PlayStation Mobile Developer Program Launches

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PlayStation Mobile Developer Program Launches

Hi PlayStation.Blog readers! I’m one of several members of the team leading our new platform, PlayStation Mobile, working to get you fun, engaging titles on a multitude of PlayStation-Certified smartphones and tablets.

Since we launched PlayStation Mobile on October 3rd, we’ve been receiving a steady stream of positive responses from both developers and consumers. All of your feedback is crucial to the success of PlayStation Mobile, and we’ve been working diligently these last few weeks to bring more titles to the newest PlayStation platform.

Get ready to see this library expand in the coming months, because today we are happy to announce the launch of the PlayStation Mobile Developer Program, which provides an enhanced and open environment for content developers to create and release their content on PlayStation Mobile. The Dev Portal provides everything a developer needs to start working on PlayStation Mobile.

Through the online portal, developers can download the official version of the PlayStation Mobile SDK, sign the PlayStation license agreement, and pay just $99 (U.S.) to publish as many PlayStation Mobile titles as they want for one year. We believe we’re in a ‘golden age’ of game development and the Dev Portal lowers the barriers of entry for developers to create and publish titles including games directly to the most diehard and passionate fans in the industry.

Our goal was to make publishing game and non-game titles for PlayStation Mobile an easy and enjoyable experience, and we’ve been working hard to ensure that the new Dev Portal accomplishes this objective. To get started on the Dev Portal, click here and follow the registration process.

PlayStation Mobile Developer Portal

We’ve already had some great feedback from top developers using the PlayStation Mobile SDK to develop for the platform. Rami Ismail of Vlambeer, the creators of Super Crate Box, said:

Our experiences with PlayStation Mobile have been positive. There’s always a sense of reluctance going into a project working with forces larger than you can control, but the time we worked with Sony has been great. Not only were all aspects of our cooperation professional and on equal footing, we also had access to a great developer support team and technical support for the PlayStation Mobile SDK. We were impressed.

Our hope is that other developers have equally positive experiences using the PlayStation Mobile Dev Portal, and we’re dedicated to making it as simple as possible for the development community to bring PlayStation-like game experiences to all of our dedicated fans via the PlayStation Mobile platform.

It’s thrilling to start this key initiative and I can’t wait to see all the creativity and genius that exists out there. Show us your stuff!

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  • @ krelian01, you can get a complete series of tutorials here ( ). They cover basically everything you need to know to create a 2D game, and there is even a series that actually creates a complete game.

    There are also a number of tutorials included with the SDK, although the usage of libraries to hide the complexity make them a bit more… difficult to work with.

  • update the store now plz

  • for some reason my playstation mobile games werent working after i updated the PSM running thing. now none of them work. :/

  • @ Sarah Thomson

    Removing what I Said, Is allready avaliable to develope, i get acess to the SDK, and they have option to publish in Brazillian PSStore and other stuff allready listed for our markething.

    I think we can´t just publish yet, but I know how the law and stuffs runs here.. and it´s really takes time!

    I Just want to thankfull sony for open this opportunity to us! is allways a pain to get acess in SDK or devkits here! hope this start to change with this inictiative.

    Thank you and keep the good work!

  • Can we PLEASE get official Unity3D support going? Seriously, don’t hold this back. This should be the #1 priority.

  • I want to try playstation mobile but unfortunately there is no SDK for my currently work machine (mac).

    Would be nice to see a Unity plugin for PSMobile just like IOS

  • Willing to see the SDK supporting Unity3D too!

  • Perhaps I am in a minority group but can we have PSM SDK support on Linux? Like what we had for Android?

  • @58…. don’t hold your breathe. There was awful decision to make this SDK C# based rather C or C++ meaning it very well may never see the light of day on Unix based systems… unless Unity support or something similar is thrown in. At this point in time though, I for see the answer to your question being a positive no… One reason I’ll stick to iOS development instead. C# is an awful, limited, memory hog of a language and is consistently tied down to Microsoft’s platforms. I will never support that.

  • No puedo jugar mis juegos de PSM que compre para mi PSVita en la Store de USA ¿porque?

  • Where do I actually get this app? I have search my App store (on my Samsung Android) and could not find it. Is it only for PS Vita/PSP? I mean its name is Playstaion Mobile. So you would think it works with every smartphone, right?
    My question is. Where do I actually find the app?

  • Is there anyway to avoid paying the publishers fee just so I can test developed applications, but not publish them… I already paid $250 for a Ps Vita why should I pay another $100 just to test a developer’s application.

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