So, Today is My Last Day at PlayStation

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So, Today is My Last Day at PlayStation

Jeff Rubenstein

After five years, 5,995 blog posts, and 10,888 Tweets, today is my final day at PlayStation. We’ve accomplished a lot together: we’ve built PlayStation.Blog into one of the most influential blogs in the world, amassed the largest Twitter following in the industry and the 8th most fans in the world on Facebook (watch out McDonalds!). I mention these stats not to brag, but because I continue to be amazed at the enduring strength of the PlayStation brand and its fervent fans, whom I’ve been lucky to serve as Social Media Dudebro since 2007.

Jeff yells at people a lot

PlayStation, specifically SCEA, has been very good to me. I’ve been sent to gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, PAXes East and Prime, Comic-Con, and E3 many times over. I’ve gotten to personally put PS Vitas into fans’ hands for the first time at Social Club events. I’ve gotten to share exciting news, first looks, and big reveals with you, then relay your feedback to the teams that created them. Keep telling us what you think; it really does count!

Most impactful of all, I’ve met thousands of great people — gaming industry, media, and PlayStation fans — some of whom have become true friends.

Jeff just pretends to play games

Now, I’m actually looking forward to jumping back over to the fan side of the fence. Working through my massive backlog of games (starting with The Unfinished Swan this weekend). Buying The Last of Us at a midnight launch. Actually being surprised at E3.

It’ll be a big adjustment for me — but not for you. Perhaps the most important thing I’ve done here at PlayStation is surround myself with people more talented (if not better looking) than myself. Sid, Rey, and Justin are the reasons PlayStation.Blog is as informative, entertaining, and influential as it is. None of that will change when I walk out the door this afternoon. And I guess that’s why I’m at peace with moving on; my work here is well and truly done.

Play with me on PSN (JeffPS) and/or follow me on Twitter (@jeffrubenstein). I’m practicing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale right now. Bring it, my Radec is ready.

TL;DR I’ve really loved working with, and for, all of you.


Jeff eats like a girl

P.S. — Confession time: I’m the one who spilled coffee all over the break room on October 15th, 2007. I didn’t know how to operate the coffee maker. I regret the error.

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  • this is sad news for those of us who have followed the playstation blog since its,its not too far fetched to say that we will miss your interviews and comments here on this blog.anyhow,i personally wish you the best in your future endeavors and i hope that you wont be a stranger to the blog even as a ps fan

  • Thank you for all this time, I wish you the best of luck!

  • It feels like it was just yesterday when a bright-eyed kid left his job at an Orlando newspaper to work on this crazy Internet blog thing. And look at him now! Almost enough to bring a tear to a grown man’s eye…. ahem… almost.

  • WTF IS THIS BS!, man end of an era. I’m sadden to hear this news, it was fun following you zombie blognet i hope whatever is in your future may be worthwhile to leave the mini making machine. Good luck

  • The Blog we never be the same!!

  • Hey Jeff you will always be a cool cat in my book! I wish you much success and thanks for always talking back with me over on Twitter. We even played SSIV a few times… appreciate it. Hope you’ll still be around in some ways. Peace!

  • So who’s going to reply to our comments now????

  • :( Won’t be the same without you, Jeff. I’ve enjoyed the flavor you added to the place. All teh best in your future endeavors.

  • Bye Jeff. Best of luck to you moving forward.

    PS – I forgive you for deleting me as a friend on PSN few years ago.

  • Going to miss you, Jeff. Hope all works out for you.

  • You will be missed, good luck on the future

  • Damn you were the best one. Good bye.

  • Take care Jeff. Best of luck to you man.

  • Keep it reals, yo.

  • This is sad news! Why are you leaving? :( I wish you all the best!

  • Thanks for being here on the Blog for us for the past 5 years, Jeff. Things definitely won’t be the same around here without you.

    Best of luck with whatever you do next!

  • Thanks for everything Jeff, without you this blog would have never been the same. Take care!

  • I am shocked… saw this post after taking a brief break from playing games and I could not believe my eyes! I remember the days when it was just Jeff and Chris… good luck on your future endeavours!

    Who will keep Sid at bay now!? :(

  • Thanks Jeff for making Playstation The best in the World. Good Luck moving forward!!!!

  • Good luck to what ever you do here on out and in a way it looks like you are pissing on that Lawn as is saying well you no lol, GOOD LUCK

  • Good luck, and may your future be prosperous.

  • Also what about all the Minis that are yet to be made!

  • Best of Luck Jeff and thanks for all your contribution to Playstation.

  • If you leave who is gonna make the minis?! Hahah good luck in your future and thanks for all the work you did at Sony !


    I’ll miss you bro

  • Another thing why are you leaving one of the best companies to work for what out there could top SONY well maybe being a double agent for the Government?

  • Just when I thought that picture of us had gone away too.. lol The MGS4 console is still working great btw thanks. And it did not end up on e-Bay (which is what you were saying when the pic was taken) I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! It’s sad to see you go, but change can be a wonderful thing and I’m sure you’ll be just as successful wherever you decide to land. Thanks for 5 great years!

  • What?!!! Why?!!!! Just got the tweet!

    Best wishes for the future & thanks for everything, Jeff.

  • WHAT? What’s the reason? I hope it was your own decision and not Sony’s and that nothing bad happened between you and PlayStation. :(

    Good luck to your future!

  • Thanks for all your hard work Jeff! You definitely helped make this community the awesome place it is today and you were instrumental in giving PlayStation fans a voice. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

  • We’re gonna miss those minis that you make with your wife! lol

  • Hey Jeff,

    Wow, I’m going to miss you. For all of the events and other goings on you were always super cool, down to earth and all in all a lovely human being. PlayStation will miss you and we will miss you. I wish you and your family nothing but the best.

    Best of luck on your next endeavor and please always remember Go Gators!

  • Thank you for what you did with the PlayStation Blog and gaming itself. I visit this blog every single day, and you had a big part in that. You have helped set the standard for what companies can do to involve fans.

  • The blog and podcast will never be the same. best of luck in all the future holds and if Dark Souls happens to be in that backlog, expect to get killed over and over again if you step into my house (anor londo)

  • Best wishes where ever you go Jeff. I’ve had great times talking to you at the Sony events. One thing always stood out to me was that you were never a sales person promoting your inventory you loved what products you sold and the video game fanatic in you always shined through. Hearing you talk about games your were playing on the blog cast always got me excited.

  • Really bad news :(

    One of the few industry “community manager” types who you could tell, actually grew up being a hardcore fan of the (PlayStation) brand.

    When guys like Jeff are leaving, you really do begin to consider the predictions about PlayStation’s demise next gen :(

    • Nah, my leaving has nothing to do with the future of the business. Personal decision. As a fan, I’m very excited about what’s in store for PlayStation.

  • Good Luck and All the Best.

  • You only leave a job of this nature (under good circumstances) for 2 reasons. 1) You’re retiring or 2) You’re moving onto bigger and better things in life.
    I’m gonna have to take the latter on this one. Good luck with whatever it is that you are now pursuing in life.
    It’s gonna be weird not seeing your blog posts on here.
    Gonna try and add you on PSN, if you have any room left for people. If so, then I shall see you on the battle ground of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale some day.

  • But where will you go? what will you do?

  • No, Jeff, say it ain’t so! :'(

  • Jeff. You have been a fantastic asset in not only the world of PlayStation, and the industry as a whole, But as a pretty cool guy overall.

    While it is certainly sad to see you leave such an iconic company after making such a big name for yourself, I’m sure whatever role you move into next, you will excel in that as well.

    I only met you once at a fantastic PS.Blog meetup (as well as Ray), and i’m sure you don’t remember, but you are guys are all pretty rad.

    So basically, i’m sure as everyone has said, and will continue to say; Thank you for putting so much of your time and effort into not only this blog, but PlayStation as a whole. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors.

  • Goodbye, Jeff. You’ll be missed and best of luck in your future endeavors.

  • I’ll miss hearing things from your POV, hope Sony isn’t giving you the boot and you are leaving of your own volition. Best of luck in whatever you do next!

  • Awww the blog won’t smell the same w/ out Jeff here

  • dang the blogcast wont be the same without u, we’ll miss u dude, best of luck!

  • It’s has been amazing Jeff. From the moment I stumbled onto the PlayStation.Blog I’ve been vastly impressed and have never left. It truly is a testament to how to provide a community to a platform and deserves full integration with current and future PlayStation platforms to serve as how we game together. I wish you continued success in whatever venture you take up.

  • You will be a hard person to replace. Best of luck in whatever is next for you.

  • I hope you future endeavors ,whatever they may be,go well. ^_^

  • Best of luck Jeff. Great work the last few years. Sony is going to miss you more than they know.

  • Farewell Jeff!!!! All of us Playstation fans will miss you having around the PS community (mostly the blog) so good luck there. ;)

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