PlayStation Plus Update: Solve a Quantum Conundrum Free with Plus

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PlayStation Plus Update: Solve a Quantum Conundrum Free with Plus

Last week, we revealed that Resident Evil 5 would be free for PS Plus members. Now we’re welcoming Quantum Conundrum into the Instant Game Collection. It’s a ground-breaking title in its own right, so read on to learn a bit more about it, along with another great deal for Plus members. This update’s content will be in effect with the November 13th PS Store Update.

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November 13th PlayStation Plus Update

Quantum Conundrum

Free for Plus Members

Designed by Kim Swift (one of the original developers of the classic game Portal), Quantum Conundrum is an amazing first person puzzler which gives you the power to hop through different dimensions, manipulating the very physical traits of the world around you in real time on a quest to save your inventor Uncle, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle! Check out IGN’s video review of the game below to find out why Quantum Conundrum is super clever, a ton of fun, and definitely worth playing.


30% off for PlayStation Plus Members (Regular price: $9.99, PS Plus Price: $6.99)

If you haven’t had the chance to play through this adventure, now might be the time. Machinarium is a point-and-click game that immerses you in a remarkable world to solve puzzles and complete your journey. Find out why it was awarded the Excellence in Visual Art award at the Independent Games Festival and download with tomorrow’s PlayStation Store Update.

There’s more exciting news for PS Plus right around the corner (hint: PS Vita owners, and to-be PS Vita owners will love it), so stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more exciting PS Plus content coming your way. Until then, I’ll see you in the comments!

11-13-2012 PlayStation Plus Update

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19 Author Replies

  • Interesting free game but I really hope we get the other games from eu plus, not only resident evil 5, we want Red Dead Redemption, Dead Space 2 and the other games they got.

    Also, why arent we getting psone games anymore? And why cant we get an rpg for once? People have been asking for an rpg for quite a while.

  • Anyone currently playing AC3 will recognize Quantum Conundrum’s narrator. Since I played QC first, it’s weirding me out a little in AC3!

  • Woo hoo! My son loved the Quantum Conundrum demo, so this is great for us. Machinarium is a fun one too. Thanks plus team. Can’t wait!

  • @aro52

    You mean Desmond’s dad?

  • Thank You! THANK you!! THANK YOU!!!
    I’ve been tempted to buy this game so many times, I was waiting for it to get a good sale on steam but this is even better!

  • bbuuuuuuuu …..*Downloads Quantum Conundrum demo* …… bbuuuuuu lol

    Good thing Plus for Vita is “äround the corner” and well love it lol i just wanna know what were gonna get …. but i guess its not gonna be shown again untill the day before it happens …. oh well …. so much for voting for better updates :)

  • Something is telling me that this page will be updated later today with Vita news. Unlike all the other plus updates, which have mentioned vita many times, this is tagged as Vita. So maybe, just maybe…

  • pretty cool. ill definitely be downloading this.

    when is the vita plus news going to be posted?

  • well looks like i was right… 1 “retail” game a month then the rest of the month is full of 15 dollar psn games you either dont care about or already have (i.e the few that actually are good).


    umm how many role playing games can you name on PSN? even if they were to give us free RPGs… thats what a whole 3 games befoer we get back to what were getting now?

    Would be nice if they gave us agarest war though, always wanted to play that but cant justify paying 30+ bucks on a game that looks like it should be on SNES, if it were free Id gladly give it a go… but Im sure theyre not give out games that cost 30 bucks in the store anytime soon, so oh well.

  • Hey Morgan can expect to see any new games added to the instant game collection next week?

    Also I’ve never really seen Quantum Conundrum is it good? I’ll have to try it out this week. Next week is all for Playstation All-Stars :D

  • Guys.. everyone gets it, you want your Vita news. I am also interested in it, but, let’s have some patience. Maybe Morgan will post it later today. Maybe next Monday. Complaining isn’t going to make the news appear. Morgan doesn’t make the decision of when to release things (unless he got a huge promotion and didn’t tell us). The comments each week echoing the last week’s is not helping at all.

    I wish Morgan would post the Vita news so I could stop reading the Vita comments and get back to the Plus is the worst thing ever made comments by the people with three games that hate all genres except one very specific one.

    But, yay, I almost bought Quantum Conundrum when it came out, but something told me not to.. apparently my little PlayStation Plus voice knows what is going to be free later.

  • thanks for the great update ! for those of us with children, these 2 look great. my son loves Portal 2 & I even went & found the Orange Box to get him the 1st one …. Quantum looks to be along the same lines & he’s been wanting Machinariium (as have I) so we’ll take the plunge tomorrow ! :-)

    loving LBP Karting – at 98% complete now …. & can hardly wait for next Tuesday – All Stars ! great pre- Christmas games, sadly, I was unable to wait on playing them until Christmas ….

    any actual info as to the Vita plus perks would be greatly appreciated …. even if it’s not ready to launch, is there anything you can tell us ? thanks …

  • Hey Morgan:

    How about a “clue” on what the next free PS3 selection will be? I like to guess what it might be…

  • @62 That would be awesome. I think a guy on the Harmonix forums used to give a clue for the next weeks dlc, but the clue was nearly impossible to figure out. Something like that would be fun to try and guess.

  • “Very soon”–I’m not sure that means what you think it means… Vita plus please!

  • where is ps plus for Vita?

  • @45 why subscribe anyway? thats easy because when the IGC first launched they hooked us is with GOOD retail games

    lets see infamous 2, little big planet 2, ratchet and clanks, hard corps uprisng, lara croft guardian of light, just cause 2, saints row 2

    so out of 12 games 7 of them were good or at least decent… then once we say “OMG ps+ is awesome now.. take mah money!!” then the following months havent been half as good, meanwhile EU is getting stuff like RDR, Dues Ex, Darksiders, Motorstorm Apocalypse and Dead Space 2 just to name a few.

    So yeah we subscribed thinking every month would be as good as June (with the exception of only 4 new games a month instead of 12 of course) and it turns out we were all duped. thats why

  • @45 I thought it was good before I subscribed than it became absolute crap. I can say with complete sincerity that I regret buying into this steaming pile of crap.

  • WTH do “just around the corner” and “soon” mean? Big talk on this site about “managing expectations”, but I don’t see anything that looks like management happening here. People hyped up, saying “maybe today!” or moping around with the idea of another week without knowing. Although I’m certain the licensing team is working hard to get all the i’s and t’s in order and you don’t want to say anything before you know something – I’m also certain you know by now if it definitely won’t be today that the announcement is made. I’m also reasonably certain you know what the target date is for the announcement. Saying something like “We expect to be able to tell you all the details about the Plus program for Vita the week of (dot dot dot) – Thanks for all your patience and excitement! Of course this time frame is subject to change, but we’ll keep you posted!” is managing expectations. Saying “Keep checking back for more info!” and “More info soon!” is just whoring for hits. Just sayin’.

    • Trust me, this is a fine line. We’ve done things like disclaimers saying that “information is subject to change” but let me tell you first hand, if that information DOES in fact change?..hooo boy, it gets crazy in the community. If you remember, we used to do that in the monthly Plus posts, but when that info changed, it doesn’t matter if you tell the frustrated person that “well we had a disclaimer.” imo, that’s bad community management =)

      So when it comes to communicating big news to a TON of people across the nation (and world with EU as well) the best bet is to give a general timeframe (November), and deliver the news when it’s 100% ready so that everyone gets clear and confirmed news, and nothing less. Hope that helps give a bit of our perspective, and I appreciate the feedback!

  • @66 Okay, so plus may have seemingly dropped in quality after E3, but here’s the thing. Before E3, it was 1 PSN game, at least one PS1 game, and a mini or 2. Now, Right there is 120 dollars at the very least just from psn titles, if all were $10. So you still saved money then. Now, we get 3 games each month, usually 1 PS3 retail and 2 psn. If each ps3 title is at least $20, which they are, thats a good $240 off the bat. Then compare mini and psone prices to PSN titles. Sure, Europe may be getting better stuff, and sure, the partial games like Walking Dead and Starhawk can be annoying, but Starhawk was a bonus, and Walking Dead still saved you 10 bucks. so its still a better deal than before. I see reason to be underwhelmed after E3, but Plus HAS gotten better.

  • Correction, saved 5 dollars.

  • Quantum Conundrum looks great! I’ve only heard of it before, but knew nothing of it. I’m ultra-excited for the Vita Plus news. I got the Assassin’s Creed bundle and love the device. I can’t wait to try new games and for the library to expand.

  • Also, the one thing that needs to happen when vita comes to plus, is NOT change the setup. Keep the same value for ps3, while giving decent stuff for vita. And realise that it wont be a Full vita game every month necessarily. I already see many complaints coming when they find out a PSP game is given away, even if its GT or something along those lines….

  • Morgan, completely unrelated, but as you are an all-round good guy and bastion of goodwill and effusiveness, I’m gonna try anyway.

    Can you put me and dozens, if not hundreds, if not thousands(!), of PS3 users out of our misery and tell us if Black ops 2 will be available as a digital download tomorrow? I for one would far rather spend my money directly than go to the store. I love the convenience of the day-one download, and it would be good to know whether to bite the bullet and lay down a pre-order today (grr) or lounge around on my microfibre couch and casually hit the ‘download’ button tomorrow afternoon.

    Thank you sir.

  • Holy crap! looks like a double download whammy for me this week! I’ve been interested in both these games being a puzzle/quirky game fan and what not. And anything thta slightly resembles H.R. Giger (Machinarium) is a huge plus in my book! Thank you Morgan and Sony. Lifetime fan(boy?).

  • @DuoMaxwell007

    You were only duped by your own expectations.

    They never said every month would be as good as June.

    Furthermore you comparing what EU gets to what US gets only makes your assumptions worse.

    They never said regions would be the same or even similar.

    don’t complain because you made yourself feel like a sucker.

  • @ #24 HaMmOdY …. say GAMES not Game …. lol dont tell them its ok to give one measly game lol
    1 PSone Game
    2 Minis Game
    1 PS Vita Game
    1 Cross-Buy Game every 3 months
    DLC Discounts
    1 PSP Game

    lol …. asking for too much but yeah you can use that list and mix it up ;) thats what i expect not all of that but at least some of it

  • @71

    No, it won’t. Morgan doesn’t need to tell you this, the article written yesterday was pretty clear…

  • Meant @73, sorry, crazy reading skills

  • Morgan,

    Two things:

    1.) I’m really impressed with the direction of PS Plus over the last two months. I’ve enjoyed the games I’ve received and the Portal 2 discount / Machinarium discounts are big positives. Keep up the good work. Any news about a Thanksgiving theme sale or something along those lines?

    2.) I signed up for the Playstation credit card, used both the PSN $50 dollar card and $50 PS Plus voucher sent to me. Was I not eligible for the October “spend $100, get $20 back” deal? If I was, I haven’t received mine yet.

    Thanks for your help, Morgan. Keep up the good work!

    • 1) no news I can share.

      2) Yeah man, the Plus voucher did not count towards this I’m afraid. The voucher isn’t counted as $$ leaving your SEN wallet. It’s simply an entitlement that grants access to Plus; and since no money left your SEN wallet for that one, it didn’t count. =|

  • @69 what good is lets say 500 bucks worth of free games if its 500 bucks of games you dont want or plan to play?, sure mathematically you may be saving but look at it this way.. if you didnt have PS+ you werent gonna spend money on those games ANYWAY so youre still saving, thus in the end theyre only giving you either stuff you already have or stuff you dont/werent gonna get anyway…

    with some exceptions, like virtua fighter 5, double dragon neon (both game si planned to get ended up being free) and rainbow moon had a discount… oh and that day one digital program was nice since i dont get tax in the ps store and saved 6 bucks for being a plus members thus paying 11 bucks less than I would have in stores, and walking dead 1 and 2 free was so good I ended up buying 3 and 4 but other than that,., we get 1 surprise every 1-2 months whereas the rest of the time is underwhelming, whereas looking at EU+ updates I havent seen a single month so far where i thought “those games theyre getting are crap”

  • @53 – Nergil


  • Unlike some, I think PSP, PS minis, PSone Classics games MUST, alongside PS Vita games, be on PS+ for PS Vita. I mean, there’s so many titles, good titles, to offer! So, why not? Would be amazing getting a great game that I hadn’t the chance to play before!

  • Wow! Thanks so much! I’ve been in love with the idea of the game since first seeing stuff about it, and haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet.

    Also I’m really looking forward to see PS+ support for my PS Vita tomorrow! :)

  • Gotta say that, of the many reasons I am disappointed with the new PSN Store, the reason I am most disappointed in it is because you can no longer see what PS+ content you have access to on the store. You just have to remember that you downloaded a game before, and then search through your entire, unorganized download list to find it. That is some anti-consumerist crap, and you know it.

  • @ Morgan So you only do polls when you’re prepared to act on them? Does that mean we will get Monthly Updates + Weekly Reminders for Playstation Plus?

    • We’re looking into it, but nothing to confirm. And remember, when we do polls, we always state that the data from the community is an important factor, but one of many factors we review when making these decisions. “Prepared to act” does not mean the same as “%100 will act”.

  • @80 I can see where you’re coming from, but honestly the thing I’ve enjoyed about plus most is finding games that I would never buy. I would never have purchased Outland, Awesomenauts, Crach Commando, etc… Without Plus. I enjoyed those more than some games I bought because they looked fun. Quantum Conondrum looks to be in the same lines as The 3 I mentioned, even though I enjoyed Portal 2.

    Also, there’s a pattern going on. Portal 2, Quantum Conundrum, Machinarium, should we expect one more puzzle game this month?

  • @Seeing_Red_Again it seems to me you just need a better internet provider …. Sony cant offer you what you want because those things depend on your internet speed NOT on Sony ;) Thank You

  • Hey Playstation blog…

    Love the work you’re doing, glad to see some great A grade titles being freebie’d @ us. It truly shows the dedication to the Plus subscribers, and commands a lot of respect for Sony/Playstation, and the third parties involved. Not sure exactly what’s involved in getting a game to go free to plus, but I can imagine it’s never as simple as clicking buttons… Handshakes have to happen most definitely, probably even sometimes for in-house freebies. I praise and commend you all on your extreme efforts.
    Moving forward in this generation, and further into the future generations of consoles, how does Sony and company plan to compete with rising popularity of online cloud computing/digital distribution services like Steam, Origin, mobile marketplaces, etc? I’m not just talking about content or quality of content, I’m talking about the competitive pricing, and the PC compatibility… I’m always pulling for team Sony, but I feel like we should know more, or maybe I’m just wishful thinking atm.

  • It might have been a dream I had but I believe one of the posts you made had the file size for the games you were advertising along with the discount $. I really enjoyed that because it let me know how much space on my hard drive I needed. With all the amazing content you guys give me it fills my hard drive rather fast. Is there anyway you could make this dream a reality?

  • @80 Also, you already have at least 30 bucks back from your purchase, so by the end you’ll have saved money.

  • Sheesh, 5 or 6 months of this ‘new’ IGC version of Plus and it keeps getting worse.

    Another mediocre at best PSN game instead of the much better full PS3 games the EU gets, oh boy.

    Of course every single Full PS3 game you’ve given us I ALREADY HAVE!!!! Mostly because as a long time Plus member, the games we get for free rental (often years after release) are games that I bought during Plus sales during the last two years.

    Ever hear of diversity? Considering we mostly get shooters, side scrollers and horror games, or some combo of those genres, I’m guessing no.

    Please return to the old format of Plus if you’re not going to be giving us A) as many and as good full PS3 games as the EU and B) please stop making the games you do give us so so old, and already sold to older Plus members with huge discounts before.

    Right now the only thing good about plus, other than that One Piece discount (that’s what Plus should be, big discounts on games we’ll buy and own forever) is the cloud saves.

    I hope you can fix this sinking ship that is being a plus member.

  • Morgan, whats up with vita plus? last week replied to several comments saying coming soon, and one that said it would be on the same page as the plus updates last week. I have been checking back everyday since then. I know that it was not intentional, but i really feel mislead by your comments? Could we get anything more specific this time? Honostly, i dont want to do the same thing this week that i did last week.

    and on a positive note, thank you for the many replies you do on these updates. It shows that you care and means alot to us!

    • i do care, thanks for noticing! But you might be confusing a response. I mentioned that Plus on Vita updates would be contained within the same usual PLus posts, but I never said anything about “next week” or any sort of time frame on when those updates would start. patience my friend =) it’ll be here before you know it. (yay for more vague timeframe terms!)

  • @Betorro SHUSH we want PSP, minis and psone games for ps plus on vita lol and vita games too sure

  • It is nice to see Plus getting back on track, 2 free games this month already and another coming next week, you guys have redeemed yourselves. The one thing i worry about though is when plus does come to vita I hope that we will still get as many updates for the ps3 and not have our content halved because of the vita.

  • Hey boomstickbhg

    If you were a Plus subscriber from the beginning you would NEVER be asking to go back to the old Plus. We get way more quality games since the IGC started then the previous version of Plus.

    Also, do you compare everything you buy in the US to what people purchase in EU or is it only the Plus subscription? Do you understand how stupid that is?

    This ship is doing fine, take your dinghy and paddle away already.

  • Morgan, just how long are we supposed to ‘stay tuned’ to find out about Vita and Plus?

    It’s almost halfway through the month and we basically have no information.

    It’s bad enough we don’t get a week or two (or more) notice for Plus and the regular store updates, makes it hard to be a PSN customer.

    But with something as important as adding Vita Plus, and having it come this month, it’s very disconcerting that we still don’t have any solid info. Just like when the new store suddenly showed up and then a few days later we were finally told it’s there…

    Why do you wait forever to tell the customers anything, whether normal plus, the new vita plus, or even just the upcoming store line ups? If you shared a little earlier, people would have a lot more time and ease planning their purchases, especially when it comes to buying a game on PSN vs Retail and not knowing until very late on Tuesday if the game is even on the PSN to buy…

    Thanks for replying to people, but ‘stay tuned’ just doesn’t cut it anymore, that’s all I ever see when an important question is asked (barring questions regarding errors).

  • the actual worth of thes games have went way down by 34% which tells me 2 things 1 is that a new console is about to be released sometime soon and 2 bc of losses with vita i expect the ps+ for vita will be out for the thanksgiving and christmas holidays to hype us up for a select few games worth buying in the spring based on market and consumer reports in the eu and jp and us lets see how much longer it takes for people to figure this out sony come on some of us are smarter than your market scam

  • also morgan if you cannot tell us when the news will come (for one reason or another). Just say that it would be so much more helpful than “coming soon” or “shortly”.

    Most of us are reasonable and if your hands are tied its ok we will understand!

    • I can do that too! I can’t tell you guys when it’s coming.

      There? ARE YOU ENTERTAINED? =) can’t wait to see the news shared, and thanks for everyone’s patience. I know we’re all really eager to check out the news and I look forward to everyone’s feedback.


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