UNCHARTED: Fight For Fortune Coming to PS Vita in December

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UNCHARTED: Fight For Fortune Coming to PS Vita in December

Hi everyone! I am excited to announce UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune, an original title coming to the PlayStation Store exclusively for PS Vita this December.

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune is an action-adventure turn-based card game featuring the heroes and villains from the UNCHARTED universe. Take a look at the new trailer of the game below to give you an idea of how combat works.

UNCHARTED: Fight For Fortune Coming to PS Vita in December

So you’re probably wondering, how exactly does Fight For Fortune work? I’ll explain. The core gameplay in UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune involves creating a team of Faction cards featuring heroes, villains, and mercenaries from the UNCHARTED universe, then using that team to defeat your opponent while defending yourself from their attacks.

Each Faction card can be equipped with powerful Resource and valuable Fortune cards, which enhance their stats and give them special abilities. Once you’ve selected and equipped a card, it’s time to head into battle! During combat, attacks either reduce the health of opposing Faction cards or the health of your opponent. Defeating an opposing Faction card removes it from play, while reducing the health of your opponent to zero wins you the game.

The rich lore that surrounds the UNCHARTED universe gave us the opportunity to create UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, complete with lush, artifact-filled environments. With over 300 treasures to be found, we wanted to find a way to allow our fans to delve deeper into the artifact collections and mysteries of the UNCHARTED universe.

UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune for PS Vita

Along with the release of UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune, we will also release a new patch for UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss that will power up the artifacts that you’ve collected for immediate use within Fight for Fortune. Using the artifacts found within Golden Abyss, you can go to battle with other players as well as AI opponents. The game can also be played independently of Golden Abyss, so owning the PS Vita title is not required.

Bend Studio Co-Director John Garvin and I have led the charge on UNCHARTED: Fight for Fortune since the launch of Golden Abyss to take the mobile UNCHARTED experience even further. In addition to our close collaboration with Naughty Dog, we are also pleased to introduce One Loop Games, a team of talented industry veterans who worked closely with us to chart new ground into the UNCHARTED universe.

UNCHARTED: Fight For Fortune is launching December 4 for $4.99 on PS Vita. There will be much more to talk about as we quickly approach the launch date, including some great additional DLC on launch day, so keep your PS Vita handy and get ready to go fortune hunting!

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  • umm…I hope this is just a side project for BEND because I expect bigger titles

    • I wouldn’t call it a side project, because we designed it, but yes, only a very small part of the team worked on this. I did the initial design, then Sam Villanueva, one of the Senior Designers that worked on Uncharted: Golden Abyss, worked directly with One Loop games to develop the title.

      Yes, you can expect much BIGGER titles from Bend, but I’m not going to comment on that yet. :)

  • are there going to be new trophies?

  • It’s like we went back to the late 90’s we’re everything got a card game version! Seriously though who wanted this? I’d rather some challenge levels or a new proper uncharted game..

  • @ 2

    Yes game will have new trophies, look at the video


    I have a few questions. Since I own the retail version of this game, and now that the digital version is FREE, how do I save my game file? I hear if I delete the icon on my Vita that is my save file in the bubble…Also since I have already plat this game, do I ave to replay the game again to get these cards? I am not into card games but I might try this game.

    • No, you do not have to plat the Uncharted: Golden Abyss again. Fight For Fortune reads the saved game data from any U:GA saved game, including the digital version. Just make sure FFF is on the same memory card as your U:GA saved game data.

  • I wonder where this fits into the canon…

    • Uncharted: Fight For Fortune encompasses the entire canon. One of the reasons we decided to design this game is that when we working on Uncharted: Golden Abyss, we realized how rich the Uncharted universe really is, with interesting characters, locations, actions, weapons and artifacts. The first release contains cards from Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune as well as Uncharted: The Eye of Indra. Day one there are two expansion packs that have cards from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. SO FFF will cover the entire Uncharted universe.

  • So will this connect with Golden Abyss in any way? Or have near functionality? I can’t see the video yet.

    • Yes, it connects to Uncharted: Golden Abyss in a very important way. How? By allowing you to power up certain cards. We had a LOT of collectibles in U:GA and we wanted to reward players — with more than just trophies — for going out and finding everything.

      Every Treasure and Mystery in U:GA has a card associated with it that ca.n be powered up. Every time you find a piece of Jade, for example (and there are something like 50 of them), you make your Jade Treasure card more valuable.

      For those of you more into combat than exploration, there are also cards associated with every weapon in U:GA, as well as cards for trophies like Steel Fist Expert.

      So yeah, a lot of cards can be powered up in U:GA.

  • Wow guy’s really trying to milk uncharted huh.

  • This is cool Ill be buying for $4.99 trophies please?

  • who in the world wanted a card game? If this game is going to be free to Plus members thats fine, but not spending more than $4.99 on it (and even then only because its Uncharted).

    • Not everyone likes these types of games, but a lot of people do. We wanted to make a game that you could play, asynchronously, with your friends. More important, we wanted to make something true to the Uncharted universe… so we have features like combos: For example, if you play the Eddy Raja card next to the Rika Raja card, both cards get Combo bonuses. So relationships are important in the game, just like they are in Uncharted. Play Drake, Sully and Elena next to each other and get a triple Combo!

  • i hate card games, this is so old school (facepalm). i’m not going to buy this, waste of money.

    • If you don’t like these types of games, I totally understand. Maybe at least try the free demo which will be available on PSN soon.


    Give us Uncharted Platinum Precipice with good polish, native resolution, AA, REAL multiplayer with co-op mission, horde/spec op modes, and of course competitive, along with letting uncharted 3 players download the maps for free for cross platform play.

    Get it together. :/

    Also, someone do a Syphon Filter and Resistance Retribution up port please.

  • Seriously, who is the target audience for this? I’m a huge Uncharted fan, because of the great action gameplay. A card game is unnecessary and unwanted.

  • nvrm got time to watch the vid..its an add-on not bad.

    So when r u gonna lift the embargo off inFAMOUS Vita?

  • As much as I love the Uncharted games (even the book :P) I don’t think this game is for me. In fact, if I bought it, I’d prob hate it and then resent it. So I’ll just do you the favor and not bother.

  • Looks awful. The worst kind of awful. Do a proper game or hurry up and release Soul Sacrifice. The only people who have bought the Vita so far don’t want THIS type of game. Know your audience, sheesh. I’m starting to worry for Sony with how confused they’ve become on product delivery and implementation lately.

    • The Vita is an awesome platform that will support many, many types of games. FFF is made to be played on the go, in short bursts, because it supports asynchronous gameplay. You can customize your deck.

      And what other game has Sully’s cigar as an artifact?

  • @9 oh wow. just looked at the end of the article and it is $4.99. lol. Even though they are milking this franchise, they at least picked a reasonable price.

    • We don’t consider this “milking” the franchise. Uncharted has one of the richest universes in video games, with lots of interesting characters, history, weapons, actions, treasures and artifacts. I’ve played all kinds of card games, from MTG to Star Trek (the old Trek version.) Just like you could get the “Shirtless Kirk” card in that game, you can get the “Donut Drake” card in this one. It’s that kind of richness and humor that made us think of doing this game.

  • Perfect timing, totally getting a Vita for the black Friday/Saturday sale!

  • This game is going to be awesome! Im sorry if this is off topic but I read on an article on this site that the ps vita update 2.00 is supposed to be released today but I dont seem to see or be able to update my vita, please someone let me know if I was wrong about the release date because Im really looking foward to this update.

  • @4 once PS Plus arrives you can store ur save for Golden Abyss in the cloud (via content manager I think). Then delete the bubble and download the digital version

  • ok Sony Bend are you one of my favorite portable developers alongside Ready at Dawn but im not feeling this game, please give us Syphon Filter psvita/ ps3 or ps4 ASAP. Gabe Logan must come to the vita.

    • Fight For Fortune was designed at Bend Studio and developed at One Loop Games. Trust me, this isn’t the only thing we’re working on.

      And try the free demo for FFF when it posts on PSN in December. You might like it.

  • Sorry is this were gaming has come too?, people actually buy crap games for their trophies. Back in the day gamer’s played games for the love of games well i guess true gaming is really dead.

  • read all the comments Sony, cancel this game! :p

  • correction where lol

  • I’m not feeling this too much, but maybe some more info will entice?
    I’ve never really been into card games at all, so I can not say I’m excited for this….

  • BTW to everyone, too much resources have been put into this to cancel.

  • it’s a joke ?

  • I think this looks really cool! It’s clever that you’ve inter-woven gameplay from Golden Abyss- to me that shows extra attention to detail that’s above and beyond the standard game. The only thing relative to a card game that I’ve played is the first 10 minutes of Yggdra Union on PSP, so I’m excited to learn more about the game. I’m pleasantly surprised with the release date so soon and $5 price tag. Thanks guys- BEND makes the best portable games!

    • Yes, we worked hard to create a different experience, that had multiplayer that we could release at a reasonable price. If you like U:GA, you’ll love the way FFF is integrated. If you have already platinumed the game, fire it up once FFF is released… it’s like winning the lottery to see all your cards powered up.

  • MAGIC THE GATHERING for PS Vita with CrossPlay. Period.

  • No offense, but I would much rather have a Duels of Planeswalker port on the Vita.

  • Played all the Uncharteds. Do not care at all.

  • please ! give us a new Uncharted action game, or something like that ! we don’t had bougth vita to playing cards !

  • Uncharted card game? More like UNWANTED card game, amiright?

  • Kind of cool. As Vita is receiving the Plus treatment, I am tempted to finally got one. If the reviews are good, I might go for this one too.

  • it’s a joke? OMG!



  • To each his own, but I never understood the draw of digital card games. Release a REAL deck! I remember playing MLB Showdown back in the day, but when I fired up my PS2, I wanted to play All-Star Baseball… not a digital version of Showdown.

    • The big appeal to me is that I can play long distance with friends. And you never have to worry about playing rare cards because you don’t want to bend the corners.

  • LMAO…this is a ridiculous..CARD GAME..you gotta be kidding me..please dont waste too much time on this and start working on a SphyonFilter or Infamous or better yet a GOD OF WAR GAME for the Vita..SERIOUSLY!!

  • Didn’t Kojima do this once with MGS?

  • It’s very disappointing to see a card game coming from Bend Studios – a developer that should have made a new Syphon Filter game for the PS Vita.

    The two Syphon Filter games that Bend Studios made for the PSP were truly AWESOME!!!!

    You make me very sad, Bend Studios.

  • i’ll play when it’s free for ps+

    hopefully vita steps up the freebies & discounts like on ps3.

  • Too bad it’s not like Metal Gear Acid. That would be cool.

  • I’d love to see bend do another Uncharted game where Nate and Chase Meet up with Harry Flynn and they all find treasure. :)

  • I expect this kind of thing on my phone. Where is the PROPER uncharted MP game? Can vita even do proper mp? After the likes of COD and AC:L i’m not so sure anymore. Even the psp ha 30 player mp games! What the hell is going on?

  • Well personally as a fan of card games I’m always interested in trying a new one. This may be fun so I will definitely at least buy the vanilla game and try it out before judging it further. Of course I do think making this game could end up being a huge mistake as the general target audience for Uncharted are action meatheads. Of course I do imagine the goal of this game was to draw in a different audience to the Uncharted game franchise. I guess we’ll see if that becomes successful.

    • We hope you like it. We think it’s fun. And you’re right about action fans loving Uncharted, but I personally know gamers from all walks of life who love it, including my grown daughter, who is hardly an action gamer. :)

  • Come on Sony Bend what were you thinking? No one’s going to buy this. It should be a free add-on with Golden Abyss. You should be working on a new “real” Uncharted game for the Vita, or Infamous, God of War, etc. for the Vita. Come on don’t start slipping now.

  • Looks interesting. Big Uncharted fan so day 1 buy for me

  • @19 i wish they would give us the option to manually backup just the save data with out having to have PS Plus. I hate having the save data buried with the entire game when i buy digital vita games.
    Why would they not give us a seperate save data manager for vita games like for psp and ps1 classics?

  • I have mixed feelings on this. I’m not entirely sure I need an Uncharted Card game, but it’s from BEND and it is $5, so I’ll almost certainly be buying it regardless.

    I like the studio and I love the franchise, and that’s certainly good enough for me.

  • People! This is just a little $5 downloadable game. It will in no way hamper a sequel to Golden Abyss or make Uncharted any less viable as a series. This obviously didn’t take a year to produce, probably only a month or two. Quit your complaining.

  • People! This is just a little $5 downloadable game. It will in no way hamper a sequel to Golden Abyss or make Uncharted any less viable as a series. This obviously didn’t take a year to produce, probably only a month or two. Quit your complaining.

  • This is awesome news, I love Uncharted and while card based games are not always my cup of tea, I really enjoy them every now and then. Can’t wait to see how it turns out, at $5 its a day one for me!

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