Exclusive Black Friday Deals for PS3 and PS Vita

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Exclusive Black Friday Deals for PS3 and PS Vita

As we’ve noted in the past few months, PlayStation stands for gamers. And because we stand with you, the PlayStation Nation, we want to offer you incredible deals on Black Friday to show our appreciation. If you don’t own PS Vita or PS3, now’s the time. PlayStation platforms will be paired with the biggest and best franchises in gaming, proving once again that PlayStation is the best place to play.

PS Vita

PS Vita’s game library is growing rapidly, and some of the biggest franchises in gaming are launching on the platform this holiday. In addition to the PlayStation Plus announcement providing an instant game collection for PS Vita, we are also celebrating the holidays with several incredible deals. The Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified, and Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes PS Vita bundles will be available for $199.99 (MSRP)* on Black Friday and Saturday only. Here are the details (check your local retailers for availability):

Assassin's Creed Liberation PS Vita BundleCall of Duty Declassified PS Vita BundleLego Batman 2 PS Vita Bundle

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Bundle
$199.99 for Black Friday
Limited-Edition Crystal White PS Vita Wi-Fi System
Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation game
4GB memory card
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Bundle
$199.99 for Black Friday
Crystal Black PS Vita Wi-Fi System
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified Bundle
$199.99 for Black Friday
Crystal Black PS Vita Wi-Fi System
Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified game
4GB memory card


Black Friday is also a big day for PlayStation 3, where we continue to offer incredible value and the only platform that continuously celebrates the gamer. Two of the most popular first party PS3 franchises will be combined to bring you the Ultimate PlayStation 3 Value Bundle for only $199 (MSRP). This bundle includes a 250GB PS3 System, 30 Day PlayStation Plus Trial, Uncharted Dual Pack (including Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2), and inFAMOUS Collection (including inFAMOUS 1 and inFAMOUS 2), giving you over $119 in savings.


There will also be special pricing available for new and existing colors of DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controllers at select retailers nationwide. Find a variety of DS3 controllers for only $39.99 (MSRP).

All of these bundles are in limited supply so don’t wait to take advantage of and save on these deals. Happy shopping PlayStation fans — we hope you have a happy holiday!

* Please check local retailers for pricing and availability.

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3 Author Replies

  • Are these deals only for the US or will we see these deals for Canadian Black Friday as well?

  • If only I wasn’t already spending $100 on the two video games for the vita already….
    @47 dead pixel?
    Return it.
    Exchange it.
    Don’t stay with it.

  • My comment (49) is for Head20 (37, 39).

  • those bundles look nice, but while it may not be the intention for someone to buy into a new system to play old games, you cant deny the benefit it offers. Vita and Bc is purely digital and for someone like myself who has a psp and a slew of UMD games, it offers me nothing in that regard. :(

  • Many retailers are just advertising the Call of Duty Vita bundle at the Black Friday price, even though they also carry the Assassin’s Creed Bundle. Does that mean that only that bundle being advertised at the special price is being discounted, or will all the bundles be discounted anyway?

  • At this point, this $199 price should stick for these bundles moving forward. I bet more Vita’s start flying off the shelves at $199 with either COD or AC3 and a 4GB memory card. If Sony has to subsidize these bundles to be $199 then that is what’s needed to keep this excellent handheld afloat.

  • Some good deals for non-Vita owners, but I was really hoping there would be some discounts on the higher capacity memory cards.

    Having a 32gb card would actually allow me to take advantage of PS Plus on Vita without having to delete/redownload everything.

  • I like these deals a lot it has me considering buying my kids vita’s as well, but I have to agree, about the storage option being a little expensive for us when we have games to consider at $20-$70 and potential multiple systems(see above), I think the community needs an explanation(might help sort us out) as to why Sony decided to make their own storage option, instead of using a more commonly consumed peripheral, I’ve actually held off on buying games just because of space constraints… so I don’t think it was a wise business decision to make cards just to profit, and in the end it’s all business, so that’s an inconsistency to me.

    PS:I know Black Friday is almost entirely exclusive to the US but are there any similar deals up in Canada?

  • looks ace :P

    but they should have put Uncharted 3 GOTY on the PS3 bundle as well!

  • they should just make the vita bundles stay at $200 permanently. no one is buying the vita at its current price.

  • Err i mean Black Friday deals almost entirely exclusive to the USA…. not Black Friday itself…

  • I want a Vita bu those memory cards cost an arm and a leg for crying out loud. The $199 price is ok but I don’t play shooters I.m not into Lego games, and Liberations got ok reviews for the most part.

    Gimme a deal on memory cards and I’ll just take my free plus games and be happy.

  • @60 EmperorKorea

    I agree, it’s a very good price point, maybe they could cut the physical games out of the deal, include some digital content instead(help spread belief in digital license), and include a bigger storage option, 16g for example. I think they’d probably fly off the shelves at that price.

  • @ purse

    Where can you buy an arm and a leg for $80? J/K
    Just look online for a deal. Amazon has it for $80 for 32gb atm. I am sure there will be more sales comes black friday.

  • I actually want Sony to make a larger capacity memory card. And also update the firmware so that every time I change my memory cards it keeps the icon in place so that I don’t have to keep rearranging them. So annoying. I have two 32gb and I hate changing them. Sucks!

  • @52 i have a year warranty still have the receipt but i dont know how it works so i just dont wanna use it until i need it like drop it and the screen crack or something its really not that bad

  • @64 nycredude

    I think that’s what was intended by said comment to be too high of a price, even at $80 on amazon, it’s a risky purchase for people living paycheck to paycheck, and it’s almost hard to make sense of the price even if not.

    that aside.

    In this day and age, even with speedier technology like SSD, etc. I refuse to believe that any storage medium should exceed $2 per gig, I can get a 480gig SSD on tigerdirect for $369, that’s the best storage medium for computers possible at less than a $1 per gig.

  • @ kedaro

    When it comes to storage. Generally the high the capacity the lower the price per gig. That is why i would like a larger capacity memory card. I wouldn’t mind paying more for a larger card. I understand not everyone can just buy these cards at $80 a pop but I think they have to make money somehow. It’s a lot easier to swallow now that playstation plus is coming for vita.

    Eventually the price will come down so all we have to do is be patient. it’s hard to believe but the vita hasn’t been out a year yet.

  • @66
    The 1 year manufactures warranty DOES NOT cover ACCIDENTAL damage.
    You MUST BUY that plan WITHIN 30 DAYS of your purchase.
    However, the one year warranty will cover the pixel and any other similar issues, but if you can still return the system to the store for a full refund- then i would return it and rebuy a new one to get this bundle discount.

    *I have dropped my vita twice from a 3ft high table onto a ceramic floow after pulling the power cord… the screen is pretty strong/sturdy- no apple glass instant shatter screen here. You can also do what I have done and tie a sturdy shoe lace to one of the bottom loops to prevent dropping it and also as an anti-theft deterrent. ;)

  • For the folks that asked. Only need to list Vita deals as the PS3 is standard at all retailers.

    VIta Bundles:

    The LEGO bundles is Target Exclusive.
    The ACL Bundle is a Gamestop Exclusive
    The COD Bundle is a Best Buy and Wal-Mart exclusive.

    Amazon will announce on Monday what their Back Friday deals will be.

  • @nycredude

    Your crazy if you don’ t think they make about $80 on the sale of the Vita based on manufacturing costs. The parts are super cheap Cell Phone innards. The most expensive part is the screen which is about $60. I know it doesn’t include marketing, R&D, and more, but the device is cheap to make.

  • Blarg! I should’ve waited! I could’ve had that nice white Vita and perhaps a 32gb memory card instead of a 16gb… >.=.<

  • I’ve been holding out for the AC3 Vita bundle and am very glad to see it’s going to be a BF deal. I have been checking BF sites and only ever see the BlOps2 bundle listed, which was making me sad.

  • All We Want Is Another UnCharted That Has A Thrilling Story Line And Multiplayer

  • @74
    All I want is DLC for LBP V

  • @TwinDad

    Are you sure about AC3L Bundle being a GameStop exclusive? According to the leaked BF ad, it’s not listed anywhere: http://www.blackfriday.fm/adscan/gamestop

  • nm….that scan is 2011.

  • I was hoping to see the blue and red Vita’s released for the holidays. These are still great deals but unfortunately I won’t be buying a Vita just yet. Gotta wait for the blue vita since my girlfriend is crazy about it.

  • @xClayMeow,

    They will have that Bundle at that Price for Black Friday. I believe they start their sale at Mid Night. What I’m not sure is if another retailer that is regional will also have the bundle. So I’m not sure the word “exclusive” should have been used, but GameStop will indeed have that bundle for black Friday.

  • Vita with 4GB memory is useless.
    Just sell Vita with 16 GB memory and PSN+ 1 year membership at $250. This bundle will give a confident to new customer for the starting cost. PS Vita’s biggest problem is not about price or games, it’s a fragmentation of service policy. Simply, they are acting like a bunch of small companies without any communication.
    Why couldn’t you guys just put a giant sticker of the new PSN+ service for Vita, and pack two necessary items. 16GB memory card and 1 year membership coupon, together with Vita for this black friday? Vita division in SCE doesn’t know about PSN+?

  • Drop memory card prices Sony for heavens sake. Stop being so stubborn. That is the thing that is overpriced.

    The Vita will drop in price next year, so people should just stfu about that. Memory cards need the immediate drop.

  • @80: PSN+ doesn’t exist. It’s PS+

  • Black Ops Declassified is getting terrible reviews so why pack it in the Christmas bundles

  • Handheld system bundles should be less than a full console bundle.

    Certainly Vita is a nice piece of hardware and with a memory card, a game and system is a tremendous value, but I don’t think people who don’t know any better would splurge for a handheld system when they could just get a home console for the same price.

    I think the Vita bundle should be 150 and the ps3 bundle 200. If nothing else, make the Vita bundle a good as the PS3 bundle.

  • HAHA! I literally just bought the AC3:L bundle off Amazon yesterday and the 32 gig card on the news of PSN+ support coming out this coming week. Oh well SONY you can have that extra 50$ on me….and another next month when my PS+ renews…argh!! :D

  • “really thx” nihilistic for this piece of #$%%@. Never been lock foward on this one… nihilistic??? Go to mobile, and sell all that crap you make!

  • could you please tell me why is there’s no bundle including the 3G/Wifi version ?!

    and is there a special bundle will come soon for 3G/ wifi vita ?!

  • What about us poor souls who pre-ordered the PS Vita Assassins creed bundle? Are we just S.O.L or will Sony make good by offering us some Downloadable games or whatnot, like Nintendo did when the 3DS dropped in price?!

  • Man! You are talking about nihilistic!!!! This its not any news… Thx for this piece of crap!!! Go ato mobile, never want see this company made another game for Sony!



  • meh, just bought ACL bundle for $250 when it released………and I never touch my vita after 10hrs of playing…….should have wait till black Friday XD~~~Hope there will be some deals on PS Store too.

  • I would be picking this up, if it were not for the EXCESSIVE price of the upgraded memory cards. Sony has always had major problems with the pricing of their memory cards. There is no reason for the price, especially since you can not save on the game cartridges and with the ever increasing amount of DLC content. :(

  • But your Vita version of Call of Duty was horrible. I hear possible worse game of year (at least on vita?)

  • Please have a black friday deal on ps vita memory cards! Or maybe while your at it just drop the price of them altogether.
    I’ve been waiting patiently to buy a new card as my 8gb has been full for awhile, and they are just to darn expensive! I’ve started to enjoy buying everything on my vita digital now, but since my card has been filled, it is very annoying switching out games that I want to have with me on the go. Not being able to make the jump and buy a 32gb memory card has actually made me hold off on buying games from psn because of the lack of space I have. While it may seem that overcharging us on the memory cards is making you a boat load of cash, in reality there are people like me who don’t buy games on a whim when window shoping the psn, because I am always worried about how much space i have left.

  • I want a CoD Black Ops Declassified discount!

  • Might get that white bundle …it sound like a good deal…but I hope I have enough money

  • IF u want the Psv to succeed stop selling bundles with that overpriced COD crap, put some standars for the games on the system. the only one being hurt for this awful attemps is you SONY.

    Make some bundles with no games and one good memory card 16/32 GB.

  • I REALLY want a Vita, and I would have certainly bought one of these bundles for the price, but the problem is, I’m not buying a Vita that isn’t 3G. It’s a waste to me. If these bundles were availible with 3G you would have had a new unit sold here. Even though I wouldn’t use 3G right away because of the rediculous AT&T prices for 3G. But eventually the price will drop or at least change to unlimited data for a decent monthly prices, and I want a 3G Vita for when that time comes.

    I REALLY was hoping to get a Vita on Black Friday, but since it’s only the Wi-Fi models that are on sale I’m either going to have to put off owning a Vita for even longer, or I’m just going to have to buy a used unit (which I honestly HATE doing). Gamestop has 25% off all used electronics on Black Friday, so if they have a 3G Vita used, I’m going to have to go with it.

  • Seriously Sony, now you lower the AC3L Vita bundle by $50? I JUST bought one on the 31st!

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