issue a heartfelt “thank you” to you and all of the other folks at ATLUS in America and Japan. Persona 3 is one of my favorite RPGs and I’ve bought it for myself and my friends multiple times on different systems. Persona 3 and Persona 4 are two of the few games that truly capture what it is to be “alive.” I’m extremely looking forward to Persona 5, especially after seeing the endings for Persona 4: Arena. You guys rock!

    As for my question, will we ever see Persona avatars on the Playstation network? I would love to snap on a Yukari or Yosuke image to support one of my favorite series.

  • I wanted to know if there were limited amounts of the vita skin. The local gamestop says that it is not guaranteed that I’ll get the skin if I order online and that it is safer to get it in store. From what I’ve been reading, most people who didn’t get the skin ordered it from their local gamestop, not online. Can anyone explain this to me?

  • @Mike
    what about the AVATARS :( ?

  • I just got this and so far its excellent!

    I must point out two things though.
    1.please have dual audio next time
    2. as amazing as the music is, how come I can’t play my own music off of my Vita. That sucks! (custom music should be allowed in ALL games)

    Other than that, thumbs up!

  • Got My Copy Just After The Release Date, And i just want to say…..FINALLY! A SOLID/DEEP STORY JRPG!

  • guys i really want this game and i was waiting for a very long time to play it … is it coming to the EU store ?

    • The game has been picked up by a publisher for distribution in the EU region, so yes!

      But, I don’t have an estimated timeframe for that.

  • Picked up at GameStop, no pre-order skin. Thanks anyway. Love the game. The skin looked like what we call a *sticker*. I’ll never know.

  • Mike i have a question mate, is persona 4 golden coming to EU store ? i really want this game from a very loong time ,, i cant wait till i play it.

    I just asked you because there are many games in US store that is not avalible in EU store

    Thanks <3…

  • I think they should make a Persona 4 Golden Vita bundle. That would really sell.

  • i wish that T.T …

  • @Ryumoau about your skins you can use a squegee to apply it (as you apply it press is on with the squegee) i had no air bubbles with this method

  • You know how do I know that the game for portable console is good?
    It’s when after 8 hours of nonstop playing I’m putting my console aside and everything around me is blurry.
    I didn’t had anything like that on Vita until the recent release of Persona 4 Golden.
    If the japanese voices were there, this game would be just perfect. On the other hand I’ll be crying if j-dub will be released as an addon on PSN, because of the stupid 1 Vita 1 account limitation.
    Greetings from Europe ;).

    Now I’ll go eat something and back to playing for another 7 hours or so…

  • Hi, everybody! We had a holiday weekend here in the US, so I apologize if it felt like I’d abandoned you fine fans (or soon-to-be-fans).

    Going back to the Amazon Solid Gold issue, it appears that the “December 19th” date was due to a worst-case reaction on their end. One of Amazon’s distribution centers didn’t get their shipment when they expected, so they panicked and gave the farthest-future prediction they could. Of course, the games showed up a day or so later. Everybody I’ve heard from about this has already received a shipping notice for their order, and that was a while ago.

    Regarding PSN avatars, it’s unlikely at this point.

    To our EU fans: Golden has been picked up for distribution in Europe, but I’m not privy to their schedules.

  • Man, I can’t wait any longer for this game, my local GameStop never got there allocation of Golden bundles, so now I’m waiting for them to try & get a transfer in from another state O.o
    Anyhow, any chance that the theme will get a PSN+ release in the future ? As if so, I’ll just get the standard version & buy a case.
    Thank you Atlus for bringing this game out in the US for the Vita ! Any chance of a ‘Shin Megami Tensei; Nocturne’ HD Vita Port !?

    All the Best !

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