Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Coming to PS Vita in January

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Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Coming to PS Vita in January

As many of you may know, when you purchase Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault for PS3, you’ll also be entitled to receive a downloadable version for your PS Vita system with cross-save and competitive cross-play support.

Our friends at Tin Giant have been working hard to bring Insomniac’s PS3 game to PS Vita and to ensure that your experience is packed with all the action and polish you’d expect from a Ratchet & Clank game. In order to provide the best gameplay experience possible, the PS Vita version of Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will be coming out in January 2013. The PS3 version will still be available for purchase at participating retailers and on PSN starting on November 27, 2012.

As a reward to fans for their patience, we will be giving them the first piece of DLC for the title, the Mini-Boss Skin Pack, as a bonus with their purchase of Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault for PS3. This skin pack features three fan-favorite boss characters from past Ratchet & Clank games, including Chainblade from Going Commando and the Two-eyed Tyrhrranoid from Up Your Arsenal. Take a peek at these new skins in the screen below.

Ratchet & Clank Full Frontal Assault Miniboss Skin Pack

Thanks for your support and patience for the PS Vita version of Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault. We can’t wait to see all of you online unleashing the multiplayer mayhem on PS3 starting November 27, and then on PS Vita in January 2013.

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  • I will do a full on Onslaught on this title ( See what I did there )….

  • well that sucks. i kinda wanted to play this mostly on vita. anyways looking forward to it on ps3 first and then vita version in january


  • Damn that’s disappointing. Guess I’ll shelf it till January then once it arrives next week. Not that I don’t have other games to play, but I was looking forward to this game.

  • Awesome news and great art right there!

  • Delayed? Messa sad now… :-(

  • I’m so exited to get this next week I don’t even care if I have to wait for the Vita version. In fact waiting might even be better because it will feel like getting it new all over again!

  • always better to wait a bit longer, than receive a sub par Vita version …. I’m still getting this Day 1 – & thanks for the free DLC …. :-) the Vita version will be a belated gift !

  • The handheld device needs a good and unique tower defense game! It is almost my dream game for Vita. I wanted to play this game on Vita…. I think I cannot resist PS3 version until 2013.

  • Will PS3 launch copies still include the Vita version for download when the Vita version is available? I hope early buyers don’t get shafted out of their free Vita copies.

  • Im so getting this when its out, sad to hear a little delay for the Vita version, but hey, if you need the extra time to make it great, take it!
    Q: The price point was 20 right? or did i just read that magic line somewhere in the sky?

  • Another good news for PS vita, thats it am going to by a PS vita by the end of this month :D

  • will the skin pack be included on the disc? or will a code come with it? or do we have to pre-order to recieve the bonus?

  • There are some us who only own a Vita, and unfortunately not a PS3.
    So do we get something for our patience? Doesn’t seem fair that PS3 owners who technically don’t have to wait are getting bonus DLC…

    And also, I buy all my games digitally. Is there any way I can still get preorder deals like for PSASBR or Ratchet and Clank?

  • that would be a good deal 12.00 for 1yr of sony music unlimted its all good but not on this acount but i get it free forever until i die that is no crdite card requrded or info so im good im right now listen to Future DJ Hitmakers its the best album the resion why i get it forever i did it over the pc you can ownly do the unlimted serveic from pc so im good for the service but ill take the free games

  • What about coming all the way around for some back door lovin’?

  • Guess I’ll wait until January to decide if I want to get it. And I was so excited to get this game on Vita.

    On a side note, I’m sad to see so many Vita games based on great franchises not being develop by the original developers. I’m still wondering the damage that COD is doing to Vita’s reputation right now, I mean, if the game isn’t ready, don’t release it.

    It’s definitely a slippery slop that Sony is walking with their treatment of the Vita. Or maybe it’s just that all the developers are working on PS4 now, and there is no more resources/interest for the Vita? Not sure.

  • Well hopefully that means the Vita version will get some optimizations or something that will make the wait worth it. Better to see that versus a rushed port that doesn’t play well *cough cough* COD *cough cough*

  • As a person who owns all ratchet games and looking forward to this. SMH
    Even worse is I wanted this AS a PS Vita game, I can’t believe that first only the PS3 version has a physical release, which is a slap in the face to PS Vita owners with small memory cards like myself. Now the PS Vita version gets pushed back 2 months with no specific release date. And on top of that the PS3 buyers get a free DLC skin Pack for patiently waiting, yet the PS Vita owners are the ones waiting not the PS3!! The PS3 owners probably don’t have a PS Vita which make em get Free DLC just added on while the vita guys who want it to play on vita get NOTHING but the game 2 months later. Tell me this isn’t a slap in the face and you’d lose me as a big insomniac and ratchet fan in a heartbeat. I have no issue with the game itself being delayed but with the ps3 version still releasing next week and they get the compensation as well as a physical release. This is becoming complete non-sense for me. Smh explains why no one will show vita gameplay

    • The skin pack will work on the Vita version too, and the PS3 version still includes a free copy of the Vita version (when it releases)

      There was never a planned Vita physical release, and originally it wasn’t even going to be a PS3 physical release. So at this point, the PS3 retail disc is a bonus, and the skins are a bonus (that will work on both consoles).

      We’re sorry about the delay, but it’s all in order to allow Tin Giant to give you the best possible game and Ratchet 7 Clank experience

  • I’m still disappointed you guys didn’t give us a PS Plus discount on the digital version of Ratchet and Clank collection, despite it being delayed a month after retail.

    But this game looks interesting, especially at only $19.99 and Cross-Buy! :D

  • @14 who in the world would get a Vita without having a PS3 first? makes no sense to me.

  • Ryumoau
    Though I have one I’d do so. I like handhelds alot more then home consoles and will always pick up handheld versions if done proper. And I know quite a few xbox people who bought a vita and don’t have ps3. Most vita owners have ps3 but it isn’t abnormal.

  • @21 Well, don’t forget that they’re both the same price.

  • I don’t understand people’s impatience with the vita version. It’s not like the world is going to end on 12/21/12 or anything like that. PLUS IT’LL BE FREE.

  • So what’s the status on Ratchet & Clank: Deadlocked HD? Can we expect it to release this year still?

  • @21: Someone who bought a 360 last year by mistake, was excited to support Sony’s second handheld endeavor, and doesn’t have money flowing out of every body cavity.

  • People whine when a game gets delayed, but then they whine when a game has problems and say the game was rushed. Constant whining no matter what happens.

  • James
    I understand the cross buy will get both and all but like I was saying. I want this as a PS Vita title not as a PS3 title so I’m not going to buy it next week but instead in jan. The issue with the DLC is that it should be for buying it when the PS Vita version releases, cause they waited for it. There is under 4 million active PS Vitas in the world and I doubt even half the PS3 buyers have a vita, yet they get the DLC as a waiting present for something they arnt waiting for! I don’t know if I’m just not readying right but I don’t see nothing stating if you buy on PS Vita in jan you’ll get the dlc. It says if you buy on ps3 you get the dlc. Kinda defeats the purpose of the dlc. Also, I know it was suppose no just be digital, I’ve been following this game since it was announced, but once the PS3 gets a physical version, the PS Vita should too. Especially since memory isn’t a ps3 issue like it is for vita. I can’t even upgrade my 4gb ps vita card, and can’t hold nothing on it basically. So physical is my only real option. Since on top of all that the youtube app on vita requires free memory for videos to play, so I need up to 500mb free smh

    • The cost realities of a physical PS3 version vs. a physical Vita version for a 19.99 game mean that it doesn’t make sense to ship it on Vita.

  • So insomniac won’t be involved with the development of this game? What’s going in here? :(

  • Wait nvm they’re just porting it over. *Sigh*

  • What about a DLC pack containing Sly and Jak skins

  • @Teflon02

    If you buy Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault on either PSN or the retail store/physical copy, you get both the PS3 & The PS Vita version.

    I don’t see it mentioned that PS Vita version will be standalone? Only the option that you buy the PS3 version, you get both PS3 & PS Vita version.

    So it makes sense that PS3 owners would get the dlc free because it’s a cross buy title, where owners of the game should be able to play it on either PS3 or PS vita day one.

  • @dragonmagician I think Bend did a fantastic job with Golden Abyss. Nihilistic didn’t do a good job with either Resistance or COD but I guess they only had 5 months to develop COD? Sounds weird considering since it was announced along with the system but that’s the word. But Bend I believe in to make good Vita games. Golden Abyss is still the best looking game on the Vita (alongside LBP).

  • Aw man. Well I’ll probably wait to buy this to January. I’m playing through the Ratchet Collection now, that is gonna keep really busy.

  • You know what would be nice as a concession? Let us buy the PSP Ratchet and Clank games on our Vitas! :) Pretty pretty please!!!!!

  • @Dragun619
    Thanks but I’m aware of all that and know its not standalone. I’ll do a better explination of what annoys me
    There is people with only a PS Vita that can only buy the PS Vita game, so they don’t get anything for “patiently waiting” yet, the PS3 owners get the DLC for so called “patiently waiting” yet, they are not waiting for nothing. I refuse to buy on ps3 cause I want it as a vita game, so I’ll wait, that’s fine, delay for quality. Can’t argue that much. But PS Vita gets screwed, not getting a physical release, when it is the system with memory issues, on top of that people like me with only a 4gb can’t buy digital, heck I can’t even bother with plus cause I can’t afford a bigger memory card. But now on top of that PS Vita gets it 2 months later, with ps3 buyers getting free dlc because ps vita owners gotta wait? How is that suppose to make sense? PS Vita always gets the short end and as a person who preference is handhelds and PS I refuse not to complain if something is done wrong, or contradicts the purpose. Cross buy is there either way but NOTHING states you only get the DLC through PSV purchase for the wait

    • If you buy the PS3 game you might be waiting because you liked both. Either way, it’s just us trying to make it good.

  • As long as the Rachet and Clank experience is awesome then I’ll be happy to wait to play it on the PS Vita.

  • Insomniac or who ever has say in these “patiently waiting” things for Ratchet titles needs to rethink these strategys cause Ratchet & Clank Collection, we’ll like what we waited for. A Sly demo… Waited a whole season for a demo of a game from one of Ratchets 2 Rivals. Contradicts since there are alot of big ratchet fans who don’t wanna play sly. Now since PS Vita gets delayed, the ps3 gets extra benefits on top of getting the better end of the stick. If someone can make logic with that you are amazing honestly, cause it doesn’t make sense looking from the handheld perspective and not the ps3
    Again the delay ain’t my problem

    • We can’t always control these things (ie, the conditions leading SCEE and SCEA to ship the collection on different timeframes, or the development of the port for Vita) – but we can try to be transparent and try to make it up to you if we know something is a bummer.

  • Doesn’t the delay defeat the purpose of it being cross buy? Cross save and play :/… Confused here… Will we still get the vita version for free if we buy the ps3 version?

    • If you are an immediate buyer, we understand that it hurts. Regardless the game was always going to be 19.99 on PS3 (before the Vita / Cross-buy thing even happened) so it’s still a good value at that price, and you do eventually get the Vita version.

      Combine that with the competitive mode which you can play for a while and which we plan to support out to even during the Vita launch, and there will be content to check out still

  • Some of the the posts here are ridiculous and unbelievable, who ever posted them have to be kids or clueless. Example, there are many people now and in the future that will own a PSVita and not a PS3, you don’t HAVE to own a PS3 to own a PSVita, it’s so sad you believe that.

    On topic, you were planning on charging for the skins? they’re skins, there’s absolutely no reason to charge for skins, they should be in game unlockables, if they didn’t make it in, they should be released free, THEY’RE JUST SKINS. This whole greedy, ripping off the consumer and anti consumer in video games has gotten way out of hand. The skins being the bonus doesn’t count as a bonus and shouldn’t be the bonus, they should be free in the first place.

    • Well, we made a bunch of skins for the game itself that you can unlock and such… since then our artists have been making more skins we plan to offer for sale.

      Regardless of that, we believe that even just the PS3 game alone is a great value at 19.99 with its campaign, co-op, story and competitive modes. We have LOTS of free support planned in addition. The skins are customization and that’s what we are charging for, as opposed to things like updates and maps which will be free.

  • Nice of you to be offering free DLC as compensation for the delay of a game’s release.

    Some companies won’t even patch a broken game they release, and you’re already giving out free DLC just because the Vita version has a minor delay.

    Gotta love the people who work on R&C games/PR/etc.. :)

  • Also, “PS3 retail disc is a bonus?” are you kidding me? who would buy into that? that is not a bonus at all. Now, I’m not 100% on this, but just by using common sense and facts, it seems that it’s very, VERY likely that the reason why this game is getting a retail disc release is because you know it will sell more as a retail disc because disc is preferred over horrible, bad-for-the-consumer digital only.

    Lastly, $20? I hope this game isn’t overpriced if you want the smart consumers to purchase this game, we will see once the game releases.

    Before I forget, great job in returning to classic Ratchet and Clank with this game and adding a new element! If this game isn’t overpriced at $20 and doesn’t have any greedy, rip-the-consumer-off, anti-consumer practices, you have my purchase!

    • My point was is that this game was planned as digital only as there are various reasons / economics for releasing games at retail. As things evolved, we were excited to be able to add a PS3 retail sku. That’s why it should be viewed as a bonus, because it wasn’t something we were planning from the beginning.

      Also – there’s no online pass, though as I mentioned, we will have various skins you can buy to customize your look in competitive MP.

  • I’d prefer if the vita and the ps3 version were to be released at the same time… So you should delay the ps3 version as well

    • We’d prefer to disappoint as few fans as possible, especially when the PS3 version is locked and ready to roll

  • @42 how is $20 overpriced?

  • Dude, I’m glad there’s a retail release. I was with the many that were upset when EU territories had the option for retail and digital for R&C: Quest for Booty when North American territories could only get digital. If only other publishers could follow like Capcom with Okami HD.

    And it’s only $20. What other retail game releases at $20?

  • @40 Freshh23 its no sad that people believe that, when half of the psp content that should be compatible from the start can only be accessed if you own a ps3.

    And for the delay i would say that is just to boost sales and people mainfocus on PASBR this holidays…

    • No – the delay is for exactly why we stated it. The Vita version needs some more time to be the best it can be. We want to make sure we give Vita players a great experience and so Tin Giant is taking more time to continue polishing the port of the game

  • $20 for this game is great, I have a ps3 but I mostly game on my vita nowadays since I’m on the go… But I guess I’ll purchase it on the ps3 and hopefully when it lauches for the vita it’ll be free for us, the ones who purchased it on ps3…

    Plus I’d prefer to play on my psvita… So the ps3 version will go untouched lol… But I’ll buy

  • Hey James, really excited for the game and will most likely get it for PS3 when it comes to retail. One question though, I understand Cross-Buy is still in effect even though the Vita version is delayed but do you know if the Vita version has a separate list of trophies?

  • Then I say instabuy ^_^

  • I hope they are sepreate but even if they aren’t this will be a good game to play on the bus with Vita.

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